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Top 18 Most Lovable Horimiya Characters – Time to Fall in Love

Are you a fan of Horimiya and searching for the best characters of all time? Look no further. This article highlights the 18 lovable Horimiya characters that have made us fall in love with this manga series.

Get ready to explore each of these beloved and iconic characters, which are presented here with detailed descriptions of their appearances, quirks, and more. Experience what makes them unique and special by diving into this wonderful list – you won’t regret it.

Let’s get started on this memorable journey and learn about these lovable Horimiya characters:


18. Makio Tanihara

Makio Tanihara

One of the lovable characters in the popular manga series Horimiya is Makio Tanihara. He is a charming and affable fourth-year student at Kuoh Academy. His personality is breathtaking as he’s well-mannered, friendly, and humble towards the people around him.

One of the traits that make fans fall in love with him is that Makio is very loyal to his friends, willing to go to great lengths for them without any hesitation.

Out of all his attributes, he’s especially knowledgeable about medicine and has skillfully handled medical crises when needed.

Makio Tanihara is like a burst of sunshine on a rainy day who brightens up everybody’s lives by always being true to himself and staying positive even when faced with difficult times.

17. Yuriko Hori

Yuriko Hori

Yuriko Hori is a lovable character from the popular manga and anime series, Horimiya. She is the kind-hearted mother and wife of the main protagonists, Kazumi and Izumi Hori.

Yuriko is known for her empathetic & caring demeanour, which she uses to support and encourage those around her — daughter Kyoko, son Sota and husband Kazumi.

But beneath that kind, doting exterior lies a strong-willed personality capable of tough decisions, making her one of the most dynamic characters in the franchise.

Yuriko is also a brilliant cook who cherishes happy family time at the dinner table shared with her beloved husband and children, making it one of the most endearing moments in all of Horimiya.

16. Motoko Iura

Motoko Iura

Motoko Iura is one of the most beloved characters of the popular romantic comedy series, Horimiya. Intelligent, smart and confident, she instantly captured the hearts of viewers when she made her first appearance in the story. As a student at school and friend to Kyosuke, Motoko’s determined yet gentle spirit stands out.

With her friendship with Izumi leading to discovering new truths about herself and her life view changing, it’s no wonder why we are drawn to this lovable character.

Watching her grow from an introverted girl into someone who learns to trust others has been instrumental in helping fans understand the importance of looking past what is immediately visible.

Her mischievous antics and resolute determination had us laughing out loud as she embarked on countless memorable adventures alongside Kyosuke and their friends.

15. Reiko Terajima

Reiko Terajima

Reiko Terajima, a key character in the series Horimiya, is one of the most beloved characters of all time. Characterized by her devotion and dedication to soccer, loud personality and good sense of humour, Reiko is truly an inspiration.

She also strives for her family, setting goals even during adversity. Reiko’s enthusiasm for life is admirable, as she faces challenges with resilience and grace. Boisterous yet always true to her closest friends, she can always be counted on to provide kind words when needed most.

As part of the Horimiya crew since its early days, Reiko has endeared herself to both fans of the series and readers around the world.

Her deep relationships with all members bring a sense of belonging which helps unite us while also connecting us to our own feelings of loyalty and friendship.

14. Kakeru Sengoku

Kakeru Sengoku

Kakeru Sengoku is gentle, kind-hearted, and caring with a strong passion for music. Kakeru has the ability to bring smiles to people’s faces effortlessly. His charm lies in his ability to put others before himself and his loyalty towards his friends and family.

Kakeru brings humour into the life of those around him and isn’t afraid to be honest about his feelings. As a character, he represents a loveable side – someone who will go through almost anything for those he holds dear. His enthusiasm and eagerness to help are exemplary qualities that make audiences easily connect with him.

Kakeru’s unwavering dedication toward Miyamura and Kyosuke further impresses viewers, and they closely follow every episode of Horimiya to watch their favourite characters grow together.

13. Shin Yasuda

Shin Yasuda

Shin Yasuda is one of the most beloved characters in the incredibly popular Horimiya series. He is a childhood friend of Ichigo, the main character, and the two have been best friends since they were little. Shin’s upbeat and lighthearted personality makes everyone around him happy.

It’s his outgoing nature that almost always gets him into trouble with his parents, but he never fails to forgive them as soon as possible. Shin loves spending time with his friends, going to karaoke or hanging out at the arcade. 

His joy for life is infectious, and it’s always a pleasure to watch him in action. Even though Shin sometimes gets himself into sticky situations, his heart is always in the right place.

He cares deeply for those around him and will do anything he can to make sure they are safe and content. He also has an immense amount of respect for others and their feelings, not just Ichigo’s but everyone else’s too, which adds another layer of admiration from readers towards this endearing character.

Shin Yasuda truly brings a lot of warmth, humour and love to the story of Horimiya, which is why he remains one of the most cherished characters throughout numerous instalments, making him one of the greatest lovable characters ever drawn in manga history!

12. Sakura Kouno

Sakura Kouno

Sakura Kouno is certainly one of the most lovable characters of all time in the well-known Japanese manga series Horimiya.

Despite being just a high school student, she always manages to be calm and level-headed when faced with any kind of problem or situation.

The anime series also focuses on her mature, collected personality, which makes her extremely popular among fans. She has a unique comedic style where she often makes fun of herself and other characters in an effort to get out of sticky situations. 

Her passion for music is especially notable – she plays several instruments and takes part in various music competitions throughout the series.

Additionally, she handles her social life gracefully as well – her friendships are strong and meaningful, as shown through her deep bond with Kyoe Yokozawa – they’ve been friends since they were children, after all.

We can’t help but adore this gentle and down-to-earth anime character who’s always smiling despite the hardships she faced in her life.

11. Kouichi Shindou

Kouichi Shindou

Kouichi Shindou is a quiet and shy individual who is always looking out for others, even to his own detriment. His best friend, Yuki, has always been there for him since they were kids, and Kouichi knows that he can rely on her at any time.

One of their most endearing traits of Kouichi is how he expresses himself through writing poems, some of which have captivated their friends and even ShindouSensei.

In addition to this, what makes Kouichi so lovable is his gentle nature. He really cares about other people’s feelings, and despite being filled with doubts, he always wants to do what is right

10. Remi Ayasaki

Remi Ayasaki

Ayasaki Remi is one of the most lovable characters in the Horimiya manga series. She is a carefree and tomboyish young girl with a love for animals, particularly dogs.

Remi has a strong sense of justice, which leads her to stand up against bullies and often come to her friends’ aid when needed. Remi is brave, loyal, and determined to do what’s right.

Her outgoing nature and unique fashion sense earn her lots of admiration from Horimiya fans of all ages. Behind her playful exterior lies a kind heart that empathizes with people around her, making it easy to see why she’s so liked by fans everywhere.

With almost magical powers of understanding, Remi makes it easy for those facing problems or challenges in their lives to open up and find solutions. Perhaps the best part about this endearing character is how naturally adorable she is without even trying.

9. Souta Hori

Souta Hori

Souta Hori is characterized as a kind and mature person; he was often used to emphasize Hori’s personality and attract viewers’ attention, given his unique characteristics.

He is also her childhood friend, along with other characters, Kyousuke Iwase and Kyouko Hori. His shyness and clumsy nature endear him to the girls around him.

Souta is always loyal to everyone, no matter what difficulties he faces, making him an admirable character for any fan of the show. Known for his skills in origami, he often charms girls with his great artwork and does it to express his love for them. 

His sincere efforts throughout the Anime made him one of the most lovable characters in all of Horimiya history.

8. Tooru Ishikawa

Tooru Ishikawa

Tooru Ishikawa stands out as a fan favourite. Tooru is vivacious, independent and always there to help his friends. He is an aspirational role model for readers, inspiring them to take risks and embrace life’s opportunities with enthusiasm.

His relationship with his best friend, Kyouko is exemplary – they have a genuine connection, respect each other’s interests and share moments of joy.

As readers follow them on their adventures, it’s easy to understand why Tooru Ishikawa is adored by Horimiya fans across the world.

Although he writes and speaks with a unique style full of literary references, this lovable character manages to remain grounded in reality thanks to his knack for problem-solving and intelligence.

7. Syu Iura

Syu Iura

SyuIura is one of Lovable Horimiya’s most beloved characters of all time. Often referred to as “The General”, SyuIura is a kindhearted and hardworking individual who harbours an infectious enthusiasm for life.

SyuIura often serves as a source of support and can always be counted on for sound advice. With her intelligence and inquisitive nature, she knows how to cut through any difficult situation.

Her amicable personality makes it easy for others to confide in her, giving her the best opportunity to give good advice. Her loyalty makes her even more endearing, as she will do whatever it takes to help those around her.

SyuIura’s natural enthusiasm, paired with her kindness, make her an undeniable favourite among fans of Lovable Horimiya.

6. Kyousuke Hori

Kyousuke Hori

Kyousuke Hori, one of the lovable Horimiya characters of all time, is an endearing friend to the main protagonists. He always stands up for his friends, no matter what he goes through.

Kyousuke is also willing to go out of his way for those close to him and cares deeply about upholding a sense of friendship and camaraderie between him and his compatriots.

His wit and goofiness often lighten up the mood in tense situations, while his intelligence and talents make it easy to solve any problem that arises.

Despite having an awkward personality, Kyousuke eventually gained confidence in himself and became a better leader by setting positive examples for those around him. He was also unafraid of making bold decisions which ultimately benefited them in the long run.

5. Akane Yanagi

Akane Yanagi

Akane Yanagi from the fan-favourite series Lovable Horimiya is definitely one of the best characters of all time. Her kind, gentle, radiant personality makes her truly lovable and memorable. She has great charm and chemistry with both Hori & Miyamura equally.

In spite of being close friends with them for years, it was only when Hori & Miyamura started opening up about their relationship that their true feelings for each other were discovered. 

Akane even shared her own story about the person she liked anonymously in order to make them realize their own feelings for each other. She is always full of positive energy and loves taking care of people around her with sincerity.

When Hori & Miyamura expressed concerns regarding their uncertain relationship, Akane was quick to intervene and offered helpful advice that helped them come closer together as a couple.

4. Kyouko Hori

Kyouko Hori

Kyouko Hori, from the popular manga series “Horimiya”, is an endearing character and one of the most beloved by fans. She is a strong-willed, sarcastic high school student who likes to be independent and hasn’t revealed her true identity.

Despite being perceived as a cool type of girl by all of her classmates, she secretly struggles with depression. In this series, Kyouko changes gradually as her friendship with the main protagonist grows. The show follows their journey as they get closer while learning more about each other’s issues. 

In contrast to her sometimes cold exterior, scenes like when she openly shows her concern and worries for his best friend depict Kyou ko’s sensitive side that wins people over. Not only is she a great friend but also a reliable person, which makes her so lovable.

Her innocent charm, coupled with her effortless sense of humour, is some aspects that make Kyou ko’s ever-changing characterization so captivating.

3. Honoka Sawada

Honoka Sawada

Honoka Sawada from the beloved manga and anime series Horimiya is one of the most lovable characters of all time. The series follows the adventures of her and her friends at school, exploring themes like friendship, romance, and finding one’s identity.

Honoka’s sweet personality brightens up every page, and the show aptly reaches its climax with her discovering her true self.

Her journey of self-discovery is inspiring and deeply moving, but what makes this character so special is that while most of us take life too seriously, Honoka has a penchant for having fun and bringing joy to everyone around her.

From her loveable wit to her cheerful disposition, she teaches us that it’s okay to live with a jovial spirit even when times are tough.

2. Izumi Miyamura

Izumi Miyamura

Another one of the most lovable characters in the popular manga series Horimiya is Izumi Miyamura. He’s a high school student with a unique personality whose kind heart and sharp wit have captured the hearts of readers.

His looks may surprise people due to the multiple piercings, tattoos, dyed hair, and hoodies that he wears, but under his appearance lies an intelligent mind with true leadership qualities combined with a great sense of humour. 

While he’s not always comfortable expressing his feelings, you can still see him show interest in anything from art to sports as well as supporting others when they need it most.

Izumi Miyamura has been known as a classic example of an anti-hero, but while we may not agree with every decision he makes, we can’t help falling in love with him.

Seeing how various situations change his opinions and perspectives provides us with a further understanding of human nature.

1. Yuki Yoshikawa

Yuki Yoshikawa

Yuki Yoshikawa is the younger sister of protagonist Hori Kyouko, and she’s known for her petty attitude, candid speech, and high intelligence.

From a young age, Yuki has shown an interest in educational topics such as philosophy and psychology, suggesting that she is bright beyond her years.

Despite her troublesome behaviour at times, Yuki has a deep love for her sister and often finds ways to express it despite their occasional rivalries.

With a sharp eye, boldness in expressing opinions, observant mannerisms, a unique way of thinking and outspoken nature, Yuki makes sure to always make her presence felt among the other characters!

She can be seen as one of the best examples of how combining smartness with good humour can help you stand out from the usual crowd.


We hope this list of 18 lovable Horimiya characters has been helpful in exploring the wonderful cast of this much-beloved anime and manga series.

Whether you’re a fan of naive, reserved Miyamura or the dynamic duo Otohime and Shindo, each character has something special that makes them stand out from the crowd.

It’s no wonder why fans are so passionate about these characters, who serve as a reminder of how even seemingly ordinary people can find strength, support and love in each other and make outstanding achievements along the way. 

So put on your headphones and get ready to relive all these memorable moments with some music – let our Horimiya favourites make it special.

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