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19 Sad Manga Ranked in 2023: Tears Won’t Stop Falling

Are you in the mood for a good cry? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to quench your emotionless thirst? Then this is the perfect article for you. The world of manga is filled with beautiful stories and heartbreaking tragedies waiting to unleash their tear-inducing contents.

19 Sad Manga that will move you to tears dives deep into the wide selection of sad manga available, recounting stories from tragedy to heartbreak and even some hope in between.

You’ll learn what has made these mangas so powerful, which will give you a chance to have an insight into the most depressing works of art ever created in this genre.

This list has something for everyone who loves both crying and reading. So grab a box of tissues, put on some music and get ready to be moved by these tales.


19. Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)

Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)

Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) is a must-read for any manga enthusiast. It follows the story of Ishida Shouya, a bully in elementary school who relentlessly torments a deaf girl named Shouko Nishimiya.

After Shouko transfers to another school and leaves Ishida with no one to bully, he begins to reflect on his actions and feels guilt and remorse.

Years later, he frantically attempts to make amends and find redemption. This gripping tale captures the profound emotions of heartache, regret, and rebirth with its beautiful illustrations and storyline. Fans of the series have praised its focus on hope, redemption, and personal growth, even in the midst of extreme adversity.

It is an incredibly moving story that provides powerful insight into how bullying can take a toll on both bully and victim alike.

Moreover, it offers valuable lessons about taking responsibility for one’s mistakes as well as what it takes to move forward in life with grace.

18. Our Happy Time (Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan)

Our Happy Time (Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan)

“Our Happy Time (Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan)” is an incredibly touching and heart-rending manga that tells the story of high schooler Yakumo, a shy young girl whose world is turned upside down by tragedy.

Encountering a mysterious old lady with supernatural powers, Yakumo learns about life, love, and loss as she endeavors to cope with the emotional toll of great misfortune in her life.

With its delicate artwork and emotive narrative, Our Happy Time captivates audiences everywhere with its bittersweet tale of healing.

Themes of grief and resilience take front and centre in this powerful, sad manga; readers will find themselves stirred to tears over Yakumo’s journey while feeling inspired to carry on despite their own hardships.

Our Happy Time is an absolute must-read for any fan of this genre – it’ll leave you feeling comforted even through your darkest times.

17. Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit

Ikigami_ The Ultimate Limit

Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit is a powerful and heart-wrenching manga series by Motoro Mase that tells the story of a Japanese society where by law, randomly selected citizens must receive an officially sanctioned Death Notification 24 hours before they are to be killed.

This concept brings up many questions about mortality, death and fate as it explores life’s fragility, government policies, kindness, humanity and how our actions affect others. Despite its grim premise, the main character Fujimoto begins to defy the ‘rule of man’ and forms his own opinions on life.

Through this action, he not only comes to terms with his own emotions surrounding death but also discovers hope for those who would otherwise be given up as lost hope.

Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit is sure to move readers with its thought-provoking themes juxtaposed against masterful artwork.

16. Solanin


Sad Manga “Solanin” is a tear-jerking story that follows a young couple struggling with the harsh reality of growing up. It takes an intimate and introspective look at love, life, and growing apart.

The story is packed full of relatable characters who will draw readers in and keep their attention until its moving conclusions.

In this heartwarming and beautifully drawn manga series, Meiko Tanabe’s stunning artwork adds an extra layer to an already powerful story about young adulthood and the pursuit of happiness.

Solanin is sure to make readers smile in some scenes and cry in others, with its emotionally resonant storyline that many can relate to.

15. Bitter Virgin

Bitter Virgin

Bitter Virgin is a widely acclaimed manga series centered around the characters of community college student Daisuke Suzuki and mother-of-one Hinako Aikawa.

Published in 2006, Bitter Virgin earned itself a loyal cult following, with its intense plot and emotional drama captivating readers everywhere.

The compelling story dives into themes such as unexpected pregnancy, single motherhood, virginity and social stigma. Daisuke falls in love with Hinako’s innocence and strength as she struggles to overcome her traumatic past while he must battle his own internal demons in order to be the kind of man that can provide the moral support she needs.

Thus, Bitter Virgin stands out as an impactful journey of understanding with deep character development that slowly draws readers further into the unfolding saga of anguish and despair, ultimately culminating in a happy ending.

14. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

This beautiful and captivating shōjo manga follows Arima Kōsei, a piano prodigy who has closed himself off from other people after the passing of his mother.

After meeting Miyazono Kaori, an eccentric violinist that helps him open up to others, Kōsei rediscovers his passion for the piano while learning more about himself and those around them.

The artwork and story are both masterfully crafted to create an emotional rollercoaster ride full of juxtaposed melancholia and joy, as well as developing characters.

Filled with dramatic twists and shocking revelations, even genre fanatics will have trouble predicting where the manga will go—even long-term readers.

Best of all, the themes behind its story carry messages truly worth contemplating without being overtly obvious or making decisions on behalf of its main characters; this leaves interpretation up to its audience members.

Readers will find themselves emotionally invested through relationships built between real people struggling with complex issues within our world today—issues that can’t be just solved in one chapter.

13. Koizora: Setsunai Koimonogatari

Koizora_ Setsunai Koimonogatari

Koizora: Setsunai Koimonogatari is a popular manga series that tells the story of Mika, a thoughtful teenage girl trying to make sense of life’s difficulties and insecurities.

It is an emotional rollercoaster that delves into issues like friendship, family dynamics, school pressures, navigating relationships, and more.

It has beautiful artwork that emphasizes the characters’ emotions and relationships with one another. Its ability to make readers smile and cry so effortlessly is what makes it stand out from other manga titles. Fans of romance stories will absolutely love the deep exploration of complex dynamics between Mika and her partner Hiro.

The unbeknownst hardships they face together force them to grow closer while struggling to find joy in life. Koizora will leave you feeling inspired by its powerful messages.

Its realistic approach to Sad Manga makes it all the more heartbreaking as you get wrapped up in Mika and Hiiro’s story.

12. Oyasumi Punpun

Oyasumi Punpun

Oyasumi Punpun is a Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Inio Asano. Following the struggles of a young boy named Punpun Onodera, this iconic manga series explores deep issues such as family, friendship, love and society itself.

Through its carefully crafted characters and heartfelt story arcs, Oyasumi Punpun has captivated manga fanatics around the world with its stirring talks about life’s chaos, joys and mysterious forces that influence all our destinies.

The artwork is highly detailed yet eerie at times. The backgrounds are softly rendered and often contribute to creating an enigmatic atmosphere for this dark psychological tale.

With its mature themes, complex character study, life-like illustrations and subtle wit, Oyasumi Punpun invites readers to take a closer look at their own humanity.

11. Spirit Circle

Spirit Circle

Spirit Circle, written and illustrated by Mizuki Kawashita, is a must-read for those in search of an emotional roller coaster. It tells the story of two young people – Fuuta and Kouko – who are brought together by fate and bound by tragedy. The intertwining stories of love and friendship, mystery, horror and death make this manga an exhilarating read.

Every chapter keeps you glued to the page as you feel a deep connection with the characters in their search for answers to life’s questions in a world full of suffering. There are also some surprising twists that will leave you reflecting on what it means to be human.

Spirit Circle has all of the elements required to captivate its readers, rendering it one of the best examples of sad manga out there. Emotional yet uplifting, this is definitely a manga that isn’t easy to put down.

10. Bokurano


Bokurano is an incredibly sad and thought-provoking manga that follows a group of fifteen children who have to take responsibility for the fate of the world, sacrificing their own lives in the process.

Written by Mohiro Kitoh and serialized in Monthly Comic Birz from 2003–2006, Bokurano won praise for its powerful themes and heart-breaking narrative.

It features an ensemble cast of characters navigating an intense moral dilemma by powering a giant mecha with their own life force. The overarching plot hinges on how these teenagers would rather sacrifice themselves than be sacrificed by an uncaring universe.

The manga explores many heavy themes, such as growing up, death, acceptance of responsibility, guilt, and free will. Fans of complex storylines, high-stakes science fiction stories, and beautiful artwork should give this piece a try for an amazing experience you won’t soon forget.

9. Onani Master Kurosawa

Onani Master Kurosawa

Onani Master Kurosawa” is a brilliant and heartbreaking piece of sad manga on loneliness, sexual repression and complex teenage emotions.

Written by Tomoko Fuyukawa and published in 2011, this manga focuses on Takashi, an introverted high school student who suffers from his parent’s constant fighting.

He turns to pornography as an outlet for some of his stressors. As Takashi spins further into self-isolation, he meets the mysterious Onani Master Kurosawa, who befriends him and gives him life lessons in order to find a quicker resolution to his angst.

Through Kurosawa’s wisdom, Takashi learns how to cope with his feelings while being able to maintain relationships with his peers.

This journey of discovery allows Takashi to bring himself out of the darkness he was previously lost in and into a new place of acceptance within himself.

Onani Master Kurosawa is thoughtfully written with beautiful illustrations that vividly depict the anguish and ultimate redemption of its protagonist.

It serves as an amazing reminder of the power we all have to break free from our inner pain through meaningful connections with ourselves and our community.

8. My Girl

My Girl

My Girl is a heart-wrenching manga series that follows the story of two young children, Hana and Yosuke, as they experience an incredible journey filled with sorrow and sadness. Through this harrowing tale, readers will bear witness to moments of love, laughter and loss in equal measure.

While there are many plot twists that make My Girl a captivating read, it is the underlying themes and powerful imagery that truly bring its narrative to life.

From Yosuke’s gradual realization that all things must come to an end to the relentless spirit of Hana, which remains unbroken despite her tragic circumstances – My Girl never fails to leave readers emotionally moved and inspired.

For those who are looking for an evocative manga story about family, resilience and learning how to let go, then it doesn’t get much better than My Girl.

With beautiful artwork, compelling characters, and a gripping plot, this acclaimed manga series is sure to be a hit with fans of Sad Manga everywhere.

7. Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai: A Lollypop or a Bullet

Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai_ A Lollypop or a Bullet

Sad Manga “Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai: A Lollypop or a Bullet” is an emotionally gripping and thought-provoking story that follows the journey of an ordinary student-turned-assassin, a young loner who is constantly chased by her own past.

The protagonist Karui Kizuna has been struggling to find meaning in her life when suddenly she encounters two men: Naoto Homura, an infamous hitman, and Hibari Tsubuti, a retired detective.

Karui finds comfort in their guidance and starts questioning her identity as she embarks on her mission to take revenge on the people who wronged her in the past.

As Karui grows into a formidable assassin through difficult training and experiences, she begins to realize the difficult choices between good and evil – whether she should open up to love or act out of vengeance with guns blazing – at each step of the way.

6. Full Moon o Sagashite

Full Moon o Sagashite

Full Moon o Sagashite” is a popular classic sad manga that follows the story of Mitsuki Koyama, an aspiring singer with a terminal illness.

As she strives to fulfill her wish to become a professional singer, Mitsuki meets strange guardians along the way and discovers the true power of love and friendship.

Despite facing difficult challenges, she never gives up on her dream and continually pushes forward in her life. The manga brings together many emotionally charged themes, such as courage, determination, overcoming hard times and hoping for a better tomorrow.

Its timeless storytelling, anime adaptation and thought-provoking lessons make it a must-read in the genre of sad manga.

5. Fujimi Lovers

Fujimi Lovers

Fujimi Lovers is an immensely popular manga series by well-known author Kyoko Aihara. Following the story of a young woman named Shizuka, this manga chronicles her life as she falls in and out of love with multiple partners.

With its realistically portrayed characters and dramatic plotlines, Fujimi Lovers has captivated countless readers from around the world.

Throughout its pages, readers experience a rollercoaster of emotions as Shizuka’s never-ending quest for happiness slowly leads to inevitable heartbreak.

With its mix of action, emotion, and meaningful discussions about life in general, Fujimi Lovers is sure to tug at anyone’s heartstrings – making it both an easy recommendation and a timeless classic among Japanese manga circles.

4. Half & Half

Half & Half

“Half & Half” is a heartbreaking yet touching manga series by Sugaru Miaki. The story centres on the relationship between two brothers, Toru and Yuichi, who were separated at a young age.

Toru discovers he gained an unexpected older brother due to his father’s re-marriage and begins to explore the depths of this newfound bond with Yuichi.

Despite their differences, the two brothers learn how to empathize with and support each other as they grow up together under one roof. The two face many hardships that lead to emotional moments that tug at your heartstrings.

The characters in “Half & Half” are beautifully drawn and help bring out the raw emotions inherent in each scene. Though it’s filled with sadness, it’s uplifting to see these characters find joy in life despite their struggles.

3. Ai-Ren


Ai-Ren is one of the few heartbreaking manga stories out there. It’s a beautiful tale of love, loss, and acceptance. Written by Kenjiro Alfred Hidaka, it follows the story of a spaceship pilot as she navigates life and love in deep space. The story addresses many themes, such as family bonds and friendship despite personal hardships.

The artwork gives off an eerie feeling to those who read it – although much of the plot is encapsulated in sorrowful moments, readers cannot help but be captivated by the vivid illustrations that accompany it.

Ai-Ren is truly a sad manga with the potential to leave readers emotionally devastated after finishing, yet every page serves as an insightful journey into the protagonist’s personal decisions.

2. Deep Love: Ayu no Monogatari

Deep Love_ Ayu no Monogatari

Deep Love: Ayu no Monogatari is a sad manga that tells the heartbreaking story of Ayu, a 16-year-old girl whose dreams of a better future are brutally crushed by an unexpected illness.

Deep Love follows Ayu as she faces difficult realities, struggles to accept her new reality, and ultimately learns to find joy in life.

The series emphasizes the importance of hope and friendship in overcoming suffering, inviting readers to experience the pain and hardships directly from the character’s perspective.

As we journey with the characters on their quests, we come to understand the true meaning of strength in times of adversity.

Deep Love: Ayu no Monogatari offers insight not only into Japanese culture but also into our own lives, allowing readers to appreciate each moment in life regardless of our personal burdens.

1. Futatsu no Spica (Twin Spica)

Futatsu no Spica (Twin Spica)

“Futatsu no Spica” or “Twin Spica” is a sad manga by Kou Yaginuma, set in Tokyo in the distant future. It follows protagonist Asumi Kamogawa on her journey to becoming an astronaut as she attends Space Academy with her classmates.

The story highlights how space exploration can be filled with excitement, obstacles, heartache and sadness. Asumi’s mission to overcome the challenges of becoming an astronaut connects readers with relevant themes about acceptance and courage.

This manga draws readers in without fail, promising a unique, profoundly moving experience of self-discovery that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

Spanning 18 volumes, Sad Manga “Futatsu no Spica (Twin Spica)” takes readers on an intergalactic journey based on real-life astronomy.

Along the way, we meet interesting characters who support and challenge Asumi while at the same time influencing her development as a person and an astronaut.


Sad manga can be heartbreaking and extremely moving, leaving us with tears in our eyes and heavy hearts. Whether it be through heartbreak, death, or difficult decisions, these nineteen stories have all touched upon the emotion and loss that can come with a well-told story.

While each of these manga evokes unique reactions in those who read them, they all evoke the same sense of sadness. For anyone who is searching for something to tug at their heartstrings or just wants to experience a different part of the manga world, these stories are sure to bring forth an emotional response.

A careful balance between sentimentality and tragedy makes these tales fascinating as it allows us to take a journey into worlds we never thought possible.

Allowing us to gain a new understanding of sadness in its varied forms and how it affects characters in different ways. Expand your knowledge about sadness by reading through this article and have tissues on standby.

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