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15 My Hero Academia Sexiest Girls That Will make Your Cheeks Red

My Hero Academia is one of the hottest anime series out there, and it’s no surprise that fans can’t get enough of its heroes and heroines.

From Ochako Uraraka to Mina Ashido, the sexiest My Hero Academia girls are highly beloved by fans for their intelligence and tenacity.

But who are the 15 gorgeous female characters that round out this list? To find out, read on as we break down the top 15 sexiest My Hero Academia girls! You’ll learn about each heroine’s unique abilities, personality traits, and style.

Whether you’re an experienced fan or a new viewer, you’ll have a great time reliving your favourite scenes with these 15 beautiful ladies in charge. So don’t wait — check out this article now to discover which girl tops our list:


15. Emi Fukukado

Emi Fukukado

Emi Fukukado is undoubtedly the sexiest character in My Hero Academia. From her long, flowing hair to her attractive physique, she’s sure to make any fan swoon. Not only is she aesthetically pleasing, but her intelligence and determination also make her that much more formidable.

She displayed a great mastery of deductive reasoning and stoic calm throughout the show, which have truly made Emi Fukukado stand out as one of the most interesting characters in this series.

Fans are always eagerly awaiting her next appearance in My Hero Academia due to her likability and confidence on screen.

With strong romantic undertones for Midoriya and Emi Fukukado, fans continue to root for them, hoping they will start an amazing bond filled with adventure and romance.

14. Itsuka Kendo

Itsuka Kendo

Itsuka Kendo is a beloved character from the popular manga and anime series, My Hero Academia. Akin to all the female characters featured in the show, Itsuka displays incredible strength and determination. With her beautiful white hair and entrancing eye colour, Itsuka is not only powerful but also incredibly attractive.

She appears during the League of Villains Arc in Season 2 as a student at Umi-No-Academia – the school of famous heroine Hatsume Mei. After joining Class 1-A, Itsuka quickly established herself as a heroine of extraordinary skill and conviction.

Despite her intimidating features, Itsuka also demonstrates an endearing soft side when interacting with her allies and other students.

From a shared admiration of Ochaco Uraraka with Momo Yaoyorozu to enjoying matches with Katsuki Bakugo, Itsuka serves as both an inspiring mentor and a likeable classmate.

13. Rumi Usagiyama

Rumi Usagiyama

Rumi Usagiyama, also known as “Tsuyu” Asui, is one of the top contenders for the title of the sexiest girl in My Hero Academia.

From her stunning features to her charismatic and energetic personality, she stands out among the other characters in the show.

Her slender figure, vibrant green eyes and control over frogs have made Rumi incredibly popular with fans all around the world, who ship or pair her with other characters.

Despite her surprise appearance in Season 4 of My Hero Academia, she has already become a fan favourite due to her being an eager hero in training and her indomitable spirit.

Although she may appear somewhat awkward compared to some of the more experienced heroes, she never fails to impress both allies and enemies alike with her intelligence and tactical abilities.

12. Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura

The sexiest girl of My Hero Academia, Nana Shimura, is a complete package of brains, beauty, and power. She is an inspiring character who values justice in every form and leads her life with an unwavering sense of virtue.

Nana was born into an old and affluent family line of heroes where she developed skills as a young hero-in-training before winding up at UA High School and serving as the mentor of All Might, who is the same age as her grandmother.

Aside from having strength and smarts that make her one hot badass fighter chick, Nana Shimura’s alluring features include long wavy amber hair and light brown eyes.

This driven female hero stands tall in stature with an ample physique that comes second to none. It goes beyond physical appearance, though—Nana has a natural charm, wit, eloquence and politeness all at the same time that’s simply irresistible.

11. Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido is the Sexiest Girl of My Hero Academia, and she definitely stands out from the rest! With her bubbly and outgoing personality, she is certain to keep any conversation rolling.

She has an incredible quirk that allows her to turn her body into acid – a unique ability among all of the other students at U.A. High. Her confident attitude is infectious, even when she is facing tremendous setbacks or seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Not only does she have a bold fashion sense, overflowing with colour and sass, but also she uses her bright attitude to face any problems head-on. Despite all of this, Mina won’t hesitate to help those in need, either.

As one of the most powerful heroes still growing in My Hero Academia, Mina stands as a strong reminder that heroism comes in many shapes and sizes.

10. Uwabami


Uwabami is the sexiest girl in the My Hero Academia series, and no one can deny it. Her beauty, charisma, and powerful quirk set her apart from the rest of the characters. Uwabami’s personality alone is enough to make her stand out from the pack.

She’s confident, self-assured, kind-hearted, and courageous – a trifecta of fantastic qualities that anyone would look for in a potential mate!

As a bonus, she also has incredible superpowers! Additionally, she’s got an iconic style that features a brightly coloured robe and a confident swagger in her gait.

9. Camie


Camie Utsushimi, the sexiest girl in My Hero Academia, has risen to social media fame as a beautiful and confident young woman over the past couple of years.

With her curvaceous body, stunningly light and breezy brown hair and lovely lavender eyes, it’s easy to see why this character has become so beloved by fans.

Camie portrays strength even amidst adversity, allowing her to grow as a person throughout the series. As they all face increasingly treacherous challenges, she’s the one who never gives up hope and seemingly always has a plan.

A recent survey of viewers revealed that Camie is seen as one of the most badass ladies in My Hero Academia. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is also determined and resilient.

Her ability to stay composed under increasing amounts of pressure further adds to her attractiveness and makes for an interesting heroine who remains detailed and complex even when surrounded by chaos.

Despite facing numerous challenges during her time with the team of heroes at UA High School, Camie’s many positive qualities should make her a shining example for anyone looking for real-life inspiration – she is sexy both inside and out.

8. Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume is an exciting character from the popular anime series ‘My Hero Academia’. She’s known for being an eccentric inventor who proudly sports her signature orange goggles.

While she stands out through her in comprehensive usage of language and enthusiasm, it’s no surprise that she recently won a poll for being the ‘Sexiest Girl of My Hero Academia’.

Mei Hatsume is often seen wearing a blue jacket with yellow trimmings and a white-and-grey tiger-striped skirt.

She also usually wears long winter boots, fishnet tights, and a pair of bloomers under her skirt. Her voluminous electric-blue hair is held up by two pink pins shaped like mecha and further accentuated by purple streaks throughout. It is no wonder she is considered to be one of the most stylish characters in the entire show.

7. Nemuri Kayama

Nemuri Kayama

In the world of My Hero Academia, Nemuri Kayama radiates a powerful presence and carries with her an undeniable aura. Not only is she one of the most beautiful characters in the show, but she’s also a serious and capable fighter with immense strength and power.

As the oldest student in the U.A., Nemuri has mastered many types of martial arts and thus stands out among her peers. She acts tough and seems almost scary at first, but deep down, her gentle soul shows why she’s considered one of the sexiest characters in the series.

Her sultry looks, composed composure, and strong battle instincts make her an irresistible superhero. She is witty and sharp-tongued most of the time, yet has an astounding level of maturity that few other characters possess.

Her chiselled figure, perfectly complemented by her long purple hair, makes it easy for any viewer to see why she’s easily at the top of so many fan’s “Sexiest Girl” list from My Hero Academia.

6. Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga is among the most loved characters of My Hero Academia, mainly because of her being incredibly attractive. She’s a villain, but she has that alluring type of beauty which gives an edge to the anime series.

Her looks were designed based on the idea of a demoness, and her choice of clothing is whimsical and daring. She likes wearing casual outfits composed of several layers but usually prefers something cute. Her outlandish pink hair goes nicely with her trademark smirk.

Himiko Toga stands out for being one of the fiercest and sexiest characters in My Hero Academia, thanks to her unpredictable behaviour and sly attitude.

No matter what situation she finds herself in, she always manages to draw everyone’s attention, just like a classic femme fatale.

5. Lady Nagant

Lady Nagant

Lady Nagant is the epitome of seduction in the popular anime, My Hero Academia. Her curves and magnetic personality perpetually leave viewers spellbound and desperate to learn more about her.

Lady Nagant is a beautiful, powerful woman who stands out amongst a sea of other female characters. Her strength is formidable — she can leap great distances and send enemies flying with her omnidirectional beam attack.

However, it’s not pure physical power that makes Lady Nagant so captivating; it’s her poise and poignancy which blend with superhuman capabilities.

She captures viewers’ hearts with her staunch intelligence and invigorating displays of independence, and even flashes of vulnerability.

There has never been a character like Lady Nagant in all of My Hero Academia who embodies both physical prowess as well as emotional intensity at the same time – making her one of the most seductive characters in the entire series.

4. Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo Yaoyorozu is the sexiest girl in ‘My Hero Academia’, and her beauty, both inside and out, captivates fans of the show. At first, Momo was presented to a large audience as an uptight perfectionist who seeks to achieve nothing but success.

But as the series progresses, we come to see her inner beauty and sense of justice shine through. She loves helping others, especially when they are down on their luck and needs a hand up.

Her drive to succeed inspires her friends and motivates them to strive towards their aspirations. Not only is Momo attractive, but she’s also quite intelligent and serves as class president of U.A High School’s Class 1-A.

Her intelligence has helped her create powerful moves like ‘Creation’, which allows her to produce various materials from thin air with just a few minutes of preparation time. She even surpasses All Might in terms of raw power.

3. Yu Takeyama

Yu Takeyama

Yu Takeyama, otherwise known as Mt. Lady, is a popular character from the hit anime My Hero Academia. She is renowned for her beauty and sex appeal, making her a fan favourite with viewers of all ages.

An energetic young woman with a lot of personality, Yu Takeyama, has earned the affection of many for her fun-loving attitude and bravery.

Behind her beautiful exterior lies a powerful hero capable not only of protecting people in need but also delivering justice to supervillains.

Her Quirk gives her the ability to control her body size and make herself gigantic, allowing her to take on some of the most menacing foes in whatever way she desires.

2. Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco Uraraka is the Sexiest Girl of My Hero Academia. She has a lot of spunk and charisma, which draws the attention of all her fans and makes them swoon over her.

She’s a free spirit who isn’t afraid to show her true colours, is proud of her heritage and is never content with the status quo.

Her sweet yet spunky personality is always in full force, no matter where she finds herself. Ochako is strong-willed and determined, making it hard to resist her charm and beauty.

One of Ochako’s most beloved features is her unique purple hairstyle, with its soft, touchable texture that complements her face perfectly.

Combined with her bright eyes, lovely smile, and warm laughter, all those attributes put together make her adorably attractive.

1. Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado is a popular member of My Hero Academia and arguably one of the most attractive characters to ever grace the show. A third-year student at U.A., Nejire is confident and powerful, fighting villains with her unique Quirk Wave Motion.

Not only has Nejire acquired more strength with her Quirk, but she has also been gifted with the breathtaking beauty of anime fans all over the world.

Aside from her remarkable design, Nejire’s complete look – with her pastel turquoise hair, vibrant blue eyes and cute dressing style – is enough to catch anyone’s attention.

She finds fulfilment in helping others and strives hard to become as proficient as possible in all facets of life. All this makes her an incredibly desirable character who looks incredible in any situation there can be.

From casually eating ice cream or hanging out in class, Nejire still appears stunningly beautiful no matter the circumstance – a dream girl for the millions of My Hero Academia fans worldwide.


My Hero Academia has wowed us with its amazing characters, and its female characters are no different. Every girl brings something unique to this amazing show.

It’s very difficult for fans to pick who stands out for being the sexiest, but based on everyone’s votes, it seems that the Top 15 follows a pretty reasonable list of contenders. The personalities, looks, and abilities all make these girls truly stand out from each other in special ways.

Every fan will have their own opinion when it comes to picking their favourite My Hero Academia girl, but we can all agree that all 15 girls have earned their place as some of the hottest superheroines in anime.

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