Naruto 3D Motion Poster (3 Naruto Modes: Sage, 6 Path and Baryon)

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Among the most fascinating things we have in our inventory, it is one of them! So, what makes this poster stand out from other ordinary posters? Well, IT CHANGES TO DIFFERENT WALLPAPERS WHEN YOU LOOK IT FROM DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS.

It will feel magical and almost unrealistic since such a poster requires a special machine to be built, which is too rare in India. However, we imported these for our anime fans at cheap prices! This top-tier poster will give your room’s walls a dashing look!

They are smooth and not that heavy to hang. You can simply paste these Naruto 3D Motion Poster on walls, and when you look at them from different directions, the poster will keep changing between these three Naruto Modes:

  • Sage Mode
  • 6 Path Mode
  • Baryon Mode

All three posters are built-in one only!


  • Motion effect: It changes when looked at from different directions
  • Glossy effect: The outer shiny plastic coating makes this poster look like it’s framed with glass.) Such posters, if you frame them with glass, would cost you thousands. Instead, you get this glassy effect on these Naruto 3D Motion Poster at just 699/-
  • 3 in 1 Poster: Instead of buying a set of posters, you can have 3 posters in just one 3D motion frame. It means your wall’s space will be less occupied, while it’ll look fascinating.
  • Anti-dust Poster: If you don’t like often cleaning your wall posters, this Naruto 3D Motion Poster can be the best fit for you since it doesn’t get dusted easily. Also, the blurry glass effect will keep its look glossy and brand new.
  • Anti-water Poster: Do you want to clean this poster by wiping water on it? No need to worry about it getting damaged! It’s plastic coated, which means the colour won’t fade away even if you throw it in a water bucket. It’ll remain in its true form only.

Order Processing Time

  • Regular Orders: 1-2 business days.

Note: Order processing can be delayed due to public/national holidays. However, if you need help with order cancelling or anything, you can directly contact us through contact@weebooworld.com.

Average Delivery Time (after the order is shipped):

  • Metros: 3-5 business days.
  • Rest of India: 5-8 business days.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 3 cm

Combo, Naruto, Team 7


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