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One Piece Chapter 1001: Release Date & Delay Reason Explained

It’s the first chapter of the 1001 volume of the popular anime series, One Piece. Fans have been anxiously waiting for the chapter’s release for several months, but the news is a little sad.

The release of the next chapter has been delayed, and fans are frustrated that the series has only released two chapters in five weeks. But there’s good news: One Piece chapter 1002 will be out on January 31.

It is a long wait for the new chapter of One Piece, but it is worth it in the end. Several online sources offer free One Piece Chapter 1001, and if you’re an avid reader, you can start reading it right away.

It’s also best to read it on official sources, such as VIZ Media, Shonen Jump, and MangaPlus, as they help the creators and workers of the show.

Chapter 1001 will feature the fight between Jack and The Minks outside Onigashima castle. The episode also features scenes from around the world.

Big Mom and Perospero also fight with the enemy, while Kaido struggles with the villains on the top of Onigashima castle.

In addition to the fight between the Minks and the heroes, the One Piece manga will also feature the introduction of Jack’s new power, revealing that he’ll use his long nose to knock them out.


About One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1001

artist Eiichiro Oda is the master-mind writer behind the japanese manga – One Piece. The manga was printed in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on July 22, 1999, and it was released in the tankobon volume comprising the 96 volumes.

He has accumulated all the things of the world and is known as the Pirate King. The name Gol Roger has referred to his name. One of his last words during his execution was, “My treasures? If you’d like to, I’ll let you have it. You can find it, and I’ve put it at that location.”

The words inspired many into the sea to pursue their desires. They set off toward The Grand Line to pursue the game One Piece. It was the start of an era that was to change!

In seeking One Piece, the strongest pirate ever, the younger Monkey D. Luffy also goes on his own Grand Line to search for One Piece.

His diverse crew will be accompanying them on their journey, consisting of a swordsman, marksman, navigator and cook, cyborg shipwright, and archaeologist doctor. It is bound to be an unforgettable journey.

Chapter 1001 Speculations/Predictions

One Piece Chapter 1001 2

Chapter 987 officially started the battle against Onigashima.

After declaring a full-on conflict with Kaido, Orochi, Big Mom, Luffy drew much attention.

Since many stories are going on simultaneously, they are likely to have distinct storylines from one.

Three Minute Countdown

Chapter 996 indicated that O-Tama took the ship of an attacked vessel to reach Onigashima. The same chapter argues with Hihimaru not to get distracted by page one and Ulti to wait for three minutes.

While this could appear to be a misinterpretation, the first major revelation will likely be unveiled after the time is up. It’s most likely related to the vessel that Tama was on.

O-Tama’s Devil Fruit Prowess

Although many may not be aware of her, she plays an important role in the forthcoming conflict.

Her devil fruit gives her total control over animals and Zoan devil fruit enthusiasts who drink “Kibi Dango” made by her cheeks.

With the sniping skills of Usopp, Tama may be able to take control of a large part of Kaido’s army to defeat Kaido.

It is possible that Jinbei was the mysterious character who was the antagonist to Robin and Jinbei in chap. 979.

New Onigashima

Chapter 997 expressed Kaido using his devil fruit ability to lift Onigashima and transfer it to the Flower Capital. Because Onigashima is the Flower Capital and is filled with joy and happiness, if Kaido can reach it using Onigashima, many injuries could be suffered.

It will be interesting to see Straw Hats take on Kaido while placing their lives in danger in the hands of Wano residents.

The Fighting Begins

Luffy, Killer, Zoro, Kid, and Law were seen on the rooftop of Onigashima enormously throughout chapter 1,000. The fight against Yonko by themselves is not easy, even though they are stronger than their adversaries.

This fight will be written about in the history books and was officially launched at Luffy. Luffy created Kaido to eat dirt with the Gear 3 – Red Roc! Don’t be scared that the most anticipated conflict of Wano is in the works!

Chapter 1000 Plot

One Piece Chapter 1001 3

The chapter begins with Luffy getting to the last step before Onigashima’s roof. Minks gathered there have cleared the way to allow Luffy to move forward effortlessly.

In the Performance Stage, Marco fights the Queen and King and then fly Zoro to the highest point. Also, Queen has changed his neck, and is technically a Cyborg.

Momonosuke and Yamato continue to talk about Luffy which leads to the flashback of Ace.

We see Ace sharing Luffy’s fantasy with Yamato, and it is at this point that Yamato begins to be in love with Luffy because Luffy’s speech is like those found in Oden’s diary.

The flashback ends when Yamato gives Ace a Vivre gift card, and Ace discovers via the card that he’s passed away.

The top of Onigashima is reached in a stunning double-page spread which shows Zoro, Kid, Luffy, Killer & Law assembled in the front of Kaido and Big Mom.

Luffy is seen walking past the two Yonko to talk to Kin’emon, who is half-dead on his back. Then, we can see all folks in the red scabbards lying in the half-dead spot behind Kin’emon. Kaido demands Luffy proclaim his dreams before him.

After dismissing Kaido, Luffy inquires Law to take the Scabbards to a safe location below. After Law completes his task, Kaido flings his Spiked Kanobo at Luffy.

Luffy is tossed in the air, and in a short flashback to the past, he smashes Kaido to the floor with Red Roc!

The chapter concludes as Luffy declares that he will take on all of them to be”the”King of Pirates.

Chapter 1001 release date and Highlights

Chapter 1001 of the One Piece manga, titled “The Monster Battle of Onigashima”, was released on January 17, 2021.

Shonen Jump magazine published One Piece manga; a bi-weekly publication published every Sunday.

Is One Piece Broken This Week?

Chap. 1001 from the One Piece manga isn’t available on the shelves this week. This manga will continue in The Weekly Shonen Jump on January 17.

Chapter 1001 Raw Scans Spoilers and Leaks

One Piece Chapter 1001 4

Raw scans for Chapter 1001 of One Piece manga have been released. Chapter 1001 is titled “The Monster Battle in Onigashima”.

The chapter starts by displaying Kaido’s awe at the fact that Luffy’s attack hurt him. This proves that the Ryou he learned is effective against Kaido.

When Kaidou is watching and observing Luffy’s shadows, she sees Roger Whitebeard, Oden and Rocks in the background.

Kaido arrives for an attack, but Luffy uses Future Sight Haki to avoid it. However, Kaido is so quick that Luffy is struck only partially.

Large Mom attempts to stop “Heavenly Fire”; however, Zoro can cut Prometheus by half! Zoro can cut fire!!

Kaido is scheduled for another attack. However, Law removes Luffy by using Shambles. In an incredibly funny moment, the three captains are involved in a battle about who’s the “lower-level” person.

Three captains from each are at risk of being targeted by Big Mom’s attack because of their behavior.

Zoro is wearing his headband, revealing that the rivalry between Zoro and Killer is exposed. Together, they fight Kaido and inflict a wound on him. Kaido smiles and applauds their courage.

Luffy, Kid & Law are back on the ground and are fighting Kaido together. Kaido advises Big Mom to hold off, as they want to test their full power.

Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun; Law uses Takt to drop many rocks on Kaidou, and Kid is launching a brand new attack called “Punk Rotten Punk Vise,” which is a massive robot with an eerily-shaped skull that smashes Kaido with both hands.

Kaido is seen emerging from the rock, transforming into a dragon. In the stunning Double spread, Kaidou, and Big Mom with her flaming sword, face the Five Supernova.

The chapter concludes when Kaido declares that it’s unwise to kill every one of them. But it’s unlikely to happen.

Whoever wins this battle is only 2 steps from becoming King of the Pirates! 

The Cover Page for Chapter 1000

One Piece Chapter 1001 5

Alongside the main plotline in the manga, One Piece also advances the story by displaying scenes from all over the globe in stories that tell the main storyline.

To mark the release of Chapter 1000 of One Piece, Shonen Jump includes a four-page special spread.

Chapter 999 and 1000, both have two pages which, when combined, make the first quadruple-page spread to mark this significant occasion.

On the double page of chapter 1,000’s spread, we can see the left-hand side of the spread’s quadruple color scheme. This may be an update to the double-page spread included in chapter 100.

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