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25 Intriguing Fish Pokemon for Fish Pokemon Trainers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to the depths of the ocean and explore its creatures? If so, then you will find this article about fish Pokemon quite intriguing.

In this article, we’ll explore 25 of the most amazing and fascinating fish-type Pokemon that exist in the Pokemon universe. 

We’ll provide interesting facts about each character for those who love to learn more about their favourite Pokemon. There’s something for everyone on this list – from those who are just starting out on their adventures through the Hoenn region to long-time fans looking for an answer to ‘who should I train next?’.

Reach out into the deep waters of your imagination with us as we explore some of the coolest fishy friends around:


25. Mantine


Mantine is an intriguing Fish-type Pokemon introduced in Generation 2 of the ever-popular franchise. This mysterious creature has two large wings that resemble a Corsair aircraft, while its slender body resembles a manta ray. Amazingly, Mantine can actually use these wings to fly by catching drafts of air.

In addition to being able to fly, this ocean dweller boasts impressive stats for HP and Special Defense. It can also learn moves like Hydro Pump, Blizzard and Bounce – making it an incredibly versatile fighter in combat.

As for its appearance, Mantine is primarily dark blue or light purple with some lighter yellow patches. It has two long red antennae on its head, which resemble strings, as well as an orange spot near its tail where three small dorsal fins are located.

24. Gible


Gible is a fascinating fish-like Pokémon. It can transform into a Dragon and Ground type pokemon. Gible has an orange body with yellow spots that help it blend in with sand and small rocks when hiding from predators. Its jaws are extremely powerful and capable of crunching through even the biggest boulders.

In combat, Gible’s Pokédex entry reveals that this intimidating creature can spew flames at opponents who venture too close. In addition to being an alluring creature, Gible can also be quite tricky to catch due to its habit of avoiding human contact at all costs.

To find it, trainers must first remove any nearby rocks as Gible may be hiding there or blended in with them. While Gible is mainly found in the Sinnoh region of the Pokémon world, reports from other regions have been known to exist as well.

23. Dracovish


Dracovish, the intriguing fish Pokemon is a sight to behold! It has an Ancient Fish body with dino-like legs and a dragon head.

The sharp spikes along its back glisten in the light, showing off its majestic power. Its orange eyes are full of life and intensity when it moves, making it hard to take your eyes off them.

Dracovish also has four claws which allow for swift movement across all terrain, making it a powerful and threatening opponent in battle. Its strong jaws can open wide enough to swallow almost anything in its path.

Not only does Dracovish have great physical traits but also incredible aquatic skills, too; capable of swimming faster than other Water-type Pokemon and is able to evaporate water by exhaling hot air from its nostrils. What adds to this amazing creature’s appeal even more is its rarity, visibly seen only once in a blue moon.

22. Arrokuda


Arrokuda is an underrated fish-type Pokémon that has a unique design and many stand-out features. Along with its sleek, bright yellow body and dark eyes, it also has two sharp horns and two heavy fins. This cunning little creature lives in swarms and grabs unsuspecting prey as they pass by its territory.

Its intimidating horn not only demonstrates its strength, but it can use the electric fields it comprises to stun its prey or opponents.

In battle, this electric ability gives Arrokuda an advantage against water-type opponents since electric moves are some of the few attacks that can affect them.

Its educational nature can make this Pokémon a great choice for any ambitious trainer looking to expand their knowledge of the aquatic world.

21. Qwilfish


Qwilfish is the perfect pokemon for any aspiring water-type master. This electric and water-type pokemon is known for its prickly exterior and buoyant nature. Its two fins bear a strong resemblance to the shape of an arrow, perfectly fitting its spiny body.

Qwilfish are also extremely tough adversaries in battle due to their amazing defensive typing, allowing them to absorb attacks made with electric or water moves. And it has amazing offensive combinations too, thanks to its access to powerful moves like Leaf Blade.

Additionally, trainers that manage to bring one into battle can expect a lot of surprises with Qwilfish’s ability Intimidate, which reduces the opponent’s attack whenever it enters the battle.

20. Sharpedo


Sharpedo, the intrusion Pokemon is a popular favourite with Pokemon trainers. As the name suggests, Sharpedo has a sleek, hydrodynamic torpedo-like body with jagged fins and a menacing toothy smile.

It can reach speeds of up to 75 miles per hour due to its highly developed and powerful muscles and races through the water, looking for potential prey.

This top-of-the-food-chain predator is filled with strong jolts of electricity – so much so that it can even pierce steel hulls. Sharpedo is an intimidating creature that commands respect from all other sea-dwelling Pokemon.

In addition to its strength in appearance, Sharpedo also has several unique abilities, such as the ability to confuse opponents into making poor choices during battles.

Also, like many other water-type Pokemon, Sharpedo has great swimming capabilities, often using them for hunting prey or travelling long distances faster than usual.

19. Stunfisk


The intriguing Fish Pokemon “Stunfisk” is a unique Electric/Ground-type Pokémon with an oddly-shaped flat body and remarkable skills. It hides in the muddy waters of freshwater rivers or lakes, waiting for unsuspecting prey to enter its attack range.

Its body is insulated with electricity that it draws up from the ground, allowing it to launch powerful electric shocks at enemies. It also uses this electricity to detect movement in the water and changes its direction immediately afterwards.

Thanks to its special defence mechanism, Stunfisk can effortlessly surprise its predators and make sure they stay away. Moreover, this clever fish pokemon follows orders without fail, making it a great asset to trainers who want to get more out of their squad.

18. Basculin


Basculin is an exciting, dual-type Water/Dark-type Pokemon introduced in Generation V of the Pokemon universe.

This intriguing fish has an unusual appearance, sporting different coloured stripes on its body depending on its form; Red-Striped Basculin has red fins and blue stripes running along their bodies, while Blue-Striped Basculin has blue fins and red stripes.

Basculin’s unique look is further emphasized by its black eyes with yellow sclerae and needle-like teeth. Not only is this fish notably distinctive in appearance but also in behaviour – they’re known to be aggressive and like to live in large schools. This headstrong nature often leads them to cause trouble for fishermen who dare cross them.

17. Lanturn


Lanturn is one of the most intriguing Fish Pokémon in all of the land. This electric and water creature was first seen in Generation 2 of the Pokemon universe and has since made quite a buzz.

It has an electrified, deep sea fish shape, with mesmerizing spiralling yellow patterns that cover its sides, while its fins form two rays at its back.

Lanturn can generate electricity to locate prey that may be hiding around it in water or on land. As a result, this Pokemon has the ability to use Electric-type attacks, including Discharge and Volt Tackle; some of the staples among those who already own or are thinking of training one.

Lanturn also has incredible strength when compared to other members of its family – thanks to its Electric type, it can even take down opponents much larger than they appear.

16. Remoraid


Take a dive into the deep blue sea for an up-close encounter with the enigmatic, Remoraid. This intriguing Pokémon is often seen accompanying the giant Mantine in its trek across vast oceans – but they aren’t actually close relatives.

Rather, Remoraid relies on the powerful ripples created by Mantine to help it propel forward at up to five times the speed of an average human swimmer.

In calm seas or huge waves, Remoraid can be found firing off bullet seed-like pellets in all directions while they leap out of the water like rockets.

When happy and relaxed, they will sometimes stand on their fins with both hands touching their head, adding to their cute little look.

Although it appears vulnerable in its aquatic habitat, this Fish Pokémon is actually adapted for battle – harbouring a dangerous Hooks Shooting Ability, which allows them to ‘shock’ foes from a distance.

15. Whiscash


Whiscash, the Intriguing Fish Pokémon that inhabits dark water lakes and depths of oceans, is an interesting creature. Whiscash enjoy slithering around in the mud, so they are often found near swamps or other muddy habitats. It is a deceptively powerful Pokémon characterized by its wide, flat head and long whiskers.

Its eyes have a mischievous glint – like it’s always up to some trickery. Its speciality move, Earthquake, ground pound attack of epic proportions – inflicts serious damage on unsuspecting adversaries. Whiscash loves to snack on tasty insects and aquatic Pokemon as well as small fry who dare cross its path.

A unique ability of this fish pokemon is its ability to sense seismic activity when it comes into contact with the ground . They also use their long whiskers to detect changes in the flow of water which can help them easily locate food sources. Despite their size and potential strength, Whiscash is relatively docile unless they feel threatened or hungry.

14. Luvdisc


Luvdisc, the heart-shaped Water-type Pokemon, has been a popular partner in many Pokemon games since its introduction to the series. This Pokémon is highly prized by Trainers due not just to its unique appearance but also its loyal personality.

Luvdisc appears in almost all familiar waters like oceans, lakes and rivers. It generally swims alone or with its mate – each having a very romantic relationship with the other. These Pokémon have special bonding rituals which make them even closer, and eventually, they become life partners.

Despite their lovely nature, they are known to threaten anyone endangering their partner using powerful punches – demonstrating immense loyalty amongst these water types.

As an adventurer, one can find these intriguing fish swimming around with PokéDex sightings in Hoenn Route 119 and Unova Route 16 as well.

13. Lumineon


Despite being a deep sea creature, Lumineon is quite an intriguing Pokémon. With beautiful neon fins and bright scales that bear varying shades of blue, it stands out in the ocean while blending into its colourful environment.

Even though its body size is small compared to other deep-sea dwellers, the four long fins erect outwardly like banners that make it look remarkably large. Its daring attitude adds more life to any watery area.

Lumineon is known for its undying loyalty, which makes it stand out from the crowd of other fish Pokémon. It uses its antennae as an organ to detect predators or other creatures much bigger than itself and uses its four fins, along with powerful tail waves, to shift directions swiftly so as prevent being attacked by potential predators.

This strong intuition can work both ways; apart from sensing the danger around, it can also be used for professional fishing techniques that results in a rich haul of delicious seafood items.

12. Bruxish


Bruxish, the Intriguing Fish Pokemon, is a bright pink Pokémon with fins resembling dreadlocks. It typically lives in coral reefs, and it emits an irritating grating sound when it feels threatened or angry.

These strong psychic powers also make them a great asset in battle, as they can freely manipulate the opponent’s mind with their sheer willpower.

Despite its menacing look, Bruxish loves to search the ocean to find different kinds of berries it can snack on. It is popular among trainers due to their fast swimming speed and razor-sharp teeth which make them great hunting partners.

Plus, its beautiful patterns that shine like gems when caught alluringly draw out fish Pokémon for capture, making it ideal for fishing enthusiasts.

11. Gorebyss


Gorebyss is an upcoming sixth-generation Water type Pokémon from the Sinnoh region. It made its debut in Generation III, having a Max CP of 1561 and Max HP of 167 in Pokémon Go.

This exquisite sea creature has a beautiful white forehead that stands out with a pink sheen and resembles the flower petals of a cherry blossom.

It also has vivid pink folds covering its cheeks and magenta eyes that resemble sapphires. With its sharp fangs, Gorebyss can crush even the toughest shells with ease, giving it an edge over other Fish Pokemon.

An interesting fact about this species is that it produces a soothing sound when it senses danger or attracts potential prey.

10. Carvanha


Carvanha is one of the most popular and intriguing fish Pokemon from the Generation III Series of the incredibly successful franchise.

It’s a water/dark type that functions as an effective anti-meta, as it excels against popular water types, like Magikarp and Wailord.

Its design is both menacing and bright, with a sharp mouth consisting of its iconic set of three teeth from which its cruel nickname “Savage Pincer Pokémon” was taken.

This canid Pokémon requires Tinselberry for its evolution into shaped, which will eventually make it more powerful than ever before.

Carvanha’s ability to quickly adapt to different environments it finds itself in is also very remarkable: it changes colour depending on the temperature of the environment and can even become invisible while submerged in muddy riverbeds.

It wields a strong affinity for preying on unsuspecting Pokémon and enjoys devouring prey that repeatedly try to escape while fleeing at high speed.

9. Feebas


Feebas is an incredibly intriguing Pokémon from the Hoenn region. With its long eel-like body and unique colouring, it’s easy to see why Feebas stirs up some enthusiasm amongst most Pokémon fans. Its basic appearance hides its true potential.

When this underwater adventurer is developed with a certain type of berry and levelled up in specific areas of Hoenn’s coastlines, it can dramatically evolve into a powerful creature known as Milotic. Even trainers who don’t typically specialize in water types find Feebas’ secret potential hard to resist.

Collecting enough berries, and diving deep into the level-up process, ensure that any trainer can add and truly display the power held within this fishy fighter.

8. Barraskewda


Barraskewda is an intriguing Water-Type Pokémon that made its debut in generation 8 of the long-running franchise. The design of this deep-sea dwelling creature is one that boasts a sleek barracuda-like exterior, with a menacing grin and two large fins along its length.

This intimidating sea creature has a unique set of typing attacks – Steel and Water – enabling it to defeat some tough opponents.

Its signature move is Hydro Pump, an incredibly powerful water attack that can quickly obliterate Gyarados or Blastoise with even just moderate power.

What makes Barraskewda stand out from other Fish Pokemon, however, is its close bond with humans — its trainers are rewarded with exclusive rewards when they take it under their wing as a formidable partner.

7. Seaking


Seaking is an intriguing fish Pokemon that is found underneath the calm, blue waters. It is a Water-type pokemon with bright gold scales and a sharp horn on its head.

Seaking has powerful fins and a tail that allow it to swim quickly and gracefully in the water – so much so that it has been known to match and even outpace some of the fastest boat ships.

Trainers who admire its magnificent prowess often try to catch this pokemon for their team, but they may find it hard to catch because it is expert at hiding among large schools of other water pokemon.

Trades have also become popular in recent times, as many trainers don’t want to miss out on having a Seaking at their party.

The evolutions of this Pokemon are equally impressive; once it evolves into Kingdra, it gains incredible dragon-like powers that make it even more powerful than before.

6. Alomomola


Alomomola is a rare yet intriguing fish Pokemon found in the Unova region of the Pokemon universe. Its large, disc-shaped body is composed of a soft, watery pink substance which surprisingly makes it quite powerful when used in battle. 

Its unique features are the three hearts etched into its body which help sustain it even in cases of extreme injury. Alomomola’s most notable ability is its powerful defence, allowing it to dodge incoming attacks and protect any Pokemon companions who find themselves in danger. 

In terms of offence, Alomomola has slightly less power than other species, but its healing abilities far exceed those of any other fish Pokémon. This alone makes it an invaluable asset to any team looking for a versatile fighter. 

5. Relicanth


Relicanth, the intriguing Fish Pokémon, is said to be a living fossil that has remained unchanged since ancient times. This Pokémon lives in the depths of the ocean, surrounded by masses of water and darkness.

Its sturdy form and armour-like scales are thought to protect it from predators, while its long whiskers sense potential prey in murky waters. 

The Rock/Water-type Pokémon is one of a kind, boasting an impressive array of special abilities, including the unique “Sturdy” ability, which prevents Relicanth from being knocked out with one hit. 

With its captivating resilience and adaptability to sustain itself in extreme conditions – such as extreme temperatures or high water pressure – this rare Pokémon certainly stands out among others.

4. Goldeen


Goldeen is an intriguing Water Fish Pokemon who stands out for its beauty and grace. The iconic horn on its head that flutters as it leaps out of the water is especially majestic, making Goldeen a sight to behold in any river or lake. 

Aside from its visual appeal, Goldeen is renowned among trainers for other interesting qualities, such as its use of sonar to detect objects in their field of vision. 

Furthermore, Goldeen can whip up powerful Water Gun attacks that can overwhelm opponents with pressurized water blasts.

With its dual abilities to dazzle the senses and overwhelm in battle, Goldeen stands out as one of the most intriguing Fish-type Pokemon available.

3. Magikarp


Magikarp is regarded as one of the fascinating Pokemon around due to its incredible evolutionary capabilities. This small fishy-like creature can evolve from an unassuming weak aquatic creature into a powerful Gyarados with the help of a single evolutionary stone. 

Starting out as one of the weakest waters Pokemon available, it has a unique amazing trait that few possess – that is, its capacity to evolve into this massive powerhouse and take down even the toughest opponents. It has become part of popular culture and is often referenced in popular television shows and movies. 

From having its own real-life card game to featuring in endless memes online, Magikarp is clearly one of the favourites in the Pokemon universe. Believe it or not, “Magikarp” is even included among Google’s top searches for the most intriguing Fish Pokemon.

2. Wishiwashi


Wishiwashi is an intriguing fish pokemon which has the unique ability to change its form depending on its level of development.

It can also take on a school form, which is a group of many Wishiwashi united as one, presenting a unified and formidable opponent.

When in its solo form, Wishiwashi boasts high speed and agility underwater, allowing it to dart between rocks and other structures in search of hiding places from predators.

This pokemon also has the capability to shock foes with electric attacks, granting it yet another layer of defence when threatened.

Though solitary in nature, Wishiwashi won’t hesitate to band together with others of its kind if needed. Going beyond the abilities of a normal fish, this impressive pokemon was introduced into the powerful world of Pokemon games as part of the seventh generation Sun & Moon type.

1. Eelektross


Eelektross is an intriguing and powerful electric-type Pokemon that has a unique look and plenty of opportunities to “shock” its opponents. Found deep in watery caves and lakes, Eelektross uses both its electricity and physical strength to the battle.

This Pokemon’s electrifying body can also absorb energy from other sources, such as electrical outlets, so it never runs out of energy. Its headlights give it the ability to seek out food even in dark watery depths – so Opponents beware.

Even though its Electric-type time makes it weak against Ground types attacks, Eelektross abilities make up for that with charge moves that increase its defence or power up its attacks.

With this combination of defensive capabilities, Eelektross is easily one of the most agile pokemon around, capable of causing massive amounts of damage on the battlefield.


After reviewing the 25 Pokémon designed for fish lovers, it’s clear that there is a wide variety of options to choose from depending on the type of creature you’d like to catch or befriend. 

Each of these Fish types has its own unique skill set based on its realistic counterpart, giving them access to a variety of elemental attacks in battle. Pokemon like Goldeen have extremely high-speed capabilities, while Wailmer has very high defensive power.

No matter what kind of Fish type trainer you may be, this list offers some amazing Pokémon possibilities. From memorable raid battles to strong contenders in tournaments, each of these water-type creatures will bring an extra spark to your collection.

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