Konnichiwa Minna Sa, yeah, if you’re a weeb, you’ll surely understand what it means UwU. Anyway, some weebs also watch Anime in English Dub. To clear it for them, it means “Hello Everybody!’

As a normal kid with good skills in imagination (yes, those who love to watch Anime mostly have a good power of imagination), I started my journey by watching Anime on TV. I’m talking about the 90s… 

Since that time, I got interested in watching Anime online as well. At that time, the internet used to be highly expensive, so I had to wait all the time to download the episodes in 360p with a 3G network XD.

To be honest, the anime culture in India at that time was like absolute zero, but look now! You will find otakus on every other street. Anime like Naruto, DBZ, One Piece, and many more are now trending in India.

So, How Did This Boy Unleash His Imagination up to This Level?

anime girl thinking


First of all, there’s not just a boy. There’s a group of weebs that helped me through all this setup. It was almost impossible to set it all up by myself. Comrades were always there when I needed help!

Before, my plan was to just write and share my anime recommendations that I’ve watched so far and let all the audience know in which Anime they should invest time. There are tons of Anime, which are too underrated, and those who have watched them liked them a lot, including me.

So, to present the best recommendation, I worked on this idea and created a normal blog site. Later, when I saw there were other Tomodachi (both online and local) interested in writing about the Anime they watched too, I decided to include them all to write about their experiences and [present the best recommendations to those new to Anime.

We wrote good enough blogs (around 200+), and I saw that more people liked our website and spent time reading. So, we continued writing, and till today’s date, our team even expanded, and we continue to provide quality.

How the Thought of Starting a Merch Store Popped Into My Mind?


A simple answer to this is that I myself was fond of wearing and buying anime merch XD, but when I saw the costs were increased by almost 60% than normal t-shirts, I kinda got confused like it really costs that much?

There are not actually any big companies that manufacture quality anime merchandise. Just a small group of local brands do that… So, the money can be reduced only if the production is huge.

However, when I saw that there’s an increasing number of Anime Fans in India, the thought just rolled into my mind, why not make my own Anime Merch Shop online?

Yeah, I just kept on rolling on this dream and did deep research, started making an e-Commerce website joined with WeebooWorld in my spare time. Like on weekends and after office time.

Finally, after investing a lot of time in research and doing a dedicated 5-day shift on developing the Anime Website (with literally 0 experience), I was able to make it. Youtube tutorials helped me a lot.

It took a hontoniiii long research to know about all the rules and regulations of starting a shop online, buying all the licenses, registering my firm, setting up the machinery, hosting, and domain (those were already in my pocket UwU).

Also, setting up delivery partners, and after all this long time and a lot of effort, I finally confirmed the launching of WeebooWorld.

How Did the Name of WeebooWorld Come To My Mind?



It was random and customized XD. Yeah, no rocket science or decided from years… I did a small poll among my friends, and one of them recommended WeebMart. After that, I decided to name it WeebooWorld since weebmart was already occupied wiiieeeeee.

What About Our Future Plans?

A lot of them! Just stay tuned, and we will be dropping amazing anime merch at the lowest prices in India. Also, we will be making it a place that weebs will love a lot. We’ll make it almost like a social media platform like Instagram, where you’ll find quality Anime material like memes, artworks, remixes, edits, etc.

Also, you guys will be able to share and post them on your own! The best anime post will be awarded at the top of WeebooWorld. You will be able to link your social profile as well, so it will directly increase your fan following.

We have plans to start a Youtube Channel and many other social media networks as well.

Arigatou for reading; we will keep on supporting Anime and unlock many new paths of promoting it in India.