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20 Purple-Haired Anime Girl Characters: The Beautiful List

Anime fans rejoice! Purple hair is perhaps one of the most popular hues in anime, and 20 of the most beautiful characters are showcased in this article. From high school girls to superheroes, vengeful spirits to magical girls, there’s something for everyone. 

Whether it’s the eye-catching colour or a symbol of power, these anime ladies have made an impression on their respective story worlds. Get ready to be awestruck as we present these 20 spectacular purple-haired anime girls – each with her own unique backdrop and style. 

Go ahead and find out about their stories, personalities, character designs, and more in our list below. It’s time to be inspired by some of the greats – get ready for an adventure of the hottest hues:


20. Chisaki Hiradaira from Nagi-Asu – A Lull in The Sea

Chisaki Hiradaira from Nagi Asu A Lull in The Sea

Chisaki Hiradaira from Nagi-Asu – A Lull in The Sea is an enchanting purple hair anime girl who captivates the hearts of viewers with her captivating presence. An introspective and sincere student, she lives on the sea floor and possesses a spirit of peaceful optimism. 

She is often seen wearing a white collar blouse, brown skirt, and black knee-length socks that accentuate her simple yet expressive style. She is often accompanied by her fearless friends in their travels to the surface world, where they aim to bridge the gap between humans on land and those living in the sea. 

Chisaki’s inner strength fuels her courage and tenacity to unify her two homes. Her loyalty to her friends and family endears her to audiences as a pillar of sincerity and selflessness. Making sure to support them when turbulence strikes as she forges ahead with unwavering faith that love can overcome any insurmountable obstacle.

19. Frederica Bernkastel From Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

Frederica Bernkastel From Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

Have you ever heard of Frederica Bernkastel from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni? She is an enigmatic purple-haired anime girl. Her mysterious persona has captured the attention of numerous viewers. 

Her career began as an antagonist in the interactive sound novel, but she quickly gained fans who rooted for her during appearances throughout the story. As the stakes increase in the game, Bernkastel’s character develops increasingly complex layers and reveals a more caring self that wasn’t apparent at first. 

Her purple hair creates a contrast to her devious schemes and highlights both how talented she is at deceiving others but also how noble she is when times call for heroism.

18. Nana from Elfen Lied

Nana from Elfen Lied

Nana, a character from the classic anime series Elfen Lied, is an iconic purple-haired beauty who stars in everyone’s fondest anime memories! With her distinct look and puppy-dog love for her better half, Nana is as lovable as she is energetic. 

Just like other fan-favourite characters such as Sailor Moon and Inuyasha, Nana resonates with fans old and new because of her humorous personality. In Elfen Lied, Nana goes on an exciting journey that showcases her intelligence, quick-thinking skills, and loyalty to those she loves the most. 

She battles enemies head-on with her strong will and determination, showing that girls can be superstars too! When people think of Purple Hair Anime Girls, they instantly recall the image of Nana from Elfen Lied – a staple of classic anime culture today.

With prominent exposure across multiple media platforms, including tv shows, movies, and web videos, it’s no wonder we can’t seem to forget about this beloved female character.

17. Angel Beats: Yuri Nakamura

Angel Beats Yuri Nakamura

Yuri Nakamura from the anime show Angel Beats is one of the best characters to come out in recent years. Her purple hair and amazing character design have made her a fan favourite in no time at all. 

Yuri is the founder and leader of the group’ Shinda Sekai Sensen’ or SSS, an organization bent on defying God by opposing an Angel that was sent down to deliver them back ‘home.’ 

A headstrong individual, she sets out to take control of her own destiny and fight for what is right. Throughout her journey, Yuri goes through many difficulties and hardships but remains devoted to her cause till the end. As a result, many fans fell in love with her powerful attitude and strong spirit. 

By viewing her traits, you can easily see why this awesome purple-haired girl really stands out amongst characters we usually find in anime today. Moreover, the big words she uses are sure to make any viewer smile with joy.

16. Hanyuu from When They Cry 2

Hanyuu from When They Cry 2

Hanyuu from When They Cry 2 is an adorable purple-haired anime girl that has captivated hearts with her embracing personality and contagious smile. She is a mysterious young girl who wears a white dress with a matching scrunchie, giving her an ethereal quality. 

Her glowing blue eyes and life-like expressions make her a perfect companion when finishing daily activities such as studying or binge-watching anime. Hanyuu’s carefree attitude and great sense of humour are sure to focus the minds of even the most distracted of viewers whenever she graces the screen. 

Fans can’t get enough of her endearing interactions with other characters in the show and highly appreciate how much she embraces each villainous dilemma despite being aware of its gravity every time.

15. Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop is one of the most iconic characters in the anime world. Her rebellious purple hair and daring attitude make her a fan favourite to this day. 

A former con artist, she joins forces with hacker/bartender/samurai Spike Spiegel and the overly-cheerful Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV to join the bounty-hunting lifestyle aboard their spacecraft called The Bebop. Despite her own selfish motives, Faye is occasionally able to see beyond herself and truly come through for her team. 

She bears a heavy past that appends certain flaws to her otherwise vibrant persona, making it easy for viewers to relate with her. 

From swerving around space in a leisurely fashion while tasting various Cuban cigars, drinking loads of whiskey, and flirting like there’s no tomorrow, Cowboy Bebop’s Faye Valentine has become one of the most popular female anime characters of all time — a testament to her character’s uniqueness and unforgettable presence.

14. Renge Miyauchi from Non Non Biyori

Renge Miyauchi from Non Non Biyori

Renge Miyauchi is a purple-haired anime girl from the slice-of-life comedy anime Non-Non Biyori. She’s an eccentric and lovable elementary school student who loves to try her hand at every hobby imaginable. From kites to stand-up comedy, Renge tries it all with a unique flair that has made her an incredibly popular character among fans. 

Not only does she often behave unexpectedly and surprise viewers with her unique reactions and outbursts, but her lovely purple hair shines brightly from any angle. 

Her wavy pigtails and long bangs bring attention to her warm smile and energetic demeanour, which truly make for a memorable character in the show. Furthermore, Renge serves as a source of inspiration for viewers who watch her try new activities, even if they falter or fail.

13. Shinoa Hiiragi from Seraph the End

Shinoa Hiiragi from Seraph the End

When talking about Anime girls with purple hair, Shinoa Hiiragi from Seraph of the End immediately comes to mind. She is the main heroine of this popular anime series, and her rebellious yet caring nature makes her an easy favourite among fans. 

Unlike other female protagonists in the genre, Shinoa’s story arc revolves around her trying to take back control over her own life. While remaining loyal to her comrades, she must also learn to keep a level head during difficult times, forcing empathy out of a situation that could otherwise have turned into something incredibly dire. 

Her determination and strength make her an excellent role model for viewers, no matter what age they may be. Through her beauty and kindness, Shinoa has become a fan-favourite character that sparks awe in all who witness her powerful presence on screen.

12. LuckyStar – Kagami Hiiragi

LuckyStar Kagami Hiiragi

Kagami Hiiragi, the beloved purple-haired anime girl from the popular series Lucky Star is a unique and complex character. She stands out as an individual who balances ambition, intelligence, and responsibility. 

Her independent streak shines through in times of challenge and difficulty, providing her with the courage to pursue any dream she sets for herself. Kagami’s passion for knowledge leads her on intellectually stimulating adventures that serve to inform her decisions and choices. 

As a result of her never-ending enthusiasm for new experiences and self-reliance, she is admired by many people who understand her strength, charisma, and positive outlook on life. With every passing day, Kagami graces us with this inspiring attitude that means so much to us all.

11. Yuuko Kanoe, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Yuuko Kanoe Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Yuuko Kanoe, the Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, is a unique and captivating anime girl with purple hair. She appears in the series by the same name as an apparition who haunts an old school building. Her wardrobe consists entirely of varying shades of purple, complementing her iconic lavender locks that frame her face and pearly-white complexion perfectly. 

Despite her rare aura, Yuuko is never without friends. Through her many relationships formed with characters like Teiichi Niiya, she gradually rebuilds her fragmented memories from before death as well as resolves a number of mysteries within the plot’s ever-shifting reality. 

Alternatively, she plays both friend and confidant to Yuuko’s love interest whilst providing guidance toward his own traits. 

10. Future Diary: Minene Uryuu

Future Diary Minene Uryuu

Fans of the cult classic anime Future Diary are in for a treat with its protagonist, the Purple Hair Anime Girl Minene Uryuu. Since her debut, this purple-haired ninja has become an icon of rebellion, strength, and determination. She often shows her disdain for society’s norms and laws while finding creative solutions to problems. 

In Future Diary alone, she’s proven herself to be capable of overcoming impossible odds—even the supernatural powers that can make or break a situation. 

Her sharp tongue and no-nonsense attitude add an extra layer of dynamism to the already lively atmosphere of Future Diary. Furthermore, her loyal friends and allies make for a great supporting cast that stands alongside Uryuu throughout her journey.

From cosplays at conventions to fan art depicting Uryuu in all manner of poses, her influence is unmistakable in the realms of anime popularity. 

Short purple hair has become closely associated with fan renditions of Minene Uryuu from Future Diary—a sure sign of how much this Anime Girl has come to define what it means to be quirky and cool in the eyes of many young fans around the world.

9. Kuranosuke – Princess Jellyfish

Kuranosuke Princess Jellyfish

Kuranosuke from the popular anime series “Princess Jellyfish” is an iconic figure in the anime community. With her lavender hair and vibrant personality, she stands out against a landscape of more traditional characters. 

Not only is her fashion sense impeccable— mixing gender-bending looks with high couture fashion— but she also empowers those around her to embrace their uniqueness. 

As a result, Kuranosuke has gained a devoted following due to her strong representation of what it means to be brave, confident, and true to oneself.

8. Mizore Shirayuki From Rosario + Vampire

Mizore Shirayuki From Rosario Vampire

Mizore Shirayuki from the Rosario + Vampire anime series is famous for her gorgeous purple hair. An ice user and Yuki-Onna, she stands out with her bun cover and white skin that contrasts perfectly with her deep purple hair. A major fan favourite, she is a quiet yet strong-willed character that loves classes at school and has extraordinary beauty. 

She often appears to be helping her friends in difficult situations and coming up with clever ideas. Nonetheless, she is sometimes misunderstood due to keeping to herself most of the time and rarely expressing how she really feels. 

Her capabilities include freezing targets, making perfect clones of anything she touches, as well as flight using the snowflakes around her body.

7. Tsukasa Hiiragi From LuckyStar

Tsukasa Hiiragi From LuckyStar

Tsukasa Hiiragi from LuckyStar is a bubbly and cheerful anime character with luscious purple hair. She is the middle sister of the three Hiiragi sisters and the best friend of Kagami. 

Tsukasa can often be found walking around in her school uniform, singing songs, or enjoying her favourite pastimes, such as shopping, time spent with friends, and taking pictures with her pink camera. Her pleasant attitude makes everyone around her feel joyous despite any difficulties she has experienced in life. 

Her purple hair helps to symbolize her willingness to try new things – whether it be going out for karaoke or trying to learn English – showing that no matter what she takes on, she always does so with a smile and an open mind.

6. Rika Furude from When They Cry

Rika Furude from When They Cry

Any outfit list of popular purple-haired anime girls would not be complete without a mention of Rika Furude from the When They Cry series. This cheerful young girl has been captivating audiences with her formidable intelligence and enthusiasm since the premiere of the anime back in 2006. 

Despite being referred to as a “tomboy” or a “boyish girl,” Rika Furude commands respect in all situations due to her impressive ability to observe and deduce. Furthermore, her signature dark purple hair is iconic among fans alike. 

Those looking for an interesting and complex example of what a purple-haired anime girl can be should look no further than Rika Furude – she’s the perfect role model for those who want to add some inspiring wit and strength into their lives.

5. Haqua du Lot Herminium from The World God Only Knows

Haqua du Lot Herminium from The World God Only Knows

Haqua du Lot Herminium, also known as the Western General of Hell, is an extremely popular purple-haired anime girl originating from the manga and anime series “The World God Only Knows.” 

She has become a fan favourite for her fierce determination when dealing with any obstacle. Her remarkable strength and strong willpower can be seen in almost anything she does, giving viewers a reason to love her. When facing off against hostile celestial maidens or conspiring family members, her fearlessness can be truly inspiring. 

Haqua is often viewed as an admirable role model who perseveres despite any odds that come her way, making her an unbreakable spirit. Whether she is dedicating most of her energy to punishing wayward demons or searching for clues to progress her investigation in Elsie’s case, she always puts in great effort and never waivers.

4. Saeko Busujima, Highschool of the Dead

Saeko Busujima Highschool of the Dead

Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the Dead is one of the most iconic purple-haired anime girls. Her fearless attitude and commitment to protecting her loved ones make her an unforgettable character among viewers. 

Saeko possesses a variety of skills like martial arts, swordsmanship, and firearm proficiency, making her a powerful heroine. Along with her cool personality, she has a unique hairstyle that continues twirling running down her back. The bright colour highlights her wild streak and brave nature, making it one of her defining features. 

Wearing delicate clothing due to the summer climate in Japan, Saeko remains comforted while also looking beautiful regardless of the situation. HighschoolHighschool of the Dead gave fans plenty of reasons to love Saeko as a true female warrior.

3. Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is an iconic purple hair anime girl. Voiced by Minori Chihara, Yuki is a humanoid interface sent to observe the mysterious and highly eccentric high school student Haruhi Suzumiya and her companions. 

Yuki’s reserved personality is perfect for carrying out her mission, but she slowly grows to develop a personal character throughout the series as she meets different people. One of Yuki’s most distinguishing characteristics is her vibrant purple hair–it accentuates her otherworldly aura, complementing her intelligent demeanour in a unique way. 

She becomes stronger and more courageous as time goes on and ultimately transforms into an independent individual who can make decisions for herself. Yuki may look shy at first sight, but with her striking appearance comes great courage that many fans can admire. 

Her fashion sense also adds another layer of complexity to her character – wearing bright colours like purple suits make it hard not to be drawn toward such beauty and strength while watching.

2. Dokuro Mitsukai From Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan

Dokuro Mitsukai From Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro chan

One of the most iconic purple-haired anime girls is, without a doubt, Dokuro Mitsukai from Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan. She’s instantly recognizable with her pigtails, checkered dress, and always cheerful attitude. 

Despite being one of the pint-sized characters in the series, she manages to be an incredibly powerful warrior and guardian angel who has the ability to wield a magical spiked bat that can turn back time should she make a mistake. 

She’s a very skilled and determined fighter which makes her capable of saving other characters and easily dispatching her enemies, which usually results in some epic anime fight scenes. 

Her violent methods to take out bad guys almost always involve gratuitous amounts of bloodletting, but this just adds to the charm that she has on viewers around the world.

1. Hitagi Senjougahara From Ghostory

Hitagi Senjougahara From Ghostory

Hitagi Senjougahara is an iconic purple-haired anime character that has made an impression on all of her fans. From her mysterious, stoic attitude to her independent and brave spirit, Hitagi Senjougahara is a strong female protagonist that draws in viewers with her quirky charm and wit. 

Seen in the famous anime “Ghostory,” Hitagi Senjougahara quickly won the hearts of viewers with her undying fight against supernatural spirits called “abnormalities,” as well as her no-nonsense attitude towards life itself. 

Her determination and positive outlook form the basis for the main plot, stimulating fans to empathize with, love, and support Hitagi Senjoguahara’s journey throughout Ghostery.


The characters explored in this article illustrate how varied the presentation of purple hair can be in anime. From bright and bubbly to mysterious and magical, characters with purple hair make a strong statement in any anime. 

No matter if it’s long or short, thick or thin, or mid-range or vibrant – these purple-haired anime girls make a unique mark on their stories and in the hearts of fans. While each is different and unique in her own way, they all bring something special to the world of anime. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration from a stylish character or just want to explore the fascinating variety of hues that exist within the genre, you won’t have to look far. After exploring the many faces of purple hair anime girls, rest assured; this is just one more way for fans to pay tribute to talented creators whose craftsmanship makes each story come alive.


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