You are currently viewing My Hero Academia Todoroki Family Revealed: All Family Members Data

My Hero Academia Todoroki Family Revealed: All Family Members Data

After years of being the background character, the Todoroki family has finally come to the fore in the latest My Hero Academia episode, “The Hellish Todoroki Family, Part 2”.

While the series has been dominated by events such as Bakugo’s kidnapping, All Might’s lost Quirk, and Shie Hassaikai’s rebirth, the Todoroki family was suddenly thrust into the spotlight. With the introduction of the Hawks, the Todoroki family took center stage.

As a result of the attack on Class 1-A, UA staff members concluded there was a mole inside the school. While the mole was never directly addressed, it was mentioned during Episode 45 of the anime.

This episode has since not focused on the mole, and instead has focused on the relationship between Bakugo and Deku, and the secrets of the Todoroki family.

However, despite the mole’s appearance in the past few episodes, the show has been receiving plenty of buzz and attention for its Hero vs. Villain war.

After years of waiting, the Todoroki brothers’ battle has finally arrived. With Shoto having mastered both aspects of his Quirk, the battle should be epic.

Dabi has nothing to lose by taking the fight to his brother, and he may be able to unleash untold levels of power. Fans can only hope that the All For One has given him a Quirk that will balance Shoto’s effect on him.


My Hero Academia Todoroki Family What’s Next For Endeavor

My Hero Academia Todoroki Family What Next For Endeavor

To carry on this legacy, Endeavor set up a union with a woman with an ice quirk. He then forced her to create offspring until his wife could have the perfect child, Shoto Todoroki, a member of the MHA Todoroki family.

After All Might’s demise from the superhero role, Endeavor was now just on his way to becoming the first on the list of superheroes, and he was furious. After finding his peace and learning to be a respecter of All Might once more, Endeavor completely accepts his role and hopes to be society’s future Symbol of Peace.

The voice actor is Patrick Seitz in the Eng version, and Tetsu Inada for the Japanese version.

This manga has explored the development of characters like Endeavor exceptionally effectively over the past 50 chapters, and we believe it’s just the beginning for the character to develop.

The next storyline within My Hero Academia Todoroki Family will likely be a story with Endeavor leading the way from the front. It will be fantastic to see him grow more, given that’s what Kohei Horikoshi is currently seeking.

Rewinding to the Todoroki family, My Hero Academia’s Chapter 250’s final chapter revealed the face of the missing Todoroki named Toya. Before this chapter, we had never seen him before.

There are a lot of theories about who Touya could be and what he is currently. Based on Endeavor, Touya isn’t with the group at all. If that means he’s gone or if it’s a sign that he’s left is something we’ve yet to see.

All in all, Endeavor is a very strong hero. He is the number 2 most popular hero in Japan, just behind All Might and later was ranked the number 1 after All Might retired from crime-fighting.

His battles with his opponents, the League of Nomus and the Villains, have established his status quite well. In addition to his wit and intelligence, he is a highly-skilled fighter who can accomplish amazing feats.


  • Keen Intellect Endeavor has an extraordinary intelligence and has utilized his knowledge to compile the most successful criminal cases of all time.
  • He is adept at deductive thinking, which was evident when he observed that Izuku Midoriya’s Quirk was not just extremely powerful but also comparable to All Might’s after observing it for a short time.
  • When he was fighting, he immediately realized that the most effective way to take down the Nomu would be to carbonize the cells of the Nomu so they would not regenerate.


  • Superhuman Strength: Even though Hell Flame is his just Quirk, Endeavor is pretty strong and was capable of sending a Nomu into the air with just one blow and even breaking the skin of it with that punch. Additionally, he can keep a Nomu long enough to sever it.
  • Hell Flame: Endeavor’s Quirk lets him alter and control fire at his discretion. He can use his fire abilities in various ways, including creating fire spears and fireballs and melting walls using his feet, allowing him to run across walls. He also can control the temperatures of his flames to the point that they can create blue flames.
  • Fantastic Scorching Fist-Hell Spider: Endeavor unleashes flames that appear as beams of light that cut through objects like butter.
  • Brilliant Scorching Fist Jet Burn: This allows Endeavor to shoot flames out of his wrist to increase the force of his fist to produce an extremely powerful punch.
  • Prominence Burn Endeavor: Unleashes a massive fireball that is strong enough to burn large portions of his adversaries.


It is important to note that Endeavor does have limitations in his Quirk. If he is prone to using it daredevil, his body temperature will increase, which causes his physical condition to weaken.

To counter this, he depends on Rei’s Ice Quirk to keep him cool. This is also one of the primary reasons he’s happy with the way Shoto was able to turn out to not suffer from this issue in the upcoming time.

My Hero Academia – Who Is Touya?

My Hero Academia

Many popular theories of My Hero Academia Todoroki Family are linked by Touya to, yes, the name, Dabi of the PLF (Paranormal Liberation Front). Dabi has been named their Lieutenant, and he can control flames, similar to Endeavor.

If there’s something you can wager on right now, it’s Dabi to be Touya, and we believe this is where Horikoshi is going in this one too. We hope to get more information about it shortly when My Hero Academia Chapter 250 comes out next week.

Who do you believe Touya is? Do you believe Dabi is related to Endeavor? Share your thoughts on the My Hero Academia Todoroki family down in the comments!


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