You are currently viewing 15 Top Wonder Egg Priority Characters Ranked by Popularity in 2022

15 Top Wonder Egg Priority Characters Ranked by Popularity in 2022

Are you a fan of the recently released Wonder Egg Priority animation series? If so, then this article is perfect for you. In it, we provide detailed information about the 15 Best Wonder Egg Priority characters and their defining characteristics.

You’ll find in-depth analysis and interesting facts about a variety of cast members. With clear descriptions and helpful explanations, our breakdown will help set your expectations for the show.

To get the ultimate viewing experience out of this series – look no further than this article. Whether you’re in search of some fun facts or background info on your favourite characters, our comprehensive guide will help bring clarity to any confusion and provide an enjoyable way into the world of Wonder Egg Priority:


15. Haters


Best Wonder Egg Priority, an anime series that recently became popular worldwide, features various characters of all different kinds. Each character has its own unique charm and background story. Haters are no exception to this. In the series, he appears in several episodes and plays a major role in the plot.

As a character, Haters are full of mystery and very enigmatic. He’s a versatile character who depends more on his knowledge and experience rather than physical strength or abilities to defeat his enemies. His inspiring words are often used by other characters in the series when they feel unable to face challenges head-on.

Haters’ value lies in how he supports the protagonist throughout the storyline. His sentiments are so powerful that they motivate the hero to keep going despite all the difficulties they face. He also makes sure that no challenge can stop them if they put their minds to it.

14. Ura-Acca

Ura Acca

Ura-Acca is one of the key characters in the recently unveiled Wonder Egg Priority from Shaft, Inc. Ura-Acca’s character reveals a strong theme of growth and acceptance throughout the anime. Ura-Acca is an enigmatic figure that appears in Ai’s dreams, which represents her newfound understanding of how to face her trauma with strength.

Its abstract design shows it comes from an unorthodox place outside Ai’s logical thinking process. It has unconventional ways of reasoning but can also utilize its memories and experiences to work in Ai’s favour.

In one episode, Ura-Acca patiently provides insight into the internal struggles they both are facing, encouraging her to confront her fears rather than avoiding them in order to find peace and balance within herself.

Ura-Acca also stands as a symbol of friendliness and hope as it helps her escape reality into dreamscapes that reveal answers to life’s most vexing questions without offering advice on what action to take, instead allowing Ai to build up courage through self-discovery.

In this way, Ura-Acca serves as a helping hand for Ai and many other viewers who are trying to overcome their inner demons by breaking free from their cages, providing solace even when faced with desperate circumstances.

13. Himari


Himari Mizunashi is a beloved character from the 2021 anime series Wonder Egg Priority. The courageous and strong-willed Himari is an important part of her group of friends, often lending them encouragement to better their lives.

Although Himari struggles with her own worries and uncertainties, she bravely faces whatever challenges come her way with enthusiasm and courage. She also has great admiration for Ai’s inquisitive mind, always looking to her friend for guidance whenever she feels lost or stuck in a difficult situation.

In addition to fighting against the monsters that appear throughout the series, Himari learns valuable life lessons from these battles, such as the importance of support from those around us. We can also take solace in Himari’s sheer will and determination to get through whatever stands in her path, no matter how difficult it may be.

12. Seeno Evils

Seeno Evils

Seeno Evils is one of the most popular characters from the popular Japanese anime series Wonder Egg Priority. This blue hair, yellow eyes character has become a beloved figure since its debut in the show.

Seeno Evils is an innocent-looking yet stoic and willful individual who never falters in her mission to protect her friends.

With a mysterious background story and sad backstories to draw empathy from viewers, Seeno Evils has earned a special place in every viewer’s heart. Her weapon of choice, a silver lance that she brings down upon her enemies with great precision, leaves an impression on all those watching.

11. Chiemi


“Chiemi” from Wonder Egg Priority is an incredibly memorable character who truly stands out in the show. Voiced by actor Maaya Uchida, her character radiates joy and enthusiasm. Despite the many challenges that she faces, she always strives toward reaching her goals with resilience.

With her upbeat personality and strong drive, “Chiemi” is a great friend to have by your side during all of life’s struggles.

People identify with this wonder egg priority protagonist’s determination to overcome adversity and triumph over all odds. She also develops meaningful relationships along the journey, never losing sight of her core values and hopes for a brighter future.

10. Acca


Meet Acca, the admirable main character of Wonder Egg Priority- a mysterious, sci-fi anime brimming with emotion. We learn quickly just how brave, and capable Acca is; she sets out on a mission to protect the eggs that become girls-giving them a chance at a new life. She uses her razor-sharp wits to cleverly conquer various problems head-on.

This brave heart does not let her circumstances get the best of her. Though she may be struggling in real life, Acca will always find the strength to keep pushing herself forward with ease.

With each egg hatch, we love seeing the compassionate side of Acca come alive as she takes each girl under her wing as if they were family–there’s nothing more inspiring than this one extraordinary girl doing her best to look out for those in need.

9. Nagase Koito

Nagase Koito

Nagase Koito is a fan-favourite character from the popular anime series “Wonder Egg Priority”. Gifted with incredible courage, fierce determination, and an innate blissful instinct to protect others, Koito is mischievous at heart and loves to solve puzzles.

Her preparedness to dive into danger in order to aid her friends sets her apart from other characters in the show. Koito’s impressive physical strength and agility marry perfectly with her wide range of weapons and mental prowess, making her a force to be reckoned with every time she steps foot on the battlefield.

Whether facing her inner demons or obstacle-laden battles outside herself, Koito’s presence on screen continues to bring wonder and joy to fans around the world.

8. Kotobuki Awano

Kotobuki Awano

Fans of the Wonder Egg Priority anime series know that among the many choices of characters, Kotobuki Awano stands out. A student at Ayame Academy and one of the main characters in the series, her strength is to face her problems with a strong heart and even stronger will.

She also displays unwavering courage in all circumstances, no matter how dark and unpredictable they become. With a unique combination of looks and abilities, Kotobuki Awano has earned quite a following amongst viewers and gamers thanks to her extraordinary level of flexibility, resilience, and determination.

Her presence in the show has been key in leading other young girls towards their own decision-making transformation. Moreover, Awano’s story of overcoming odds serves as an exemplary source of inspiration for anyone who is striving for excellence or change.

7. Frill


The Frill is a gentle yet determined girl who shows a lot of heart in her conflict against the Nightmares. Her tenacity and compassion towards the eggs she meets make her one of the show’s favourite characters.

Despite being the core of the story, Frill remains an enigma, never truly revealing her true persona and motives. Her development from a timid child to a courageous young woman has kept viewers enthralled and captivated by her journey against evil.

Not only does she represent determination, but she also faces hardship with a strong spirit that proves to be inspirational for viewers everywhere.

6. Haruka


Introducing one of the best and most beloved characters from Wonder Egg Priority, Haruka. This incredible egg-keeper is passionate about protecting the dreams and memories of various people, filling her journey with the strength to overcome obstacles.

Her unique qualities make her truly special – she’s part of a secret group fighting against sadness affecting eggs and people around the world, as well as being someone who dares to fight for what she believes in with courage. With beauty, intelligence and a never-give-up attitude, it’s no wonder why Haruka is so loved by fans.

From her playful nature around those she loves to her powerful yet fragile outlook on life, this complex character stands out even among the other egg holders.

As an optimist full of optimism and faith in others, there’s no doubt that she will achieve great success throughout her journey.

5. Momoe Sawaki

Momoe Sawaki

Momoe Sawaki, the main character of Wonder Egg Priority, is a strong-willed and resilient young woman who is determined to isolate herself from the outside world as a way of living life on her own terms.

Born with mystic energy, Momoe’s life takes unexpected turns as she helps save other teenage girls from an alternate dimension fraught with danger and fear.

Together with her guardian AI, Pretz, Momoe not only faces the powerful adversaries that exist in this new world but also discovers newfound strength within herself. Her kind-hearted nature and heroic determination make her an ideal leader for her fellow wonder egg companions.

Despite their differences in background and upbringing, Momoe leads by example and sets a strong example for others to follow. Thanks to her presence, several episodes have been filled with suspense and thrilling moments sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

4. Shuichiro Sawaki

Shuichiro Sawaki

Shuichiro Sawaki is a fan-favourite character from the hit anime series Wonder Egg Priority. As the main protagonist of the show, Sawaki seeks to solve a deeper mystery that lies beneath the surface of the show.

He is a calm and level-headed individual who displays remarkable courage whenever his friends are in danger and leaps into action with unwavering determination.

Although weary and exhausted, he never lets go of his intentions and refuses to give up on himself or others. Sawaki’s selflessness and humility have earned him respect from viewers all over the world, who coo with admiration as they watch him take on insurmountable odds.

3. Ai Ohto

Ai Ohto

Ai Ohto from the hit anime series Wonder Egg Priority is an ambitious and determined young girl who refuses to give up on her dreams. Despite unfortunate adversities in life, she strives to improve herself and reach her goals with immense courage.

Her resilience in the face of her challenges has earned her admirers worldwide, resulting in a renewed dedication towards achieving her objectives. Ai’s inspiring story and unstoppable spirit have made her one of the most celebrated characters in the series.

As a result, Ai Ohto is highly sought after by fans all over the world who are eager to learn more about her journey and struggles. Her perseverance and indefatigable attitude have earned praise not only from viewers but also among critics alike.

2. Neiru Aonuma

Neiru Aonuma

Neiru Aonuma is the strong-willed protagonist of the popular Anime series ‘Wonder Egg Priority’. She has unique powers, such as being able to manifest objects out of thin air and summon her “guardian”, Ai. Neiru strives to recover memories from her past life, desperately trying to resolve the questions she has about why things happen in certain ways.

Her drive for answers stunts her ability to move forward with her life but ultimately serves as an anchor that helps guide Neiru through difficult times. She works hard throughout the series to discover who she was in a past life, how that past identity relates to her current one, and why she has this mysterious ability (to manifest objects).

As viewers watch Neiru pursue the leads presented in Wonder Egg Priority — always bouncing back when faced with defeat — they grow attached to her character’s courage and determination while also understanding that these characteristics look different depending on individual experiences and perspectives.

1. Kawai Rika

Kawai Rika

The recently released anime series Wonder Egg Priority is already making waves amongst the anime community. One of the characters that viewers are particularly captivated by is “Kawai Rika”. While she may appear to be a cheerful and loving girl on the surface, there is much more beneath her plastic smiles.

She is a composite A. The program was created with parts from multiple girls and was born out of a cruel experiment. Despite this horrible background, she still retains her childish innocence and exudes warmth to all those around her.

This unique combination of strength and kindness has only served to make her an even more beloved character amongst fans, showing that it is okay to be broken in order to help others heal.


Wonder Egg Priority has a cast of awe-inspiring characters that each boast unique personalities and characteristics. This was our list of the 15 best ones among them that caught everyone’s attention and made them the favourites of many.

Whether you appreciate their astute sense of justice or admire their strong characters and goals, each wonder egg’s mission is special in its own way.

As we’ve seen, some characters are undoubtedly better equipped than others when it comes to defeating the Invaders, but all their character traits have come together to make a wonderfully diverse landscape of stories that charmed us from start to finish.

If you haven’t seen Wonder Egg Priority yet, we’d highly recommend you see for yourself what this great series has to offer.


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