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15 Extreme Fanservice Anime: Get Ready to Control Your Inner Feelings!

Anime has been gaining immense popularity around the world in recent years, and with that popularity comes the occasional anime that focuses on fanservice. From ecchi to harem styles, these anime provide plenty of titillation and fun.

To that end, this article aims to list the 15 most extreme fanservice anime shows of all time. With comedy, romance, thrilling storylines, and of course, a dose of eye candy for viewers, this list is sure to leave you upside down.

We’ll look at some classic fanservice anime as well as some newer series that all have one thing in common, loads of skin-baring moments captured in stunning visuals.

So if you’re looking for a thrilling anime experience complete with ecchi scenes or just want a good laugh at stereotypical over-the-top scenarios – from haughty princesses to goofy devil lords – look no further.

This article will cover everything any fan could hope for:


15. Maken-ki!


Maken-ki! is an extreme fanservice anime that centres around the exploits of high school student Takeru Ohyama as he enrols in a new school full of supernatural combat skills. He soon finds himself surrounded by beautiful girls, all of whom possess incredible Magical and Martial Arts abilities.

Along the way, he develops strong friendships with his classmates, forms relationships with each of the girls that surround him and also learns about a deeper magical power hidden within him.

His journey takes him to dangerous magic tournaments and battles against powerful adversaries, making Maken–Ki! one of the wildest fanservice anime out there.

Despite the over–the–top action scenes and fan service, it also contains genuine emotional moments between characters, developing them into individual personalities who grow throughout their time together as individuals in this dramatic story arc.

14. Senran Kagura Ninja Flash

Senran Kagura Ninja Flash

Senran Kagura Ninja Flash often referred to as simply “Senran Kagura”, is an extreme fanservice anime with a unique and distinct style.

Following the storyline of five female ninja protagonists in their school days, Senran Kagura has become an incredibly successful series with an ever-growing fan base in Japan and beyond.

The series’ unique appeal can be attributed to its over-the-top fanservice, featuring ecchi and intense battle scenes which never fail to please viewers.

The main highlight of this heavy fanservice anime lies in its vibrant visuals – showcasing incredible animation effects and bright colours that bring life to characters and scenarios alike.

If you’re someone looking for something different from regular anime series and enjoy a bit of occasional risque humour, Senran Kagura could be just the thing for you.

13. Monster Musume

Monster Musume

It’s an anime series that captures the hearts of its viewers with a unique, extreme fanservice premise. The show follows the adventures of a teenage boy named Kurusu Kimihito, who is forced to live with a variety of exotic monsters due to his unique situation.

These monsters not only come in all shapes and sizes, but they also come from different backgrounds, ranging from vampires to harpies.

What’s even more incredible about “Monster Musume” is that when these monsters interact with each other and Kurusu Kimihito, their collective human-monster culture creates light-hearted yet heartwarming moments.

From developing relationships to comedic hijinks, the fan service within “Monster Musume” keeps audiences enthralled episode after episode.

12. Prison School

Prison School

Prison School is a wildly popular series that follows a group of five teenage boys who elect to enrol in an all-girl’s academy.

The boys face many unique challenges – but thanks to their creative wit and determination, each episode is filled with thrilling moments and highly entertaining content.

While the outrageous level of fanservice might be too much for viewers not accustomed to such extreme exposure, long-time aficionados are sure to enjoy watching each boy tackle the various obstacles standing in their way.

Additionally, Prison School’s memorable characters, vibrant art style and suspenseful story arcs have earned it much praise from both industry professionals and everyday viewers.

11. Seikon no Qwaser (The Qwaser of Stigmata)

Seikon no Qwaser (The Qwaser of Stigmata)

Seikon no Qwaser (The Qwaser of Stigmata) is an extreme fanservice anime and manga series created by Hiroyuki Yoshino. Set in a fictional Russian Orthodox school, it follows the characters as they battle with dark forces using metal-based powers fueled by drinking breast milk from specially designated female “Makers”.

Not being shy about pushing boundaries and featuring abundant fan service – with unusual elements such as breast milk-wielding superheroes – the series garnered plenty of outrage but also droves of devout fans all around the world.

This unique show brings together unique animation, dynamic fight scenes, memorable characters, and intense romantic moments, accompanied by exciting music that has viewers begging for more.

10. Queen’s Blade

QueenGÇÖs Blade

Extreme fanservice anime “Queen’s Blade” is a popular series loved by many. It follows the story of various warriors in different lands who are fighting to gain a chance to become the next queen. Each episode presents intense battles between these warriors, using extraordinary weapons and special abilities.

The visuals are gorgeous, making full use of modern animation techniques for maximum effect and immersion. Fans of this genre have praised it for its attention to detail, from the characters and their costumes to artfully crafted backgrounds.

As an extra bonus, each episode features plenty of captivating fan service that tantalizes even the most advanced viewers. Queen’s Blade is a great choice for any fan who wants to watch something that’s both exciting and visually stunning.

9. Freezing


Freezing is an action-packed science-fiction anime about a world filled with monsters, humans, and powerful aliens. It follows the story of Kazuya Aoi and his special group of women called Pandoras as they battle against the mysterious E-Pandora Project in order to save humanity.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Freezing highlights the immense strength women possess as they overcome challenging odds while taking on powerful enemies.

With its comic book feeling, slick graphics, and intense storylines, this anime is an absolute must-watch for all fan service fans.

The action sequences are fast-paced and offer plenty of fan service opportunities. It’s often cited for its great storylines and its excellent use of technology to convey such a complex story without losing its appeal.

8. Agent Aika

Agent Aika

Agent Aika offers viewers an extreme fanservice experience by combining sci-fi, adventure, and humour into a fast-paced action anime.

From transforming robots to secret agents in skimpy costumes, this show has some of the most outrageous scenes ever found in animation.

Viewers follow a highly engaging story of a woman on a mission to save the Earth from certain destruction; however, when she finds out her friends are also at risk, she stands up and fights for those she loves.

Ultimate rivalries and battles with complex antagonists unfold, providing viewers with thrilling moments they can’t turn away from. Agent Aika is packed full of exciting cliffhangers and breathtaking cinematography that catches viewers off guard.

7. Golden Boy

Golden Boy

“Golden Boy ” is an extreme fanservice anime that offers a unique blend of comedy and ecchi. Overflowing with perversion and lewd hijinks, the series follows the comedic adventures of protagonist Kintaro Oe as he quits school to experience life on the open road.

It’s a wild ride as we follow him from one outlandish mission to another, encountering a colourful cast of characters along the way.

Despite these memorable encounters, it’s his unorthodox seductions (or, more accurately, attempts at seduction) that really make “Golden Boy” stand out from other anime of its genre.

From forced chloroforms on maids to getting taken advantage of in hot springs surrounded by naked women – nothing is off limits in this grandly entertaining adventure.

6. Kissxsis


Kiss x sis, one of the most popular extreme fan service titles in the anime industry, follows an average high schooler named Keita Suminoe as he deals with the romance between his childhood friend Ako and his sister Riko. The story works its way up to a succulent ecstatic climax as their love triangle shape shifts towards love.

Kissxsis has gained much attention due to its explicit content, so it is renowned as one of the most “fan service” anime. With its beautiful visuals, a charming storyline and relatable characters, fans are definitely getting more than what they bargained for when watching this series.

The show is also entertaining to watch on account of its characters’ unique personalities; Riko is adored by many as a passionate tsundere, while some would deem Ako’s jubilant self as moe.

Despite its bold nature, this comedy/romance anime gives viewers an essential understanding of emotions and relationships before delving into more risqué scenes.

5. Ikki Tousen

Ikki Tousen

Ikki Tousen is an anime series that originally aired in 2003 and continues to attract viewers today thanks to its extreme fanservice.

The series follows the struggles of seven different schools and their respective students as they fight in battles for control of Kanto, a province covered in war.

While fighting plays a huge role in the show, the series also features plenty of scenes featuring extremely sexualized characters.

This includes skimpy clothing on female characters, highly suggestive poses, and plenty of shots focusing on specific areas of anatomy.

As a result, IkeTousen has been labelled an exceptional example of extreme fanservice anime and is sure to please any fan looking for something a bit racy and highly entertaining.

4. Masou Gakuen HxH

Masou Gakuen HxH (Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia)

Masou Gakuen HxH” is an extreme fanservice anime whose story portrays Hida Kizuna, a high school student, as the only hope of saving humanity.

He has been entrusted with the mission to deploy a special power known as “Heart Hybrid Gear” by using superhuman powers to fight hordes of alien invaders.

In order to protect the planet, he embarks on various missions with a group of girls, all possessing superpowers from mysterious backgrounds. This anime provides plenty of fan service and highly stylized action scenes in every episode.

The heart-pounding battle suspense is well-paced across each episode which keeps viewers hooked for more. Furthermore, it also contains a surprising mix of drama and comedy. The exciting fights and character development make it one of the most popular extreme fan service anime around today.

3. High School DxD

High School DxD

Extreme fanservice anime titles are quickly increasing in popularity, and High School DxD is one of the most recognized. Following Issei Hyoudou, a school student who is reborn as a devil after being killed on his first date, this show captures the viewer’s attention with its unique premise.

The story follows Issei as he accepts his new life and slowly transitions from an unwitting pawn to a powerful devil capable of standing alongside the other devils.

Along the way, he manages to impressively balance alluringly-animated perspectives with clever dialogues and thrilling fight scenes; interspersed by clever humour that keeps viewers laughing. Of course, it helps that all of this is accompanied by immensely attractive ladies.

Accepted wholeheartedly by the community due to its sharp writing and surprisingly balanced camera angles, High School DxD firmly remains one of the fan favourites among those in search of some entertaining viewing material.

2. Shinmai Maou no Testament (The Testament of Sister New Devil)

Shinmai Maou no Testament (The Testament of Sister New Devil)

Shinmai Maou no Testament (The Testament of Sister New Devil) is an extreme fanservice anime series from 2015. It follows an ordinary high school student named Basara Toujou, who unexpectedly finds out that his formerly estranged father granted him two new step-sisters he never knew he had: Mio Naruse and Maria Naruse.

Basara quickly learns their true identity as ‘Crimson Demons’, a race of supernaturally powered beings, second only to Devils in power. They come to live with him, and two beautiful couples are formed alongside all the drama that entrails.

While providing plenty of fanservice with its outrageous plot lines, ShinmaiMaou no Testament also offers an image of gender roles through its subversion of traditional archetypes – Mio displays strength and skill one would expect from a hero and Maria’s gentle kindness being played against her more arrogant devils ride alter-ego.

1. To the LOVE-Ru Darkness

To LOVE-Ru Darkness

To the LOVE-RU Darkness, an extreme fanservice anime offers viewers a little something for every kind of anime fan. It follows the story of high school student Rito Yuuki who is trying to navigate his life as it suddenly becomes more complicated with strange happenings.

He meets several female characters and struggles with his earnest feelings for them. Developed by XEBEC and Directed by Atsushi Ootsuki, this anime has easily become a favourite amongst fans due to its unique combination of humour, romance, science fiction and, most notably, fanservice.

Fanservice generally refers to any scenes or information intended to help please the audience in some way – to entertain or provide pleasure – often relating specifically to sexual content within a work.

To the LOVE-RU Darkness takes a fanservice element and does it justice as it allows viewers to look past making jokes about women or objectifying them and instead highlights characters’ growth by tracing their relationships and how they learn from interacting with one another despite having different backgrounds.


These extreme fanservice anime have been given a lot of attention over the years. Such anime titles are not usually recommended to younger audiences, but adults and older teens might find them enjoyable with its comedy and outrageous plots.

Even beyond their comedic value, many of these series contain adult themes that tackle difficult topics and deliver powerful messages.

These extreme fanservice titles are known for pushing boundaries, boring out new ideas, and blending different genres into one….and we’ve just skimmed the surface.

If you’re looking for some tantalizingly unpredictable moments or simply yearning for true absolute fanservice bliss – by now, you should already know where to look. So put on your sunglasses, and take these recommendations as entry points into the lush world of extreme fanservice anime.

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