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9 Worst Anime That Will Make You Say HELL NO!

We all have our favorite anime series, but which are the worst? There are dozens of abominations, so what makes a series worse? The best anime series are those that are well-loved by fans. 

The worst anime series bring shame to the medium, and the worst dubs are those that have gotten so bad that people still have to watch them in order to understand them. 

Anime dubs can be blamed on mistranslations or even the creators’ own reflections, but there’s really no excuse for a bad dub, especially when a storyboard, animation and voice acting have gone to waste. 

Cleopatra is a bad example of an anime with a good story but poor animation quality. The director desperately tried to appease any crowd and gave it an X-rating.

The movie was widely regarded as childish, with sexually explicit scenes inappropriate for children. But it managed to make the viewers laugh for quite some time despite its flaws. This episode is often the most hated anime.

1. Blood-C


Blood-C is a worldwide favorite for being a zany, unintentional comedy from the genre of “horror” series. In Japan, it is regarded as the most disappointing CLAMP series.

Blood-C is notable for being CLAMP’s first and only original work in the form of an anime. From the beginning, the show was attacked for having a sloppy plot and using gore to be edgy. In the end, the show was only available for sale in 2011.

CLAMP attempted to save Blood-C by releasing a theatrical film. However, it failed at the box office. The group retreated from the anime scene and drastically reduced its manga production. However, the Cardcaptor Sakura’s return could revitalize their career.

2. Warriors of the Wind (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)

Warriors of the Wind (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)

New World Pictures was actually the first film studio to localize Studio Ghibli films into English. In 1985, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind was revised and made into Warriors of the Wind, which was advertised as a film for children.

Hayao Miyazaki was enraged to the point where Miyazaki refused to permit Studio Ghibli’s films to be made available in a local language.

It was Disney and several agreements to change Miyazaki’s position. Today, every Studio Ghibli film has the “no cut” clause, in which the film must be true, with no changes to the scenes.

3. Cosprayers

CosprayersCosprayers is known for being a shoddy series because of its inconsistency in the pace, sloppy narrative, and horrible animation. Cosprayers was deemed a shame for the writer of the main script, who pleaded to have their name taken off of the show.

4. Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness

Martian Successor Nadesico_ The Prince of Darkness

Let’s travel through 1996. People are still able to remember Neon Genesis Evangelion for reconstructing the mecha genre. However, the Martian Successor Nadesico was just as well-known for promoting mecha as a genre.

Nadesico was a close competitor to Evangelion regarding the audience, popularity, and sales. But the momentum waned with the release of 1998’s Prince of Darkness theatrical movie.

So, what was touted as the film that would be the beginning of the trilogy that killed Nadesico and its cult? Xebec chose to reduce the humor and ramp up the drama to try to emulate the success of Evangelion.

The backlash from fans was so intense that the next two films were canceled, and Nadesico isn’t mentioned much by Xebec.

For fans of the present to get an idea of the amount of a disaster the film was, here’s an image of Attack on Titan being dropped because of live-action films.

5. Fractale


Yutaka Yamamoto was once thought to be the new model for anime. Yamamoto exploded onto the scene thanks to choreographing the dance sequence of the theme that would be the finale to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

The dance he choreographed was a huge success and earned him a gig in Kyoto Anime to direct Lucky Star. Yutaka was dismissed after four episodes.

Disappointed by the experience, Yamamoto goes to work on his series, Fractale. Yamamoto told the press it would destroy the moe style, bring in an era of anime that was new and also cause KyoAni to regret his decision to fire Yamamoto.

With huge words and the support of A-1 Pictures, Fractale would be aired on the wildly popular Noitamina block.

The series was not a success, however. It is the lowest-rated anime to date in Noitamina history. Yamamoto attempted to pass the low viewership numbers due to the impact of the devastating 2011 Touhoku disaster, though attendance was low prior to the devastating catastrophe. The worst part is that the show could only sell 705 copies.

It was a serious loss to Yamamoto’s credibility. He made a modest return in 2014.’s Wake Up Girls!; however, he’s since quit the animation industry.

6. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ Phantom Blood

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood was a mishap. Studio A.P.P.P. transformed Manga into a film in 2007 to commemorate Hirohiko Araki’s 25th anniversary as a manga creator.

Why Did Araki dislike the film? The Phantom Blood movie never released on home video, and just the partial film is available online. There is a rumor that Araki did everything in his power to block the film from getting released after the first screening.

Talk about the most horrible anime anniversary present ever.

7. Himegoto


Have you ever thought about how challenging it is to end the entire genre? That’s exactly the case with Himegoto.

The Otokonoko category is focused on male crossdressers who attract the attention of women or men because of their feminine appearance. The community calls them “Anime traps,” and the style is targeted toward males.

To return to Himegoto, The show was deemed extremely homophobic and transphobic according to Japanese standards, which is why it was unable to create the most hateful anime in the genre. However, it is still possible to find characters that conform to the norm.

8. Magical Warfare

Magical Warfare

Do you need an easy topic to create the best anime? Create a romance show that takes place in a magical high school, and you’ll be very successful if you don’t happen to write Magical Warfare.

Madhouse’s adaptation of the half-popular light novel was among the worst 2014 anime. Magical Warfare had pretty low viewership numbers even according to Madhouse standards. Just 422 of the episodes were sold.

In reality, the light novel’s author was so outspoken that he called the adaptation “a terrible mistake” and wanted to mount an even stronger defense to stop the adaptation.

9. D. Gray-man

D. Gray-man

Katsura Hoshino was unhappy with the job T.M.S. Entertainment did adapt D.Gray-man. From filler to the changing characters’ personalities, she has been outspoken about her displeasure with the series.

T.M.S. Entertainment had to actually beg for Hallow to be approved for the year 2016. However, Hoshino was determined she had the final say in each episode.

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