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6 Nen Types of Hunter x Hunter Explained & Ranked

When it comes to the hit anime Hunter x Hunter, one of the most alluring parts of its complex world is the Nen system and its various types. Nen is a special energy used by certain people trained in martial arts or chi manipulation, and each type allows for a variety of abilities depending on the user’s strength and imagination.

Whether you’re an experienced fan or simply have an interest in learning about the different abilities that the anime has to offer, finding out about the 6 Nen Types in Hunter x Hunter will delight and inform you.

Here we rank all six, come join us as we journey through these diverse forms of Nen. From Manipulation to Transmutation, Nen offers something unique no matter what your personality or preference may be. Learn more as we look into each type’s profile and explore how they differ in power and skill.


6. Manipulation


Nen type Manipulation is one of the six categories of Nen, an ability present in a world of mystery and adventure. In the world of Hunter x Hunter, characters use Nen-type Manipulation to take control and shape the events around them in order to achieve whatever their goal may be.

This power ultimately allows users to manipulate physical objects, living organisms or even the minds of other individuals using varying techniques.

While this remarkable ability has been used both beneficially and maliciously throughout Hunter x Hunter’s history, its potential should not be overlooked when readers look for interesting moments in this beloved series.

Luckily for fans, Nen Manipulation plays a major role in some compelling story arcs as powerful characters like Killua, Kurapika and Leorio attempt to use their formidable skills against rivals more powerful than themselves.

5. Enhancement


Enhancing one’s Nen abilities is a critical skill to have in the world of Hunter x Hunter. This is because it offers many advantages that increase offensive power, defence capability, and utility. Learning Enhancement can be done through various methods, such as learning from another Nen user or studying specialized books written by experienced teachers.

When trying to increase their abilities, knowledgeable users often focus on manipulating their existing Aura and increasing their feelings, such as will or emotions. Enhancing Nen’s abilities allows practitioners to control their Aura more efficiently so they can use it for more effective techniques and manoeuvres.

It builds an important foundation for more complex advanced techniques used by skilled fighters like Hisoka and ChrolloLucilfer. Without advanced levels of Enhancement, these techniques would be impossible to perform. For any aspiring hunter wishing to best enemies of all shapes and sizes, Nen Enhancement should be high on your priority list.

4. Emission


Nen is one of the most unique and effective abilities among all power systems in the world of Hunter x Hunter. Nen Type, or emission, is the ability to outwardly present and disperse a user’s Aura around the environment at their will without leaving the body.

Nen Type users can make spectacular displays such as fire, water and lightning with great precision. Nen Emission provides an incredibly strong offensive and defensive advantage to users due to its versatile nature in terms of controlling and manipulating external energies.

Not to mention that this type of Nen manipulation requires minimal effort from the user in comparison with other types like Transmutation or Enhancement.

It also has more variety available for experienced users, allowing them to interact with their surroundings in diverse ways, such as teleporting objects or making specialized barriers that envelop an area. In short, Nen Emission is both powerful and very rewarding when practised by veteran Hunters.

3. Conjuration


With this Nentype, users are able to practice Conjuration, a type of physical materialization. Depending on their mastery of it, Conjuration enables users to create swords, weapons, armour, and even living creatures from pure imagination alone.

Beginners may need tools or materials when creating these objects, while those more adept can fashion them with just their minds and thoughts! While mastering Conjuration is difficult and requires focus and control over one’s own Aura, it opens up new possibilities for advanced combat strategists and makes them incredibly formidable in battle.

2. specialization


Specialization captures the essence of what makes one individual unique from others. It allows users to individually tailor a technique or system so that it fits their own style, helping them develop their own signature attacks while aiding them in solving any problems they face in battle.

When used in tandem with other basic Nen Types and claimed by masters as their own special abilities, Specialization unlocks its true potential that can be transformative for any Hunter attempting to hone their abilities. 

With determination comes strong will and focus—two aspects that must be at the forefront when using Specialization and taking your skillset to yet another level.

1. Transmutation


While Nen has many applications, Transmutation is said to be one of its most powerful – allowing one to alter their own Aura or defend against attacks by shaping it into weapons and armour.

Through Transmutation, a Hunter can make use of their Nen abilities with greater versatility, such as manipulating their own Aura for attack purposes instead of simply using it defensively. An example when this comes in handy is Gon’s fight against Gido in the Heavens Arena arc.

In order for him to overcome his opponent’s special ability, which allowed him to teleport behind Gon at will, Gon had to shape his Aura into a net that completely surrounded Gido so he would be unable to escape from his range of vision.

Exploring Nen Type’s Transmutation ability can give viewers insight into how powerful these characters really are and why they have such success during fights.


Hunter x Hunter has captivated viewers since its 1999 debut. After many years and countless adventures with Killua, Gon, and the rest of the crew, fans have come to recognize six distinct Nen types, which are powerful forces in the world of Hunter x Hunter.

While some may be better suited for battling skilled Hunters in the field or protecting important artefacts from thieving hands, others may be more suited for subtle manipulations of a given situation.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference on what type one prefers out of their respective characters. Hopefully, this article was helpful for your journey as a Hunter x Hunter fan.


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