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Among the most premium products we have in our Weebooworld’s inventory, you can consider this Death Note L necklace to be one of them. I know after looking at those pics of the Death Note L Lawliet Necklace, you might have already made up your mind to grab it. However, if you’re still reading this description, it means you still have some doubts in your mind~

What could possibly be the reason? Hmm, I will have to reconsider every scenario being a buyer not buying but reading the description instead, and then sort out all possible reasons then fine tune my pitch accordingly *thinking thinking*

Oh no! Why am I being Light Yagami? XD

Sure, I’ll just do my work describing the features of this death note ring. UwU what if I converted a reader into a buyer? Here I go!

Firstly, don’t think the images are fake! The necklace you’ll get will be 100% the same as the pics. The cameraman we hired was the same as the one who captured the Death Note opening 1. Yeah, so don’t doubt his speed & perfection skills! He clicked these amazing pics for us…


  • The necklace is too smooth and will be a perfect fit for almost all types of fashion, from shirts to t-shirts and tops.
  • It will be a deadly combo of looks if you wear jeans with it. It shows a class! Also, it’s unisex, both girls and boys can wear it.  
  • The edges are all softened, it won’t hurt your neck. The smooth leather string is easy to open and lock, you can do it without even looking at a mirror, and don’t worry, the fixing is hard, it won’t get opened and fall even if you swing your head 360 degrees.
  • It is too lightweight (just 10g), which makes it a good fit for those who hate a huge burden on their neck.
  • It’s waterproof! The color won’t fade or get off even if you wash it several times.

I deserve praising for explaining the features this well (¬、¬) If you want to praise me, I’ll be happy if you buy it instead UwU.

Thus, the biggest advantage you get with this necklace is the LOW PRICE FACTOR! Even if this necklace is premium, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to shed a few hundred extra! We’ll keep it affordably priced only, just like other necklaces.

Order Processing Time

  • Regular Orders: 1-2 business days.

Note: Order processing can be delayed due to public/national holidays. However, if you need help with order cancelling or anything, you can directly contact us through contact@weebooworld.com.

Average Delivery Time (after the order is shipped):

  • Metros: 3-5 business days.
  • Rest of India: 5-8 business days.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 4.8 × 0.5 × 5.3 cm


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