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Past of The Nine Red Scabbards Reveals One Piece

The Nine Red Scabbards are extremely powerful Ryou users. Their abilities have caused many battles to be lost, and their Ryou was so powerful that it damaged Yonko Commanders and even inflicted wounds on Kaido, who is known to be immobile in battle.

This made Kaido compare their Ryou to the Ryou of Oden. This comparison is not unfounded, however.

The Samurai of Oden earned their name twenty years before the current storyline in One Piece. In the meantime, the two main characters Orochi and Kaido, aka Tobi Roppo, fought with the Nine Red Scabbards to free Kozuki Oden.

However, they were later captured by the yakuza and imprisoned, but they eventually escaped and joined the Seven Spirits.

As the leaders of the Seven Kingdoms, the Scabbards have a large number of followers. This makes it hard to decide which Scabbards should be the most powerful, and the Nine Red Scabbards are certainly no exception.

The Nine Red Scabbards are known as the Azakaya Nine, and they came from diverse backgrounds, but they all shared the same goal: to save the world.

Kozuki Oden recruited and prepared these men and they have become the most powerful group of samurai in the Land of Wano. They also have extraordinary abilities and try to fulfill the dreams of Kozuki Oden.



Nine Red Scabbards contains 9 formidable anime samurai who were a part of Kozuki Oden as his retainers and as his most loyal followers, as three of them were believed to be worth 100 combatants.

This group comprises Kin’emon Raizo, Kanjuro, Kikunojo, Kawamatsu, Inuarashi, and Nekomamushi of the Mink Tribe. The final of the group, Denjiro, has yet to come out.

One of the Nine Red Scabbards, Ashura Doji, has left his role as a Scabbard and is now in charge of his group of bandits named Shutenmaru.

Despite his insistence on not joining after twenty years of absence, Kin’emon and his companions have returned to the point of attempting to force Kin’emon to become their ally at any cost necessary and even to accuse him of theft to make him a target for the combat.

After the public execution of Shimotsuki Yasuie was over, Ashura initiated a conversation regarding the corrupt administration of Wano.

After revealing what was happening to their allies for 10 years before Kin’emon’s return and Momonosuke’s return, Ashura was able to rejoin his group.

Oden’s story continues to baffle the minds of fans. In the last chapter, we might be able to see Kozuki Oden go from Hakumai to Kuri and then defeat Ashura Doji. Before meeting Kin’emon, Ashura Doji had been a rogue criminal who snuck into Kuri.

The group was not officially formed 41 years ago following Kozuki Oden’s exile from his family, the Kozuki Family. The group was formed after Denjiro and Kin’emon joined Oden from his home in the Flower Capital after being extremely impressed by his actions in his involvement in the Mountain God Incident.

One Piece Unveils The Past of the Nine Red Scabbards

One Piece Unveils The Past of the Nine Red Scabbards

His father’s power was not specified, and even the Shogun of Wano was willing to interfere in the lawless area.

When he defeated Ashura, Oden declared himself the King of the bandits. He made Kuri a livable place.

In recognition, Kozuki Oden was awarded the title of Daimyo of Kuri. This was a great achievement for him.

Apart from Ashura Doji, the remaining Red Scabbards members joined Kozuki Oden.

We’ve seen before how Kin’emon and Denjiro joined forces with Oden. The background of Oden’s remaining members was just made public.

Kanjuro used to gather hair from people and make brushes from hair. When he met Oden, he decided to join forces with him. Kiku and her younger sister Izo also performed in the street.

Oden also transported them. However, Raizo was a former member of the Oniwabanshu. His heart was broken by a woman.

Hence, the gang would often take women away, although it is likely that he would tell them tales of how she broke his heart. When he was overwhelmed, he also became a part of the group.

What year Kawamatsu joined was not disclosed to us, which is a shame.

Then, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi showed up at the beginning of the chapter, having been swept up on the beach in Kuri from Wano Country.

The next chapter will hopefully provide a glimpse into what happens to Oden significantly, even if in a slower manner. It was as if the story were a bit fast this week. With that said, Let’s hope that Oden’s flashback proves to be a great one!

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