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9 Most Famous Dr. Stone Characters You Should Check

Are you a fan of the Dr Stone anime series? If so, you’ll love this look into 9 of the most popular characters from the world of Japanese manga and anime. 

First premiering in 2019, Dr Stone has become one of the most popular animes around, with viewers captivated by its intriguing storyline and beloved characters. From each character’s unique design to their motivations and aspirations – all nine provide something different to the dynamic, engaging universe that is Dr Stone. 

This article takes a closer look at each of these recognizable characters and explores why they’ve resonated so strongly with millions around the world. Ready to meet them? Let’s go:


9. Suika (suika)

Suika (suika)

Suika (sika) is an iconic character from the popular anime series Dr Stone. She is an intelligent and friendly 17-year-old girl living in a future world that has had its technological progress literally “petrified.” 

Her bubbly personality and kind heart have endeared her to fans of the series. Suika absolutely loves nature and has devoted herself to protecting it with all her might. She wears a Nekomimi (cat ear) headband and uses spear fishing to catch fish and feed her family, displaying her natural prowess as a survivalist. 

Her skills are also useful during battles, as she is able to accurately spot weaknesses that she can exploit.

8. Chrome (Kuromu Kuromu) 

Chrome (Kuromu Kuromu)

Chrome, or Kuromu, is a key character in the popular anime series Dr Stone. His main role is to assist Dr Xeno and his team in creating a modern society from the stone world they inhabit. Chrome was found by Senku’s grandfather around 30 years ago as a baby, and he reared him as his own. 

Despite his lack of modern-era skills, he uses his formidable physical strength and agility for the betterment of humanity. He is usually quite stoic but does display compassion at times when conversing with his close friends. 

Furthermore, Chrome can be seen showing off impressive abilities both in battle due to his immense strength and speed, as well as a surprising knack for scientific knowledge and inventiveness when it comes to building objects.

7. Tsukasa Shishio (Shi Zi Wang Si Shishio Tsukasa)

Tsukasa Shishio (Shi Zi Wang Si Shishio Tsukasa)

Tsukasa Shishio is undoubtedly one of the most important characters in Dr Stone’s universe. He is a courageous and strong-willed young man who rules over the Empire of Might, and his mission is to help rebuild humanity with science. 

He has an enthusiastic and lively personality, is always cheerful in the face of danger, and is willing to take on any challenge head-on. 

Tsukasa Shishio also has tremendous physical strength, fantastic swordsmanship skills, and intelligence beyond measure – all true testament to someone who honed himself over Time to become a great leader fit for the future of all civilization. 

His devotion to serving others through science makes him every bit of an inspiring figure that could make a difference in the new world, which makes him a character worth remembering long after you’re done watching Dr Stone.

6. Gen Asagiri (asagiri gen Asagiri Gen)

Gen Asagiri (asagiri gen Asagiri Gen)

Gen Asagiri is the main character of the popular anime Dr Stone. He is an AI created by Senku’s father to help revive humanity after they were all turned to Stone during a mysterious crisis. In the anime, Gen shows himself as a loyal friend and ally to Senku and stands by him even in difficult times. 

His unwavering support for Senku has not only improved the latter’s morale but also helped them win several battles against their opponents in the pursuit of reviving civilization from Stone. 

As an AI, he displays enormous technical knowledge and always provides value through his strong analytical skills, which have been crucial in resolving various science-oriented obstacles that stand in their way. 

Most importantly, Gen plays a vital role in helping spread hope amongst the endangered humanity with his contagious optimism and enthusiasm even amidst tough situations, something that forms the core of this anime’s storyline.

5. Yuzuriha Ogawa (Xiao Chuan Gang Ogawa Yuzuriha)

Yuzuriha Ogawa (Xiao Chuan Gang Ogawa Yuzuriha)

Yuzuriha Ogawa, also known as Xiao Chuan Gang Ogawa Yuzuriha, is a strong and brave character in the hit anime series; Dr Stone. She has incredible trust in her friend Senku despite the fact that she lost her memories when the world entered into a new stone age. 

Yuzuriha enjoys playing on bamboo flutes and crafting bows and arrows, which she uses skillfully when fighting against Tsukasa’s forces. Yuzuriha is believed to have strong spiritual powers from her mother, Magma Fire Tribe, which allows her to predict fights accurately. 

Although some think of her as a cold-hearted warrior due to her difficult family background, she actually possesses a kind heart, and this makes her even more heroic by taking a stand for the righteous cause with no fear or hesitations. 

She is a great friend, a devout follower of Senku’s science, and serves as an amazing strategist for his Kingdom of Science military operations.

4. Kohaku (Kohaku)

Kohaku (Kohaku)

Kohaku first appeared in the manga and anime series Dr Stone. She was a female warrior of the Ishigami Village and is believed to be the most powerful fighter amongst her peers. Her active participation in many of the story arcs has meant that she is one of the most beloved characters from the show. 

Kohaku had a strong sense of justice and wanted to protect those she cared about, but she could also possess a ruthless attitude when facing her enemies. Still, she always maintained her loyalty to Senku and Tsukasa’s kingdom, which made her an integral part of their fight for humanity’s betterment. 

As a battle technique, Kohaku usually used bows with great accuracy, which gave her an edge during fights. She also displayed amazing combat abilities without weapons too, proving to everyone that she was much more than just skill with a bow & arrow set.

3. Taiju Oki (Da Mu Da Shu Oki Taiju)

Taiju Oki (Da Mu Da Shu Oki Taiju)

Taiju Oki, also known as Da Mu Da Shu Oki Taiju, is the main character in the popular manga and anime series Dr Stone. He is Senku Ishigami’s best friend, who has been with him since their first days of school. Taiju possesses incredible physical strength and possesses superhuman speed and agility, making him an incredibly capable fighter. 

Despite his somewhat simple and unrefined exterior, he shows remarkable wit and cunning in crossing Mad King Yurizaki’s deadly challenges, along with cleverly devising plans to evade dangerous situations or gain the necessary resources to reach their objectives. 

Even while evacuating from Tsukasa Shish io’s kingdom, he managed to protect others by constructing an alternate route that saved them from possible danger. 

Apart from being a loyal companion to Senku Ishigami, he was vitally important in the search for nitric acid, which could revive people as well as help build useful gadgets such as smartphones.

2. Kaseki


Kaseki Is a rather mysterious character in Dr Stone, and his contributions to the Stone World are nothing short of incredible. He was an ancient craftsman from thousands of years ago who reawakened into modern times long after the petrification event. 

Kaseki is incredibly talented and able to craft all sorts of gadgets, ranging from extremely advanced phones to complete flying vehicles. He may not have scientific knowledge similar to Senku’s, but his incredible prowess in engineering more than makes up for it. 

While some characters doubt his power, Kaseki slowly proves that he earns their trust and supports the Kingdom of Science with various inventions to aid them on their journey. 

His resourcefulness knows no bounds, and whatever Senku needs to be done, Kaseki can produce it in a timely manner with extremely high efficiency – making him desperately needed in Senku’s plans for creating the new civilization.

1. Senku Ishigami (Shi Shen Qian Kong Ishigami Senku)

Senku Ishigami (Shi Shen Qian Kong Ishigami Senku)

Senku Ishigami is the protagonist of Dr Stone– a hot new anime series from Studio TMS. He’s an experienced scientist who was caught in a massive petrification phenomenon that turned much of humanity to Stone for thousands of years, but now Time’s been reversed, and he wants to restart civilization using his brilliance and modern science. 

After spending months studying on his own, Senku eventually develops the technique to restore humans to their prior condition and thus begins his journey of rebuilding various technologies and systems required for cultural progress. 

In every industry he touches–from medical advances to computer technology—Senku shines with his creative solutions buoyed by superior intelligence and a vast knowledge base. 

In addition, Senku exhibits great leadership qualities as he guides others with selfless dedication toward shared goals while still managing to surprise viewers with subtle humour and pop-culture references.


The Dr Stone series is filled with incredibly fleshed-out characters to root for. Whether you are an action fan looking for Senku and Kohaku’s fisticuffs with the villainous Tsukasa’s army or a comedy aficionado enjoying Chrome’s outrageous gags and puns, there is something for everyone in this manga. 

Most importantly, these nine beloved characters drive the narrative forward, inspiring fans around the world to travel through the adventure of rebuilding humanity with Stone. Don’t worry if you find it difficult to keep track; just remember that no matter old or new, there is always a character in the Dr Stone series which you can relate to and cheer on.

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