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Top 21 Best Sword Art Online Characters (Ranked by Fans)

Sword Art Online is an incredibly popular anime, and one of the fan-favorite components of the show is the expansive cast. Sword Art Online characters are diverse in style, background, and personalities; each viewer will have his or her own personal favorite from the series. 

To help narrow down which Sword Art Online characters make the top 21 best list, this article will evaluate based on popularity and strength during battle. 

Players who have yet to watch Sword Art Online will gain insight into why these characters have earned their spot at the top, as well as understand all that makes Sword Art Online such a captivating anime to watch. Join us as we rank and evaluate these beloved characters.


21). General Eugene

General Eugene

General Eugene is a character from the Japanese light novel, manga and anime series Sword Art Online. He is the leader of the Tomb of oblivion guild, which is an example of one of the game’s strong forces. 

He had a crucial role during Argo’s rescue mission which ended in success, though in the end, he decided to sacrifice himself to help others, proving himself to be loyal to his comrades. 

Eugene resembles a typical RPG protagonist with remarkable intelligence and agility as well as being very skillful in battle, leading him to be victorious even against powerful opponents. 

He carries with him an extensive array of equipment and, at times, seems overwhelmed by his large collection. His high charisma drew other players together, inspiring them to embark on missions for the sake of their guilds.

20). Nori


Nori is a minor character in the popular science-fiction anime Sword Art Online. She first appears early in the show as part of Kirito’s dual-wielding team.

As a deputy commander in the Knights of Blood guild, she helps guide and command their training sessions throughout the series. 

Nori is brave and strong-hearted, quickly proving herself to be both a reliable leader and a fierce warrior. Her loyalty to her friends remains unshakeable throughout her appearances and her signature skill is called “Over-Impulse”, which allows her to overwhelm enemies with burst attacks even when fighting alone. 

Nori also has an incredible level of determination that often serves her well on the virtual battlefield of Aincrad. Despite this strength, she still holds an underlying vulnerability borne from the losses of friends due to game-over scenarios that have been so common in Sword Art Online.

19). Agil


Agil is the rousing, kind-hearted shopkeeper in the online game Sword Art Online (SAO). He always greets players with a welcoming smile as they enter his small store. 

Despite living alone in the virtual world of SAO, Agil makes sure to use his money and free time to help others who are struggling through their adventure.

He pursues art, calligraphy and literature to quell his growing boredom, remembering fondly of days spent selling swords for a living in the real world. 

As both a friend and adviser, Agil assists Kirito and Asuna on their journey to clear SAO. Offering unique advice and supplying them with rare items from all over the game, he helps keep hope alive amidst despair.

18). Silica


Silica, otherwise known as “Keiko Ayano” is a character in the hit Japanese anime series Sword Art Online. Silica is a popular player in the virtual world of Aincrad and gradually becomes a part of Kirito and Asuna’s team. In this world, she plays the proficient mage whose primary weapon and source of armor are staff and robe, respectively. 

She has an affinity with tamed creatures called Pneuma, which often come with her as summons whenever battling monsters or during other plot-related events. 

While Silica can be timid at times, her empathy for her pet, Pneuma, gives us an insight into her true strengths – courage in the face of danger, determination to get answers about Pneuma’s origin, and, most importantly – sticking to her friends no matter what. 

Her unique abilities make her one of the strongest characters that Sword Art Online lovers cannot help but adore.

17). Administrator/Quinella


Administrator or also known as Quinella is a character from the popular Japanese anime series Sword Art Online. She is one of the main antagonists and also the ruler of the virtual world of Aincrad. 

Born with the tremendous aptitude and an acute understanding of the Firmament, Quinella was considered to be a superhuman AI by the Church of Axiom, who constructed her body according to their standards. 

She created many systems for the players, such as The Sword Skills System, and was responsible for building a majority of Aincrad’s dungeons and missions.

Her goal was to create SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in order to control all players in Aincrad, which was eventually thwarted by Kirito and Asuna. 

Quinella is identified as the most powerful villain in Sword Art Online due to her possession of divine power, longevity, utmost intelligence and mastery over swordsmanship that allowed her to control nearly all aspects in Aincrad.

16). Talken


Talken, one of the main characters in the animated series Sword Art Online, is a central figure in the storyline. He is a determined and brave hero with a great spirit.

His motivations are guided by his sense of justice, loyalty to his friends and his aversion to death or harm that threatens others. 

He has an especially strong bond with Asuna Yuuki, with whom he falls in love and ultimately engages in a romantic relationship with. His strength and natural charisma often win him many allies throughout the different arcs. 

Moreover, Talken possesses an impressive array of skills that help him navigate the virtual world: emotional resilience and adaptability, resourcefulness when it comes to strategies for success, quick reflexes for battle scenes and more.

15). Renly


Renly is a character from the popular anime series Sword Art Online. She is an ambitious and strong-willed girl who refuses to accept defeat. Initially wary of Kirito and his friends, she eventually joins forces with them in order to survive Aincrad. 

Her strong determination and loyalty towards her sword skills help make her an important asset for the survival of their group.

Renly has an almost prophetic insight ahead of her companions, leading her to important decisions that help them out of difficult situations. 

She often uses those insightful moments to save other people’s lives, which helps earn the support and admiration of others.

One of the most remarkable things about Renly is how strong-spirited she stays despite all the difficulties they face while trying to complete their mission.

14). Klein


Klein is an entertaining, lovable character in the popular Japanese anime series ‘Sword Art Online.’ He first appears as a beta tester of SAO and remains with protagonist Kirito until the game’s end. Klein is fairly experienced at playing the game and offers sage advice to Kirito on his journey. 

The two are great friends, bonding over their love of gaming and food. Klein is also grateful to Kirito for helping him clear difficult scenarios such as boss fights. 

Even after being released from SAO, Klein continues to support Kirito in ALfheim Online by giving him access to exclusive rare items, making for some amusing situations where a hopelessly overconfident Klein usually gets scolded by other players. 

With other famous characters like Asuna and Lizbeth joining Kirito’s group, Klein has grown into a charmingly optimistic figure who boosts morale whenever he’s around.

13). Alice


Alice is a popular character in the hit Japanese anime series Sword Art Online. She is a salamander avatar living in the fictional world of Aincrad and featured in both anime and games. 

Alice possesses special abilities such as long sword combat, data analysis, quick reflexes, and advanced healing skills. Her outfit consists of a brown leather skirt with a leather pauldron over her left shoulder, white buttons down her shirt, black gloves and boots. 

She has an inventive streak at work which gave rise to outfits such as her signature Witch’s attire. Alice also has an affinity for solitude which gives her a mysterious edge.

12). Death Gun

Death Gun

Death Gun is a character in the Japanese light novel adaptation Sword Art Online, who first makes an appearance in episode 14 of season 2 of the anime series. He is one of many players who took part in battles against Kirito and his allies. 

Much like other antagonist characters in the show, Death Gun has both a mysterious persona and great powers that help him to defeat opponents. His weapon of choice is a long-barreled gun which is named Desert Eagle, and gives off an ominous aura when used. 

Death Gun also has a secret weapon: he can inject poison into the human body using a device resembling the barrel of a gun to cause an enemy’s avatar to disintegrate into nothing but particles. In addition, his formidable martial arts skills complement this deadly package perfectly.

11). Sinon


Sinon is a fan-favorite video game character from the Sword Art Online anime and game franchise. She first appears in the game as a cool-headed and collected sniper with impressive prowess for sniping. Although Sinon seems emotionless at times, she has more depth than meets the eye. 

As her journey continues, her backstory unravels and reveals a complex young girl full of sorrow and inner strength. Despite teetering on a mental breakdown towards the end of her arc, she grows emotionally into someone more outspoken and less afraid of expressing her feelings. 

Her relationship with Kirito reconciles her internal struggles against trauma and builds trust within their respective views on life.

10). Yui


Yui is a beloved character from the anime series Sword Art Online. She is a unique artificial intelligence who serves as the heart of the virtual world of Aincrad.

Her role in helping Kirito and his friends battle their way to freedom makes her one of the most endearing characters in anime history. 

Highly intelligent and possessing an unquenchable enthusiasm, Yui quickly became close with Kirito and developed into an almost human AI.

While exploring Aincrad, Kirito always had Yui on his side, keeping him informed of his progress and, at times, meeting with him as a companion in battle. 

Even after gaining freedom from Aincrad, Yui would go on to provide assistance as SAO’s main communications hub before eventually finding true purpose as Asuna’s daughter later on.

9). Heathcliff


The fictional character Heathcliff is a fan favorite from Sword Art Online’s hit anime series. Boasting many unique and interesting attributes, he serves both as a strong leader and an excellent mentor for protagonist Kirito – even when his actions can be harsh at times. 

Known outside of game mechanics as Kayaba Akihiko, Heathcliff is revealed to be the creator of the virtual world of Aincrad and its accompanying game, which makes him an even more intriguing figure in anyone’s eyes.

In battle, his skill and strength are impressive enough that he overcame most opponents and became the first player to reach the 100th floor.

8). Oberon


The Sword Art Online character Oberon is a formidable opponent and an exciting addition to the storyline. His intense resolve to protect Temujin, the leader of the Dark Territory, shows his strength in battle and emotions. 

He develops a strong bond with Kirito, the protagonist of Sword Art Online, resulting in a relationship teeming with respect and admiration.

This truly makes him a powerful ally when push comes to shove. Oberon’s appearance has also gained notoriety among fans for being quite intimidating with his deep voice and intimidating stature. 

What’s more, he carries himself with an unmistakable presence that radiates authority and power from deep within himself. That being said, it only serves to further solidify his place as an integral part of Sword Art Online’s storyline.

7). Vassago Casals

Vassago Casals

Vassago Casals is a recurring character in the famous Japanese light novel and anime series Sword Art Online. First appearing in the Alicization Arc, Vassago is a skilled Dark Territory swordsman and one of the leaders of the goblins. 

His personality is typically quite arrogant, and he loves to show off his strength, often relying on it as opposed to using wits or wisdom.

Vassago wears heavy armor when entering battle, which gives him an advantage in terms of defense but makes him sluggish in attacking. 

He was later defeated by Kirito and Asuna’s party, including Selka, who managed to penetrate his armor with her arrows. Ultimately, Vassago allied with Kirito playing an important role in the defeat of Quinella and the awakening of Alice from her slumber. 

Though he began as an enemy, over time, Vassago developed a deep respect for Kirito, proving himself to be a strong ally who could be relied upon when others couldn’t.

6). Kirigaya Suguha

Kirigaya Suguha

Kirigaya Suguha, or Sugu, is a fictional character from the popular anime series Sword Art Online. She is the cousin of the main protagonist Kazuto Kirigaya, who is kirito. 

Sugu had a strong admiration for kirito while growing up and felt envious to see her cousin progress in the virtual world of swords art online through combat skills, friendship, and strategy. 

As an experienced Kendō practitioner in real life since the age of five, She wishes to improve herself in both games and transfer her combat skills into respect as a leader. 

As the series progresses, she fiercely strives to become as strong and reliable as her cousin Kirito by joining his team in the game Alfheim Online. Despite her reluctance at first to fight, she proves to be an invaluable asset with her sharp instincts and determination.

5). Eugeo Synthesis Thirty-Two

Eugeo Synthesis Thirty-Two

Eugeo Synthesis Thirty-Two, also known as Eugeo s32, is a character from the Japanese hit anime series Sword Art Online (SAO). In SAO, he is a faithful ally and close friend of the main protagonist, Kirito. 

As an Artificial Intelligence created by Cardinal and Chudelkin from a fragment of Eugeo’s memories, Eugeo s32 is obedient to any order given by them – he does not hesitate and follows their every command. 

Despite being mainly programmed for battle purposes, he possesses an extraordinary external charm that endears him to his friends.

With his striking silver hair and piercing sapphire blue eyes, paired with urbane attire – he exudes a noble aura that captures the hearts of the people around him -even beyond the fictional world of SAO. 

Fans worldwide have grown to love this unique character – many spend hours participating in forums to discuss their thoughts on this beloved character.

4). Asuna Yuuki

Asuna Yuuki

Asuna Yuuki is one of the main characters in the popular anime and light novel series Sword Art Online. She quickly stands out from the other characters through her heroic determination and unwavering courage when facing even the most dangerous of enemies. 

Asuna, along with Kirito, forms an incredibly strong bond throughout their escapades on Aincrad. This relationship was one that helped to carve out a place for them and give them a purpose in the game world. 

She is strong yet still maintains her gentle nature; she has sharp reflexes and analytics that she puts to use regularly when brainstorming strategies to help them progress through levels faster. 

Adept at both swordplay and physical combat, Asuna shows incredible insight and bravery that inspires those who work with her to continue pressing forward no matter what challenges they face.

3). Kirito


Kirito, the main character from Sword Art Online and a popular figure in the anime world, is a true fan favorite. His bravery, unwavering determination and willingness to do whatever it takes to protect what he cherishes are some of his most beloved traits among online gamers. 

With an honest heart and adept battle skills, Kirito dives into the virtual reality world of Aincrad, knowing nothing but success can come from his mission.

His experience with real-life martial arts combined with his strategic mentality and fast reflexes enabled Kirito to quickly defeat numerous enemies and bosses throughout the game without fail. 

In addition to being a skilled fighter, Kirito’s charm made him easily relatable and helped many people establish a deep connection with him in a short period of time.

2). Bercouli


Bercouli is a major character in the popular anime series Sword Art Online. He is an experienced swordsman and the Commander of the Knights of the Blood Oath. His skill with swords surpasses even Kirito himself, and he uses prestigious weapons made from divine tree materials. 

His personality is markedly different from that of Kirito’s – he speaks slowly and has a reserved demeanor, while Kirito talks wildly and acts without hesitation. 

When in battle, he goes all out without hesitation or mercy to ensure victory. Not only is he powerful while on the battlefield, Bercouli also proves himself to be a wise leader with his experience and knowledge of tactics. 

As one of the few survivors in Aincrad after many years inside the game, Bercouli serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring players who seek to make it safely out of the Sword Art Online world alive.

1). Konno Yuuki

Konno Yuuki

Konno Yuuki is a captivating character from the immensely popular Japanese light novel and anime series Sword Art Online. 

She is an enigma who only plays the ALfheim Online virtual reality game, but not for its entertainment value – rather, she’s looking to solve a mystery involving the mysterious quest and item in the game, coupled with her stranger-than-usual sense of purpose and impenetrable bravery. 

Dubbed ‘The Flash’ due to her extraordinary speed, Konno shares a unique bond with Kirito that dates back to before they sally forth with forces in ALO.

Together they accomplished what seemed like an impossible task—clearing all of the primary & secondary questlines of ALO. 

Her unwavering courage and proficiency during every difficult encounter made her a role model for all of the players in ALO. Such impressive efforts earned her recognition across all citizens of both Aincrad and ALfheim as one of their own heroes.


Sword Art Online has long been a beloved franchise for both casual and hardcore fans all over the world. Its characters are, of course, an integral part of this success. 

While there is never one definitive list of best Sword Art Online characters, as personal favorites vary from person to person, the 21 characters mentioned in this article were some of the most iconic and well-loved characters across the series. 

Whether it was their unique look, story arcs, powerful rivalries or swordplay prowess that caught your eye, these characters will stay with us forever.

By discussing just some of the many amazing Sword Art Online cast of colorful personalities, it’s obvious why this franchise still stands tall after more than ten years since its inception.

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