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11 Most Adorable Violet Evergarden Gifs 

Violet Evergarden gifs can be used for any occasion, from birthday celebrations to Christmas cards. Violet’s reaction to the Willy Wonka movie is one of the most iconic scenes in the series.

As a former soldier and now an Auto Memories Doll at CH Postal Company, Violet seeks to learn what it means to love someone. The series’ protagonist, Violet, works with her friend Gilbert Bougainvillea, an ex-soldier, to learn the meaning of the words “I love you”.

Violet displays an assortment of new emotions after meeting clients with unique characteristics. When she receives a letter, she is genuinely happy.

She also begins to feel guilty for killing people during the war. She wonders if she should be alive. Luckily, she has friends who care for her. This new relationship between Violet and Amy has helped Violet become the most charming, and beloved, character in the series.


Kyoto Animation has the magical ability to delight animation lovers with their flawless animation, so today, we present 11 evergreen gifs of Violet.

There are certain words Violet has heard in the field that she will never forget. These words were handed to her by a person she cherishes far more than anybody else. She isn’t sure of their meaning at a certain point in the world of Telesis.

The war that divided Europe into North and South was over after just four years, and the population eagerly welcomed the new generation.

Violet, a young girl, previously named “the Weapon,” has left the battlefield to begin an entirely new career at CH Postal Service. She is inspired by the work of “Auto Memories Dolls”, which carry the thoughts of others and translate the thoughts into words.

Violet starts on her quest as an Auto Memories Doll and encounters different emotions from different people and forms of love. In the process, she is looking for the meaning of these words.

11 Amazing Violet Evergarden Gifs to show the talent of KyoAni

From the blindness of murder to the growth of a conscience that could heal, Violet’s development was extraordinary, with the contrast between her present and past evident.

Her fearless and blunt persona was often an obstacle to her success as a doll; however, as the series progressed, she could utilize her personality in the right situations.

Her military salutes and formal manner of speaking and her unadorned appearance all of them changed. This is exactly why the novel doesn’t have these subtle details that indicate evidence of progress.

The attention to detail they pay for in every tiny shadow they cast on their backgrounds and clothing is top-of-the-line.

Everybody wants runway models; everyone is given a chance to be a civilian. Realistically, most people appear as if they’re photographing to promote H&M brochures.

To ensure fluid movement of the limbs.

Some reviews have highlighted the inaccuracies in technology and culture within VE; however, I didn’t feel it affected me too much unless you consider those robotic arms that seem more sophisticated than those we currently have.

KyoAni has further established its reputation as a master at communicating non-verbal emotions.

You die beautifully. You are incredibly angry. You are beaten with elegance. Even tears are delivered in streams of diamond sort of orbs with the faces of the owners designed for cameras.

Their action scenes are as convincing as a real-life movement that allows you to experience the weight and strength of the characters.

I’m talking about this because flowers are a major motif in this story. When you examine the names of most actors, all are linked to flowers.

Let’s be mindful of taking time to take in the quieter scenes of Violet Evergarden, which will certainly require lots of work.

The act of Violet kissing her brooch

To Claudia’s quivering lip:

The subtle movements of the entire team show that KyoAni is constantly improving its ability to convey stories without long, drawn-out dialogue.

Are you completely in love with KyoAni’s most recent project?

This was probably the best part and helped VE achieve such high expectations. The facial expressions were amazing, and the scenery was stunning.

If I had to pick out the most memorable ones, I’d recommend the scenes depicting the starry evening (Ep 6) street lamps and Leiden as a city in general. I also enjoyed that they used flowers in the entire series (especially Ep 5, you might see one in less than five minutes).


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