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Rem And Ram – The Formula That Makes Them Iconic

The Rem and Ram anime series features a pair of mismatched siblings. Ram and Rem are siblings who live on different islands.

They are very different from one another. The first is an energetic goofy girl named Rem. The second is a more serious and cynical girl named Ram.

Neither is very helpful, so they often end up in a vicious fight. It is the wacky side of their relationship that makes it so entertaining.

The two main characters each have their own flaws and character traits. While Rem is emotional and acts on impulse, Ram is logical and thinks things through before taking any actions. This makes the two very different in many ways.

This is why Rem and Ram are such a good pairing. Each of them has their flaws and unique strengths, but both can accept their mistakes without depressing the other. 

Unlike Rem, who is always overly critical of herself, Ram can be more accepting of her flaws and imperfections.

When they were young, the two were living in an Oni village with their elder sister. Ram and Rem had been viewed as defective and were destined to be killed.

However, after Ram showed her prowess by displaying a powerful burst of power, the village decided to save them.

Although Ram was a prodigy in the eyes of the tribe, she was forced to grow up in the shadow of her elder sister. Nevertheless, she was able to protect her twin and prove her worth in the Oni community.


Two is Better than One!

Two is Better than One!

The public is fascinated by the idea of twins, making character supporting roles much more significant.

We’ve previously seen this plot element with the coincidental characters, such as “Ram and Rem” from Hyperdimension Neptunia. Still, the storyline is the primary factor in the significance of a character.

This is why Ram, as well as Rom, stand out in comparison to Rem and Ram. The reason why Rem & Ram, are so beloved is the fact that they can function as a unit notwithstanding their distinct personalities.

Whichever one you prefer is, both by themselves without their yin-yang personalities is a lot more normal.

The Appearance of a Person is Everything

The Appearance of a Person is Everything

While the industry is trending toward natural hair colors, such as those in Yuri on Ice, Kill La Kill, and Attack on Titan, characters who sport bright hair colors are going strong and often are tied to their character to a certain extent.

The hair color in anime is generally a stereotype that hundreds of other characters have previously shaped.

Pink and blue appear to be carefully selected to complement one another’s characteristics and the formal style of the maid’s uniforms.

Rem, who is perhaps the most loved by fans with light sky blue hair, is often seen in calm people who have a secret talent and a keen understanding of the feelings of others in their lives.

Blue-haired characters aren’t usually noticed as they are usually quiet. Still, in the same way, they can significantly impact the plot because they typically force other characters to be more open about their emotions.

Ram, with her beautiful hair, symbolizes her fiery young yet calm behavior while also showing a generous aspect to her master and sister.

The character of Ram features zito eyes (Jito) which translates”to “stare”. Her eyes appear half-open, a characteristic often seen in characters with a savage look and is a common stereotype. This characteristic is apparent in Ram’s character.

This is why Natsuki Subaru and Ram in the story, and her character reduces her appeal to viewers.

Why are Innocent Characters So Effective?

Why are Innocent Characters So Effective

Re: Zero (c) Media Factory / White Fox Co., Ltd. / Tappei Nagatsuki / Shinichirou Otsuka / 

Everyone is intrigued by the small characters that appear weak in everything from anime and video games. However, they are physically strong, which makes their appearance unique.

The funny thing is that it’s so prevalent in manga, video games, and animation that it’s accepted, yet it’s still interesting to watchers. Some anime, including One Punch Man, mock the concept as their primary comedy plot.

The decision to focus on the potential of the calmest and most innocent character of the series, such as Rem, makes the most of the success of this acclaimed but basic plot-twisting technique.

What Do We Love About the French maid uniforms of Rem and Ram?

What Do We Love About the French maid uniforms of Rem and Ram

There’s no reason to be surprised that costumes for maids in anime are very popular.

The reasons for this can be complex, as in a Mozart score.

The uniforms symbolize the utmost respect and obedience even so much that they end up supporting dark concepts of adorable slave girls meant to satisfy sexual fantasies.

The formal appearance of mostly black uniforms creates a slim as well as mysterious, and appropriate look. The color black attracts the eye of the viewer, and when it is paired with pure white elements, it creates an intense contrast that really appeals to the eye.

The style and cut of maid uniforms can vary, providing the designer plenty of creative licenses to emphasize certain aspects of the uniforms, such as how adorable or sexy they can be, a crucial element in anime.

There are a diversity of uniforms for maids in characters such as Tohru (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid), Faris Nyannyan (Steins; Gate), and Nekopara’s Vanilla and Chocola.

Lolita goth is a side-shoot of maid uniforms that have taken place in fashion and anime. It is a stylish Victorian fashion and adds an extremely popular and adorable twist with Japanese young people.

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