In this category, we have mentioned some amazing Recommendation that will give you a clear view on which Anime, Manga or Hentai is worth your watching time. These ranks are given by experiences otakus after researching, so the recommendations won't dissatisfy you at all.

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Are you confused about any Anime that you want to watch but aren't sure whether its good or not? Also, any plot/part you can't understand? Don't worry, we have it all covered in this category with deep explanation to help the people on anime watching journey get their doubts cleared.

Watch Orders

Do you have plans of starting a new anime but the confusion where to start is making you feel like you're not on the right path right? There are a lot of such anime series with complicated watching orders, but to help you get the perfect season-wise watching order, we have complied this category with enough data.

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as the number of great characters are increasing, the debates of which character is the best has been arising lately. To end it, our otaku team have researched enough to get the most authentic results by doing huge voting's results, checking wiki websites, etc. Also, there are some mysterious characters and their powers worth knowing. All that deep knowledge that will make you stand out in your weeb group can be gained by this category. 

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Hey Internet, I am Patrick from New York. I love exploring Japanese culture and watching anime. I'm here to share my experience through character and anime recommendations. Kindly share your feedback on whether my articles piqued your interest. You can contact me through the email/Instagram mentioned below.


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