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Top 21 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters: Time To Do Some Research After Reading

If you love watching Naruto anime, then this article is for you! Get ready to explore some of the sexiest female characters from the show.

These characters have been ranked based on their attractiveness, sex appeal and hotness quotient. From Fuka to Temari, these sexy women have left no stone unturned in setting temperatures soaring through their hot and bold presence.

Are you a fan of Naruto? Then read this article to find out who ruled as the hottest female character from the series. So get ready to experience some ‘eye candy:


21. Hana


Meet Hana, the sexiest female character from Naruto. She is a highly skilled medic-nin and master of poison in the series. Born in Sunagakure, Hana’s life focused on excelling in medical studies and helping out at her family’s clinic.

Although she was able to rise to the rank of jounin, or ninja elite, her passion for medicine convinced her to remain as a medic instead of becoming an active fighting ninja.

Her skills certainly deserve that title of “sexiest” – not only is Hana gorgeous and confident with her hip-length red hair and signature purple samurai kimono, but she also wears a short skirt despite being a medic.

Her adeptness in healing allies is accompanied by the lethal control over powerful poisons found beneath her ninja glove. Not even Orochimaru could figure out what made them so deadly.

20. Fuka


She is a princess from the Land of Beasts and is also the former head of the Fuuma Village. Her physical attributes are as alluring as her empowered yet gentle personality.

Fuka has long ebony hair with ivory-coloured eyes and a daring attitude to match. When it comes to clothing and fashion sense, she sports a sky blue yukata typically adorned with delicate red flowers and makes use of her beauty with her signature winking technique.

Even when facing difficult opponents during battle, she doesn’t shy away, always finding an opening to launch powerful attacks such as Chakra Enhanced Strike and Energy Transfer.

Despite her power and ferocity in combat, fans always remember how graceful she is outside of it as well. Sexy while strong-willed, Fuka may very well be our favourite female ninja-in-training!

19. Pakura


Pakura has held a special place in the hearts of Naruto fans for many years. As one of the sexiest female characters in the show, she is a strong, independent, and caring person.

She is a fierce shinobi from Sunagakure and a member of her village’s samurai corps during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Pakura stands out from other characters due to her bright lavender hair, playful attitude, and tendency to wear skimpy outfits that highlight her attractive curves.

She is also renowned for her excellent ninjutsu techniques and her Kazegan no Jutsu skill which enables her to create blinding sand storms. Fans have come to admire Pakura not only because of her stunning appearance but also due to her power and personality.

Despite facing multiple adversaries like Kimimaro, Deidara and even members of Akatsuki with his strength and bravery throughout the series, she still looks cool and reliable while protecting others she loves.

Seeing how powerful yet gentle she is has caught the attention and love of Naruto fans around the world, making her one of the sexiest female characters in animated history.

18. Yugao


 Yugao Uzuki is considered among Naruto fans one of the sexiest female characters of all time. With her bright honey-coloured eyes, graceful build and bold attitude, she has charmed many.

Yugao’s strong loyalty to Konoha Village knows no bounds, and she is always willing to help protect those who are in danger.

She doesn’t give up easily, even when faced with powerful opponents such as the Akatsuki organization members or Haku. Yugao also held high positions within the village and was admired by teammates like Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuhi.

Her stealthiness and agility are unparalleled in her team, making her an efficient weapon against enemy forces. Although she can be serious at times, she always maintains an air of dignity about her that is both mysterious and alluring.

17. Guren


Guren is one of the hottest female characters in the Naruto series! Her sheer sex appeal is an appealing part of her character, matched by her incredible strength and abilities. She’s known as a masterful swordsman with deadly fighting prowess.

Her signature attack, Four Crimson Fists, allows her to take out multiple opponents with one skilled move! Guren also has exceptional willpower which allows her to fight against great odds and come out on top.

Aside from her physical strength and beauty, she is also an expert strategist and thinker. Her brain, coupled with her brawn, makes Guren both stunningly beautiful and incredibly dangerous in battle.

16. Ameno


Ameno, from the popular anime series Naruto, is one of the sexiest female characters. She has a rebellious attitude and impressive ninja skills that make her stand out from the other Shinobi in the Konoha village. Her signature blue hair, tanned skin and fiery gaze distinguish Ameno even further.

As well as being beautiful, Ameno can kick butt – she demonstrates on numerous occasions an impressive array of powerful jutsus that puts fear into her enemies until they are forced to retreat! Her strength of heart against all odds makes Ameno even more attractive and compelling.

Despite trials and obstacles encountered along her journey in Naruto, Ameno perseveres to eventually become one of Konoha’s most skilled ninjas.

Simply put, Ameno is gorgeous inside and out – from her undeniable beauty to her kind-hearted spirit and fierce fighting prowess.

15. Samui


Samui from the Naruto series is an incredibly remarkable female character. A master of both hand-to-hand combat and kenjutsu, Samui also employs a variety of hand seals and focuses on precise wind manipulation.

Her loyalty to both her team and Konohagakure is undying, and she stands up for her convictions no matter the cost.

In addition to being a powerful shinobi, Samui’s beauty is stunning in its simplicity: her pale skin, full lips, and dark eyes all come together to create a devastatingly attractive whole. Behind this fearsome facade lies a gentle soul who values friendship above all else.

14. Mabui


Mabui is one of the most talked about characters in Naruto. She is known for her beauty, intelligence and bravery. As an ANBU member, she was dedicated to protecting the village from any threats and faced many dangerous enemies without fear.

Not only was Mabui beautiful physically, but she also had a gorgeous and powerful spirit that captivated everyone around her. With her thick blonde hair tied back in a ponytail and golden eyes that were full of life and passion, Mabui was quite the sight to behold, and there’s no denying that fans found her attractive.

The epitome of strength and femininity, Mabui’s reliable presence had helped out many ninjas more times than we could count.

13. Mei


Mei Terumi is noted for her beautiful long-black hair, vibrant blue eyes and her fearless attitude. Mei can be seen demonstrating a strong sense of leadership combined with poise and elegance.

Her love for adventure leads her to wield the Lightning Technique; this strength comes from her unwavering determination to protect all she holds dear.

She is a powerful kunoichi and captain of the Second Division of Kumogakure’s Allied Shinobi Forces during the Fourth Shoin War – showing not only physical strength but also mental prowess.

In addition to being a formidable opponent in battle, Mei’s personality gives her an edge over other female characters as she is best known for her compassion and wisdom, which has captivated audiences since making an appearance in Naruto Shippuden.

As an inspirational figure, she has inspired generations with her courage, respect and resilience while keeping true to herself – a trait greatly admired by all.

12. Shizuka


It’s no surprise that Shizuka is rated one of the sexiest female characters in Naruto. With her curvaceous figure, piercing eyes and long silver hair, it’s enough to make any fan blush. But Shizuka is more than just a pretty face.

She has shown strong-willed leadership qualities, intelligence and emotional strength when faced with difficult battle situations in the show. Knowing she only had herself to rely on made her stronger, more determined and fearless in dealing with enemies.

Furthermore, her risky gambit of trusting Sasuke despite his overwhelming darkness made her even more endearing and worthy as a character to many fans. As such, Shizuka easily stands out among all other female ninjas for her powerful persona in the Naruto series.

11. Karin


Karin is one of the sexiest female characters in the famous series Naruto. She originally began as a minor antagonist in the Kurosuki Family Arc, but she eventually ended up joining Team Taka after her goals proved to be misguided. Her beauty and sultry attitude quickly made her a fan favourite all over the world.

As the only medical-nin on Team Taka, Karin is an important character to their success and thus features prominently in many of their missions and battles.

In addition to her medical skills, which are among the best in the world, she has also displayed a more emotional side on more than one occasion.

This shows that she is much more than just a beautiful face, making her even more attractive to fans around the world as a result.

10. Shizune


Shizune is one of the most attractive and hottest female characters featured in Naruto, a popular manga series. She is brave and fierce, with a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to her superiors.

Despite having long, wavy brown hair with deep dark eyes, she is also an intelligent ninja capable of impressive medical techniques. Shizune often serves as Tsunade’s assistant, to whom she is fiercely loyal, doing whatever it takes to carry out her wishes.

As with most ninjas from Naruto, she created her own unique outfit that reflects her cool personality, in this case, an all-black bodysuit paired with arm braces and thigh-high boots, all designed to make her look cool and mysterious.

Besides this intriguing physical character description, Shizune has been praised by fans for her strong internal attributes – resilience against opponents through advanced strategies and tenacity in battles. Her ninjutsu abilities also make her stand out in the shinobi world.

9. Anko


Anko Mitarashi is one of the sexiest female characters in the Naruto universe. Women from all over the world adore her for being quite a tough and cool ninja.

Anko is fiercely independent and confident in her own capabilities, often taking matters into her own hands when others won’t do it for her.

Her tenacity and fighting spirit inspire many women around the world to also be strong, proactive and take charge of their lives.

Anko was cursed as a child, yet despite this, she still strived to remain strong even after years of physical and mental torture.

She succeeded in becoming an experienced ninja, with countless fans everywhere rooting for her success; she is truly an inspiration to many women everywhere!

Anko captivates both men and women by displaying robustness and strength while still staying sexy at the same time, a perfect combination if you ask us.

8. Kurenai


Kurenai is undeniably one of the sexiest characters in Naruto. Not only is she beautiful, but her immense strength and sharp wit make her simply mesmerizing.

She’s a jōnin-level kunoichi of Konohagakure’s Yamanaka clan, serving as the bodyguard of both Naruto Uzumaki and Rin Nohara at different points in time.

Kurenai opened her heart to Asuma, who she eventually married and had a daughter with, Mirai Sarutobi. Asuma’s death was like a blow to Kurenai, but his memory never faded from her life and still comforts her when she needs him most.

Her incredible beauty hides an immense inner strength which has seen her through tough times throughout the Naruto series, proving that Kurenai will do anything for the people she cherishes.

7. Kushina


The beautiful and talented Kushina Uzumaki is one of the sexiest characters in the Naruto series. She is a strong shinobi with a fiery temper, long and vibrant red hair, and an impressive chakra reserve.

She was born as part of the intensely powerful Uzumaki clan and learned to master nature transformation at an early age.

Her attractiveness comes from her passionate spirit and the warmth she shows when making friends with just about anyone she meets. Kushina’s personality allows her to fight off any evil attacker without sacrificing anyone else in the process.

For example, during the Nine-Tails attack on Konoha, she uses herself as bait to lure Kyuubi away from civilians. Her strength isn’t limited to just her ninjutsu; she also has some impressive cooking skills that can turn any noodle fan into a loyal fan of ramen.

In addition to her appeal in combat, her witty humour provides much-needed comic relief throughout intense battle scenes.

6. Temari


Temari of Suna, from the popular anime series Naruto, is considered to be one of the sexiest female characters in the show.

She’s a strong-willed woman with an unwavering sense of justice and pride, which are admirable qualities. She hails from the mighty Sand Village and is the older sister of Kankuro, Gaara and the youngest Subakuism.

With her hammer as a weapon of choice and Wind Style jutsu, which specializes in manipulating wind to use for defensive and offensive attacks, she can face any situation without fear and emerge victorious. As if that wasn’t enough, her alluring beauty and confidence help distinguish her from all other female characters.

Her exotic looks, coupled with her fierce determination, make her stand apart from the crowd and make Temari the embodiment of sex appeal in this much-loved anime franchise.

5. Konan


Konan is one of the sexiest female characters in Naruto, with her long blue hair, accurately applied make-up, and intricate paper art. She is a loyal shinobi to the original Akatsuki clans and is esteemed for her talent in ninjutsu or using paper as a weapon.

Konan was born in Amegakure and is a descendant of Uzushiogakure’s founder — which made her yet more influential. Konan was also known as Yahiko’s foster mother, and she eventually became an advisor of sorts to him before his untimely demise.

What makes Konan even sexier is that despite her physical attributes, she can hold her own against strong opponents with her intelligence and combat skills. She uses paper as a tool to fight battles, which gives her an edge over other female ninja warriors in past times.

4. Sakura


Sakura Haruno, from the anime Naruto, is one of the sexiest female characters in all of animation. Her beautiful violet eyes and striking pink hair make her unforgettable. She is a powerful kunoichi, able to crush the competition with her well-honed techniques and ninja prowess.

Fans love Sakura for her stunning beauty and undeniable skill. She has an impressive arsenal of jutsu that she can use to take down any opponent.

As a medic-nin, she has displayed incredible wisdom despite her youth. She never gives up in battle, no matter how dire things may seem – fiercely determined until the very end.

3. Ino


Ino Yamanaka is a sexy and powerful female character from the popular anime series Naruto. This carefree ninja has had a long journey culminating in her membership as an adult as part of the current generation ANBU Black Ops lineup. Ino’s beauty lies in her sun-kissed complexion, raven black hair, and delicate facial features.

Her short temper and quick thinking are added advantages, often making her one of the most likeable characters in the show. Softer sides of Ino come forward when she shows concern and love for her friends along with strong pro-konoha values.

She has been trained by her father, who owns a flower shop giving her deep nuances in controlling chakra and benefiting with some more sophisticated techniques such as the mind transfer jutsu. Added to this, she has strong physical abilities along with an aptitude towards hand-to-hand combat.

2. Hinata


With her long, graceful hair and her big stunning eyes, she always looks graceful. What makes this character even more attractive is her passionate attitude and kind demeanor. Hinata loves without judgment, and whenever a difficulty arises, she never hesitates to stand up for what she believes in.

To make things even better, Hinata is also incredibly skilled in combat. Despite her gentle nature, she demonstrates strong determination and willpower in the battle to protect those around her.

1. Tsunade


Tsunade is a powerful Hokage who serves her village with grace and strength. Her signature blond hair and hazel eyes make her stand out among other characters, and her reputation as a bold ninja leader instills fear in many foes.

As the granddaughter of the First Hokage, Tsunade is renowned for possessing incredible superhuman powers and medical Ninjutsu that can bring life to those beyond all hope.

Furthermore, she has an intimidating presence—known as “The Slug Princess” due to her uncanny ability to summon giant slugs at will—that strikes fear into even some of the strongest ninjas around.

When it comes to physical beauty and power, Tsunade is unparalleled, making her easily one of the sexiest female characters in Naruto and across Japanese culture.


Naruto has featured many strong, beautiful and intriguing female characters throughout the series. Since its launch in 2002, these characters have been beloved by fans across the world for their individual strengths and personas.

The 21 sexiest female characters showcased here embody the strength, intelligence and beauty of all women. Whether you prefer intelligence or strength, physical beauty or inner beauty, there is something here for everyone.

It’s no wonder that Naruto continues to be one of the most popular anime series today. Well-written characters with charm and depth are at the heart of its success. Naruto truly understands how to captivate its audiences. So grab a bowl of ramen and give these sexy ninja ladies your attention – because they truly deserve it.


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