You are currently viewing Shimoneta Season 2: Release Date & Upcoming Spoilers

Shimoneta Season 2: Release Date & Upcoming Spoilers

If you’ve been looking for the Shimoneta Season 2 release date, you’ve come to the right place. The latest announcement from AwareEarth has revealed the date for the second season of the popular anime series.

The show premiered in 2015 and is still running. While the production team hasn’t been active on any new projects in a while, it is likely that the second season of Shimoneta will continue the storyline.

Shimoneta was critically acclaimed when it first premiered in 2015. The show’s edgy content was a hit with critics and viewers alike. As a result, fans demanded a five-year renewal.

However, since it was produced by J.C. Staff, it has yet to be renewed. Regardless, the show is likely to return at some point in the future.

The first season of Shimoneta was a huge hit, and many people are now wondering if the second season will be as popular. The anime takes place in the year 2030, and is based on the manga series of the same name.

The Japanese government is largely conservative and is focusing on punishing those who violate human rights. Crime is on the rise, and the government is on a mission to find those responsible.

The first season of “Shimoneta” featured twelve episodes. The anime was adapted from the first two volumes of a light novel, which has since been released in two volumes.

This would give producers plenty of material to work with to make the second season. Therefore, many fans are still waiting for the Shimoneta Season 2 release date.

So, stay tuned! This anime will be back on TV in no time!


Shimoneta Season 2’s Date of Release When will it air?

Shimoneta Season 2's Date of Release When will it air

Shimoneta season 1 premiered on the 4th of July, 2015 . It ended the show on September  the 19th of September In 2015.

There aren’t any public announcements, but there are reports about the possibility of a sequel in the works.

We’re unable to confirm these claims but, based on the positive response to the premiere we can expect the second season to premiere shortly.

The story is more complex than was revealed in the first season, and there’s no reason to believe that the show should continue to be canceled.

We’re guessing the Shimoneta season 2 release date could be 2021. We’ll update this post when we know more.

Shimoneta Plot:

In a futuristic Japan, the government placed some restrictions on public opinions and communication.

What started as an effort to stop the spread of illegal materials across Japan, and later as a means to prevent the violence, is now putting all Japanese citizens under the strict oversight of the Japanese government.

The authorities are now monitoring every action taken by residents who are citizens of this state. And if they are found to do something to offend another person, they will be detained immediately and brought before a judge.

Anything considered to be morally deviant can result in such actions being executed by the authorities, regardless of the fact that it’s just a small thing like an innocent joke, or a distribution of explicit material that is deemed to be illegal. 

In addition, all citizens of the nation are required to wear a “Pacemaker” device, which tracks their activities.

They are intended to alert security personnel to come immediately to the location of concern in the event that there are any suspicious activities.

These are advanced devices that detect and record human speech, which lets it recognize every phrase spoken by the person.

It can also monitor hand gestures and interactions between people to ensure they’re not involved in any illegal activities.

This is a violation of fundamental human rights and freedom of choice as well as rights to privacy which are notions which are dying in our current world.

There are several efforts to challenge authority, with some being vital to the overall plan and others being completely unproductive at the very minimum.

There is still some hope, as stories of individuals trying to break free from the government’s very foundations appear each day.

Certain of them are gone quickly, while others are known for their capacity to return and enrage the government.

There is a feeling that all is lost and the people must live in the entire chaos for the next couple of years. This is the moment Tanukichi Okuma enters the scene.

A vibrant and lively character that is the protagonist in the story. Okuma quickly becomes a household name after enrolling in a “public” morals’ school as a normal high school student, in order to connect with his former partner, Anna.

However, these policies are a real threat to his plans and that’s why he begins to consider ways to derail it in order to satisfy his needs.

Things rapidly turn negative as he becomes more and more acquainted With Blue Snow, a gorgeous woman who’s in love with him . She also assists him in overcoming the law.

The situation is getting heated that is leading to hilarious and risky situations where characters try to persuade the government into taking part in more sexually explicit actions.

It’s a lot of fun watching them fight one another while beating the government. We’re sure that a 12-episode show isn’t enough to fully appreciate the show.

“Shimoneta” literally means ‘vulgar’ language’, which is also referred to as a dirty joke. It’s easy to understand why the writer chose this specific name.

This is an example of wanting something that you cannot own. On a typical day people will never miss the possibility of blaming or participating in illicit actions.

But, if the choices are limited in any way this increases the demand to have the same. A dirty joke is more likely to have significance and importance when it’s considered to be an act of ridicule by the public and especially when it’s illegal.

It is apparent that we can break laws has always fascinated humans and, as a result, an extremely boring task like telling a joke could be fascinating when the power is taken away from us.

This seems to be an example of moral constraints that cartoons seem to incorporate into each scene, and we think that this is something that should be discussed.

Shimoneta English Dub:

In Australia and New Zealand, Madman Entertainment licensed Shimoneta, which broadcast the show on AnimeLab simultaneously.

This show’s English version and its subversion are also available to stream via Funimation, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab.

Shimoneta Main Characters

Ayame Kajou

Ayame Kajou

Ayame Kajou is an outspoken rebel, and is born to an angry Diet officer who failed in her battle against the law of public morality , and was eventually dismissed.

In the process she’s also adept at moral conduct, and is anticipating the day when the laws that ban homosexuality are rescinded from the hands of government officials.

She constantly promotes her ideas through promoting outside of school activities against the law in the title “Blue Snow”

You can hide your identity by wearing clothing that hides her face, as well as engaging in diverse activities that target the government.

Furthermore, she is also Vice-President for the Student Council in school, however, the rest of the students aren’t aware of her dual status.

After the meeting with Tanukichi, Ayame decides to start the group SOX along with Tanukichi to push their cause to the government.

It seems that she forms an affectionate connection with Tanukichi as she is often seen blushing when she’s with Tanukichi.

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Her father, who was known as a rebel who had told her to shut off all devices that were used for PM for three minutes each day.

It allowed her to participate in any sexual activity she desires. This was extremely beneficial for her, as she can be seen distributing pornographic material and shouting profane jokes, while enjoying the many advantages of it.

Otome Saotome

Otome Saotome

Otome is a fascinating character, not to forget. Otome is an artist, whose work is displayed all over the school, yet she is disinterested and not enthused by the attention.

It’s reasonable to think that being among the most popular girls in school could have some significance. However it’s not the case for Otome.

She’s not only unaffected by how much attention given to her, but also appears to be bored.

Then, one day she observes Tanukichi changing the SOX Blue Snow uniform and can then make him her pet.

Then, she becomes bored when she is a part of SOX to learn the art of drawing naked art.

With the help of the PM device, which continuously tracks her hand movements and also the movements she’s been taught to draw using her mouth in order to make the machine believe that she is.

Tanukichi Okuma

Tanukichi Okuma

His father is the notorious terror suspect Zenjuro who was detained after dispersing condoms in outside the Diet Building in a show to protest against the govt.

Tanukichi Okuma is the most renowned master of lewd and sexual behavior.

He was a kid who became fascinated by sexuality when he was a small child due to his father.

A father who gave condoms to protesters at the entryway into one of Japan’s most important public structures is a good reason to have at least a little prestige and we’re certainly in no way judging the morally deficient situations when he graduated from his second grade.

Anna is his most beloved and best friend, and she’s a perfect moral person. Tanukichi must conceal his sinister deeds from her to earn her trust.

However, as when he gets to school, he is in the company of Ayame as the scenario becomes more complicated.

He’s always torn in between Ayame or Anna and faces the issue of deciding whether or not to donate to Ayame, Anna or not. He is always torn between Ayame and Anna but isn’t able to choose.

Anna Nishikinomiya

Anna Nishikinomiya

Anna has been Tanukichi’s love interest since childhood. She also serves as the Student Council’s president.

As a well-behaved, law-abiding citizen she has taken the decision to dedicate her life to disproving the legitimacy that is Blue Snow  prior to the image of the institution being lost.

In order to make this happen she has entrusted Tanukichi with the task of determining the name for Blue Snow.

However, she isn’t aware of the possibility it is Tanukichi himself who is in close contact with Blue Snow in conjunction and Blue Snow to fight the laws that ban homosexuality.

They’ve even started a group known as SOX which serves as a cover of all the suspect behavior that could be a possibility.

Anna is then to be in love with Tanukichi when Tanukichi has a mishap and kisses Anna however, she is unable to communicate her emotions clearly because she isn’t aware of her sexual desires of Tanukichi.

Then she entices Tanukichi to have sexual relationships with her due to her inability to be in control of her sexual urges and manage them, while also making threats to anyone who is near Tanukichi.

In an attempt to convince him, she increases her comfort level in hopes of winning him over through moral conduct and virtue but it is a backfire.

She might be highly skilled and enthusiastic about where she is seeking to be, but she isn’t using her skills effectively, mainly because she doesn’t use her ability to laugh when faced with a challenging situation.


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