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22 Beautiful & Hot Curly Hair Anime Girl Characters

Embrace your curls, and heads turn with admiration when you show off your beautiful locks. If you have curly hair or just love the look of it, then this article is for you.

We’ve compiled a list of 22 amazing curly hair anime girl characters to introduce you to different styles and varieties of curly hair.

These characters can help inspire your style or even provide a unique perspective. Whether you’re looking for long-lasting curls in daily life or dreamy elegance, these anime girl graphics are sure to please.

Now that we’ve introduced you to our stunning list, read on as we explore some more inspiring curly-haired anime girls:


22. Moeka Kiryu, from Steins, Gate

Moeka Kiryu, from Steins, Gate

Moeka Kiryu from Steins Gate is a popular curly hair anime girl character well-loved by fans. She’s the main protagonist and physics lab member of the Future Gadget Lab.

Boasting unique yet stylishly wild features – including visibly rich chestnut-coloured eyes and bright orange hair — her impressive highlights define her character even further.

Despite her shy demeanour, Moeka is clever and savvy in matters of computers and technology, traits that allow her to support Okabe throughout missions and work diligently on the development of their incredible inventions.

She has a special bond with another member of the group – Feiris Nyannyan, which influences her decision-making in tough times with an influence that viewers can’t help but take notice of.

With an unusual backstory, she continues to prance along each episode on this iconic journey, leaving fans around the world feeling captivated and inspired.

Her likeable personality not only makes you sympathize with her; but also motivates you to be courageous at all costs despite hardships or obstacles that may come your way.

21. Ichigo Hoshimiya, a Hoshimiya character from Aikatsu

Ichigo Hoshimiya, a Hoshimiya character from Aikatsu

Ichigo Hoshimiya, the cheerful heroine from Aikatsu, is a memorable anime character who stands out from the crowd due to her unique and impressive curly hair.

Ichigo’s journey begins with her first day at Four Star Academy. From that moment onwards, she faces many adventures and obstacles on her way to becoming a top idol.

Throughout it all, one thing remains constant: Ichigo’s curly hair – an animated representation of her strong will, determination and optimism. Not only does it look amazing in motion, but it also brings an extra layer of charm and appeal to the character and her story.

Similarly, Ichigo’s curliness can be seen as the identification mark of all the positive experiences she has had while aspiring to reach her goals.

20. Aria of Omega Quintet

Aria of Omega Quintet

If you’re an anime fan, then you will love Aria of Omega Quintet. This curly-haired anime girl character is the lead vocalist of the band “Verse Maidens”, who strive to save the world from extinction.

Her vocals are the only thing that can fend off evil forces known as “Blare”. As a result, she and her band drive back danger every day with their excellent singing skills.

Aria stands out due to her vibrant blue eyes and beautiful curly hair – no matter how dire the situation may be, her trademark cheerful demeanour always draws in a crowd.

Although Aria is a formidable warrior on stage, she also has many endearing qualities, like being able to cook delicious food for her friends and look after them during tough days.

19. Kagari Izuriha from Black Rock Shooter

Kagari Izuriha from Black Rock Shooter

Kagari Izuriha is a highly popular curly hair anime girl character from Black Rock Shooter. Her iconic black bangs of flowing locks have become an integral part of her identity in the world of otaku culture.

With her distinctive appearance and personality, Kagari has inspired cosplay, artwork, fan-made video games and music videos.

She is seen as a symbol of strength in a show that deals with intense themes of friendship, loss and alienation.

One reason for Kagari’s success may be attributed to her unique background that allows viewers to relate to different aspects of the character’s life: she despises her parents’ views on conformity and expresses herself through art, music and fashion.

She is also not afraid to take risks when dealing with powerful foes, which makes her stand out amongst other characters in the series .

18. Ravel Phenex, a character from High School DxD

Ravel Phenex, a character from High School DxD

Ravel Phenex, the Gremory heiress of Destroyers in High School DxD, is a striking example of an anime character with long curly hair.

She stands out from the other characters in her fiery red locks – always tied up into a thick braid to keep it away from her striking golden eyes. 

Ravel plays a big role in the show as an energetic, devilishly cunning and compassionate friend to the main protagonist, Issei. Despite her laid-back demeanour, she can be quite authoritative when it comes to getting things done.

Her mesmerizing style adds to her charm; she sports glamorous Gothic Lolita attire, which is mostly composed of black and pink that accentuates her curvaceous figure.

Although Ravel enjoys using schemes against foes when the situation calls for it, overall, she gives off an aura of maternal affection and care which endears her to fans all around the world.

17. Biscuit Krueger of Hunter x Hunter

Biscuit Krueger of Hunter x Hunter

Biscuit Krueger is a notoriously popular and powerful Hunter x Hunter anime character with curly hair. She has been a fan favourite since her debut in 2011 when she first made her appearance as an ally to the protagonist Gon Freecss. Her curly hair makes her stand out amongst the group of characters due to her unique style.

She wields great power with immense strength and an advanced Nen ability that grants her superhuman capabilities such as increased speed and agility as well as enhanced physical activity and endurance.

Biscuit’s fighting style has been described by fans as resilient, accurate, and unrelenting, which has now become part of what gives the series its charm.

Not only does she possess incredible strength but also incredible wisdom. This is evident in how she often advises Gon on different matters, helping him tackle difficult challenges he may face throughout his journey.

Her words are often registered with exceptional expertise that comes from experience and intuitive instinct, making it clear that she could ascend above even more dangerous situations.

16. Sadi From One Piece

Sadi From One Piece

A beloved fan favourite from the popular anime series One Piece, Sadi is truly the embodiment of beautiful curly hair. With her thick mass of springy brown tresses, each strand is done justice as it coils into sweet, medium-length ringlets. Her signature look lends her a unique and stylish flair that transcends typical anime stereotypes.

Whether she’s battling bad guys or simply lounging, Sadi always looks stunning with her alluring curly ‘do, adding a fun and lovable touch to the show.

If you’re looking for hairstyle inspiration that’s equal parts chic and wildly adventurous, then a curly-haired anime girl character like Sadi should be your go-to.

Not only do those soft, loosely flowing curls instantly steal hearts away, but they can also be achieved in almost any household by following tutorials off of the HairFriends For You website – which come highly recommended by many fans.

15. Chariot comes from Black Rock Shooter

Chariot comes from Black Rock Shooter

Chariot is an enigmatic character from Black Rock Shooter, a unique franchise created by HUUSKONEN. She appears in a variety of anime and manga versions of the series as well as a series of video games and artbooks.

Chariot is a curious girl who loves exploring and discovering new things. Her signature long black hair, which curls downward instead of being tied up in the traditional Japanese style, makes her stand out among the other characters.

In addition, she has mysterious powers such as telepathy and creating illusions with her fiery blue eyes.

Chariot is an enigmatic mystery that needs to be unravelled, becoming more powerful throughout her story arcs. Alongside her extraordinary talents, she brings forth an array of skills native to warriors and adventurers alike.

What’s special about her, though, is that she doesn’t merely fight with weapons or techniques; she also uses words to bring light into dark places and even defeats enemies using just powers of language.

14. Sarah Dupont From Kaleido Star

Sarah Dupont From Kaleido Star

Sarah Dupont from Kaleido Star is a spunky, independent anime girl with long curly hair and an eye for ambitious dreams. An idealist at heart, Sarah aspires to master the art of a Kaleido Stage acrobat in her quest to become a superstar on the stage.

Her values are often challenged as she learns through difficult lessons and experiences just how hard it is to make one’s dreams come true.

Those that dream along with Sarah may be filled with doubt and fear, but she pushes onward, motivated by her passion for acrobatics, never giving up until she reaches her destination. In spite of obstacles, her ambition and dedication drive her forward each time, more determined than ever before.

13. Selnia Iori Flameheart From Ladies Versus Butlers

Selnia Iori Flameheart From Ladies Versus Butlers

If you love anime, then you’re sure to be delighted by Selnia Iori Flameheart from Ladies Versus Butlers. This spunky and beautiful anime character is a major asset to the show’s allure, with her captivating mannerisms and instantly recognizable exuberant curly hair.

Her confidence and independent spirit make just as much of an impact as her impressive skills in battle. Not only does she have enough strength to face down any foe, but she also carries herself with an air of grace that makes her an inspirational role model for many fans.

Many are drawn to the uniqueness of her hair – its glossy, bouncing locks challenge norms in the genre and have proved popular among viewers who appreciate its aesthetic charm.

12. Launch From Dragon Ball

Launch From Dragon Ball

Who could forget the curly hair anime girl character Launch from Dragon Ball? Everyone remembers watching as she rudely wreaked havoc throughout the memorable series.

The launch is a well-developed character who begins life as a troublesome delinquent with an irresponsible personality that tends to only look out for her own gain.

As time passes, her character grows more and more level-headed, making her transition into a caring and compassionate individual very realistic.

Her hairstyle consists of two identifiable buns on either side of her head is unforgettable once you have seen it being so distinctly styled in the anime series.

11. Brigitte ‘Rosie’ Stark From Valkyria Chronicles

Brigitte _Rosie_ Stark From Valkyria Chronicles

Brigitte ‘Rosie’ Stark from Valkyria Chronicles is certainly one of the most beloved curly hair anime girl characters. Her outgoing personality and her never-ending optimism make her a wonderful protagonist in the game.

Despite being just 16, she was an asset to the anti-Imperial militia, resisting the Empire’s invasion with boundless courage. She was a reliable sniper, possessing incredible accuracy, and she used her tools to help protect her home.

With her genius engineering skills, she helped build a tank almost single handedly that fought alongside her comrades during the war.

10. Marie From Girls und Panzer

Marie From Girls und Panzer

Marie from Girls und Panzer is often considered the most iconic curly-haired anime girl character. She’s strong and independent, yet appeals to viewers with her endearing comedic moments which makes her even more relatable.

Marie has a chin-length cascade of orange stones which makes her stand out among other characters in the show. Her coral locks add an extra unique flavour to her overall persona.

Being part of the team at St. Gloriana Girls’ Academy Tankery Club, Marie is brave and determined in all tasks while also bringing plenty of humour to the platoon.

It’s no wonder she has earned such immense popularity within the anime community. Attributed to her outgoing personality and creative strategies, Marie is often labelled as one of the outstanding characters on Girls und Panzer, one of those who does not shy away from new challenges or opportunities.

9. Mai Valentine From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Mai Valentine From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Over the years, countless anime series have been made featuring a variety of characters, but one character that has been admired for her beauty and tenacity is Mai Valentine from Yu-Gi-Oh!

With her curly hair, fair skin and captivating blue eyes, Mai Valentine has become a fan favourite to many. Her spiky and vibrant curls are sure to turn heads in any room. What’s more, she is the proud owner of Duel Monsters Academy, where some of the most exciting battles take place.

As an independent businesswoman and capable duelist, Mai pulls off both strength and style with ease. Viewers adore Mai’s humbleness and her ambitious spirit which motivates her opponents to do their best during duels.

From organizing tournaments to managing her academy, the determination she displays can be an inspiration for many people who watch the show.

8. Biscuit Krueger From Hunter x Hunter

Biscuit Krueger From Hunter x Hunter

Meet Biscuit Krueger, the curly-haired anime girl character from the beloved Shounen series Hunter x Hunter. She is a beloved and powerful member of the “Kuruta” family – one of the five most influential clans in all of Chimera Ant-controlled NGL.

A gifted martial artist and capable fighter, she is also famous for her Machiavellian wit and extended lifespan, granted to her by consuming the Nen-filled eggs known as “Bisky’s Egg”. 

When it comes to her relationship with Gon Freecs, his ancestor-training advisor/sensei, Biscuit quickly forms a deep bond that grows throughout their numerous battles against various foes.

Her character is seen as an inspirational role model for many viewers due to her strength and dedication when facing danger. With a positive attitude but unwavering discipline, she makes sure Gon stays on track during his fight against Neferpitou.

7. Airu Suzaki From Digimon

Airu Suzaki From Digimon

Airu Suzaki is an incredibly popular curly-haired anime character, appearing in the Japanese animated television series Digimon.

She’s tough and proud but with a heart of gold. Sporting luscious curls and vibrant blue eyes, AiruSuzaki quickly won the hearts of fans around the world.

She’s not just loved for her signature hairstyle though; she has a strong sense of justice and will fight against any threat to protect those she cherishes most.

While her short temper has landed her in trouble on more than one occasion, her bravery and loyalty have earned her the respect of others. AiruSuzaki’s appearance has been featured in many merchandise items, from t-shirts and mugs to plush dolls.

6. Mami Tomoe From Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Mami Tomoe From Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Mami Tomoe is a beloved curly hair anime girl character from the popular anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Mami is an exemplary magical girl who helps guide Madoka on her journey to become a magical girl.

Her experience as a veteran of her craft gives Madoka much-needed advice about the struggles she will encounter as an aspiring magical girl.

With a stoic exterior, Mami tends to keep her emotions in check; however, underneath lies a great deal of sadness due to her past experiences as a magical girl and her inability to save everyone she loves.

Her courage carries over into the daunting battles that fill the streets of Mitakihara City, where she fights off powerful witches with grace and elegance.

Despite tragic events in Mami’s life, she retains an optimism that allows her to live, bearing the mark of being a magical girl.

She continues to be an inspirational character for fans who seek solace in characters like Mami—ones who proudly show their strength despite their losses.

5. Ravel Phenex From High School DxD

Ravel Phenex From High School DxD

Ravel Phenex from High School DxD is a favourite among anime fans. She stands out in the series due to her long, curly hair that is split in two by a white and black ribbon. Ravel also dresses elegantly as a lady of noble birth, further accentuating her beauty and grace. 

As an Issei fan favourite, she wields the power of fire and has one of the strongest devil families to back her up at all times. Ravel’s loyalty towards her family is stronger than ever; not even Issei’s bravery could sway her from what she knows to be right. 

Her bubbly personality and quest for knowledge make her stand out, even more so than all the other characters in High School DxD.

Although Ravel may seem meek at first glance, her power and strength will come as a surprise once you get to know this lovely curly-haired anime character.

4. Suzuka Dairenji From Tokyo Ravens

Suzuka Dairenji From Tokyo Ravens

Suzuka Dairenji is an iconic character from the popular anime series Tokyo Ravens. She is known for her long, unruly curls and epitomizes the typical curly-haired anime girl character.

From her strong personality to her bright outlook on life, Suzuka stands out as a memorable and beloved part of Tokyo Ravens. 

She quickly endeared herself to many viewers who found something special in this sassy yet caring character. While not the main protagonist of the show, she plays a pivotal role in Tokyo Raven’s story arc and will remain memorable for years to come. 

The embrace of her wildly curling hair is a reminder to all those watching that it’s ok to stray away from preset societal norms and cultural standards. Her courage and optimism inspire us all to be more ambitious, confident and daring, even in the face of doubt or fear.

3. Elizabeth Midford From Kuroshitsuji

Elizabeth Midford From Kuroshitsuji

Elizabeth Midford is one of the most beloved curly hair anime girl characters around, with her soft and elegant demeanour often stealing the show.

She comes from a wealthy family and is the daughter of Ciel Phantomhive’s guardian and caretaker, Vincent Midford. With her energy and enthusiasm for life, she can sometimes be a little bit too much to handle. Her signature personality trait is her signature curly hair that adorns her head in an impressive array of ringlets.

She stands out among other female anime characters, not only for her flighty mannerisms but also for the natural beauty of her hairstyle. 

Outside of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), many anime fans recognize Elizabeth’s unique look as part of their overall appreciation for cute girls with curly hair from other series or movies as well. Elizabeth has inspired countless artists to draw or modify their existing characters to have similar looks too.

2. Saaya Yamabuki From BanG Dream!

Saaya Yamabuki From BanG Dream!

Saaya Yamabuki from BanG Dream! is a spirited and energetic anime girl with iconic curly hair. Despite her small stature and sweet face, Saaya possesses an incredibly strong heart that allows her to take on any challenge presented to her. 

Not only is she a highly talented musician and songwriter, but her enthusiasm for music and playing the guitar leads others to join in with her infectious positive energy. Fans of the show love Saaya’s quirky, bright personality as well as her outrageous fashion sense. 

Her unique curly hairstyle is an eye-catching staple of the character design, with mesmerizing ringlets cascading down to her shoulders.

Whether she’s performing on stage or running around town with friends, there’s no doubt that Saaya Yamabuki from BanG Dream! will always put a smile on your face.

1. Harime Nui From Kill La Kill

Harime Nui From Kill

Harime Nui is a powerful and enigmatic character from the Anime show Kill La Kill. She is an elite in the society known as Revocs, and she is intertwined with the fate of protagonist Ryuko Matoi and opposes the main antagonist, Ragyo Kiryuin. 

Despite her gorgeous crimson eyes, Harime Nui has a distinct appearance of a strange creature with bright pink hair resembling tight curls that perfectly frame her pale face.

But do not be fooled by her extraordinary look; let it not underestimate the ruthless abilities she wields to conquer those who oppose her. 

The immense power from her scissor blades crafted from Life Fibers fully grants Nui all control while stirring enthusiasm among anime fanatics. 

A true embodiment of fierce confidence who challenges all members of society, Harime’s boldness effectively adds thrill to every episode where she appears and remains one of the most remembered characters in Kill La Kill due to her iconic hairstyle and personality associated with the character.


When it comes to anime characters, those with curly hair are often some of the most captivating and popular. From the iconic pop idol Umaru Doma to the courageous Honoka Kousaka, these characters show us how beautiful and versatile curly hair can be. 

Having gone over our list of 22 anime girl characters with curly hair, there is so much to love about them all! With unique personalities, thrilling adventures, and lovely hairdos, this is definitely a group worth noting!

For those looking for more great curly hair anime girls to watch or draw inspiration from, there are lots out there-you just have to look around.

Whether you’re into magical worlds or intense action storylines, get ready for your favourite curl-set girls to be your companions while checking out these amazing shows. And with that said, we bid adieu! Until next time – goodbye.

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