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Top 18 Crazy Anime Girls: Totally Insane List

Anime is filled with unique, interesting characters that are sure to capture your attention. Anime girls offer an extra level of entertainment as they often have outrageous personalities and remarkable stories. If you want to take a deeper dive into the craziest anime girls from series and films, this article is for you.

Herein we’ll explore 18 crazy anime girls or clinically insane girls. From their twisted pasts to their unpredictable future actions, these characters range from entertainingly quirky to downright disturbing.

They challenge the normal roles of human and non-human characters in a variety of ways and provide endless possibilities for the development and characterization of all types of anime stories.

With compelling storylines and captivating character arcs, these out-of-the-ordinary anime girls stand out among their peers and will surely entertain any fan looking for a wild ride:


18. Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami From Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui is an anime character beloved by viewers of all ages. Yumeko has a mischievous personality and loves to gamble.

She is willing to risk everything to win and never back down from a challenge. Her unpredictable nature and passionate attitude, combined with her bright pink hair, make her stand out in trying times.

She also wears elegant dress suits in most scenes, often adorned with a bow in the front or other cute accessories. Even though she’s still in high school, Yumeko knows what she wants and will always challenge authority for something that’s ethically wrong.

Yumeko Jabami is an amazing and inspirational character whose determination, strategy, and wit mesmerize everyone who watches Kakegurui. There’s no denying Yumeko is a force of nature that will take life by storm – whether it’s onscreen or off.

17. Shouko Kirishima from Baka To Test to Shoukanjuu

Shouko Kirishima From Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Shouko Kirishima from Baka To Test to Shoukanjuu is one of the craziest anime girls out there. She’s an intelligent, driven, and powerful girl with a quirky sense of humour, making her an endearing character that fans can’t help but love.

Despite her tough exterior, she has a big heart and loves spending time with friends. Her crush on Akihisa and his epic attempts to win her over make for some hilarious moments in the series.

From her spirited school uniform to her signature dinner scene headband, ShoukoKirishima is easily recognizable and always memorable. If you want anime entertainment with loads of intense energy stirred in, there’s no better option than watching Shouko Kirishima.

16. Rebecca Lee From Black Lagoon

Rebecca Lee From Black Lagoon

Rebecca Lee is the female protagonist from Black Lagoon, an anime show that has garnered fans from all over the world. Rebecca, nicknamed Revy by her comrades, is a foul-mouthed and strong-willed woman that fights with two guns at once. Her fighting skills are top-notch, and she will never back down when faced with danger.

As a character, Rebecca is seen as a symbol of fearlessness as she continues to take on dangerous missions without hesitation. With her own unique take on justice, she is loyal to her squadmates and does everything in her power to keep them safe.

She is extremely adept in the art of combat and has an unrivalled level of resilience against all odds, even when faced with the toughest adversaries.

15. Anna Nishikinomiya From Shimoneta to lu —– Taikutsu na Sekai

Anna Nishikinomiya From Shimoneta to lu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

“Anna Nishikinomiya from Shimoneta to lu —– Taikutsu na Sekai” is an amazing and crazy anime girl beloved by millions of fans across the world.

She’s a justice-seeking high school student and a supporter of the Public Morality Act, working as an undercover agent for the government.

Despite her calm exterior, Anna is a powerful combatant skilled in martial arts with great intelligence and varying weapons at her disposal.

Her enthusiasm for justice has been known to drive her into reckless and hilarious situations, making her one of the most comical characters ever created.

Fans can’t help but laugh out loud every time she starts acting wildly or gets herself into all kinds of trouble. Anna’s never-give-up personality certainly makes her stand out from other female characters in anime today, making her even more lovable than before.

14. Akane Hiyama from Love Tyrant

Akane Hiyama From Love Tyrant

Akane Hiyama, otherwise known as the Crazy Anime Girl from Love Tyrant, is a character that people can’t help but love. Her bright and bubbly personality often gets her into wild mishaps and situations she isn’t prepared for.

Although she can be seen as a bit of an airhead at times, Akane is actually quite wise; throughout the show, she provides insight into the relationships between multiple characters and has a strong moral code when it comes to matters of love and friendship.

Through these qualities, Akane makes for a fun and lovable heroine. Her endearing nature has often won over viewers through her insane antics with her unique look and optimism, which make her an important part of Love Tyrant’s story. 

Her outspokenness sometimes rubs people the wrong way – but more often, it results in comedic moments adored by fans around the globe.

13. Hange Zoe In Attack on Titan

Hange Zoe From Attack on Titan

Hange Zoe is a character from the highly acclaimed Attack on Titan anime series and has quickly become one of its most popular characters.

An eccentric scientist and commander, Hange Zoe’s enthusiasm for research, combined with her reckless disregard for protocol, makes her an unpredictable and formidable force on the battlefield. 

She often wears a green utility jacket, as well as heavy goggles that seem to give her superhuman brain power when analyzing Titans.

Her unorthodox tactics occasionally bring chaos to the Corps but also lead to discoveries that would be otherwise impossible, making Hange Zoe an incredibly valuable asset to humanity’s fight against the titanic foes. 

With her quick wit and relentless energy, she serves as both comic relief in darker moments and a battle-hardened veteran at times of desperation-holding a crucial position within Attack on Titan.

12. Takami Minatsuki from Deadman Wonderland

Takami Minatsuki From Deadman Wonderland

TakamiMinatsuki from Deadman Wonderland is an iconic, wild anime character that always stands out in any crowd. She is a fierce fighter and known for her loyalty and tenacity.

Her skill set includes super-human strength, agility, intelligence and combat prowess that allow her to be victorious in any challenge she faces.

Takami has an amazing sense of style with her eye-catching pink hair, leather pants and dress; she often pairs this style with a sweet but sassy attitude making it nearly impossible not to fall for her unbridled energy and charm.

While dedicated to protecting those she loves most, Takami’s strength also allows her to stay steadfastly independent from anyone else’s influence or control.

In addition, Takami serves as a powerful role model for young women by demonstrating that one’s gender does not determine their capabilities or self-worth.

11. Lucy From Elfen Lied

Lucy From Elfen Lied

Lucy from Elfen Lied is one of the most recognizable and beloved anime characters of all time. Known for her beautiful pink hair and sadistic tendencies, Lucy is the eponymous protagonist of Elfen Lied, and she quickly became an incredibly popular character worldwide.

Despite her cold exterior, her backstory reveals a deeply troubled past filled with tragedy. Born from Diclonius mutants and with immense destructive capabilities, Lucy has been used as a weapon for most of her life.

As such, Lucy’s characterization can be seen as strongly antiheroic, and she consistently finds herself coping with issues that arise from her powers.

Her story serves as an embodiment of those struggling within an oppressive society or in less-than-ideal circumstances which must face their hardships head-on in order to overcome their struggles.

10. Nui Harime, From Kill la Kill

Nui Harime From Kill la Kill

Nui Harime from Kill la Kill is one of the craziest anime girls. With her never-ending ambition to collect Life Fibers, she will do anything and stop at nothing to achieve her goal.

Initially appearing as a cheerful and harmless girl, as the story progresses, Nui unveils her true nature – sly, sadistic, vengeful and manipulative.

Her ability to manipulate any situation, along with her superhuman strength, makes Nui an undefeatable villain. Her outstanding character design with long pale pink hair and eye patch exudes a mysterious feel that adds to her badassery – which is sure to mesmerize fans of anime all over the world.

Additionally, she always has an ever-present power increase in every battle, which ensures pure entertainment for viewers worldwide.

9. Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-On!

Tsumugi Kotobuki From K-On!

When it comes to female characters in the Anime universe, one of the most beloved is Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-On! Tsumugi is a rich and beautiful high school girl who loves animals and fashion.

She’s smart, kind, and caring, with an upbeat personality that lights up any room she’s in. Not to mention her amazing hobby of playing the keyboard skillfully.

Her adeptness at the instrument resulted from an innate interest in music and taking lessons from a professional jazz player; this perfect combination of confidence and talent helps make Tsumugi stand out in an already interesting cast.

In addition to her undeniable popularity among Anime fans all over the world, Tsumugi has set a great example for girls everywhere – showing them that even though you may have hobbies outside of your schoolwork, it’s possible to achieve both educational success and personal passions at once.

8. Haruko Haruhara From FLCL

Haruko Haruhara From FLCL

It’s not every day you see an anime girl like Haruko Haruhara from FLCL (Fooly Cooly). She is a truly extraordinary character and the life of any party.

Always sporting her iconic red Afro, she rides into town on her Vespa scooter at a frenzied pace with hypnotic punk rock music blaring in the background.

Haruko’s quick-witted personality and outlandish style bring a unique flavour to her character in FLCL that captivates viewers. Her wild spirit, fierce independence, and zany sense of humour prove endearing to fans around the world.

On top of this, there is much more to be said about this truly captivating story, and its unique characters. Themes such as love, loss, relationships, growth and journey make FLCL stand out among other anime titles.

7. Junko Enoshima From Danganronpa

Junko Enoshima From Danganronpa

Crazy Anime Girl, “Junko Enoshima From Danganronpa”, is an iconic character from the Danganronpa franchise. She is a strange and mysterious person with a knack for mischief and an impressive array of grandiose evil schemes. She is depicted as a light-hearted but troublesome student who was expelled from her school for unknown reasons.

Junko is an incredibly charismatic woman with little moral nerve, and her opponents learn quickly that she can manipulate almost anyone to do her bidding; whatever plans she formulates always outwit those around her. As if not content to control the minds of people, she has also found ways to control even the environment they inhabit.

It’s no wonder that Junko has become a beloved character amongst fandom, having captured the hearts of many across different mediums—from fan art to video games, even cosplay.

6. Shiro From Deadman Wonderland

Shiro From Deadman Wonderland

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland is an energetic, spunky and fun-loving anime girl that absolutely captivates her audience with her crazy antics. She exudes enthusiasm in everything she does and loves to challenge herself and explore.

As a power-hungry albino, she possesses incredible physical strength, inhuman agility, immense durability and the ability to manipulate her blood into weapons, allowing her to confidently stand toe-to-toe with any foe.

Shiro’s charisma and fearlessness make her an excellent leader among her comrades as well – leading them through labyrinths of violence and moral quandaries.

Off the battlefield, she is easily identifiable by her unruly hairstyle and electric blue outfit – which she often compliments with wild hand gestures.

5. Midari Ikishima From Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

Midari Ikishima From Kakegurui GÇô Compulsive Gambler

Midari Ikishima from Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler is a wild and unhinged anime girl who loves the thrill of high-stakes gambling and action. Her impulsivity, fearlessness and rebellious attitude have captivated many viewers.

Midari is a strong-willed, hot-headed and unpredictable individual whose first instinct is usually to eliminate obstacles in her way by violent means. She takes no prisoners and shows no mercy when faced with any situation.

Midari brings an unconventional approach to things, even if they may be dangerous to others around her. This anime girl is definitely not someone to underestimate and certainly provides interesting moments throughout the entire series due to her explosive reactions.

Midori’s craziness never fails to entertain viewers by providing us with something humorous yet crazy at the same time.

4. Roberta Of Black Lagoon

Roberta From Black Lagoon

Roberta of Black Lagoon is a popular anime character who is beloved by fans around the world. Standing tall with a revolver in her hands and adorned in her signature Israeli Scar gear, she is the quintessential badass female ninja often seen in shonen anime.

Roberta fills the role of being an entertained, loyal housekeeper for the Lagoon Company but is really one of the most powerful forces to be reckoned with in Black Lagoon.

Thanks to her incredible fighting skills and athleticism, Roberta can take down almost any enemy she comes across without breaking a sweat.

Not to mention her immense arsenal of weapons that rival those found in some special forces operations. All these traits, combined with great comic timing, make Roberta an interesting and complex character that can easily capture hearts and attention with ease, something no other show can achieve quite as easily.

3. Yuno Gasai from The Future Diary

Yuno Gasai From The Future Diary

Yuno Gasai from The Future Diary is a complex and dynamic character who dominates the anime scene. She’s unapologetically independent, fiercely competitive, and always poses a challenge–all while wearing her signature pink twin tails.

Her motivations aren’t always 100% clear, but one thing is undisputed: she shakes up the lives of those around her in unique and unforgettable ways.

An Otaku favourite, YunoGasai has been an inspiration to many for her strong persona, spirit of determination and willpower.

Unusually unpredictable and full of surprises, you never fully know what to expect when it comes to this crazy anime girl. Whether it’s taking everyone on a wild ride or proving that strength can come in your most unexpected form, we can all look up to YunoGasai as a reminder of just how much power we have if we look within ourselves.

2. Nina Einstein From Code Geass

Nina Einstein From Code Geass

Nina Einstein, the Crazy Anime girl from Code Geass, is one of the most memorable characters in anime history. Her obsession with the Britannian Royal Family and her loyalty to Prince Lelouch Vi Britannia led to her following his orders without hesitation or doubt.

She was a scientific genius who created advanced weapons, such as the F.L.E.I.J.A bomb, in a very short amount of time without any assistance.

This passionate commitment also enabled her to enlist in the military with an officer’s rank and train herself to use battle tactics and weaponry that she had never seen before – which explains why she has become an iconic character amongst fans.

In addition, Nina’s naivete towards social situations caused her to have a cynical yet loveable outlook on life that endeared viewers even more to her persona.

1. Shion Sonozaki from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Shion Sonozaki From Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Shion Sonozaki from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni is one of the most iconic and recognizable Crazy Anime Girls around. She is one of the main antagonists in the show and a member of the influential Sonozaki clan.

While Shion initially appears to be a normal high school student, her true nature as an incredibly powerful, unstable and vengeful killer begins to manifest as the series progresses.

Shion knows how to fight using martial arts moves and weapons, from handguns to knives. Additionally, she can resist wounds that should kill any normal person, making her an extremely dangerous foe. Her unpredictable behaviour often results in extreme violence against anyone who stands in her way.

In spite of her instability, Shion shows attractiveness due to her remarkable beauty combined with mysterious behaviour and intelligence beyond her age.


This article examined the trend of crazy anime girls who often appear in manga and anime alike, but how close is this representation to real-world mental health? Of course, it’s impossible to generalize a group of people with a variety of psychiatric disorders into one archetype.

It certainly seems that anime is attempting to bring an accurate portrayal of mental illness to its viewers as more nuanced and realistic depictions emerge in the future. 

While some titles have tried their best and even succeeded at accurately portraying aspects of mental illness, there are still cases where it requires a reality check from creators or viewers. 

After all, depicting someone with a psychological condition should never be taken lightly. Ultimately, creating thoughtful anime characters requires writers and directors to strive for realism while staying true to the genre’s stylistic values.

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