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Zeno Sama’s Potential Replacement – Explained

The God of Destruction is accompanied by his Grand Priest, and Zeno-sama is the supreme deity of all creation.

Zeno is often portrayed as a child-like deity who can be easily bored, so he delegated much of his role to a grand priest, who in turn employs angels to train the Gods of Destruction, the superior gods of the lower gods.

The Grand Priest is also the main character of the series, and the story of the Zeno-sama is no exception. The name Zeno-sama evokes a sense of enlightened power.

Unlike other strong characters in the franchise, Zeno-samas can erase Universes with their fists. In a nutshell, this ability makes them King of All, and allows them to destroy planets and universes without the help of the Gods of Destruction. However, the term is not entirely appropriate for this super-strong character.

The character’s strength depends on his demeanor and title as the Omni King. He also possesses God-like powers, which make him an unbeatable opponent.

Although he lacks physical prowess, Zeno’s unfailing emotional prowess strikes fear into his opponents. The manga justifies his deity without martial arts, and Zeno-sama embodies this quality.

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 67, Zeno used his omnipotent powers to wipe out a universe and kill an immortal. Afterward, he earned the respect of all the gods.

This makes him the most powerful character in technique and rank. However, the fandom has mixed reactions to Zeno’s unfailing power. The fan base will have to decide whether Zeno is a worthy hero or not.



The two Zeno Sama are actually two distinguished characters in Dragon Ball Super. They are not in the traditional categories of strong characters.

They created an entirely new category where an OP entity can wipe out Universes through closing fists. However, there’s a chance that Satan’s strike could make them unconscious.

A Tournament of Power was designed specifically for the two Zeno-samas. In case they were not entertained, they might wipe out all universes that participated.

Even the Gods of Destruction fail to do anything to assist their universes. It’s their responsibility to fight for their world as well as their existence.

It was said before by Frieza that he plans to reign over the Zeno-samas and the entire universe. Frieza plans to replace Zeno-Sama and to own everything that Zenos own.

Naturally, the first thing observed by viewers was Frieza’s unstoppable evilness and insatiable thirst for power. However, isn’t it more appropriate to inquire if it’s possible to take over Zeno-sama’s role?

However, before we can come up with this idea, let me ask: do you believe that Zeno can be described as an organism that’s Bajillion years old? It’s not a bizarre question in the least.

Getting deeper

Getting deeper

If Zeno cannot be replaced and this entire multiverse is old-fashioned, he is, at the very minimum, Bajillion years old.

The existence of a God of Destruction can successfully last for many millions of years. Beerus even claimed he lived as the God of Destruction for more than a million years. However, no matter Gods of Destruction can live for a long time, they can still be replaced.

In reality, Beerus is not the first to be known as the God of Destruction from universe 7. If Zeno could be replaced, He would have encountered several Gods of Destruction and noticed experienced thier rise and fall.

The theory could be valid, or it might not be. It is also possible that Zeno-Sama is a re-usable entity. Zeno-Sama is one of the Gods of Destruction, joined by his angel and the Grand Priest.

There is a possibility that Zeno was at one time a God of Destruction who was elevated to the King of All position after the God of Destruction was no longer in operation.

Wait, there’s more

Wait, there’s more

The second theory has more holes than the original one since if Zeno can be replaced, Gods of Destruction would be more angry than fearful.

Some might be tempted to take over the crown as Frieza. Zeno could just erase them all at once, and if it went this way, Gods of Destruction is gonna be replaced within one month or as long (you can imagine how brief it could be).

The Omni-king Zeno from the super dragon ball can erase everything in existence with a single move. The only way to be killed is if someone utilized the super dragon ball and summoned the super Shenron. Asked Zeno to disappear.

However, some characters, such as Kami Tenchi Azathoth and The Elder God Demonbane, Truth, etc., are stronger than him. I’ve only mentioned that there are four, but there are at the very least 10.

Zeno isn’t omnipresent , nor omniscient. It has been proven. He may be Omnipotent but. However, as of episode 70, we aren’t sure whether he is Omnipotent.

It could be a multiversal reality warper. We don’t have much information, but the characters I mentioned are all Omnipotent and omnipresent, with omniscience. Some are near-omnipotent.

Keep in mind that around 15000 animes are available; therefore, if you don’t know about a specific anime or it’s not popular, it does not mean that it doesn’t have strong characters.

However, Zeno might be in some of the top 20 or perhaps even the top 15 of the most effective anime characters ever.

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