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10 Cutest Anime Animals in the Anime History

Cute anime animals are what make our favorite anime TV shows and movies truly special. From cats to dragons, these furry friends provide us with much-needed comic relief and often lend a helping hand — or paw – when the going gets tough.

Have you ever wondered which cutest anime animals have been captivating the hearts of millions of viewers all around the world? Then look no further because this article has compiled a list of 10 internationally-renowned cute anime animals that will bring a smile to your face.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to find new anime animal friends by reading this article today:


10. Pikachu — Pokemon

Pikachu — Pokemon

Pikachu, the iconic character of the “Pokémon” series created by Satoshi Tajiri, has been a part of kids’ imaginations for over two decades and is easily one of the cutest anime animals around.

It’s cute, it’s cuddly, and it packs an electric punch. With its bright yellow color, large chubby cheeks and bright red cheeks, this lovable creature has won hearts around the world since 1996.

Not only does it have an incredible ability to store electricity in its cheeks and discharge it when needed, but also its peculiar cry of “Pika-chu!” which makes it one of the most recognizable anime characters worldwide.

Pikachu also has unique characteristics that make it stand out from other protagonists like Ash Ketchum. Its strong bond with Ash always produces a touching scene as they become like family throughout their incredible adventures.

9. Keroberos — Cardcaptor Sakura

Keroberos — Cardcaptor Sakura

If there’s one thing we all can agree on when it comes to anime, it’s that the cutest character of all is the magical pet and protector ‘Keroberos‘ from Cardcaptor Sakura. Appearing as an off-white fluffy creature, he is often seen sporting a gold headband, red jewellery and long ears.

As the Keeper of the Clow Cards, Keroberos serves as both helper and lifeguard to his master who happens to be a young schoolgirl named Sakura Kinomoto.

He has the power to grant various magical wishes, adding an element of fun and surprises throughout the series. It’s no wonder that this magnificent creature remains one of the most beloved characters in anime history.

Keroberos is constantly spreading love and care throughout each episode with his innocent yet strong personality. He’s also quick-witted while keeping us entertained with his unique sense of humor, which truly sets him apart from other lovable animal companions in any genre.

8. Menchi — Excel Saga

Menchi — Excel Saga

Menchi from the popular anime series Excel Saga is one of the cutest anime animals out there. A beloved pet of the original series protagonist Excel, Menchi is a white, fluffy chihuahua with a loveable personality.

Although its chief role in the show is innocuous and comic relief, it never fails to put a smile on viewers’ faces.

Menchi’s adorable demeanor, combined with its daft nature, has proven popular with fans around the world and gained renown as one of the most memorable animal sidekicks in anime history. If you’re looking for a friend that’s just plain cute and would bring some joy into your life – take a look at Menchi.

7. Ryo-Ohki — Tenchi Series

Ryo-Ohki — Tenchi Series

Ryo-Ohki, the cute and lovable rabbit of the Tenchi series, has become an icon of the anime fandom. With her unique design that defies conventional animal classification, Ryo-Ohki brings a delightful charm to viewers everywhere.

As a character, Ryo-Ohki is known for being a fiercely loyal guardian and companion to leading characters Tenchi Masaki and Ayeka Masaki.

Initially born as an alien creature with the ability to transform into a spaceship, this “exotic pet” constantly finds ways to surprise her owners with her wide array of abilities – including flight, underwater travel, communication with other creatures via telepathy as well as invisibility.

6. Kuroneko — Trigun

Kuroneko — Trigun

Kuroneko from the anime series Trigun is a fan favorite for her harsh and independent demeanor. Kuroneko (literally, “black cat” in Japanese) is an adorable, mysterious alien girl with superhuman powers who first appears in the very first episode of Trigun.

In addition to being a powerful warrior capable of taking on Vash and his enemies, Kuroneko displays some fascinating behaviors like eating clouds and bottling fish that feed off solar energy which add to her cuteness.

Despite her cute exterior, Kuroneko has a sharp, no-nonsense attitude which makes her stand apart from other cute anime animals.

A popular character among both kids and adults alike, Kuroneko has been credited with helping to make Trigun one of the most-watched sci-fi action series ever.

Although she never revealed how and why she ended up with Vash, everyone can agree that having Kuroneko as part of their team is indeed advantageous.

5. Luna — Sailor Moon

Luna — Sailor Moon

Luna, the talking cat from Sailor Moon, is one of the cutest anime animals, loved by millions of fans all over the world. Her intelligence and witty nature make her stand out among other talking animals.

From a loyal guardian to Usagi Tsukino’s best pet friend, she helps her beloved owner in battling enemies as well as protect her friends in times of need. Luna’s dazzling blue eyes and adorably cute behavior have attracted everyone’s attention who has seen the show.

Despite being far away in space to assist her childhood friend Usagi, she has managed to make a special place in anime lovers’ hearts. Her strong personality and brave actions are exemplary for anyone looking for inspiration.

4. Hamtaro — Hamtaro

Hamtaro — Hamtaro

‘Hamtaro – Hamtaro’, the cutest anime character, is a beloved hamster from the famous series of shows, manga and video games.

He has been a staple of pop culture for nearly two decades and continues to captivate young audiences with his adorable antics and misadventures.

Despite being small and sometimes clumsy, he is intelligent and heroic, often using his cunning plans to help his friends and family.

His catchphrase of “Pashin! Ready? Go!” highlights his enthusiasm, playful attitude and infectious cheer that rubs off on all who meet him.

From traveling around Town Island to finding pet pals at school grounds, Hamtaro’s adventures have brought an immense amount of joy to children everywhere who watch him tackle obstacles bravely; something we all can learn from the most lovable hamster in existence.

3. Korin — Dragonball

Korin — Dragonball

Korin – a cat-like creature from the anime Dragonball – is one of the cutest characters to ever come out of its genre. His loveable, wise personality and huge contribution to the show make him immensely popular among anime fans.

He serves as an advisor to the main protagonist Son Goku, giving him sage advice on how to deal with villains and protect the world from danger.

Aside from making countless helpful contributions to Goku’s mission, he is also one of the strongest characters in the show, having mastered Senzu beans and using them to power up Goku and his allies.

Despite his capabilities and although he is centuries old, Korin looks like an orange fluff ball which gives him an even more adorably cute appeal.

2. Totoro — My Neighbor Totoro

Totoro — My Neighbor Totoro

Totoro from the iconic Hayao Miyazaki movie “My Neighbor Totoro” is one of the cutest anime animals ever created. Though Totoro is just a mythical creature, his adorable features and endearing mannerisms have made him a star in both Japan and abroad for over 30 years.

His soft, round features and lack of mouth make him perfect for kids – gently conveying a message that good prevails and heroes come in all sizes.

Totoro has captivated millions of viewers throughout the decades with his kindness, wisdom, magic powers and childlike innocence. There’s something special about this magical being that you can’t help but find loveable.

Thanks to the rediscovery of the movie by younger generations, an appreciation for this classic cute character is stronger than ever before.

1. Tony-Tony Chopper — One Piece

Tony-Tony Chopper — One Piece

Tony-Tony Chopper, the beloved and adorable reindeer doctor from the long-running anime series One Piece, is easily one of the cutest animals to ever grace a television screen.

With his chubby yet lovable figure and childlike naivete, he instantly charms viewers…not to mention bursting into song whenever he’s excited.

Not only that, but Tony-Tony Chopper is no pushover: despite his sweet nature, he’s perfectly capable of standing up for himself, never wavering in his resolve to protect those he cares about.

From grand battle scenes to everyday island adventures with Luffy & Co., Tony-Tony Chopper has proved himself to be indispensable and an exceptionally charming presence—in every sense of the word.


From cats to wolves, anime is full of some of the cutest and most memorable animals. And while there is much debate as to which anime animal is the cutest one ever, we’ve taken the guesswork out of it by listing 10 contenders that we think deserve this title. 

Whether you prefer Appa, Totoro, Happy or Jiji, you’re sure to find something special among this diverse list. With so many adorable characters now available for fans to discover, it may be hard to pick a favorite. But one thing is certain: anime animals are here to stay, and they keep bringing faithful viewers lots of joy.

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