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Top 17 Best Manhwa Manga Series That Will Increase Your Watch Time

When it comes to finding the very best in the manhwa manga series, it’s not an easy task. With so many high-quality mangas out there, it can be hard to decide which ones stand out from the rest. That’s why we’re here to help.

We have compiled a list of 17 of the best manhwa manga series of all time just for you. From epic adventures of ancient warriors to thrilling paranormal lives of gifted teenagers—our list has them all. Each series is sure to bring you unforgettable hours of thrilling entertainment.

So, come join us and discover the world of manhwa manga today:


17. Tower of God

Tower of God

Tower of God is an incredibly popular Manhwa series that has captivated audiences around the world.

With its unique blend of fantasy and action, Tower of God follows protagonist Bam as he negotiates treacherous yet entrancing tests set in a mysterious tower in order to find his beloved Rachel.

Along the way, Bam meets new friends as well as formidable enemies as he quickly learns that the Tower contains untold wonders and dangers.

Filled with interesting characters and imaginative settings, fans are drawn into this gripping story full of magic, surprises, friendship and betrayal.

16. Winter Woods

Winter Woods

Winter Woods is a manga series by Korean Cartoonist and Illustrator Youngran Lee. The story follows the adventures of Marian Lutz, a small girl with a big heart in outer space.

She lands on a strange planet Winter Woods filled with mysterious creatures living together in harmony. With the help of her human-like companion, Olaf, they discover that they have to save the planet from an alien invasion led by an evil emperor.

With exciting plot twists and a grey area conflict resolution between protagonists and antagonists, Winter Woods is undoubtedly captivating to read.

Every suspenseful chapter is artfully illustrated with detailed line work and vibrant colours and further enhances the journey of Marian’s unique discovery of her identity as well as her selfless determination to protect this new world she has come upon during her galactic adventure.

15. Cheese In The Trap

Cheese in the Trap

The immensely popular Manhwa Manga series “Cheese In The Trap” has created a cult of fans over the years. It revolves around the main characters with contrasting personalities, Yoo Jung and Hong Seol.

Faced with the pressures of studying hard in order to enter a top-tier university, this rom-com is both entertaining and insightful, touching upon themes of everyday life in college that could not be more relatable for today’s generation.

As the story progresses further away from college, it transforms into a thrilling tale of love and betrayal between important characters who seem to all have something to hide.

14. Can’t see, can’t hear but love

Cant See Cant Hear But Love

Can’t see, can’t hear but love is an inspiring Manhwa Manga series that tells an amazing story of how two souls find each other and conquer their disabilities to achieve true love.

Written by a renowned Korean artist, the beautifully scripted Manhwa plot follows a young man named Seyoon, who is blind from birth and his complex relationship with Ryu Yoojin, a deaf girl.

Despite the physical limitations of both characters, their love for each other transcends the boundaries of their disabilities and succeeds in finding hope and healing.

Through this manga, we learn that even when people experience challenges in life, everyone has something to offer another if they take the time to share themselves with someone special.

For readers looking for an inspirational tale about courage, resilience, and strong bonds, then Can’t see, can’t hear, but love is a perfect choice.

13. Annarasumanara


Annarasumanara is an intriguing comic series by acclaimed Korean artist Ha Il-Kwon, first published in 2001. This manga drama follows the lives of three teenagers living on the fringes of society who meet a mysterious magician.

He helps them to discover their inner power and questions the status quo with his unique worldview.

Annarasumanara appeals to readers of all ages due to its thoughtful and provoking story that tackles difficult themes such as homelessness, justice and identity. The clever use of metaphors and commentary on class structure adds depth and meaning to this remarkable manhwa manga series.

Through its beautiful illustrations, vibrant colours and imaginative storylines, Annarasumanara offers a powerful narrative that speaks truthfully about the state of our world today while still providing readers with an enjoyable experience they can share with others without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

12. Immortal Regis

Immortal Regis

Immortal Regis is an exciting manhwa manga series that follows the story of a young swordsman named Hiiragi. With a loyal team behind him, Hiiragi embarks on an incredible journey to search for the secret to immortality.

He must battle his way through deadly enemies and labyrinths to find the truth and protect mankind from destruction.

Hiiragi’s allies each have special abilities that help them fight off monsters, robots and ancient gods as they travel across continents in pursuit of Immortality.

Not only is this manga full of thrilling adventure, but it also explores themes such as loyalty, ambition and self-discovery.

From its visually stunning artwork to its diverse characters, Immortal Regis takes readers on an unforgettable journey of epic battles, unexpected plot twists and friendship that is truly inspiring.

11. Noblesse


Noblesse is a Manhwa Manga series that follows the story of a vampire, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel or better known as Rai.

This beloved protagonist, who has been sleeping for 820 years and lived in exile, awakens in modern-day Korea and soon discovers that vampires have evolved into their own powerful society since his slumber.

Having gained newfound strength and abilities due to an undisclosed researcher, Rai must protect the peace between vampires, humans and other supernatural races living in South Korea.

His first companion is the teenage human girl, Shinwoo – with whom he embarks on many unforgettable adventures.

Noblesse delivers an action-packed thriller filled with suspenseful moments and thrilling plot twists. With its complex characters, intriguing storyline and diverse settings, Noblesse has become an exciting series with a large following among fans of both Manhwa Manga as well as dark fantasy sagas.

10. Defense Devil

Defense Devil

Among the most popular manhwa manga series of all time, Defense Devil stands out due to its unique storyline, interesting characters and quality artwork.

Written by Yun Jae-Ho and illustrated by Yang Kyung-Il, the story follows a devil lawyer named Kucabol in his quest to defend human souls from the malevolent King of Hell.

The series is set in contemporary times, with supernatural elements thrown in for good measure. Kucabol’s opponents range from powerful beings like angels and demons to monsters and other creatures from beyond this world–testing his abilities as a defence attorney every step of the way.

His relationships with his clients and even colleagues play a major role in his decisions as he fights for justice.

This mix of horror, suspenseful realism and fantasy makes Defense Devil an intriguing read that is sure to keep readers engaged while they explore this unconventional world.

9. The Breaker

The Breaker

The Breaker is a wildly popular Manhwa Manga series created by Jinho Ko. The story follows Shi-Woon Yi and his chance encounter with Chun-Woo Han, who saves his life from bullies.

Through an unexpected twist of fate, Shi-Woon discovers that Chun-Woo is in fact, the legendary martial artist “The Breaker” and joins him to become the strongest fighter possible.

With unequalled art quality and fast-paced story progression, it comes as no surprise that the rich characters of this thrilling series have earned countless fans around the world. No matter if you are a fan of action manhwa or martial arts stories, The Breaker deserves your attention.

It provides outstanding characterization along with scenes packed with stunning hidden meaning, which will keep you hooked till the very end.

There’s nothing like The Breaker when you want to get lost in an action-packed journey full of robust plot developments and emotion-surging storylines.

8. 4 Cut Hero

4 Cut Hero

4 Cut Hero is an exciting new Manhwa Manga Series with original and creative artwork developed and published by StoryPlanet Comics.

This thrilling adventure series follows a young hero through his journey to becoming the famed, legendary 4 Cut Hero.

Along the way, our protagonist must battle against monster villains and dodge numerous traps to save himself and protect innocent civilians.

The story has a great combination of humour, action and drama that keeps readers invested in the action-packed plot.

All this is set against interesting environments and conditions, making 4 Cut Hero highly desirable for manga fans from all walks of life to read.

7. The God of High Schools

The God of High School

The God of High Schools” is an exciting manhwa manga series that has garnered international acclaim. Written by Korean artist and author Yongje Park, the story follows a powerful event for high school fighters called The God of High School Tournament.

Through gripping action, dynamic characters and intriguing plotlines, “The God of High School” immerses readers in its world of martial arts combats and supernatural abilities.

The tournament itself serves as the backbone for the story and involves martial artists from all manner of schools competing with each other in gruelling physical combat.

With its combination of vibrant colours and dazzling effects,  “The God of High Schools” has become one of the most popular manhwa manga series in recent years.

Its intricate plot line keeps readers captivated to the end as it slowly reveals deeper themes such as power, honour, loyalty and courage.

6. Bastard


“Bastard” is an exciting tale about two characters, Sang-min and Min Je. As both are on opposite sides of the law, their story soon intertwines as they battle to fulfil their respective objectives.

Through numerous action scenes and unfolding high-octane drama, the pair face countless moral dilemmas while they discover who they truly are. Who will flourish among all?

There are endless opportunities for readers to explore their inner darkness as the story uncovers a world of bloodthirsty villains and unconventional superheroes.

The mysterious twists and turns create a thrilling atmosphere that keeps readers captivated from beginning to end.

5. The Gamer

The Gamer

The Gamer is an extremely popular manhwa manga series that has been gaining attention for its unique storyline and action-packed, non-stop adrenaline rushes.

It follows the protagonist, Han Jee-Han, a high school boy with the ability to manifest his inner game character as he attempts to navigate his way through fantasy battles and dreamy scenarios.

The manhwa is quickly becoming an international hit due to its mix of genres, from romantic comedy to horror and action, providing readers with an exciting variety of excitement in every chapter.

With stunning artwork by artist Sang-Ah Lee, memorable characters who stay in the heart even after the last page of each issue is turned, and engaging cliffhangers that make it impossible not to reserve a slot for the next instalment each month, The Gamer is one manhwa series that truly stands out among fans.

4. Something About Us

Something About Us

Something About Us is an exciting and emotionally-charged manhwa manga series that follows the lives of two high school students as they navigate the challenges of love, school life, and relationships.

The story centres around Soo Ah, a hardworking student with a bright future, and Jung Min, an introverted boy who uses music to express himself.

After an unexpected encounter leads them to become closer, they start to explore their emotions while getting through all of the everyday pressures of being in high school.

With its heartfelt plot twists and realistic portrayal of teenage angst, readers will certainly appreciate this series.

As one of the most popular manhwa manga series on the market today, Something About Us should definitely not be overlooked by fans of romance genre stories and lovers of Korean comics alike.

3. I Love Yoo 

i love yoo

I Love Yoo, written and illustrated by Quimchee, is a popular South Korean Manhwa Manga series that has captivated readers the world over.

I Love Yoo tells the story of Shin-Ae and her journey from being an ordinary high school student to finding out the truth about her family.

This grand love story takes unexpected turns, filled with adventure and self-reflection, as Shin-Ae discovers just how connected she is to a far greater destiny.

She must juggle her two suitors—the kindhearted Ham Dan and serious misanthrope Jun Gi–as they battle for her heart while she learns to trust herself and make decisions that she can be proud of.

I Love Yoo’s exuberant art style and narrative are sure to keep you hooked even if you’re not a fan of manga or manhwa series.  Be prepared to laugh and cry, but mostly feel the strong emotions that surround this epic romance between Heaven and Earth.

2. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling, a Manhwa manga series, has gained significant worldwide popularity since its release in 2018.

Following the life of 10-level hunter Sung Jin-Woo, Solo Leveling keeps readers riveted with its action and fantasy elements.

The story follows the protagonist on his quest to become the most powerful solo hunter in history – an undertaking that puts him up against monsters and bosses that are far more difficult to vanquish than those faced by other hunters.

This spine-tingling tale is not only appreciated for its engaging plot but also beloved for its aesthetics and artwork.

However, more than anything else, it’s the dynamic character arc of our main protagonist that has captivated readers from all around the world.

1. Kasane


Kasane is a thought-provoking, and visually stunning Manhwa manga series fans of the action/romance genre won’t want to miss.

Written by Amy Satou, each chapter follows protagonist Kasane’s quest for self-discovery as she must grapple with themes of identity and purpose in relation to her true parentage.

The story centres around Kasane’s oblique journey toward enrichment side by side with her pseudo family and friend network – a complex thread revealing much about familial expectations and personal fulfilment. Love, friendship, betrayal and a hint of romance are all core elements of an ever-winding plot.

Visual composition is expectedly exquisite as our main character progresses towards finding herself – powerful artwork leads the reader through pages that burst with arresting use of vibrant colours and big emotion.


So, there you have it – our top picks for the best manhwa manga series of all time. Every series offers a unique combination of art style and storytelling that is sure to please even the savviest fanatics.

Whether you’re looking for something light or dark, fantastical or realistic – there’s something here compiled through 17 of the best manhwa manga series available from different countries around the world. We hope this helps as you explore manhwa manga – thanks for reading.

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