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Gojo Satoru Six Eyes Power From Jujutsu Kaisen Explained

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the hottest anime and manga series right now, and its main character Gojo Satoru is at the centre of it all. He has a unique power known as Six Eyes, and he’s not afraid to use it when he needs to.

In this article, we’ll be discussing what makes Satoru’s power so special—how it works and why it’s so powerful—and offering a brief overview of how its pros and cons. We’ll also be exploring how this power fits into the larger context of jujutsu itself and looking at potential future arcs involving Gojo’s Six Eyes.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan or just now starting to indulge in the series, this article will give you an in-depth understanding of what makes Gojo’s power so formidable. Get ready to learn all about Satoru’s Six Eyes.


Eyes of Power

Eyes of Power

Gojo Satoru is a powerful main character in Jujutsu Kaisen. His signature ability is the “Eyes of Power,” which gives him many incredible powers. With his eyes, Gojo can view the world through two lenses: Cursed Energy and actual physical reality. He can also see past the illusions created by other sorcerers.

However, perhaps Gojo’s most impressive ability is the Reverse Cursed Technique he has developed, which allows him to completely disassemble and reconfigure cursed Energy in any way he wishes.

As a result, Gojo is able to not just sense or manipulate curses but instead see and comprehend them directly – making it impossible for any curse user to hide from him. If you’re curious about this undeniable power, dip into Jujutsu Kaisen and witness the unparalleled power of Gojo Satoru’s Eyes of Power for yourself.

The Six Eyes Background

The Six Eyes Background

Gojo Satoru of Jujutsu Kaisen is known for his 6 “Eye-Techniques”. His eyes possess ancient magical powers that stem from a technique called the Six Eyes Background. This background includes two powers bestowed to Gojo Satoru’s ancestors from three powerful gods in exchange for their service to purify Yokai.

One power grants Gojo an incredible mastery of the spell casting used to destroy cursed Energy, while the other gives him the ability to see ghosts and curse users. Gojo can even disable cursed Energy with his gaze and use powerful illusions within a certain range.

As well as being widely regarded as the strongest sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo Satoru has proven himself to be a fearless fighter taking on some of the deadliest curses without hesitation. His iconic 6 Eyes Background allows him to use unique abilities that only he is capable of summoning, making his prowess even more impressive.

What are the negatives of Six Eyes?

The Six Eyes gives Gojo Satorua a unique form of vision, allowing him to see supernatural phenomena and perceive hidden objects in the environment. However, it comes with drawbacks that he isn’t too keen on talking about.

Firstly, having access to this vision increases the chances of encountering powerful curses from the other realm, which can be very dangerous in certain circumstances.

Secondly, while his visibility of supernatural entities gives him an advantage over his enemies, it also leaves him open to risky situations where he might be tricked by those same entities into doing things he wouldn’t normally do due to the mystery and power they wield.

Lastly, it can leave him mentally drained after prolonged use; as a result, heightened awareness may lead to losses in concentration habits or difficulty focusing on specific tasks like training or studying. All these negatives make one wonder if Gojo’s Six Eyes ability is truly worth all the trouble that comes with it at times.

“6 Eyes: The Pros and Cons”

Gojo Satoru of Jujutsu Kaisen has been a fan-favorite anime protagonist due to his unique abilities and personality. His enigmatic powers come from his “Six Eyes,” which grants him greater control over symbolism tech and increased strength. While this power is formidable, it is also filled with its share of pros and cons.

On the plus side, Gojo’s Six Eyes increase his range of vision and improve his accuracy. Furthermore, they supply Gojo with an endless source of Cursed Energy combined with a spiritual fortitude that protects him from supernatural influence.

On the downside, using Six Eyes require immense spiritual Energy leaving Gojo in a perpetual state of exhaustion. Nevertheless, Gojo’s ability to face overwhelming odds, no matter how dire the situation, makes for incredible dramatic tension.


Jujutsu Kaisen is filled with an expansive cast of characters, each with strong abilities and personalities. One of the most notable has to be Gojo Satoru, whose Six Eyes power grants him immense strength and speed that are truly remarkable.

In addition to being a powerful Jujutsu Sorcerer, Gojo also possesses unique insight into the curse power itself, allowing him to develop strategies no other sorcerer can match.

Though his methods may appear unorthodox at times, it is clear that Gojo will be instrumental in the success of Jujutsu Kaisen going forward. So if you’re looking for a fascinating character who can bring an exciting spark to the show, then look no further than Gojo Satoru.


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