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12 Best Your Lie in April Characters

Music brings people together, and Your Lie in April is an anime series that does it perfectly. Set in a world filled with powerful musical performances and emotionally charged drama, this will truly make you feel the power of music.

Introducing the twelve most popular characters from this beloved romantic comedy manga and anime series who are sure to capture your heart. We’ve hand-picked some of the most beloved characters who each bring something special to the show.

Find out which ones you can’t help but love. Read on to explore the twelve best Your Lie in April characters as we delve into their backgrounds and what makes them so unforgettable:


12. Yuriko Ochiai

Yuriko Ochiai

Yuriko Ochiai is an important character in the hugely popular anime series, Your Lie in April. Despite having a small role in the series, her presence is felt throughout as she serves as a mentor to the protagonist, Kōsei Arima. Yuriko is a unique and gentle person who loves music and cares deeply about people.

She isn’t afraid to express herself through her talents and uses them as a way to connect with those around her. Her words of encouragement are valuable lessons for any aspiring musician, especially when it comes down to giving honest criticism while providing support at the same time.

She also has an unbreakable strength that sets her apart from other characters in the show and serves as one of its greatest assets.

11. Arima Saki

Arima Sak

Arima Saki is a character from the popular anime series Your Lie in April. She’s a socially awkward but extraordinarily talented pianist who must come to terms with her mother’s death while attempting to revive the music inside of her that has been silenced by emptiness and sadness.

While going through her personal struggles, she finds herself comforted by the leading male protagonist, Kousei Arima. She is an inspiring character who teaches viewers valuable lessons about resilience, determination, and inner strength.

Despite being one of the strongest characters in the series, Arima Saki has moments where she appears vulnerable and leaves human audiences feeling connected with her struggles and journey. 

Her courage to overcome daily challenges gives viewers hope as they travel along on this emotionally turbulent journey with Arima Saki as their strong leader.

10. Watari Ryota

Watari Ryota

Watari Ryota is a beloved character from the critically acclaimed series, Your Lie in April. He is a kind and supportive friend to Kousei, as well as a talented and dedicated violinist, thanks to his hardworking nature.

His carefree attitude is something that all viewers can appreciate, as he both challenges Kousei to try his hand at reaching greater heights and also encourages him with thoughtful advice and the occasional backhanded compliment.

Watari often looks out for those he calls friends, even if sometimes it means leaving them behind on their journey of self-discovery. With his good heart and innate talent, Watari was able to persevere through many of life’s challenges which, in turn, shows how admirable he is.

9. Nao Kashiwagi

Nao Kashiwagi

Nao Kashiwagi is one of the most beloved characters in the popular shōnen-ai manga, Your Lie, in April. She’s a charismatic pianist and a senior in the music department of an all-girls school. Nao has an indomitable spirit and relentless passion for music that puts her at odds with the prestigious school’s rigorous standards.

With her quick wit and emotional insight into Kaori’s plight, she serves as the perfect foil to Kousei – her best friend’s younger brother. Through mutual love and understanding, Nao helps Kousei overcome his traumatic past with music.

Nao’s positive attitude and youthful enthusiasm always bring brightness wherever she goes, whether it be supportive words or a joke here or there. Combined with her relatability, complex emotions, and orchestra of colours, she quickly became a fan favourite.

8. Igawa Emi

Igawa Emi

Igawa Emi is one of the characters in the award-winning anime Your Lie in April, which follows the story of classical music prodigy Kousei Arima. Igawa Emi is Kousei’s closest childhood friend, whose vibrant and energetic personality helps to counteract his own stoic nature.

She appears confident and upbeat when she meets Kousei again after a four-year absence, but in reality, she’s trying to hide her struggle with her musical development. Her ultimate goal is to fulfil her ambition of performing professionally at a recital in front of somewhere that inspires her.

Despite encountering several setbacks, Igawa eventually finds harmony as a pianist through her mutual support with Kousei. And while they share an intimate bond during practice, their friendship transcends the scope of music — from playing baseball in their youth to savouring unforgettable evenings together during Golden Week.

7. Seto Hiroko

Seto Hiroko

Seto Hiroko is one of the most interesting characters in the series Your Lie in April. She’s a talented violinist burdened with personal tragedy, which has to relearn all she knew and find a new, meaningful relationship with her instrument.

Her journey as she fights to hone her skills and get back on stage serves an entirely different emotion and perspective to the show. Since Miyazono Kaori’s arrival, she watches over her and struggles with the two sides of her personality –the controlled talent versus the chaotic feeling when it comes to Kaori.

Hiroko embodies everything it means to be human – the desire for accomplishment, the search for passion, and coming out on top despite trials. Her story inspires others to look inside themselves and discover what’s most valuable and important.

6. Tsubaki Sawabe

Tsubaki Sawabe

Tsubaki Sawabe is an endearing character from the award-winning anime series Your Lie in April. Her reserved nature and gentle demeanour often mask her underlying strength of character. She is a loyal best friend to protagonist Kosei Arima and a model of strength through hardship.

Whether she’s unyielding in her faithfulness to Kosei or inspiring him to battle the darkness within, Tsubaki demonstrates a deep love and respect for her friends that comes straight from the heart. She has grown greatly over the course of the show, learning more about life and developing into an independent woman who takes control of her fate.

Most importantly, she is an example of how communication and understanding can bring hope even in dark times – something viewers can take away as they watch her develop both as a musician and as an individual.

5. Saitou


Saitou is a beloved character from the hit anime series Your Lie in April. He’s a down-to-earth and compassionate person who truly cares about his students and colleagues, yet his experience and technical skills as a teacher are quite impressive.

Saitou encourages Kaori with her piano playing and provides her with both emotional and technical support, always ready to come up with creative and unique ways to help her get better at it.

Seeing how their relationship develops is one of the highlights of the story, making Saitou endearing character viewers enjoy getting to know. He inspired other characters, too, like Kousei, to find their purpose in playing the piano.

4. Kousei Arima

Kousei Arima

Kousei Arima is one of the most beloved characters in the popular manga anime, Your Lie in April. Audiences connect with him deeply due to his unique backstory and tear-jerking journey of self-discovery. 

Raised by a cruel, demanding piano teacher, Kosei had difficulty expressing emotion, both musically and sentimentally, until he met an eccentric violinist who opened up his heart to music again.

Despite tough obstacles like competition and disappointing performances, Kousei eventually conquered his psychological barriers and reclaimed his passion for music. He also learned to open up to others—especially Kaori, the brave violinist who believed in him from the start—making him a sympathetic character that many viewers can relate to.

Kousei Arima’s story is meant to remind us that it’s okay not to have everything figured out when we’re young—we all make mistakes and have the capacity for change if we dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly toward our goals.

3. Nagi Aiza

Nagi Aiza

Nagi Aiza is a beloved character in the anime series, Your Lie in April. She is a student of Kaori Miyazono and a piano prodigy that has an incredible aptitude for playing pieces. Her narrative arc conveys her struggles between professional ambition and genuine adoration for music, which makes her very human and relatable to viewers.

Nagi often appears meek in demeanour, but her passion for music comes to life when she performs on stage. It is clear that she takes every opportunity possible to demonstrate her skill as a musician, making performances incredibly enjoyable to watch.

Despite coming from a traditional family, Nagi stands up for what she desires and goes against expectations of what’s expected from her as a female pianist.

2. Miyazono Kaori

Miyazono Kaori

Miyazono Kaori is easily one of the most beloved characters from the sensational anime series, Your Lie in April. A bubbly and upbeat violin prodigy, Kaori provided a ray of sunshine and energy into her world and the lives of those around her.

She was known for her distinctive style and outgoing nature, which drove the story in many ways. Her relationship with pianist Arima Kosei was a highlight as it provided a deeper layer to this endearing character.

Miyazono Kaori stands out due to her strong bond with music and passion for helping others find their gifts too.

1. Takeshi Aiza

Takeshi Aiza

The Best Your Lie In April Character, Takeshi Aiza, is a complex character that many viewers can relate to. He is a talented musician and pianist whose strictness and obsessive work ethic have been instilled into him by his adoptive father, Shinichi.

Despite his talent, Takeshi deals with crippling self-doubt which leads him to become extremely anxious whenever someone praises his playing skills. He struggles to adapt to others due to the fact he prioritized music over forming relationships throughout his entire childhood.

His refreshingly real character arc evolves around this internal struggle as it demonstrates how even incredibly talented people may experience imposter syndrome, depression and severe anxiety in order to grow and reach their full potential.


Your Lie in April is a captivating anime that captures the hearts of viewers with its truly unique storyline and well-developed characters. The show is appreciated for its richly written plot as well as the emotion and empathy it develops with its audiences.

Your Lie in April’s characters explores the range of human emotions in unique and incredible ways. This show cannot be experienced without being moved by its endearing story. If you are looking for an engaging anime to watch with powerful characters, then Your Lie in April will not disappoint.


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