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Top 12 SK8 The Infinity Characters: The Coolest List

Whether you’re a fan of anime or just love playing games, you don’t want to miss out on the dynamic characters of SK8 The Infinity. From the pro skaters to the novice riders, this game has a character for everybody, and it doesn’t get much better than these 12.

 With these amazing titles, jaw-dropping tricks, stunning visuals, and back-crushing bails, there’s something for every player. If you’re an action sports enthusiast or just looking for some adrenaline-pumping fun, then this list is for you.

Each character offers a unique challenge that tests your skills as a gamer. Check out our list of the 12 Best SK8 Infinity Characters and get ready to be taken over by hours of pure excitement.

Discover all their signature moves, awesome tricks, and stylish costumes they have in store while conquering each course:


12. Kiriko Kamata

Kiriko Kamata

Kiriko Kamata is a character from the popular video game SK8 The Infinity. She has a cheerful and energetic personality, making her a favorite among the game’s fans. She is an expert roller skater who uses her skills to make her way through the challenging courses of the game.

KirikoKamata constantly looks for ways to hone her roller skating abilities as she wants to make it to the top of each course with as little damage as possible.

Apart from her impressive skating abilities, KirikoKamata is also known for the colorful attire that she wears when playing in the world of SK8 The Infinity. Her flamboyant style stands out from other characters and adds to her charm.

11. Snake/Tadashi Kikuchi

Snake Tadashi Kikuchi

SK8 The Infinity’s character Snake/Tadashi Kikuchi is a unique individual. He hails from Osaka, Japan, and like most of the characters in SK8 The Infinity, believes that Skateboarding brings freedom to its riders.

He’s the type of thrill-seeking skater who is always seeking immediate satisfaction, and with his special “Snake Kick” skill, he can easily take down opponents if they try to block him.

Otherwise known as Tadashi Kikuchi, Snake is always ready for a full-on adventure in which he can show off his skills. With his unique snake print clothing and wild mohawk hairstyle, Snake is close to being an icon among the best skaters on the show.

He aims to challenge other skaters in order to better hone his craft and prove why he stands out amongst all those who aspire to be greater at skating than himself. His love for skating is always present no matter the event, and while some fly by passion rather than technique, Snake would never back down from a challenge or boast about himself too much.

10. Nanako Hasegawa

Nanako Hasegawa

Nanako Hasegawa is the embodiment of ‘caution to the wind.’ An all-around sports enthusiast, Nanako is a supportive and enthusiastic friend and teammate. Skateboarding has been her passion since a young age.

As part of SK8 The Infinity, she continues this love of skateboarding in her own unique (and sometimes outrageous) way. Her style and personality distinguish her from other skaters, as she’s willing to take risks and develop new techniques.

Nanako is an inspiring sight to behold as she gracefully skates down the ramps or jumps off buildings with seemingly effortless perfection. On top of it all, her charming attire fills each scene with vibrancy and color. She’s fun-loving and always adept at pushing boundaries — both on the skating rink and in life.

9. Koyomi Kyan

Koyomi Kyan

Koyomi Kyan is a beloved character from the popular anime SK8 The Infinity. She’s the daughter of Mitsurou Kyan, one of Japan’s most skilled professional skateboarders, and she excels at skating just like her dad. Instantly recognizable due to her unique punk-styled look and bright blue eyes, Koyomi has earned herself hordes of fans who follow along with her wild escapades.

While Koyomi is undoubtedly brave – as demonstrated during races against Atom – she isn’t without her anxieties and fears. Her struggles with confidence make for an inspiring, relatable hero that viewers can empathize with on a deeper level.

Despite all this, however, Koyomi never lets go of her passion for Skateboarding. With strong determination and plenty of practice, she continues to propel herself forward on the board until victory is in sight.

8. AdamAdam Ainosuke Shindo

AdamAdam Ainosuke Shindo

Adam Adam Ainosuke Shindo is one of the main characters featured in the popular anime series SK8 The Infinity. He’s a transfer student from Japan who comes to a skate park in Australia seeking adventure and excitement.

As an ambitious and driven individual, AdamAinosuke takes no time to show off his extraordinary skateboarding talents – impressing both skaters and spectators alike with his incredible agility and skill.

His smooth style quickly moves him up to become one of the top skaters on the circuit. However, his powerful moves are only part of his appeal; AdamAinosuke also has a magnetic personality that draws others to him, quickly making him famous in the skate community.

Furthermore, as a natural leader, he often ends up taking control of any situation by encouraging other skaters to do their best. AdamAdamAinosukeShindo will certainly prove himself to be a valuable asset for any skating tournament.

7. Kaoru Sakurayashiki/Cherry Blossom

Kaoru Sakurayashiki Cherry Blossom

Kaoru Sakurayashiki, better known by his alias Cherry Blossom in the hit competitive skating anime SK8 The Infinity, is an iconic character that many fans have come to love. With his graceful and stylish skating style, Kaoru has earned a place of admiration among even the toughest of competitors.

His prowess on the rink has made him a feared opponent in any game of Skateboarding. He’s always looking for new tricks he can learn and is never afraid to push himself to higher levels than before.

Not only is Kaoru an incredibly talented skateboarder, but he also has a sharp intellect and a kind heart, making him both intimidating and endearing all at once. In addition to being a master on the rink, Kaoru takes great pride in helping foster growth within others who seek to become masters of skateboarding as well.

6. Langa Hasegawa

Langa Hasegawa

Langa Hasegawa, a main character from the upcoming anime series SK8 The Infinity, has taken social media by storm. This talented skater hails from Shibuya and is an up-and-coming star of street skating with smooth moves and daring stunts.

His unique attitude and strong will have gained him legions of fans around the world. From his famous “Langurz” paw sign to his signature style—both on and off the board—Langa is sure to capture audiences everywhere.

Plus, with his desire to take on any challenge brought forth in SK8 The Infinity, Langa’s passion for skating is inspiring fans, old and new alike. It’s clear that this top character from SK8 The Infinity will be one we don’t want to miss.

5. Masae Kyan

Masae Kyan

Masae Kyan is an unforgettable and exciting character in the popular skating game SK8 The Infinity. She has garnered a huge fanbase due to her unique experience as one of the few professional female skaters in the game. Her flashy, multicolored hairstyle sets her apart from the other characters and showcases her bright personality.

Even though she is not fond of danger and prefers landing tricks with ease, Masae’s daredevil side shows up when attempting challenging stunts. She also serves as an excellent teacher to rookie skaters, demonstrating advanced tactics that can be adapted by players who are short on turning points.

As a leader of Lady Tricksters, a group of girl tricksters attempting to pull off air tailspins, Masae is responsible for encouraging younger skaters as well as providing support to those who need it most.

4. Shadow/ Hiromi Higa

Shadow Hiromi Higa

Shadow/ Hiromi Higa, the main protagonist of SK8 The Infinity, is a natural-born skateboarder whose passion for the sport transpired at an early age. Despite his young age, Shadow exudes maturity and confidence while effortlessly performing difficult skating tricks with style.

He stands out among other skaters with his impressive skills and eye-catching skating attire, which consists of skinny red jeans and a bright yellow hoodie. Not only is Shadow talented when it comes to skating on the street and in skate parks, but he also has an admirable amount of respect for every skater, regardless of ability or experience.

His ambition allows him to take advantage of both his technical as well as creative abilities – enabling him to navigate through any terrain or obstacle. In addition to setting the bar high for other aspiring skaters, Shadow also seeks to challenge himself by testing new obstacles in order to best express his unique skillset during battles.

3. Joe / Kojiro Nanjo

Joe Kojiro Nanjo

Joe / Kojiro Nanjo is an ice skating prodigy and the protagonist of the show SK8 The Infinity. Despite being only a first-year high school student, this South Korean native has already attained fame at his level due to practicing obsessively with his childhood friend Reki.

Joe’s sharp mind, as well as incredible technical skill on the ice, set him apart from other skaters trying to earn a spot in the competition. His tenacity is something that resonates with viewers and fellow competitors alike who can’t help but root for him.

Joe’s daring style while Skateboarding often leads to some pretty unbelievable stunts, leaving audiences in awe of his talent and skill. His ability to stay focused and put aside any thought of doubt comes from the inner strength that drives him to be the best he can be.

2. Miya Chinen

Miya Chinen

Miya Chinen is one of the fan-favorite characters in the hit anime series SK8 The Infinity. Miya is a talented teenager who originally enrolled in Sowingo Academy to become a professional skater. She is capable of thrilling performances on the rink and even has her own unique trick called “Miya Twist”.

Although her skating skills are beyond impressive, it’s Miya’s kind and cheerful personality that captures the hearts of viewers.

Always encouraging and looking out for her friends, she supports them to reach their full potential and strives to protect their friendship. Her commitment to making lasting relationships makes her an unforgettable character whom fans can easily relate to on a personal level.

1. Reki Kyan

Reki Kyan

Reki Kyan is the main protagonist of SK8 The Infinity, an anime rollerblading series. His sharp attitude and his passion for skating make him a standout character in the show. Reki’s diligence and ambition to learn new tricks help him master any skill set he puts his mind to with ease.

He uses this skill to teach others the basics of rollerblading along the way, making him an excellent teacher. Off the ramp, Reki is wise beyond his years and understands the importance of hard work and friendship.

His strong sense of justice drives him to never back down from a challenge, even when facing dangerous opponents. His enthusiasm for rollerblading also motivates those around him not to give up on their dreams, no matter how hard it may seem.


When it comes to the best SK8 The Infinity characters, there is no time like the present to explore a world full of young people ready to unleash their passion and creativity through Skateboarding.

SK8 The Infinity has an unforgettable character cast filled with unique personalities. No matter your preference in style or substance, you’re sure to have an opinion on who is the best of them all.

So think carefully and cast your vote for the SK8 The Infinity character you feel deserves the crown. With great vibes and amazing potential, this series will remain one of anime’s most memorable experiences for years to come.


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