Here are some questions which you might be interested in knowing before purchasing a product from us. However, if you don’t find a valid question/answer, you can directly ask us through our official support email address –

Why was my review for a product not approved?

Your review might get disapproved, and the following are the circumstances on why it would happen:

1. The review you submitted is not related to the product you purchased.

2. The photo you submitted in the review is not valid and contains something weird.

3. Giving any suggestion or improvement is not valid to be considered in the product review. Instead, you can mail us at

What is a pre-order?

Well, a pre-order means a product, which has not been officially announced and is available in the Weeboo Mart, but you want to book it as early access. It means the product will be delivered to you first of all before others place an order form the shop! However, keep in mind to be patient since it might take several days as we strive for the BEST QUALITY.

Can I cancel my order before it is shipped?

Yes, you can cancel any of your orders you want. Just mail us at, and we’ll return your money back for the product 100%, except the delivery cost will be deducted from it.

Is there any minimum amount of orders that can be placed?

No, you can buy even a single product from our Weeboo Mart. Once you are satisfied (we know you will since our products will never dissatisfy you regarding both looks & quality), you can make more orders accordingly.

Do I have to pay any shipping charges every time?

Mostly, Yes. However, if there’s an offer from our side for free delivery on any order, you won’t have to pay any charges. Follow us on Instagram to participate and get discount coupons and giveaways!

Why are there additional COD charges?

In some circumstances, yes. This is due to the courier service. If you belong to a special area/zone in India where delivery takes a long distance to be delivered, the delivery charges will increase accordingly. However, worry not! It won’t increase too much.

Why can’t I order from outside of India?

Sorry, but Weeboo Mart currently operates in India only and doesn’t delivery oversees. However, our plan is to fully expand our brand, and once we reach the saturation level, we surely have plans to sell products in many other countries as well.

How can I exchange a product if it’s not the size I wanted?

You can just drop a mail at, and we’ll take care of it. We’ll send the courier service agent to your doorstep to exchange your product. However, we charge the delivery cost if you want to replace the product after you have received it.

What should if I face an issue while processing the payment for placing an order?

Worry not. Senpai and his team are always present to help you! Just send an email to or, and it will be our first priority to update you if the payment was deducted and the order was not placed. In this case, either we’ll send the product you paid for, or if you don’t want to buy it, your refund will be initiated.

My order has crossed the “Expected Delivery Date” and is not yet delivered.

This might be due to the overload in courier service. As we keep the delivery cost minimal, there might be just a few circumstances where the delivery will not reach your doorstep within the given time period.

However, worry not. It will take just a few days more for your order to be delivered. Meanwhile, you can track your parcel live with the tracking number available in your order receipt. In case of a special case, just contact us and rest assured. We’ll take care of your issues regarding delivery.