Who are we?

We sell Online Anime Merch, Toys, Keychain, etc. at the website address https://weebooworld.com.


When visitors leave comments on Weebooworld, we gather the data shown in the comments form of weeboo world and also the visitor’s IP address to help spam detection. So, be sure to write comments and reviews at your own risk since we are not gonna take any responsibility for what you will comment on. Also, about tracking your IP Address, don’t worry. We won’t give it to Eren Yeager. You won’t face any Elidians attacks!

light yamagi


If you upload artworks/anime edits to the website, you should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included or those with copyright issues. Visitors to the website – Weeboo World can download and extract any location data from images on the website. Haha, just kidding, I will not allow any other formats of images than jpg or png blehhh.


Before I start explaining about the cookies, it’s not the cookie you thinking of in the pics shown below:


If you leave a comment on Weeboo world, you will have to opt-in to saving your name, favo email address and website in cookies (again not the cookies we showed in the pic above).  This is help you be even more lazy since the nextoo timooo you’ll include your info, you won;t have to include your data again. These cookies will last as long as first seaon of Idaten Jump i mean an year.

If you visit our login page “cough cough, don’t forget to buy some tees”, we will set a temporary cookie UwU to steal your data, jk . It’s to determine if your browser-chan accepts cookies. This cookie contains no personal data in Weeboo World and will be discarded when you close your browser-chan. Be sure to delete history for Hen~~~ Watchers jk. When you log in, we will also settooo several cookies to stea– I mean save your login information and your screen-chan’s display choices. Login cookies last for two days (like danzo, oh wait he was hokage for 1-day lol), and screen options cookies last for as long as hokage hiruzen i mean an year, oh wait hiruzen was hokage for more years right? Ofc, it’s just a reference wiiieeeee. If you select “Remember Me”, it won’t remind you about next season of My Hero Academia but your login will persist for two weeks. If you log out of your account (demoo don’t do it before purchasing t-shirts okay), the login cookies will be removed. You don’t want the cookie-chans to get removed right.

Will your data be shared?

If you are baka like me, who often forget to note passwords, and your crappy browser doesn’t provide the save password option at the time you need it, your IP address will be included to help you via reset email. Other than that, if you win any giveaway, we will ask you to share your experience with the product you will receive as a present.

How long will your data be stored?

No matter which id/pass you use in creating an account or your favourite anime character’s name to comment on, the metadata will be retained indefinitely.  This is to recognize & approve your account that it’s a normal account, not the great Itachi’s account; you just used Itachi’s name in the comment like me, lol.  By the way, you can see, edit, or delete your favourite anime character’s name or simply replace it with the new anime favourite character. But the username can’t be changed. Also, the mastermind, I mean the administrator of Weeboo World, “cough cough” me, will be able to edit your name as well, UwU I will replace your username with my favourite character, jk I won’t okay   However, I don’t have any intentions of looking at your personal Gmail that you use to create an account lol…

What about your property? I mean your personal data?

In case you have an account in Weeboo World, or added any comment, we can share you an exported file of it of personal data. By the way, lol nobody is gonna do that, you lazy poeple aff (including myself)  

Are we gonna leak your personal data?

Nopuu I’m not free to do that lol. And i don’t think any other administrator of Weeboo World will be there… So, just your comments will be seen by spam filters if you included anything bad in it or links. Also, I might peek at your comments and if you included anything that’s not good , I will simply delete it.