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The 60 Most Cute Pokemon in Pokemon History (2022 List)

The Pokemon franchise is one of the most enduring and popular series in the world. From its inception in the nineties, it continues to grow and attract fans of all ages with its expansive Universe and lovable characters. Now, we bring you a list of the sixty cutest Pokemon creatures ever created.

This comprehensive list contains some classic favourites as well as some recent picks, so you can be sure to find something that calls out to you. There will be plenty of cuteness guaranteed while discovering this special selection.

So if you’re having a bad day or feeling downbeat – look no further; these friendly faces are here to help turn your frown upside down:


60. Dratini


Dratini is one of the cutest Pokemon out there, and ever since its debut in the legendary Generation 1, it has remained popular among Pokemon trainers around the globe. With its adorable blue-and-white striped body and interesting evolution paths, it’s no wonder that so many are enamoured by this beloved creature.

This Dragon-type Pokémon can grow up to five feet tall and weighs as much as 22 lbs. Its rarity rather than its power or Strength makes it popular among collectors. Dratini begins by feeding off of Magikarp and other small fish but happens to evolve into a powerful Dragonair, which eventually turns into a mighty Dragonite if fully evolved.

Not only does Dragonite gain tremendous Strength after Evolution, but it also gets an upgrade in terms of defence. It can be found near bodies of water such as lakes, rivers and even seas, which Magikarps tend to inhabit.

59. Charmander


Fans of the ever-popular Pokemon franchise have long been enchanted by the adorable Charmander, a vibrant orange reptilian creature that resembles a miniature dinosaur with a flame at the end of its tail. As one of the original 151 species in the Pokemon world, Charmander has stood the test of time as a much-loved and iconic character.

With its rowdy attitude and spunky personality, Charmander is an adventurous Fire-Type pokemon known for its strong will and determination no matter how tough life’s battles get. Though small in stature, this fearless Pokemon is packed with potential when used properly in battle.

Also, the evolution possibilities open up to Charmeleon, and then Charizard makes this beloved creature even more formidable. The latest generation of gamers is now introducing their children to these classic characters, giving them everlasting fandom status.

58. Teddiursa


“Teddiursa” is one of the cutest Pokemon ever seen. It is a normal-type Bear Cub Pokemon with a big round body and big brown furry ears. Although it may be small, it still has some impressive moves like Slash and Play Rough that can come in handy for battles.

This Pokemon also loves honey, which makes it easy to find in the wild near its favourite food source. As adorable as this Pokemon can be, it can sometimes put up a fight when angry or threatened. It is no surprise that Teddiursa quickly became one of the most popular Cute Pokemon around the world.

57. Mareep


Are you looking for a cute Electric-type Pokemon to add to your team. Consider Mareep, the adorable yellow and white lamb-like creature. Sporting fluffy wool, an inquisitive expression, and a mild disposition, Mareep has been a fan favourite ever since it made its debut in Generation 2.

With access to powerful moves like Electric Terrain, Wild Charge and Thunderbolt, as well as unique abilities like plus or minus, which can be used to give you an edge over opponents in battle, Mareep is an excellent addition to any team.

Plus it can evolve into one of two forms – Ampharos or Flaaffy – both with their own unique sets of abilities making them even more formidable foes. Add in the fact that they are relatively easy to find in Pokemon Sword & Shield, and it’s easy to see why so many trainers opt for catching their very own Mareep.

56. Slowpoke


Slowpoke is a beloved fan favourite from the widely popular series of Pokémon — and for a good reason. With its clumsy, adorably dopey nature, it’s tough not to love this chill and mellow ‘Mon. An often overlooked Pokémon who finds its greatest use in-game as bait for fishing, Slowpoke stands out for its namesake feature – its slow and carefree mentality.

Slowpoke does everything at its own pace; it takes five whole seconds just to process the simplest of commands. But don’t be mistaken – this doesn’t mean that it lacks Strength and spirit.

Slowpoke can evolve into a fierce powerhouse known as Slowbro, heightening all its abilities to monstrous levels – this certainly proves their hidden power.

55. Growlithe


Growlithe, known affectionately as the “Puppy Pokemon,” is a questionably cute creature featured in many Pokemon-related media. First appearing in Generation I of the classic Pokemon games, it has since been re-imagined for modern audiences across new games and anime series.

It is always depicted as an adorable puppy-like lion with tawny fur—a combination that makes it one of the most recognizable Pokemon yet.

Although Growlithe is far from the cutest Pocket Monster (as Pokemon are referred to in Japan), its combination of feline traits and charm has earned it a place among fans’ favourite Fire-type pocket monsters. Fans love to cosplay as the beloved Growlithe, and there is plenty of Growlithe-themed merchandise available on various platforms.

54. Cubchoo


Cubchoo, or Itssoo in Japan, is one of the cutest Pokemon ever created. Discovered in Unova region’s Nameless Cavern, this pure Poison-type chubby bear species has captivated Pokemon fans all over the world. Cubchoo is described as a playful and cuddly creature with a unique brand of charm.

It has white fur with fluffy ear tips and big adorable eyes that are constantly streaming with clear mucus. To battle, it uses its powerful jaw while its two signature moves, Play Rough and Ice Punch, complete its offence repertoire.

With an overall height of 11 inches and a weight of 12 pounds, Cubchoo can fit right in your lap. So if you’re looking for an easygoing companion who always brings infectious smiles to everyone’s faces, then this cute Pokemon should be right at the top of your list.

53. Lillipup


Everyone loves cute creatures, and the adorable Lillipup is no exception. This spunky little Pokémon can most commonly be found in and around dens and caves, but they’re also known to hang around towns when they’re feeling brave. They’re peaceful by nature, with a cuddly demeanour that’s hard to resist.

Lillipup is particularly well-known for their furry face masks, which give them an extra cute look, even compared to other Pokémon in their school. Their move set is based on Strength and agility, though their small size makes them perfect for agile attacks like Take Down and Bite.

And because it evolves into Herdier at level 16, you won’t have to wait long before you have a new powerful friend on your side. In short, taking care of Lillipup will make you feel good both inside and out.

52. Psyduck


Psyduck is an iconic cute Pokemon character from the popular Pokemon TV series and games that have taken the world by storm. It is a water-type duck-like Pokémon and appears to be wearing a yellow hood or bonnet on its head with a cross-shaped feather adornment.

This means of expression is what gives Psyduck some of its charms, as it never seems to be able to utter a single sentence without getting confused. Despite looking cute, it can still put up quite a fight in battle due to its unique psychic powers that increase the strength of its attacks exponentially.

In fact, it’s said that there are times when Psyduck’s headache gets so bad that it starts using mysterious powers. What makes this adorable Pokemon even cuter is how it can get attracted to shiny objects, often leading it astray and providing endless comedic moments for people who love him.

51. Totodile


Totodile is a delightful, final-evolution water type Pokémon found in the Johto region. It has an orange body with a cream and blue belly, a large white jaw, and arms designed to look like fins. This adorable Water-type Pokémon loves water and attacks its foes ferociously with its huge jaws.

Its highly powerful attacks can easily overwhelm opponents. Although it may be small for now, it always grows into its namesake crocodilian once it becomes older and more powerful.

Not only is Totodile cute, but some of its moves are also extremely effective against Electric-type Pokemon. Additionally, it has been seen learning the powerful Ice-type attack Blizzard which could make it even more formidable in battle.

50. Clefairy


Clefairy is one of the most beloved Pokemon species out there. Cute and fluffy, with a mischievous air about them, Clefairy has been captivating players around the world since their first appearance in the original Pokemon games. These adorable little friends can be found hopping atop hillsides and grassy knolls throughout the Pokemon Universe.

They are especially lovable due to their gentle personalities and intelligence; they often try to help out other Pokemon who appear to be in need.

In battle, however, they can use Metronome to quickly call upon powerful moves or become giant-sized with Mega Evolution. As a result, many trainers are opting for this type of Pokemon as an integral part of their team balancing strategy.

49. Mudkip


Cute and lovable, it’s no surprise why Mudkip is one of the most popular Pokémon today. Discovered on an expedition to a clean light blue pond near Fallarbor Town, Mudkip’s unique ability to use its fin-shaped tail was soon discovered.

With the ability to thrive in both aquatic and terrestrial habitats without fear, it’s clear that this adorable creature has all the makings of an excellent companion. Not shy by any means, they’re also incredibly loyal and loving, striving to please their trainers as best as they can.

Mudkip evolutions Acqua, Marsh and Miry eventually explore past their original boundaries and discover new places—perfect for anyone looking for a grand adventure with a friendly face along for the ride.

48. Bulbasaur


Bulbasaur is one of the cutest Pokemon characters out there and has been a fan favourite since it first made its debut in the world of Pokemon. Its unique combination of being both round and spiky, along with the vibrant colours that come in shades of green, purple, and red, make it a fun and unique addition to any collection.

Along with its cute physical characteristics, Bulbasaur also has an array of interesting features, such as its seed-like bulb on its back used for storing food and energy.

Beyond collecting, fans have fallen in love with Bulbasaur’s bubbly personality leading to some inspired stories about Pokemon adventures shared on forums or comics featuring the cute Pokemon itself.

47. Cyndaquil


Cyndaquil is an adorable pokemon that has been around since the first version of the classic game series. It is a small, mouse-like creature with a firey yellow and orange exterior, plus two distinctive brown spots along its back. Its unique aspect is that it can shoot flame from the back of its neck.

Cyndaquil is considered extremely loyal to its Trainer and brave in battle, being one of the most preferred starters out of all versions available.

Additionally, it looks completely different from other starter pokemon and further sets itself apart because of its bravery to always protect those whom it loves and cares for when presented with challenging situations. For that reason, it has made quite a name for itself in the Pokemon fandom as one of the cutest creatures within the franchise.

46. Fennekin


Fennekin, one of the cutest Pokemon, is a small fox-like creature with four legs and long ears. It has orange fur with lightly coloured tufts on top of its head, giving it the look of a toy fox.

Fennekin’s oversized ears help it regulate its temperature during hot days and also act as directional tools in order to locate food or potential partners.

This Pokemon enjoys basking in the sun and has an affinity for spicy foods. In its final Evolution, it communicates through telepathy and possesses mysterious fire powers that can transform different objects into fireballs filled with intense heat and energy. All these features make Fennekin one of the most appealing among Pokemon fans worldwide.

45. Torchic


Torchic, part of the Johto Pokedex, is the first of Hoenn’s three starter Pokemon. This cute Fire and Fighting type is also known as Achamo in Japan and features a charmingly playful design with a unique top-knot tuft that many fans find adorable.

Torchic boasts versatility in battle thanks to its Flame Charge move, which not only deals damage but also boosts its own Speed stat by a sizable margin – making it the perfect choice for any trainer looking to take their battles up a notch.

Beyond being an adorable fire-type, Torchic’s friendly appearance makes it easy to relate to and win over even young children who are unfamiliar with Pokemon – making it one of the series’ most memorable characters throughout its lifetime.

44. Chespin


Chespin is a cute and popular Pokemon from the Kalos region. It is a Grass-type starter with a characteristic green colour. Generally, it has a friendly, cheerful demeanour and expressive eyes. Chespin can be easily identified by its hard, spiny shell and distinctive ears that curve back toward the head. However, its true beauty lies in the soft brown fur at its midsection.

Moreover, Chespin’s thick brows are prominent in their expression, and the muzzle on its face feels smooth to the touch. One of Chespin’s signature traits is that it stands up when happy or proud of itself-its. The whole body will puff out all at once.

As a versatile fighter, Chespin can learn both physical attacks, such as Tackle and Bullet Seed, as well as special moves like Energy Ball and Synthesis; what’s more impressive is that it is also capable of learning overworld stunts, such as Strength which allow him to move obstacles.

43. Treecko


Treecko is an adorable, grass-type Pokemon from the Hoenn region. It’s reptilian in appearance and boasts the signature green colour of many grass types seen in the Pokedex. Trainers who catch Treecko can be sure they have a powerful ally; this little creature has amazing agility and speed that it uses to execute devastating Leaf Tornado attacks.

On top of its strong combat skills, Treecko loves to show off its impressive climbing abilities, often using its tail hook as an anchor to ascend mountains and trees with remarkable finesse.

When it isn’t engaging intruders or having fun playing leaping games, this grumpy Pokémon is found chilling on treetops or mossy rocks, taking in the sun’s warmth while creating ambient vibrations that calm nearby Sabrina fans.

42. Oshawott


Oshawott is a cute water-type Pokemon that evolves from the sea otter creature. With big eyes and a round body, he’s one of the most adorable pocket monsters in the franchise.

His shell weapon is also unique: it’s made from the same substance as his scalchop and doubles as a tool used to break open Berries.

Not only is Oshawott absolutely adorable, but his character and bravery shine through in Pokemon battles. He displayed strong courage during Ash Ketchum’s Unova League Championship, in which he was triumphant despite being heavily outmatched by Snivy and Leavanny.

41. Froakie


Froakie is a cute amphibious Pokemon that has made a splash worldwide since making its debut in the highly popular Pokemon X and Y game series. Its adorable little frog-like appearance, combined with its powerful attacks and special abilities, make it a top choice among fans of the show.

Its ability to shoot bubbling attacks, coupled with a wide variety of moves and techniques, solidifies Froakie’s place as one of the most beloved Pokemon out there.

With plenty of visibility on various digital platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and even Twitter, Froakie has become an iconic character in the ever-expanding world of Pokemon.

40. Chimchar


Chimchar, one of the most beloved cuties Pokemon available, has been adored by fans for years. This Fire-type Pokemon is known for its orange fur and pointed tail which resembles flames. ItsFire-typing gives Chimchar access to a wide range of attacks, making it an incredibly versatile fighter in battle situations.

Additionally, Chimchar has one of the most adorable designs and personalities across all Pokemon available to catch, drawing in many fans, new and old.

As their name implies, they often take on a cheeky or mischievous disposition while in the field. Such unique qualities have made them a staple character in the massive Pokemon Universe – a true testament to how incredible this fire-based creature truly is.

39. Litten


Litten is one of the cutest Pokemon ever seen. An adorable Fire Cat pokemon, Litten’s unique features bring life to the Pokemon Universe. Its scales resemble a flame, and its fur gives it a playful, spunky look that is hard to resist. It has whiskers much like a regular cat and sports a red triangle on its head.

It has blazingly sharp claws that help it climb trees at impressive speeds and maintain very high jumping abilities. Its feisty personality can be seen when it curls up into a ball like an angry cat and pounces around fiercely in battle.

Though small in size, Litten can cause maximum damage with its Fire-type moves such as Ember, Fire Fang, Flame Charge and Inferno. All these formidable attacks make it a great asset in any battle. As such, trainers who desire to build an effective fighting team must get them into their party.

38. Tepig


Tepig is one of the cutest Pokemon in existence and a fan favourite. Its appearance is quite unique, with an adorable pig-like face (complete with a snout) and stubby little hooves. It’s also remarkably cuddly – its body tends to be plump and fluffy, with orange fur on most of its body and white around its underbelly.

As a Fire-type creature, Tepig can use flaming attacks to fight its opponents – moves such as Ember, Flame Charge, and Heat Crash. Despite its cute looks, it’s also surprisingly tough – when faced with danger, it can dig its hooves into the GroundGround for protection and won’t give up so easily.

Trainers that want to make Tepig their own need to look no further than Pokemon GO– where they can find it around areas populated by humans so long as the Trainer remains vigilant.

37. Turtwig


Who wouldn’t want to meet Turtwig the cute turtle Pokémon. With its grassy head and adorable eyes, this little guy can brighten up any day. It’s a starter Pokémon from Generation IV with a Grass/Ground dual type, meaning it is quite powerful in battle.

When Turtwig evolves, its type changes to just GroundGround, and it becomes bigger, more powerful and even cuter.

Despite its small size, it can pack a punch when it unleashes its attacks – especially Leaf Storm and Frenzy Plant. As such, a well-trained Turtwig can be very useful in Pokémon battles.

36. Popplio


Popplio is one of the cutest Pokémon out there, with its round eyes and water bubble trunks. It is a Water-type from the Alola Region and evolves into Poliwhirl and Primarina. From its debut in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Popplio quickly became a fan favourite for its endearing personality, adorable design, and subtle elegance.

Its adaptations to underwater living – including shooting balls of water from its trunk – further, make it an endearing Water-type Pocket Monster. On land, it uses the elasticity of its balloons to perform acrobatics that impresses onlookers.

This cuddly creature loves to be around people too, so if you’re looking for a new companion among the Pokémon family, then Popplio might just be your pick. Despite being a Water-type, Popplio’s unique ability Tangling Hair also grants it coverage against Grass-type attacks.

35. Snivy


Ah, Snivy One of the cutest and most versatile of all the Pokemon creatures. With its signature smirk and grass-type powers, Snivy has become a beloved character by fans around the world.

Whether you’re getting ready to take your first steps into the world of Pokemon with one of the classic handheld games or are starting up a battle on the Nintendo Switch in Sword and Shield, Snivy is sure to be part of your team.

But Snivy isn’t just known for its lovable design. Its speed and Strength make it a formidable opponent in battle, allowing it to strike first, often securing victory in no time at all.

34. Grookey


Grookey is a cute and endearing Pokemon that players can catch and add to their team in the classics Pokemon Sword & Shield. This small creature starts off as a chimp-like creature with green fur and red eyes who has the ability to control vegetation.

Grookey is an Electric/Grass-type Pokemon with unique abilities that can help trainers during difficult battles. Not only is he full of spunk, but his skillset also makes him a valuable asset in taking down opponents on the battlefield.

With high attack and special attack stats, trainers don’t want to miss out on catching this adorably powerful Pokemon. The sword dancers among gym leaders should be warned–Grookey could end up being your greatest ally when it comes to collecting badges.

33. Rowlet


Rowlet is an adorable, owl-like Pokemon from the Alola region. Its feathered neck and head are a soft green, and its round brown body looks like a cat’s eye when seen in profile. Rowlet can give a strong glare with its big eyes, but what sets it apart from other Pokemon is its ability to fly silently while rotating its head around to scout out its surroundings.

In battle, it uses its razor-sharp leaves like ninja stars and can turn 180 degrees in mid-air with ease. However, Rowlett isn’t all brawn; he has plenty of brains too.

It possesses great wisdom that allows it to quickly analyze and respond to any situation without hesitation. Its calmness also gives it a distinct advantage – allowing it to surprise even experienced trainers with unexpected strategic manoeuvres.

32. Sobble


The Sobble line of adorable Pokemon can be found in the Galar Region. This small, blue reptilian water-type Pokemon is as cute as they come, often seen with its head slightly bowed and its eyes closed. Sobble is known to be quite shy and timid but has a deep inner courage that it will unleash when necessary.

However, you’ll learn to love this lovable creature quickly. Apart from its glimmering blue scales and unique teardrop shape, the Sobble family isn’t particularly remarkable in other aspects.

It’s weak in battle, so if you’re looking for a powerful team member, consider looking elsewhere. Still, don’t underestimate Sobble – this majestic water-type Pokemon has great potential to become an incredibly powerful ally once the time comes.

31. Snorlax


Ever heard of “Snorlax”, the cuddly and fat Pokémon. Well, Snorlax is one of the original Pokémons. It’s categorized as a Normal-type Pokémon who loves to sleep and eat, appearing in many different forms like stuffed animals and costumes.

Even though it looks lazy and slow, it is known to be one of the strongest Pokémons. Its signature move is its attack called Body Slam which enables it to crush its opponents simultaneously.

Unlike other Pokémons who flaunt their powers and abilities, Snorlax seems indifferent and carries on regardless.

30. Espurr


Pokemon fans might recognize Espurr as one of the cutest characters in the game, but what makes it so special. Espurr has a special set of psychic powers brought about by its suspended tuft of fur and its two blue eyes. 

Its signature move is Psychic, which allows players to use their minds to make powerful attacks that are incredibly difficult to dodge. As fun as a cute character like Espurr can be, it’s also important to note that this Pokemon is no pushover.

The Evolved form, Meowstic, can be deceptively strong and quite formidable when used correctly. For those who wish for a powerful and lovable fighter by their side in battle, then Espurr is an excellent choice.

29. Cubone


Cubone is one of the most beloved and iconic Pokémon in the franchise. This shy creature is recognizable by its small yet formidable body and the skull mask that covers its head. In battle, Cubone relies on Strength and resilience to prevail. Its wide range of moves includes Swords Dance, Headbutt, and Bone Club, making it a versatile fighter.

With its sad eyes hidden underneath the mask, this loveable Pokémon strikes a chord with many fans who relate to its loneliness and vulnerability.

It has an evolutionary line that includes Marowak and Alolan Marowak, which bring an interesting alternative for trainers looking for powerful Pokemon of this kind. Despite its unfriendly exterior, Cubone has grown to be a favourite among all kinds of trainers – from professionals to casuals.

28. Manaphy


Manaphy is one of the most beloved Pokemon of all time, being a beloved character in both the original cartoons and video games. This cutie-pie looks like an egg with arms, legs and even a bright blue tail. Manaphy communicates with people by sending out waves of emotion, which makes it one of the most lovable creatures in Pokemon.

Its connection to all life has made it a top choice for trainers everywhere. Manaphy has amazing abilities; it can carry various items in its shell, including mail. Additionally, they possess the ability to explore underwater environments that would otherwise be impossible.

Manaphy’s biggest Strength is its resilience; when weakened or injured, it will regain its energy by absorbing moonlight. Talk about winning big for this cute creature.

Whether you’re an experienced player or just learning how to play Pokemon Go, you’ll want to add Manaphy to your team. With its charm and capabilities in tow, this unique creature is sure to bring plenty of adventures into your gaming experience.

27. Cutiefly


Cutiefly is a small bug-type Pokemon introduced in Generation VII. It won the hearts of many Pokemon fans with its adorable design and gentle demeanour. Befitting its name, Cutiefly has a small body and wings striped yellow and black like a bumblebee which helps it fly quickly from flower to flower to suck nectar.

Cutiefly is usually found near blooming flowers during the day, but at night they transform into sparkling lights that dance around in groups.

Out of all its features, the most fascinating is its ability to sense aether – energy emitted by living creatures – helping this cute Pokemon better perceive its surroundings and interact with other living beings.

26. Togedemaru


Everyone loves Pokemon. But not everyone is familiar with the cutest one among them – Togedemaru. Togedemaru is an Electric/Steel-type rodent Pokemon which made its debut in 2017. The tiny, spiky hedgehog looks very cute and endearing with big, sparkly eyes and fluffy cheeks.

It has a round shape body with its tail sticking out on the back, resembling an electric plug – its unique design lends it an even cuter edge.Despite its size and charm, what makes Togedemaru special is its ability to store electricity in its cheeks like a battery.

 It takes power from other sources through spikes present at the tip of each arm or tail and can store it for later use. Thus, it’s capable of producing electricity when needed, which makes it powerful yet adorable.

25. Mew


Mew is a Psychic-type legendary Pokemon originally discovered in the Kanto region, which loves to play and loves snacks too. It has the ability to learn any move, and its special moves include Pound, Transform, Metronome and Psychic.

Its powerful but caring character makes it the perfect partner for any trainer’s journey. It is also absolutely adorable with its big eyes and small stature.

Mew can be found by searching tall grass in Kanto or via trading from Johto regions. When training your Mew, make sure it gets plenty of love, as this is essential for growing a strong bond between Trainer and mini-legendary.

24. Shinx


Shinx is one of the many cute and cuddly Pokemon from the world of Pokemon. Shinx is a small, electric-type Pokemon with yellow fur and dark blue stripes on its back and tail. It has long ears that stick out from the sides of its head like bolts of electricity, wide, round eyes, and an adorable snout capped off with a pink blob.

Shinx also has an unusual talent; it can create illuminating sparks using only its eyes. Shinx loves to explore during the night in search of new electricity sources to feed off of. It is particularly attracted to small items that sparkle, such as coins or jewellery.

Shinx is also known for getting along well with other Electric-types as well as certain types of Water-types due to its affinity for aquatic environments.

23. Minccino


Who doesn’t love Pokemon. The popular creatures are everywhere, and none are cuter than Minccino. This adorable chinchilla-like creature is Fairy-type, meaning it has special elemental powers. Equally impressive is its remarkable acrobatic abilities thanks to a prehensile tail which can be used as a fifth limb.

While its round ears can appear deceptively small, watch out – Minccino has fantastic hearing and is often the first one to respond to an enemy’s attack.

It loves cleanliness, so its fur will always be sparkling and fluffy. Critics also remember its ability to use Water Pulse, Ice Punch and Tail Slap attacks against not only other Pokemon but people too. Its cute physical features make it a must-have addition for any avid collector.

22. Phanpy


Cute Pokemon Phanpy is an adorable Ground-type Pokemon that debuted in Generation II. Its rounded ears make it look like an elephant, and its trunk can spray a surprisingly strong water stream. 

Phanpy loves to play around with others and is often seen rolling and playing. It comes out of its Poké Ball when called and then uses its trunk to make happy noises.

While known for being cute and cuddly, this Pokémon also has a competitive side in battles. It mostly uses Take Down attacks to hit opponents hard but can also deliver powerful moves such as Earthquake and Hyper Beam if needed.

Phanpy’s most valuable asset is its resilience; it has the ability to absorb hits from other Pokémon without flinching, making it a formidable foe in any Trainer’s arsenal.

21. Meloetta


Meloetta is an incredibly cute pink ghost-and-fairy-type Pokémon that appears in the fifth generation of the popular Pokémon franchise. It has a unique feature in which its form can change with the Melody of Recollection—a song written to bring memories of its original home back to it.

It may also sing different melodies and remember them, which makes it quite a fascinating addition to anyone’s collection. The shape and colour of its second form change depending on what type of music it hears, either Aria (Pure Voice) or Pirouette (Step Dance)—the latter form having vivid red hair, sharply contrasting its former pale violet curls.

Those who have hatched an egg containing this dual-typed sweetheart have much to look forward to. Meloetta’s presence brightens up any team with its cheerful energy and lovely singing voice. 

With enough love, care, and training, Meloetta will prove to be both a beautiful beauty and fierce fighter in battle – no rival should ever take this Pokémon lightly.

20. Jigglypuff


Jigglypuff is a pink, heart-shaped creature that first appeared in the hit game franchise Pokemon. It’s one of the cutest and most beloved Pocket Monsters around. Most notably, Jigglypuff has the unique ability to sing a captivating song to enemies or anyone in its path.

With its large bulging eyes, oversized cheeks and a penchant for rolling into other Pokémon, Jigglypuff is sure to be an adored part of any Pokémon team.

On top of that, this cuddly creature can float using air stored in its body like a balloon, something very few other Pokemon have the pleasure of enjoying. Ultimately, Jigglypuff makes for a kind companion who can prove surprisingly powerful against opponents foolish enough to ignore its warnings.

19. Celebi


Celebi is a positively delightful Pokemon with its celestial green colour, adorable star-shaped antennae, and huge expressive eyes. It has the ability to travel through time as well as to heal plants and make them immortal — making Celebi a favourite amongst many Pokemon fans.

Legends say that if you see Celebi, it will bring you good luck; perhaps that’s why everyone can’t seem to get enough of their cuteness of Celebi.

Celebi is one of the rarest Pokemon, so if you come across it in the wild, consider yourself lucky. Aside from their rarity, however, Celebi is a rather frail creature with only average stats — making them ideal for guarding or serving other pocket monsters.

Despite this, its wide range of powerful moves makes Celebi very versatile and quite valuable in battle. Its successful catch rate is also very high, which adds to its allure for both competitive players and casual fans alike.

18. Pumpkaboo


This easy-to-love Pokemon is a Ghost/Grass-type creature that was introduced to the world in Generation VI of the popular franchise. It’s distinguished by its brilliant orange colour and its big, black eyes, which give it an innocent and curious expression.

Pumpkaboo has different sizes and forms, which makes it even cuter. When happy, it can be seen bouncing up and down with excitement. Despite being of less intimidating stature than other Pokémon, Pumpkaboo is extremely brave and loyal – qualities that make it a great companion.

 Its signature move, Trick or Treat, allows this pumpkin cutie to slap opponents with seeds prepped for battle. If you’re looking for a fun and protective pet to join you in your adventures, consider Pumpkaboo as an adorable option.

17. Chikorita


Cute and cuddly, Chikorita is one of the most popular Pokemon from the franchise. Green in colour with a leaf-like head and creamy yellow fur down its body, it’s no surprise that many fans adore this little Grass-type creature. Its attack moves range from Vine Whip to Seed Bomb, making it both versatile and formidable in battle.

Additionally, Chikorita not only has an easygoing personality but also absorbs solar energy to heal itself. With its sweet appearance and great abilities, it’s no wonder why so many find themselves wanting their very own Chikorita.

As the face of friendship between humans and Pokemon alike, Chikorita offers unwavering hope to its trainers – something that everyone can appreciate when exploring the world of Pokemon.

16. Pikachu


Pikachu is the most adorable and iconic Pokémon of all time. Its cute yellow colour and distinctive look have earned it worldwide popularity, making it the unofficial mascot of the Pokémon franchise. Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon that has lightning-fast speed and a notoriously strong electrical attack.

It evolves from Pichu when levelled up with high friendship and evolves into Raichu when exposed to a Thunder Stone. This cuddly-looking critter has also been featured in many of the Pokémon animated movies, games and TV series over the years – cementing its status as a true classic beloved by both kids and adults alike.

15. Komala


Although its appearance is quite different from that of a typical Pokémon, Komala has become quite popular in the world of character collecting. With a name derived from the words “comfort” and “lullaby,” Komala’s cuddly demeanour makes it instantly lovable – no matter how it looks.

The soft, sleepy bear-like creature from the Pokėmon world is one of Alola Region’s cutest pocket monsters.

It spends its life sleeping while clutching its log tightly like a security blanket, and in the occasional moments when it’s awake, Komala likes to eat coconut-flavoured milk and crawl around playfully with other Komala friends. As an Electric-type Pokèmon, Komala has surprisingly strong power and can be used in competitive battles to great effect.

14. Shaymin


Shaymin is one of the cutest Pokemon ever. Its cuddly and fluffy nature gives it an irresistible charm. This grass-type Pokemon has a unique feature allowing it to transform during the day and night.

In its Sky Forme, Shaymin takes on a majestic new look with wings and a long tail. It also has the incredibly powerful ability to purify polluted areas, making it even more charming.

With its strong defensive and offensive capabilities, Shaymin is sure to surprise even veteran players. It’s no question why die-hard fans have so much love for this adorable Pokemon.

13. Litwick


Litwick, the cute-looking Pokemon, is one of the most popular characters from the Pokemon Universe. This small candelabra has charmed its way into the hearts of all Pokemon Masters. Not only does he look super adorable with his big black eyes and tiny body, but he also packs a powerful punch when it comes to battling.

His Fire-type moves, such as Heat Wave and Incinerate, are strong attacks that can give any opponent some serious damage. Even though he looks like a harmless little candle, Litwick will do whatever is needed to protect his Trainer and other Pokémon on their journey around the world.

He’s often seen hovering around people, providing them with light and warmth through friendship instead of fire. Litwick is an amazing partner to have in any trainer’s team, and they’ll never get bored or lonely when this sweet little ghost is by their side.

12. Plusle and Minun

Plusle and Minun

Cute Pokemon Plusle and Minun have long captivated hearts around the world. These two mischievous Pikachu lookalikes appear together in many activities, like playing tag in small meadows or cheering for trainers during competitions. The Pokémon duo have been partners since their debut in Generation III of the Pokémon games.

These pokémon are electric-type and always maintain an approachable look, complete with a winking expression and energetic poses. Although they aren’t Natural Evolution Pokémon, they share a certain bond with each other that many admire.

Their ability to work together as a team has driven them to success stories, such as completing Johto’s Test of Courage mission and being featured on movie posters alongside Ash Ketchum. Whether you’re an established player or new to the franchise, these two lovable comrades will certainly bring a smile to your face.

11. Togepi


Togepi is a cute, egg-shaped Pokemon that has become an iconic image for the series. Having debuted in the anime in the episode “Who Gets to Keep Togepi”, this little creature quickly stole the hearts of Pokemon fans all over the world with its charming antics.

Since then, Togepi has been featured in various episodes and movies, with its popularity continuing to grow even today.

As one of the oldest and most recognizable baby Pokemon, Togepi has earned itself a special place in every Trainer’s team, often evolving into its powerful Evolution Togetic down the line. 

Its eggs are said to contain happiness inside them, and when they hatch, it means that fortune will follow for both Pokemon Trainers as well as their Pocket Monsters.

10. Skitty


Skitty is an adorable pokemon from the series, with its signature pink fur and lovable personality. It’s one of the most popular Pokemon, and fans love its soft features like big eyes and puffy tail. This fun-loving creature is incredibly playful and active, always looking for something fun to do.

Its ability to purr is also quite well known – when it gets into trouble, it will purr louder until someone comes to help it. Skitty is also a great starter pokemon for Pokemon trainers thanks to its affinity for battle; not only can it fight off other creatures, but its cuteness helps disarm any would-be-attackers.

Last but not least, people love Skitty because of its wonderful endearing nature; the Pokemon loves being fussed over when it spends time with trainers or friends.

9. Dedenne


Dedenne, one of the cutest Pokemon in the whole world, is a small, round creature that is electric and fairy-type. Thriving on plenty of watts from electrical outlets, it likes to eat fruit and nuts. Sporting an adorable smile, Dedenne’s cute eyes are set on each side of its furry body.

It has two back pouches that allow for it to store all sorts of items or even other Pokemon. In fact, it is known to steal electricity from wires using its tail like an antenna. Furthermore, Dedenne uses every opportunity to recharge itself while zooming around.

A perfect choice if you’re looking for energy-efficient but adorable friends to hang out with – Dedenne could definitely be your partner in crime.

8. Squirtle


Squirtle, the small cute Turtle Pokemon, has been a favourite of fans since it evolved from its first appearance in the Pokemon franchise. The adorable Water type pokemon is beloved for his goofy attitude and attractive blue colouring.

Squirtle’s signature move, “water gun,” is an effective way to weaken opponents in battle, just as he does with its Trainer. And growing into his final form Wartortle, the turtle pokemon, proved to be just as powerful and liked by fans.

Squirtle can also learn many other useful moves like tackle, bubble beam and fury cutter, which make him a great teammate in both competitive battles and casual gameplay. So if you’re looking for an awesome pokemon companion that won’t break your pocketbook, be sure to look no further than our little buddy ‘Squirtle’.

7. Cinccino


Cinccino, the evolutionary form of Minccino, is one of the cute Pokemon. It is a Normal-type Pokemon that is found in the Unova region and has great popularity among trainers due to its adorable actions. It has a characteristic tail which it wraps around itself like an elegant cloak.

‘Cinccinos’ fur is full of thin fur, which grows long and waves. Its face also has two small dark patches with a pink blush on its cheeks and chin, giving it an even more harmless look. On its back lies a tuft of red fibre-like fur that drops over onto its bright white body, adding to its charm.

Cinccino’s attacks provide a unique addition to any battle party as they specialize in performing offensives efficiently without suffering any additional damage afterwards. With Continuous Attack and Last Resort at its disposal, it guarantees a steady stream of damage while staying healthy at the same time.

6. Scorbunny


With its sleek orange and white fur, Scorbunny is a popular choice amongst Pokemon trainers. Despite its small size and cuddly appearance, don’t be fooled – this rabbit-like creature can pack a punch. Despite being immensely fast on land, it can also produce powerful fire attacks to deal with both opponents and obstacles.

On top of that, its determination makes it one of the most formidable battlers in the pocket monster world. When trained properly, Scorbunny is sure to make a great addition to any trainer’s team.

As far as looks go, its black nose and cute eyes only add to its charm. With plenty of rare candies to help get ahead in battles, you’ll want to make sure you get one for your next journey.

5. Eevee


Eevee, the beloved cutest of all Pokemon, has been adored by generations. With its cuddly appearance and multiple evolution possibilities, Eevee is a fan favourite for many.

This Pokemon can evolve into eight different forms such as Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon and Espeon — each with special forms, powers and abilities.

In addition to the regular forms of Eevee, there is also the rare Shiny type. Not to mention that some new Eeveelutions are being added to the line-up in upcoming games. It’s no surprise why fans love this Pokemon so much: Its cute yet versatile nature makes it stand out from the rest.

4. Alolan Vulpix

Alolan Vulpix

Alolan Vulpix is one of the cutest Pokémon around. It has white fur with light blue accents and a silver tuft of fur on its head. Its body is small and round, making it a great companion for kids who would like to take it with them wherever they go. AlolanVulpix makes its home in cold climates and can also shoot snowflakes out its mouth.

Its rounded shape allows Alolan Vulpix to curl up into an adorable ball when sleeping or taking a nap. The most distinctive feature of Alolan Vulpix is Ice Crystals, which increase the power of its icy moves.

Ice Shard and Icy Wind are some examples. This Pokémon relies heavily on the type synergy between its two STABs – Snow Warning and Freeze-Dry – allowing it to attack quickly and powerfully when needed.

3. Piplup


One of the most adorable Pokemon out there, Piplup has won over the hearts of many with its charming appearance and sweet personality. Piplup is a Water-type starter Pokemon from the Sinnoh region in Generation IV of the Pokemon world. This penguin-like creature is easily identified by its bright blue feathers, which grace its head down to its long tail.

Being a Water-type Pokemon, it can use powerful water attacks such as Bubble Beam and Hydro Pump. Although Piplup may seem small and cute, it is quite a powerful opponent in battles.

Its attacks are strong enough to stand up against any Fire or Electric-type Gym Leader. Piplup is beloved across all generations of Pokemon players and remains an incredibly popular choice among those looking for their perfect partner.

2. Jirachi


One of the cutest mythical Pokemon, Jirachi, is a small, blue creature with an angelic face and two beady red eyes. It has the appearance of a star, and its spikes are reminiscent of an evening sky bursting with celestial bodies.

In the Pokemon world, Jirachi is known to have mystical powers, and its ability to grant wishes when it awakes after 1000 years of sleep makes it even more charming.

It also knows several powerful moves such as Draco Meteor and Doom Desire which it can use to protect trainers against evil forces. Carrying a pure heart and gentle spirit, this adorable steel-psychic type Pokemon is the perfect addition to any team.

Not only does Jirachi have great abilities, but it also has fantastic stats, boasting outstanding defence proficiencies as well as relatively strong offensive capabilities, making it a formidable opponent. With its high special attack stat, Jirachi can easily take down most foes with ease.

1. Emolga


Emolga is one of the cutest and most beloved Pokemon in the Pokemon Universe. With its irresistibly adorable grey fur, black eyes, and red cheeks, it’ll make anyone’s heart melt. This flying squirrel-like Electrical Pokemon can store static electricity in its fur and use it as an attack against foes.

Interestingly, many Emolga tends to be stubborn and independent. Training one might prove a challenge but with patience and kindness, they will learn to trust trainers. Though Emolga may seem intimidating at first glance, handling or catching one can result in a lifelong friendship.

Emolga is found in forests and plains near electricity sources such as rivers or lakes. If you’re unable to find one on your own, add friends that might have tamed their own Emolga for some tips.


This article has been a journey where we explored the incredibly diverse and colourful world that is the Pokemon Universe. We set out to name the cutest of them all and have found some truly amazing contenders for this title. The top 60 cutest Pokemon have each left their mark in our collective imagination and have become part of pop culture.

Ultimately, deciding upon one absolute champion from these numerous adorable creatures turned out to be an impossible task, so instead, we’ve proudly provided a list of the 60 cutest Pokemon of all time that showcases the best of the best in terms of sheer adorability.

From pre-evolutions to Megas and hidden gems to legendaries – this comprehensive list is guaranteed to serve your calling when you need a good dose of cute Pokemon fix.


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