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How old is Dabi? Touya Todoroki Facts Exposed

If you’re an avid manga reader, then you likely have heard of the mysterious character Dabi. Both villains and heroes alike have been trying to uncover his true identity in the My Hero Academia series, but it can be difficult to piece together all the facts.

If you’re looking to finally unravel this mystery and learn more about this popular criminal mastermind, continue reading this article. Here, we will provide a comprehensive overview of Dabi’s speculated age and other interesting facts associated with his character.

We will explore what could be Touya Todoroki’s age by examining data from the official manga as well as popular fan theories. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to help shed light on one of the most mysterious characters in the series.


Dabi’s Insufficiency Of Heat Resistance

Dabi's Insufficiency Of Heat Resistance

In the world of My Hero Academia, Dabi is unarguably one of the most alluring yet mysterious characters. His Quirk, Insufficiency of Heat Resistance, is remarkable and powerful, yet enigmatic. It has the ability to incinerate whatever it touches very quickly and with a sheer amount of control.

The more he uses his Quirk, the more strain and exhaustion his body takes – this serves as a limit to his fighting power. At its highest level, Dabi’s heat can reach between 3000-4000 degrees Celsius – a temperature sure to melt anything that comes in contact with it super quickly.

Despite its strength, though, as stated earlier, there are certain drawbacks associated with this Quirk. If used too much at once or for an extended period of time, Dabi could suffer from physical exhaustion leading to long-term complications if not careful enough.

Dabi’s true intentions

Dabi’s true intentions in My Hero Academia have been the subject of much fan speculation ever since his introduction as an enigmatic villain. His critical role and unique backstory hint at a far greater purpose than what is presented on the surface, leading fans to explore deeper theories of his past and character.

However, with the mysterious nature of each member of the League of Villains, it has been difficult to determine Dabi’s ultimate plan. While knowledge of his goals may remain hidden for now, the characters’ fascinating interactions together indicate that he undoubtedly plays an important role in furthering TomuraShigaraki’s machinations.

Dabi He Lose His Tear Ducts

Dabi He Lose His Tear Ducts

Dabi’s character triumphs over his disability as he has lost his tear ducts. This lack of tear ducts was due to Dabi’s Quirk being an upwards fire generation that intensified with powerful emotions, literally melting the relevant glands. Despite this difficulty, though, Dabi perseveres and carries on by improving himself and his skill set within the League of Villains.

Although we may not know his backstory in its entirety, it is enough to paint a picture of strength and perseverance in the face of difficult obstacles.

A popular fan theory suggests that there might be more to Dabi’s story than meets the eye. However, fans must wait until further episodes of My Hero Academia are released in order to resolve this lingering mystery.

No matter what happens, however, one thing remains certain: despite losing his tear ducts, Dabi remains an admirable powerhouse who should inspire us all to never give up.

What exactly is this? Age of Dabi?

We know that he’s physically around 19 -20 years old, but the mystery lies in his true identity and his actual age relative to other characters in the series. There have been fan theories over time suggesting that he may be unstuck in time or even immortal, but nothing has yet been confirmed by official sources or closely examined during show events.

The truth behind Dabi’s age remains unknown to this day, making him even more enigmatic and intriguing. Letting lose our imaginations on this matter can lead to some very interesting scenarios and ideas.

What if Dabi runs into somebody from his past? How old would he actually be throughout those times? We may never find out for sure until My Hero Academia provides us with more clues about his background, but that creates even more excitement as we eagerly await more information.

Dabi was abused as a child.

Dabi was abused as a child.

As we learn throughout the series, he suffered horrific abuse at the hands of his father during his childhood. This shape-shifted their dynamic and led to what would ultimately become an abusive relationship between father and son. He experienced various forms of physical, mental, and social abuse from both adults as well as his peers growing up.

His trauma resulted in him embracing the “villain” lifestyle later on in life, where he attempted to fill the void for dominance that was robbed of him during his childhood.

He proves time and again that despite coming from an unfortunate situation, there is still hope for those who have been traumatized by abuse to not give into it but instead use it as a force for good.

Touya Todoroki Desired To Be A Hero

Touya Todoroki, brother of Shoto Todoroki, is a student at the prestigious U.A. High School who desires to become a hero like his brother. Touya was bullied as a child and has seen the powers of heroes first-hand through Shoto’s accomplishments.

While this could have made him more apprehensive about pursuing his dream of becoming a hero, instead, it drove him to work even harder at achieving it. Learning from fiery pro-hero Endeavor’s example of striving for greatness, Touya began his mission with vigour and optimism.

Additionally, Touya is also motivated by wanting to protect others in need -just as All Might did for him when he was a child– which translates into his commitment to mastering his own superpower.

Although we still don’t know what Quirk he possesses, Touya intends to hone it and use it as a beacon of hope such that no one will feel left behind ever again– an admirable goal indeed. In the My Hero Academia anime series, Touya’s story continues to capture the audience’s attention due to its inspirational message: never give up on your dreams.

Dabi and His Role

Dabi is a mysterious and conflicted character in the popular anime series My Hero Academia. His complicated identity has caused many viewers to speculate whether he is a hero or a villain. As the son of Endeavour, the number two ranked pro-hero, Dabi uses his powers to fight the League of Villains, which puts him into conflict with his own father.

Whether his motivations come from some twisted sense of justice, personal vendetta, or something else entirely, Dabi’s actions suggest that he is more morally ambiguous than one might expect for a comic book villain.

He even played a key role in saving both Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki and proved to be an invaluable asset to the heroes despite his tenuous relationship with them.

However, just like any other character, only time will tell if this anti-hero’s story ends with redemption or tragedy. It appears that while viewers know very little about Dabi, they can always guarantee plenty of surprises when it comes to his larger story arc in My Hero Academia.

Touya Todoroki was just thirteen when he made up for his death.

When the story of My Hero Academia begins, the world’s beloved hero and the symbol of peace, All Might, has recently lost his powers. Touya Todoroki, All Might’s nephew, makes a sudden entrance into the series at this juncture.

He is revealed to have just thirteen years when he steps up to provide the people with hope and security before the fruition of All Might’s plan. He thus acts as a rallying point for heroes everywhere and single-handedly manages to improve public confidence in heroes even though it comes down to his imminent death.

But thanks to some help from his fellow U.A. Class 1-A classmates, Touya is able to successfully defeat Nine and also make up for his death by saving both Katsuki Bakugou and Gran Torino from backstabbing Kai Chisaki.

This selfless act serves as proof that even a kid can be capable enough of saving humankind with the power of courage which makes for an inspiring anime experience.

Cremation: The name of Dabi’s quirk

Cremation, the Quirk wielded by the villainous Dabi in My Hero Academia, is a powerful ability that allows its user to increase their body temperature to extreme heat levels. By doing so, they can generate fire and even melt metal objects with great ease.

With this power, Dabi is a formidable enemy who poses a great threat to the safety of all heroes. Cremation allows Dabi to quickly set fire to objects or opponents from afar without risking harm inflicted upon himself. However, those caught in his range can suffer major burns or be incinerated if their endurance isn’t strong enough.

To make matters worse, Dabi’s quirk immunity gives him immunity to heat or flames, making it difficult for other fire-based quirks to combat his own. It is also important to note that cremation does not only generate fire but lava as well, making it an even more hazardous power when used without caution.

The Fire Of Dabi’s Power

Dabi’s power in My Hero Academia is one of absolute terror and awe. His blue flames have been seen to incinerate his opponents into nothingness and reduce even the strongest of materials to ash. He has a quirk called “Cremation” that allows him to control blue flames powerful enough to burn through steel with ease.

But that’s not all – his flames also possess regenerative powers, enabling him to heal wounds or breach walls of seemingly impassable strength.

In short, Dabi’s fire is an element of immense strength, unmatched by any hero or villain. Despite its immense destructive potential, Dabi has used it sparingly to achieve victory and is actually a stoic and strategic tactician when it comes to battle-making use of this dangerous ability in a calculated manner.

His flame power may be imposing, but no one can ignore how effective it has been in allowing him to hold sway over even some of the top-class professionals from the hero world.

Dabi’s weaknesses

Dabi is an enigmatic villain in My Hero Academia who presents huge challenges for the heroes to overcome due to his powerful flames and mysterious background. Although Dabi is extremely strong and dangerous, he has quite a few weaknesses.

His main weakness lies mainly in his temperance: his attacks are merciless but often unwarranted, driven by emotions rather than strategy. This can lead him to make rash decisions which can be used against him by experienced fighters. He’s also very lone wolf-like and avoids teamwork, which again puts him at a disadvantage on the battlefield.

Other major weaknesses include being weak against ice-based attacks since fire and ice are natural opposites. Although Dabi possesses impressive destructive power, these inherent flaws in his character make him highly susceptible to defeat if faced with an opposing team of heroes with a good tactical plan.


Determining Dabi’s age is tied to many conflicting rumours and facts. Since Endeavor took over as the Number 1 hero, it is estimated that not long after, Touya Todoroki was born and chosen as his successor.

By factoring in the approximate timeline of events revealed throughout the manga, viewers can accurately assess that Dabi is roughly 19-20 years old. While speculations around his true identity and age can never be definitively proven or disproven, these theories make for fascinating conjecture among My Hero Academia fans.


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