You are currently viewing 26 Romantic Anime Kiss Scenes That Will Make Your Heart Doki Doki

26 Romantic Anime Kiss Scenes That Will Make Your Heart Doki Doki

Watching two people fall in love and express their feelings for one another through a romantic kiss is undeniably magical. Thankfully, there is plenty of anime series out there that provide these tender and heartfelt moments – and we’re here to provide you with the top 26.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the most memorable anime kiss scenes ever seen. From classic animes to the more recent darling of the genre, we make sure that our list covers it all.

So take a seat, let your hair down – and prepare for a smooch-fest. Our ultimate guide to romantic anime kiss scenes will certainly not be one to miss out on. Get ready to sink into some mushy feels with us as we dive right in.


26. The Aoba’s Luck Kiss From Durarara

The Aobas Luck Kiss From Durarara

Durarara’s beloved romantic anime kiss scene comes from the memorable moment between Aoba and Celty as they bid their farewells while overlooking Ikebukuro.

Fans of Durarara recall this kiss scene as a blossoming but bittersweet moment between two characters who ultimately could never be together due to their intertwined pasts.

Although brief, the sheer intensity of the moment speaks to the passion that these characters feel for each other, Aoba boldly stepping forward and bestowing upon Celty a warm hug and then a single yet deeply meaningful kiss.

This iconic manga is hailed for its masterfully crafted plotlines, standing out from all other anime with its unique story arcs and fleshed-out characters.

25. Rock as well as Revy Cigarette Love From Black Lagoon

Rock as well as Revy Cigarette Love From Black Lagoon

There’s nothing that sets the heart afire quite like watching the passionate love scene between Rock and Revy from the “Black Lagoon.” Between them, there is an undeniable adoration that blazes and smoulders with unspoken balances of power.

Such is best displayed in their iconic kiss scene as Rock expresses his complete affection for Revy in silence, with only a cigarette to punctuate the moment. Showing us just how brave Rock can be when it comes to his devotion, this anime love scene will surely set your heart ablaze.

The entire sequence establishes the tension and sweet moments of their relationship in a single picture-perfect moment and shows us why they are truly meant to be together, no matter what obstacles may stand in their way.

This romantic anime kiss serves as an ode to timeless love and taking the right kind of risks no matter who we are or our circumstances.

24. Guts & Casca From Berserk

Guts Casca From Berserk

The romantic anime kiss scene between Guts and Casca from Berserk is one of the most beloved moments in anime history. Not only is this scene incredibly passionate, but it also portrays some deep character development as it is the breaking point of Guts’ turn to care for Casca amidst all his darkness.

Seeing this unlikely couple finally take their relationship to the level signifies not just their bond but also that love can be found where expectations least expect it. The sheer intensity of their embrace will draw in both anime fans and those new to the medium alike.

Guts and Casca’s tale is full of secrets, tragedy and ultimately, a sweet, softly spoken goodbye, making it unique among other romance stories that adventure with many elements instead of just two. Casta’s boldness in declaring “I’m here” was surprising yet so beautiful that it made us realize how much Guts thinks about her in his journey.

This romantic moment completely transformed them into a different place and time, which speaks volumes when compared to modern romance scenes today.

23. Hajime-Chizuru From Hakuouki Hekketsuroku

Hajime Chizuru From Hakuouki Hekketsuroku

One of the most beloved romantic anime kisses is between Hajime-Chizuru from HakuoukiHekketsuroku. This moment marks the first real kiss between the two lovers after all their hardships and tragedy. The passionate embrace conveys both their intense feelings for one another as well as a hope for a happy future despite all odds.

Viewers were enchanted by their sweet declaration of love amidst chaos, cherishing the bittersweet moment of HakoukiHekketsuroku’s captivating love story. As such, this romantic anime kiss scene stands out among many vying contenders as one of the great classics in piquing viewers into feeling part of an unfolding love story.

22. Haru & Shizuku From My Little Monster

Haru Shizuku From My Little Monster

My Little Monster stars the withdrawn Shizuku and ‘Monster’ Haru, both attending a Japanese high school. Though seemingly an unlikely pair, the two eventually fall madly in love with each other and take their relationship to a whole new level with the iconic kiss between them — one of the most romantic anime kiss scenes.

As they lean and close in, they fall into each other’s arms against a backdrop of soft lights and music, conveying a perfect moment that lifts up hearts everywhere. The kiss between these two characters just strikes our hearts as it beautifully reveals their powerful love towards one another — making it one of the best romantic anime kiss scenes of all time.

For those captivated by romance anime or any fan who loves anime series filled with heartfelt emotions and heartwarming moments, this particular My Little Monster kiss will certainly make viewers see sparks fly like never before.

21. Mei & Yamato From Say “I Love You.”

Mei Yamato From Say I Love You

Mei and Yamato’s romantic kiss scene from the anime series “Say I Love You” is one of the most beautiful moments in all of anime history. It showcases a rare moment of tenderness and emotion between two characters, played beautifully by the actors voicing them.

The couples’ passion and outpouring of love have resonated with fans around the world, leading to increased awareness for this beloved anime series. The two were able to overcome an incredibly hostile situation through communication, trust, and understanding to reach a happy ending.

The genuine emotions conveyed by this moment of tender intimacy earned it its place as one of the greatest romantic kiss scenes in anime history. Fans recognize their relationship for showing that love can grow even in trying times, making it an inspiring classic for generations to come.

20. Willem & Chtolly From Suka Suka

Willem Chtolly From Suka Suka

Hulu viewers have been raving about the romantic anime kiss scene between Willem and Chtolly in SukaSuka. It is a beautiful moment of love, shown without dialogue and speaks volumes to the connection between these two characters.

The kiss is long, passionate, yet tender, and it carries the emotions between them as they break away from their hectic battles and find solace in each other’s arms. Critics and fans alike have said that this romantic anime kiss scene is one of the most special moments shown on television and conveys a higher level of storytelling that only anime can deliver.

19. Hana and Kiyoshi from Prison School

Hana and Kiyoshi from Prison School

Featuring Hana and Kiyoshi from Prison School, the pair’s kiss is one for the ages. The fact that it goes against all conventions only adds to its charm, as the duo stumble and falter at the tender moment before finally overcoming their mutual embarrassment and connecting soul to soul in an electrifying embrace.

Further adding to their power, Hana and Kiyoshi represent opposing sides of the prison school’s war: one student council president, one “anarchist” disturber of order, who proves that love knows no boundaries.

The show’s impeccable art style only enhances the sweetness of this most romantic kiss—optimal HD resolution brings fine details such as gentle blushing cheeks and eyelashes fluttering ever so slightly alive onscreen.

18. Touma & Kitahara From White Album 2

Touma Kitahara From White Album 2

Touma and Kitahara from White Album 2 are arguably one of the most romantic anime couples ever created. From their first meet-up at the music school café to their climactic kiss scene under a beautiful white winter sky, they had an undeniable connection that made them stand out amongst other classic anime couples.

Each warm embrace and every moment of mutual understanding always garnered an audience’s attention and appreciation. Throughout their whirlwind romance, Touma and Kitahara share many moments together, but the ending kiss between the two is what really defines their story.

This memorable scene was done with such grace while capturing an atmosphere of pure love that had never been seen before in an anime series. Everyone who has watched White Album 2 will remember this special moment because of its serenity and passionate energy.

17. Dandy & Scarlett From Space Dandy

Dandy Scarlett From Space Dandy

The romantic kiss between Dandy and Scarlett in the sci-fi comedy Space Dandy is one of the most iconic kisses in all of anime fandom. Whether their relationship was platonic or intimate, there was an enchanting atmosphere as they shared a passionate embrace at the end of their interstellar journey.

The vivid animation captured all the emotions of this dramatic scene as viewers felt as if they were straddling two galaxies. It left fans wanting even more, with many shipping this (possibly) unlikely couple for years since its first airing in 2014.

For all romantics out there looking for that one enchanting moment, Dandy and Scarlett’s kiss from Space Dandy will have you swooning and longing for more.

16. Misaki and Usui from Maid-Sama!

Misaki and Usui from Maid Sama

The romantic anime kiss scene between Misaki and Usui from the popular series “Maid-Sama!” is one of the most delightful moments any fan of romance can watch. It is not only an unforgettable scene to behold, but it also speaks of the strong connection between these two characters.

Throughout the show, they overcame obstacles together while falling in love along the way, so by the time Misaki and Usui finally shared a kiss, it was truly magical. Furthermore, their relationship has stood as an example for fans of this genre for its portrayal of patience, respect, understanding and love, making their kiss all the sweeter.

We may never know what truly transpired at that moment, but every viewer can feel how heartfelt and genuine this kiss was with just one look, proving why this scene is still remembered fondly to this day.

15. Azumi & Akane From Tsuki ga Kirei

Azumi Akane From Tsuki ga Kirei

One scene that rises above the rest is the sweet kiss between Azumi and Akane from Tsuki ga Kirei. The high school sweethearts initially act shy around each other but soon bridge their natural runaway love with a gentle yet passionate kiss in full view of their peers and neighbours.

Perfectly choreographed and accompanied by an emotive soundtrack, every detail about this moment is a powerful example of what true fairy tale romance should look like. So if you’re looking for some real visual ‘awwwww’ moments, then you will undoubtedly find them in the Azumi &Akane Kiss Scene from Tsuki ga Kirei.

From its mesmerizing use of light and colours to its overwhelming show of feelings between two cute students – it’s everything that makes us believe in love over and over again.

14. Yuji & Shana From Shakugan no Shana

Yuji Shana From Shakugan no Shana

When it comes to romantic anime kisses, Yuji and Shana’s kiss scene from Shakugan, no Shana is an absolute classic. From their tense interactions early on in the series, we knew that these two had a special connection.

But when Yuji and Shana finally shared their first kiss under the cherry tree, it was such a heart-wrenching moment for both fans of the anime and viewers experiencing it for the first time. Even after so many years since its airing, this magical moment still remains one of the most memorable anime kisses ever.

As Yuji gently declares his love to Shana at that moment, they share a beautiful yet bittersweet moment that solidifies how powerful their connection truly is.

13. Victor & Yuuri From Yuri!!! on Ice

Victor Yuuri From Yuri on Ice

The kiss scene between Victor and Yuuri from the classic anime Yuri!!! On Ice has become one of the most iconic moments of anime romance. The intense longing and emotion they feel culminate in an epic slow-motion kiss that has been praised by fans worldwide.

From the subsiding of romantic music to their gentle embrace and the way their lips entwine with each other — this heartfelt moment perfectly conveys the couple’s love for each other.

It is considered one of the most spectacularly choreographed sequences in all of anime, as it moved even those sceptics who thought shounen-ai was a bit overdone. Both professional figure skaters masterfully channelled deeply intimate emotions that took viewers along for a passionate ride.

12. Zen and Shirayuki from The Snow White with red hair

Zen and Shirayuki from The Snow White with red hair

The iconic anime kiss scene between Zen and Shirayuki from the widely acclaimed The Snow White with Red Hair is one that viewers of all ages far and wide won’t soon forget. Taking place against a picturesque background of rolling hills and magic cherry blossoms, Zen and Shirayuki finally manage to share a long-awaited kiss.

As they put aside their differences, an emotional moment ignites, demonstrating the power of true love. Every hope and ambition becomes tangible as they express genuine feelings, reaffirming the special connection between them.

Viewers have been mesmerized by the beauty of this kiss scene – smiles all over are seen when watching this unforgettable moment unfold between two lovers.

11. Miyamura & Hori From Horimiya

Miyamura Hori From Horimiya

Watching Miyamura and Hori from Horimiya’s romantic anime kiss scene can easily make anyone feel all the emotions. Their subtle chemistry in this endearing exchange is undeniably adorable, showcasing their unwavering love for one another.

It’s hard not to be mesmerized by the way they gaze into each other’s eyes before Miyamura finally takes the plunge and leans in for a kiss. This beautiful moment is often cited as a fan favourite of the series, displaying their complete devotion to one another.

Seeing them completely open up as they connect with each other in such an intimate way will have you melting right alongside them.

10. Nagisa & Mizuki from Classroom Crisis

Nagisa Mizuki from Classroom Crisis

As one of the most memorable romantic anime kiss scenes, Nagisa and Mizuki’s kiss in Classroom Crisis is an unforgettable moment for all who watch it. Not only was it a unique way to close an arc, but it featured a powerful visual; Mizuki’s beret flying away in the wind and floating single-handedly and peacefully away on the Sapporo night sky.

This romantic animation captured the spirit of young love perfectly with its portrayal of two characters intertwining their lives through a passionate, heartfelt gesture.

While Nagisa and Mizuki found their strength to move forward to face the challenges ahead, viewers can learn from them too about embracing daring acts of romance. Who knows? Maybe this beloved classic can even boost our own bravery when it comes to confessing romantic feelings.

9. Yuu & Haruka From Sakura Trick

Yuu Haruka From Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick is a romantic anime with an iconic kissing scene between Yuu and Haruka. While other romances can have drawn-out moments of amorous confession, Sakura Trick takes a humorous and direct approach to conveying the good-natured depths of Haruka’s affections.

The two friends experience numerous moments of innocent blushing, but on the day of their kiss Yuu and Haruka take the next step in their relationship. This popular anime kiss not only expresses love but also captures a tender moment between two devoted friends who’ve decided to explore deeper feelings of affection.

With its colourful animation, this romantic anime kiss between two beloved characters full of exploration and growth captures hearts around the world, becoming an iconic scene from one of the most treasured romantic anime series.

By marrying both childish innocence with a blossoming romance, Yuu and Haruka’s memorable moment will remain timeless for any fan of romance and vulnerability in anime.

8. Kirito & Asuna From Sword Art Online

Kirito Asuna From Sword Art Online

Every romantic shipper’s favourite couple, Kirito and Asuna, from Sword Art Online, are at the top of anime fan hearts around the world. This adorable duo stole all of our hearts with their breathtakingly romantic kiss scene. Kirito prepares to sacrifice himself for the love of his life while they share a single passionate kiss.

The scene felt so real that it captivated viewers from all over and left them wanting more. From strength, courage and witty remarks to gentle kindness and warmth – fans were mesmerized by this sweet yet powerful moment between these two beloved characters who bring an essence of joy wherever they go in the world of anime.

7. Kurisu & Rintaro From Steins; Gate

Kurisu Rintaro From Steins Gate

Steins; Gate is one of the most beloved romantic anime among fans. From the very beginning, Kurisu and Rintaro quickly realize how strong their feelings for each other are. One of the most iconic moments comes when they share their first kiss in the rain, which pushes their relationship to a higher level.

The moment between Kurisu and Rintaro is captured in a beautiful and subtle way. Their gorgeous embrace gives a feeling of timidness and inner strength as they surrender to their undeniable bond in this passionate embrace.

Fans witnessed the many hardships and joys of following their journey, culminating in this memorable scene that gave meaning to the theme of fate the franchise follows throughout its story arc.

 The Steins; Gate kiss stands as a testament to genuine love because it emphasizes that no matter what life throws your way, you should never give up on what you feel matters most – your connection with another person.

6. Yuno & Yuki From Future Diary

Yuno Yuki From Future Diary

One sweet and romantic anime kiss scene that is sure to warm your heart is between Yuno and Yuki from the famous series Future Diary. This moment in the show was a build-up of intense emotions felt by both characters throughout their struggles and journey as they finally come together to express their love for one another.

What makes this particular anime kiss even more memorable is how it is a symbol of hope within an otherwise dark and difficult story. The tenderness on the characters’ faces, combined with Yuki’s declaration of undying love, really brings home the power of human emotion amidst all types of turmoil.

5. Mamori & Mirei From Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Mamori Mirei From Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

Mamori and Mirei’s romantic anime kiss scene in Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is one that fans swoon over. The two ladies have undeniable chemistry, and the moment their lips meet sends shockwaves of emotion throughout the audience.

Not only are they passionate and vulnerable, but we are also provided with a deeper understanding of their feelings for one another. It takes place at a beautiful beach, with the sun setting in the background, allowing for perfect lighting and ambience for a memorable kiss.

From this poignant scene, we can recognize how powerful love can be – it does not matter who or what you love as long as you are honest with yourself and your partner.

Mamori and Mirei’s relationship is truly inspirational, showcasing how two people from different backgrounds can come together to create something magical.

4. Naruto And Hinata from Naruto The Final Film

Naruto And Hinata from Naruto The Final Film

Naruto and Hinata’s kiss scene in Naruto, The Final Film, is a profoundly romantic moment that anime fans won’t soon forget. The powerful emotions, the deep love they share, and how all the pieces tied up into the bigger, climactic story arc were captured perfectly in this sweetly beautiful kiss.

It’s an iconic moment that is sure to be remembered for its level of adorability and romance – even by those who have never seen the film or read the manga.

With its tenderness, sweetness, and visualization of Naruto’s innermost feelings for Hinata, it served as an emotional climax to their relationship story arc. This romantic anime kiss scene was surely one of many highlights from Naruto’s The Final Film that will stay with anime fans for years to come.

3. Mafuyu & Uenoyama From Given

Mafuyu Uenoyama From Given

Given is a classic anime series that will launch you into an emotional rollercoaster. It follows the story of Mafuyu and Uenoyama, two childhood friends who reunite years later through their mutual love of music. One of the most notable moments from this series is the iconic romantic kiss scene between Mafuyuand  Uenoyama.

The moment sparks a feeling of hope for love in their lives as well as joy for their newfound relationship. Through these symbols of lovingly shared experiences and passionate emotions, viewers experience deep connections with the characters and can understand better the beauty behind heartfelt relationships.

With its heart-pounding moments, deep themes, and dynamic characters, Given has become an instant classic for aspiring music lovers everywhere. Its romantic anime kiss scene between Mafuyu and Uenoyama doesn’t just show young audiences what true love looks like, and it captures a unique beauty that remains timeless.

2. Taiga & Ryuuji From Toradora

Taiga Ryuuji From Toradora

Toradora is an enduring romantic anime known for its iconic and touching kiss scenes. The greatest of these is the one between Taiga and Ryuuji on graduation day. This scene perfectly encapsulates their development throughout the season, showing how far a little understanding, sacrifice and transformation going out of one’s comfort zone can go in love.

The animation shows Taiga confidently kissing him with the gentleness that alludes to her newfound strength, while Ryuuji takes it all in gratefully as he holds her close in return, basking at this moment forever frozen in time.

Such moments like these make Toradora a timeless anime romance classic, cementing its place within the legendary pantheon of genre staples.

1. Yuzu & Mei From Citrus

Yuzu Mei From Citrus

The romantic anime kiss scene between Yuzu Aihara and Mei Aihara from the popular manga series, Citrus, evokes a passionate and intimate connection between the two girls. The kiss is set atop a beautiful hill overlooking the city of Tokyo at night.

With twinkling stars in the background, amidst flights of birds that represent their freedom to express their emotions, Yuzu finally reveals her feelings for Mei.

In a moment where both girls fully embrace each other without any inhibition or doubt, they confess their love with a powerful and magical kiss that symbolizes their strength and passion for each other. This iconic expression of love transcends beyond its anime origin to enchant fans from all over the world.


The best romantic anime kiss scenes can definitely evoke strong emotions and bring back fond memories. Each kiss is special in its own way.

While some anime kisses last only a few seconds, others are drawn out for dramatic effect. Deciding on the most romantic anime kiss is subjective as it depends on personal preferences.

However, it appears that no matter what genre of anime you like or what story your favourite show tells – there will always be moments that could stand out as truly magical with just one kiss.


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