You are currently viewing Top 15 Most Famous ISTP Anime Characters Ranked by Fans in 2023

Top 15 Most Famous ISTP Anime Characters Ranked by Fans in 2023

Have you ever wondered which anime characters epitomize the best qualities of being an ISTP? The ISTP type is characterized by their practicality, rational problem-solving skills, and logical approach to life.

To help you in your own personal search for characters that share similar traits, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best ISTP anime characters of all time. Take a look and see if any strike your fancy.

We’ll explore what makes these characters unique to the ISTP type along with some of their distinguishing personality traits.

Read on to find out which classic character will become your new favourite:


15. Ging free from Hunter X Hunter

Ging free from Hunter X Hunter

Ging Freecss is the father of Gon Freecss and one of the most formidable Hunters in the world of Hunter X Hunter. He is an ISTP anime character who expresses his introverted thinking through a relaxed, often sardonic attitude, making it difficult to predict his actions or motives.

His tertiary function, Introverted Sensing, leads him to assess situations before taking action, and he notably uses hindsight as a tool for future prevention.

His auxiliary Extraverted Feeling allows him to easily adapt to others and befriend them very easily without having to do much on his part.

Ging sees himself as someone who is constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with new ideas, which help him be creative when problem-solving both in battle and life; he emphasizes that knowledge is power but ultimately takes action based on intuition.

His advanced abilities come from decades of dedicated training, making him a strong independent fighter whom even seasoned Hunters admire.

14. Rakshata Chawla from Code Geass

Rakshata Chawla from Code Geass

Rakshata Chawla from the hit anime series Code Geass is an ISTP character that many admire. Her genius and intelligence earned her the title of genius scientist, which was well-deserved.

Rakshata’s expertise lies in engineering, computing, and other related fields. She stands out for her ability to create some stunningly advanced technologies, as well as her insight into complicated scientific theories.

Despite her winnings and talents, however, Rakshata remains humble and down-to-earth. Known for being calm but firm when necessary, she is an invaluable asset for whichever side she allies with.

Her enthusiasm for science makes her a valuable asset yet does not detract from her strong sense of morality. Above all else, Rakshata is a brilliant woman who inspires loyalty and respect from those who know her best.

13. Dutch from Black Lagoon

Dutch from Black Lagoon

Dutch from Black Lagoon is an ISTP anime character that has become immensely popular due to his precise tactics and merciless nature. He always keeps a cool demeanour even in the most chaotic of situations, which makes him an ideal candidate for dangerous jobs.

As an ISTP, Dutch has an aptitude for mechanics, science and engineering, which greatly contributes to his strength as a fighter in The Black Lagoon series. His creative solutions to unexpected problems often leave enemies dumbfounded at how quickly he solves them.

He is also known to be aloof and independent, making him a fan favourite when it comes to protagonists who forge their own paths against social norms.

Despite his cold-blooded exterior, deep down, Dutch actually has a strong moral code that drives most of his actions. This makes him one of the most effective yet ultimately human characters in the entire anime genre.

12. Stephen Gevanni from Death Note

Stephen Gevanni from Death Note

Stephen Gevanni is an ISTP anime character from the popular series Death Note. A detective by trade, Gevanni has a strong sense of justice and integrity in his investigation technique.

He is highly organized and logical, allowing him to make careful deductions in the chaos of L’s endeavours. He uses his keen intellect to solve mysteries, often thinking outside the box to uncover clandestine information.

Gevanni’s ability to remain organized while confronting the chaos surrounding L’s team was one of the reasons he was ultimately successful in investigating Light Yagami’s death note use.

An iconic ISTP figure, Stephen Giovanni embodies the type’s dedication to putting principles into action as well as their natural affinity for problem-solving.

11. Tsubaki Amamiya From God Eater

Tsubaki Amamiya From God Eater

Tsubaki Amamiya from the popular anime series ‘God Eater’ is an ISTP (introverted, sensing, thinking, perceiving) character who is brave and brilliant.

As a member of the elite squad “Fenrir”, Tsubaki demonstrates courage while carrying out her mission to protect humanity against powerful raging monsters.

Despite her impressive fighting capabilities and tactical intelligence, she sometimes struggles to understand her own emotions.

While Tsubaki takes calculated risks when in combat, she also follows specific procedures that ensure safety for herself and those around her – making sure not to put anyone’s life at risk unless absolutely necessary.

Additionally, Tsubaki strives to solve logical problems related to her mission. She rarely relies on the help of others because, ultimately, she knows it’s best to solve matters independently.

10. Vulcan Joseph from Fire Force

Vulcan Joseph From Fire Force

Vulcan Joseph from Fire Force is an ISTP character that stands out due to his unique pair of skills. His vision and intelligence give him the power to think on his feet and come up with well-thought-out strategies in order to navigate through troublesome situations.

His no-nonsense approach to life scenarios reflects his artistic side as a creative individual.

He often approaches obstacles as if events were playing out within some kind of game board; thus, he is seen as pragmatic and calculated when conducting his tasks. Vulcan exercises total confidence while making decisions, even during the most dangerous of encounters.

He inherently believes in himself and consequently avoids placing too much faith in others; this often causes tension with more trusting members of the Fire Force team. His loyalty towards his comrades runs deep, however, so most conflicts do not deny this partnership for long.

9. Emiya Kiritsugu From Fate Series

Emiya Kiritsugu From Fate Series

Emiya Kiritsugu from Fate Series is one of the most iconic anime characters of all time. As an ISTP or ‘The Logistician’, Emiya Kiritsugu is an intuitive maverick who has a strong sense of independent thinking.

He is excellent in strategy making and he seeks to improve any system that he perceives as inefficient. He often takes decisive and firm action in order to make real changes and always remains unbending even when surrounded by chaos and confusion.

Emiya Kiritsugu stands out for his unlimited willingness to do anything for the benefit of others, especially those he loves deeply.

His strength of will allows him to always come out on top, but his own moral compass allows him to stay true to himself as well.

8. Sanada Ryu from Kimi niTodoke

Sanada Ryu from Kimi niTodoke

Sanada Ryu from the shojo anime Kimi ni Todoke is a popular character with an ISTP (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Perception) personality type. He’s a bit of a loner and somewhat introverted, but he slowly opens up to Sawako and even develops feelings for her.

His perseverance is driven by logic rather than emotion; he may come off as unfeeling and distant at times, but it’s because he only speaks the cold hard truth – making his words all the more powerful. Underneath his cold exterior lies a passionate soul that yearns to connect with someone on a deeper level.

Sanada has an observant eye which makes it easy for him to understand people quickly. However, his words are often too blunt and honest, which can lead to misunderstandings between himself and others.

Sanada is quick-thinking and prefers to solve problems using practical methods instead of relying on imagination or fancy ideas.

When faced with danger or potential stressors, Ryu tends to use rational judgment skills instead of being heavily influenced by emotions which can help him make unbiased decisions in tricky situations.

He has tremendous loyalty towards his close friends, protecting them from any harm, even in dire circumstances.

7. Lloyd Asplund from Code Geass

Lloyd Asplund From Code Geass

Lloyd Asplund is an ISTP anime character originating from the critically acclaimed series Code Geass. He is a brilliant scientist, highly analytical, and a quick-thinking problem solver who isn’t afraid to challenge authority if the situation calls for it.

His logical and observant reasoning allows him to process complex situations quickly and take action on his hunches when necessary.

Lloyd is an excellent strategist due to his ability to comprehend data rapidly and develop long-term plans with multiple variables taken into consideration.

Though his smarts help him in combat as well, he prefers to take action away from the frontlines and analyze data from behind the scenes.

His intuitive grasp of politics also makes him quite invaluable in times of struggle, as he can pinpoint weaknesses in enemy forces through careful monitoring of engagements.

6. Hatsuharu Souma from Fruits Basket

Hatsuharu Souma From Fruits Basket

Hatsuharu Soma from Fruits Basket is a complex character whose ISTP traits make him both aloof and intriguing. He’s analytical and observant, possessing an impressive aptitude for problem-solving.

He finds creative ways to solve dilemmas but prefers not to interfere in others’ business. His temperamental nature hides behind his stoic exterior, which usually keeps people guessing about what he’s thinking.

Despite being inclined towards independent approaches, Hatsuharu is strongly guided by loyalty which he deeply respects.

Disliking a lot of unnecessary conversations and having little patience for people that talk without thinking, Hatsuharu acts with determination to reach his goals – even if it means being misunderstood or feeling isolated sometimes.

5. Haruhi Fujioka From Ouran Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka From Ouran Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka is one of the most iconic and beloved characters of the Ouran Host Club anime. Haruhi is an ISTP (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving) character whose life is full of surprises and exciting adventures.

Despite being from a middle-class family, Haruhi has won a scholarship to the prestigious Ouran High School. At first, she clashes with her rich and elite classmates, but her intelligence and wit soon endear her to them as they begin to appreciate her talents as a person.

Unfortunately, she finds herself embroiled in increasing debt after signing a contract with the host club at school that puts her in charge of becoming a member host in order to pay off her loan.

While trying to accomplish this task, Haruhi’s unique perspective on life gives her strength and courage to overcome many challenges.

4. Takeru Gouda From Tsurezure Children

Takeru Gouda From Tsurezure Children

Takeru Gouda from the popular anime series Tsurezure Children is one of the most beloved ISTP anime characters. He is an introverted and independent individual who has a great sense of humour.

He also possesses a unique intelligence that helps him think logically, even in difficult situations. Takeru might be shy and withdrawn around others, but he shows his love for others around him in his own silent way by showing rarely-expressed emotion through small gestures or delicate attention to detail.

His personality often makes him come off as mysterious, but those who get to know him to discover his hidden warmth and devoted nature, making them want to protect him.

3. Iwaizumi Hajime From Haikyuu!

Iwaizumi Hajime From Haikyuu!

Iwaizumi Hajime from Haikyuu! is the perfect representation of an ISTP character. He is vibrant, sports-minded and reliable, often providing balanced insight to his friends and teammates.

Iwaizumi is level-headed and has a pragmatic view of what he can accomplish. On the court, he has superior physical prowess, allowing him to fend off most opponents. His interactions with others reflect his observational skills and patience when analyzing situations before making decisions.

His logical nature does not limit Iwaizumi’s ability to be warm and accepting towards others; in particular, Oikawa and Hinata are both very important to him as he opens up emotionally to them at various points in the series.

In essence, Iwaizumi’s ISTP qualities make him an invaluable asset to the volleyball team and even a heroic figure due to his loyal friendship and incredible fortitude on the court.

2. Roronoa Zooro Starting from One Piece

Roronoa Zoro From One Piece

Every anime fan has heard of Roronoa Zoro, the swordsman from One Piece, who is one of the main protagonists in this popular shonen series.

Zoro has a mysterious past, incredible strength, and an unwavering moral code that makes him stand out from other characters of the same type.

As an ISTP Anime character, Zoro is driven by his sense of justice and exhibits the courage to always stand up against any kind of threat or injustice. He never hesitates to take on any challenge with his excellent fighting skill set and razor-sharp intellect.

His meticulous attention to detail allows him to think strategically and come out victorious even when outnumbered or outgunned.

His black bandanna symbolizes his unwavering loyalty and hunger for knowledge, further distinguishing him as an ISTP Anime character at its best.

1. Sukuna From Jujutsu Kaisen

Sukuna From Jujutsu Kaisen

Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most powerful characters in the anime world. He was known as the King of Curses and was defeated by a group of Jujutsu sorcerers who wanted to protect humanity from his chaotic, destructive power.

Sukuna’s strength is acknowledged even by the strongest sorcerers, and despite being constantly underestimated in battle, he perseveres and continuously proves himself to be a formidable adversary.

His abilities are far beyond what is believed possible for an ISTP personality type, granting him a brinkmanship style of strategic combat which can provide both useful offence and unexpected defence for his teammates when calculated correctly.

His agility allows him to access tight spots and traverse environments with ease, resulting in trappings that powerful opponents often find difficult, if not impossible, to escape from.


The 15 best ISTP anime characters are nothing short of inspiring and incredible. Every single one of them holds a special place in our hearts as well as in history as some of the most riveting characters to ever grace the anime medium.

They carry with them powerful traits such as resourcefulness and sharp wit, yet maintain an adrenaline-filled streak that guarantees unforgettable battles against their opponents.

Everyone has a unique underlying story that motivates them to stay true to their goal while managing their inner power and quirkiness to perfection. When it comes to ISTP anime characters, these 15 have made a mark that can never be erased.

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