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15 Survival Anime Series: Weighing Between Life & Death

There are several types of survival anime. Most of these are about surviving from someone or something. Others are about survival in the wilderness or the lack of basic human needs.

If you want to know what these types of shows are about, you can read this article. What are survival anime series? How can they be fun? What should you look for in these kinds of shows? Here are some tips.

First, think about the concept. Survival shows often include monsters and special powers, but these elements aren’t necessary. The best survival shows bring reality back into fiction, with characters surviving in the worst-case scenarios.

Series like Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 don’t rely on fantastical elements on-screen to make their stories more believable. The characters are grounded in frighteningly realistic scenarios, but there’s always a ray of hope.

Another type of survival anime is called ‘game’. These anime are based on video games, and have a similar concept to the genre. A student who is trying to survive the game is trying to warn the other students. 

Here’s the whole list!

15. Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance)

Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance)

In a flash, an enormous terrorist bomb hit Tokyo in the middle of a hot, warm summer day. Two boys were the only ones behind the attack, which woke up this sleepy nation.

Genre: Thriller, Survival, Psychological

The perpetrators named Sphinx encircle Japan when they start their huge game.

Studios: MAPPA

Episodes: 11

14. 7 Seeds

7 Seeds

Seven Seeds sets the story in a post-apocalyptic past in the years after the impact of a meteorite on the Earth. The title is derived from a group of five people who live in cryogenic chambers, as well as materials called seeds, which the Japanese government officials laid down.

Particularly, on Project “7 SEEDS”, seven sets of young women and men were carefully chosen and placed in groups (Spring than Summer A and Summer B) and Winter).).

The participants were then placed into a cryogenic state to ensure the human race’s survival. After the men and women awakened, they were thrown into a brutal world.

In grief and bereaved of the everlasting loss of loved ones and grieving for their loss, they tried to find ways to live.

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Shoujo, Romance

Studios: Gonzo

Episodes: 12

13. Ibara no Ou (King of Thorn)

Ibara no Ou (King of Thorn)

It’s a fantastical manga illustrated and written by Yuji Iwahara. The manga is published in entering the brain in the seinen magazine. It’s a science-fiction survival drama.

When you’ve read the story, you’ll discover that the story is about a small group of people who attempt to escape from an unknown plague that turns people into stone. Further, it appears that there may be just seven survivors in a universe which is wild.

One hundred sixty individuals are selected as potential candidates for an effective treatment for the disease known as Medusa and are selected by an organization named Venus Gate.

Among the selected ones, Kasumi awakes after sleeping for a long time. Her waking is not one of the roses but one of the thorns and occurs amid complete chaos with monsters waiting to be hunted all over.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Survival, Horror, Mystery

Studios: Sunrise

Episodes: 1

12. Terra Formars

Terra Formars

Terra Formars, illustrated by Kenichi Tachibana, and composed by Yu Sasuga, is a Japanese manga series published in Shueisha’s magazine Weekly Young Jump since 2011.

This show’s storyline could be defined as an effort to establish a colony on Mars by scientists of the 21st century whose mission was to warm the planet to ensure that humans can live on the surface.

Scientists have come up with a cost-effective method to send mold and cockroaches onto the surface of the Earth so that the mold could absorb sunlight and clean the atmosphere in turn, feeding bugs whose bodies will aid in spreading the mold all over the world.

The first human-powered ship to Mars, five hundred years later, lands on the planet, where mutant cockroaches with immense physical strength can take out six of the crew members. When they’re all wiped out, they can transmit a message that reaches back to Earth.

A multinational team is formed to eradicate the mutated insects and take back control of the planet. It is decades later. When a third group is gathered, questions are asked about the real origins of the Terraformars.

The cockroaches that have changed form are known, and their relationship to an unknown disease affecting humans in the present day on Earth.

To combat Terraformars’ strength and speed, the members of the third and second expeditions undergo genetic alteration to acquire the traits of other living things, which is only possible after having an implanted organ-specific to their bodies. They have only a 30% chance of being able to survive the surgery.

Genres: Sci-Fi, Space, Survival, Action, Horror

Studios: Liden Films

Episodes: 13

11. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is a popular Japanese light novel written by Reki Kawahara.

Virtual reality, a hugely multiplayer online role-playing game, is released, known as Sword Art Online.

With the NerveGear helmet, a device that stimulates the user’s five senses through their brain, users can control and experience their characters in games using their minds.

The only way out is to clear the game. The word “death” in the game refers to actual death. Ten thousand users who have signed up to the yet undiscovered game called ‘Sword Art Online’ with their Nerve Gears have been dragged into this grueling death game and are trapped.

Protagonist Kirito, one of the players, has been adamant about this ‘truth.’ He is a solo player inside the huge castle, which is the stage for the game.

To satisfy the requirements for getting out of this virtual world, you must clear all 100 levels.

Genres: Game, Romance, Survival, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Studios: A-1 Pictures

Episodes: 49

10. Kaiji


The show is currently split into 6 parts and is a well-loved show in Japan.

Itou Kaiji, a normal man who’s normal life was transformed when he’s thrown into debt for co-signing a contract with the benefit of a friend. He sailed on through the waters of Hope, Espoir, to lift the burden. He is then invited to the night of the demons.

Traps, betrayal, deceit. Insane gambles were revealed one after the other. In the end, after countless trials, the man finally manages to meet the Underworld King.

The head of the Teiai group, Hyoudou Kazutaka, won over Kaiji. Kaiji was given an unforgiving lesson on the qualities of an authentic King. The night was a symbiosis to an end and was paid for by Kaiji’s blood.

Since then, it has been months, and Kaiji is still living his normal life as a lazy person. At the time of the loss at Hyoudou, the amount owed was 6.68 million yen.

This was in addition to another 2 million. In addition, with the added interest, his debt is already at 9.5 million. Is he able to pay off his obligation?

Genres: Seinen, Thriller, Survival, Game, Psychological

Studios: Madhouse

Episodes: 52 / Two Seasons

9. Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead

Takashi Komuro seems like a typical high school kid until an illness breaks out, transforming people into zombie-like beasts. The story highlights a group of high school pipils caught in the middle of an apocalypse of zombies.

In addition, they are battling the threat of social collapse. Along with his classmates and the school nurse fighting for their lives, they set out to fight to the top and continue their quest to find out what is happening to the entire world.

Genres: Ecchi, Shounen, Survival, Action, Horror, Supernatural

Studios: Madhouse

Episodes: 13

8. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

Indicted for a crime he did not commit, Ganta is sent to a brand new privately operated and owned prison where prisoners are the primary attraction in a modern new twist on the gladiatorial coliseums that were popular in the past.

Sprinkle in a good dose of a weird little girl, some newly discovered superpowers, and a little theorizing about conspiracy theories, and you’ve got Deadman Wonderland.

Genres: Shounen, Survival, Action, Sci-Fi, Horror

Studios: Manglobe

Episodes: 12

7. Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki

Yukiteru Amano is a fourteen-year-old, shy and daydreaming person who is always reluctant to hang out with his friends and prefers to spend his time on his mobile phone.

He believes he has to be an imaginary companion named Deus Ex Machina.

One day, Deus invites him to participate in an endurance game with eleven other people. The winner is Deus Ex Machina.

The contestants have to use their diary entries from the future to take out each other and take home the prize. To allow Yukiteru to make it through to win, he has to team up with a diary holder who is one called Yuno.

Genres: Mystery, Shounen, Survival Anime,Action, Psychological, Supernatural Thriller

Studios: Asread

Episodes: 26

6. Kyochuu Rettou

Kyochuu Rettou

Oribe Mutsumi and her fellow classmates were left on an island that appeared deserted following an airplane crash on an excursion to school.

Mutsumi utilized her expertise to assist the other survivors. She believes that they’ll be rescued within three days. That doesn’t seem like a long time to wait for.

She did not take note of the reality that it is home to huge killer insects.

Her experience with butterflies and wasps could be the one factor that could aid her classmates in the event of being saved.

Genre: Survival, Horror

Studios: Passione

Episodes: 1

5. Danganronpa The Animation

Danganronpa The Animation

It’s a show based on the PS Portable video game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. The show was a 13-episode series.

The show follows the lives of 16 high school students locked in their high school, Hope’s Peak Academy. It is extremely difficult.

The school is ruled by a bear known as Monokuma. He gives students the option of murdering another student as their only option to quit the academy. But, the requirement is that the murderer not be identified after the crime has been committed, or else the perpetrator is executed.

Genres: Psychological School, Survival, Mystery

Studios: Lerche

Episodes: 13

4. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

Phantom_ Requiem for the Phantom

The project is underway to study the energy field in 2100 on the occupied Moon. The granddaughter of the project’s principal scientist, Amami Kurau, is accompanied by her father to the laboratory to witness the experiments she will be observing on her 12th birthday.

Then, something goes wrong, and two lightning bolts strike Kurau. Afterward, her father is shocked to learn Kurau is no longer his daughter. Her body has become the home of two energy entities possessing incredible capabilities.

Genres: Seinen, Thriller, Survival, Action, Drama

Studio: Bee Train

Episodes: 26

3. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 focuses on two teenage brothers, Mirai and Yuki, and a single mother, Mari, whom they both meet following the devastating earthquake.

Mirai is an elementary school freshman who visits Japan’s fake Odaiba Island for a robot show with her bro Yutaka at the beginning of summer vacation.

A strong tremor is heard from an ocean trench. The famous Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge crumble and fall while the entire landscape of Tokyo is transformed in a split second.

With the assistance of a delivery lady on a motorcycle known as Mari, whom they meet on Odaiba, Yutaka and Mirai are determined to return to the Setagaya home in the western part of Tokyo.

Genres: Drama, Survival

Studios: Bones

Episodes: 11

2. Btooom!


Btooom! It has seen serialization within Weekly Comic Bunch since 2009. It tells the story of Ryota Sakamoto, an unemployed and lonely young man.

One day, he awakes on a tropical island, not recalling how he arrived. He spots a person in the distance and asks for assistance.

The figure reacts with a hurl at Ryota -it’s a “BIM” explosive. At that point, Ryota realizes two things: first, his life is in deep danger, and two, he’s currently in the realm of Btoom!

Genres: Seinen, Survival Anime,Action, Sci-Fi, Psychological

Studios: Madhouse

Episodes: 12

1. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

It’s a dark fantasy TV series. The story opens in a universe where humankind lives in cities surrounded by massive walls because of the Titans.

Humans were almost exterminated by giants a few centuries ago. Titans are tall, possess no brains, devour humans, and, perhaps most alarmingly, appear to do it for enjoyment instead of a food source.

In a city surrounded by extremely high walls, most of the population survived by walls themselves. Fast forward to today, and the city hasn’t witnessed any titan in 100 years.

Eren and his sister Mikasa witness something horrifying when the walls of their city are smashed by a gigantic creature that appears in the air.

Eren promises to kill every giant and will take revenge on all the smaller giants who inundate the city and devour her mother alive.

Genres: Drama, Action, Military mystery, Super Power, Shounen, Survival, Fantasy

Studios: Wit Studio

Episodes: 59/Three Seasons

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