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Top 12 Most Powerful Classroom of the Elite Characters

Have you ever wondered who among ‘Classroom of the Elite’ characters is the strongest? We wouldn’t blame you if you did. After watching several seasons of this popular anime, viewers have experienced each character’s unique strengths and weaknesses.

To aid in your search for a conclusive answer, we’ve compiled a list of our top 12 strongest ‘Classroom of the Elite’ characters. Each character that made it onto our list is renowned for their strength, courage, and determination.

Join us as we delve into what makes these characters so powerful and why they deserve recognition for being some of the strongest competitors in this exciting anime series.

With this list, readers can gain insight into what it takes to make an everlasting impression on those around them with their authoritative might:


12. Katsuragi Kohei

Katsuragi Kohei

Katsuragi Kohei is one of the strongest characters in the Classroom of the Elite series. He’s a model student, handsome and charismatic, with a strong background in academics and extracurriculars. His intelligence is also well above average, often allowing him to outthink his peers.

However, beneath his facade of perfection lies a darker side which exhibits itself through moments of violent temper when his composure is broken.

Despite this, he is ultimately driven for self-improvement and strives to better himself in every aspect of life – from reasoning skills to physical fitness capabilities. He’s loyal to his friends and puts their interests before his own, and he will never back down from helping them out.

11. Ryuen Kakeru

Ryuen Kakeru

Ryuen Kakeru of The Strongest Classroom of the Elite is an extremely intelligent student attending Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School. He serves as the head of the Student Council and is often sought out by other classmates for help in their studies.

RyuenKakeru has an extremely strict moral code and doesn’t usually sympathize with others, but there’s more to him than meets the eye.

He believes that rules are set in stone, even those set by his peers, and will often push boundaries in order for everyone to get what they want.

Therefore, he is willing to use tactics such as blackmail or manipulation to get his way. Despite this ruthless approach, Ryuen Kakeru can be compassionate and loyal when it comes to friends and family – he just needs an extra push now and then from those around him.

10. Ken Sudo

Ken Sudo

Ken Sudo, a student at Kibyou Academy’s Senior Class A and the vice president of the student council, is one of the strongest characters in Classroom of the Elite. As a Vice President, Ken is presented as an experienced leader who is skilled in leading his classmates to great success.

He is driven and ambitious, with a mindset focused on growth and self-improvement. His ambition shows itself not only through taking challenging classes but also through his studies focused on physiology to give himself an edge physically.

Such dedication makes him stand out among the student body as not just one of their top students but also a powerful force for helping them come together as a team.

9. Miyabi Nagumo

Miyabi Nagumo

Miyabi Nagumo is a powerful character featured in the anime series, Classroom of the Elite. He is a model student who excels academically and athletically. In addition, Miyabi is capable of butting heads with authority while still recovering to his seemingly perfect student persona.

Consequently, he has managed to stay out from getting into too much trouble. His qualities are enough to make him stand out from other students, making him one of the strongest personalities in the anime.

Miyabi’s genius-level intellect and boyish charm allow him to continue on with an unchallenged reputation among peers, teachers and even rival factions.

His personality and witty comebacks often put Miyabi at an advantage against conflicts or delinquencies that arise within the academy.

8. Albert Yamada

Albert Yamada

Albert Yamada is one of the strongest and most recognizable characters appearing in the hit anime series Classroom of the Elite.

Yamada is a well-known student within the Koudo Ikusei School, having entered with top marks that earned him a perfect score on the school’s entrance criteria.

His skills are so powerful that many idolize him and look up to him as a source of inspiration. Yamada is exceptionally talented in working his way around obstacles and outsmarting difficult tests and tasks with ease. He often comes up with ideas to perform feats no one else can think of.

Despite his intelligence, however, Albert Yamada is also incredibly compassionate and kind-hearted towards his peers and fellow students – this makes him especially well-liked by those around him who see themselves in him.

7. Kiryuin Fuuka

Kiryuin Fuuka

Kiryuuin Fuuka is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed characters in the anime “Classroom of the Elite”. A powerful, determined and strategic individual, her passion for succeeding is unmatched. She has an air of elegance around her that is attractive yet intimidating.

Through her various schemes, she flawlessly managed to obtain a perfect score on all of her tests, which highlights why she’d be crucial in any group situation.

Although Fuuka represents the elite, she is grounded in her value systems and always looks out for the underprivileged by establishing rights in favour of non-elite members.

6. Takuya Yagami

Takuya Yagami

Takuya Yagami is one of the strongest characters in Classroom of the Elite. He has a well-defined sense of morality and justice that guides him to do what’s right. He is also gifted with above-average intelligence and vast knowledge, which helps him to contribute vastly in all situations.

Takuya is a natural leader and even though he lacks confidence at times due to his family background, he can be quite convincing when needed. His wit and powers of deduction make it very difficult for most people to outsmart him.

Despite his advantages, he still nurtures a weak spot—he’s sensitive when someone close to him or of importance starts making bad decisions or wrong moves. 

To put it simply, Takuya Yagami can best be described as the perfect balance of strength and compassion. He is an admirable character who fights for others while trying to uphold his moral standards at all times.

5. Ayanokojie Kiyotaka

Ayanokouji Kiyotaka

Ayanokoji Kiyotaka is one of the most beloved characters in the Strongest Classroom of the Elite series. A student of Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School, Kiyotaka is classified as a “Prodigy” and excels at almost anything he sets his mind to. He displays superior intelligence, physical strength, and tact that make him an essential part of the group.

Kiyotaka may seem emotionless on the surface, but deep down, he cares for his friends more than anyone else. His cold personality is just a mask, and he chips away at it little by little throughout Classroom of the Elite’s story.

With his unrivalled ingenuity and determination, Kiyotaka helps his friends overcome any obstacle that faces in their group. His loyalty to them remains unwavering until the very end, when it will save them from certain doom.

4. Horikita Manabu

Horikita Manabu

Horikita Manabu is one of the strongest characters in Classroom of the Elite, both mentally and emotionally. He embodies the perfect combination of being driven and compassionate.

Manabu comes to the school determined to achieve his dreams; he is always willing to go above and beyond what it takes to get that coveted first-place ranking. But at the same time, he cares deeply for his classmates and strives to help them in their own struggles for success.

He leads by example, embodying a work ethic that is almost unheard of among students of his age. On top of this, he consistently displays an impressive level of intelligence and analytical thought when tackling problems. In every situation, Horikita Manabu stands tall as a beacon for any fellow student striving to reach their full potential.

3. Koenji Rokusuke

Koenji Rokusuke

Koenji Rokusuke is a memorable character from the popular anime “Classroom of the Elite”. He’s an important member of the school’s Cabinet, and as a Senior in Class 1-D, he’s credited with having some of the most outstanding grades in the entire school.

His intelligence and sharp eye are often quick to spot problems that arise throughout the class, even anticipating them before they happen.

Although Koenji on occasion, has some issues with his temper, his natural ability to lead ensures his peers do not disrespect him despite it.

He’s also highly respected by many other classes in the school due to his polite yet effective way of doing things, leading many classmates to seek his counsel for various matters. His loyalty towards Class D and its members is unshakeable and constantly shines through during their assignments.

2. Ichika Amasawa

Ichika Amasawa

Ichika Amasawa is an immensely captivating character from the anime series Classroom of the Elite. Ichika is smart and beautiful with a bubbly personality which captures the hearts of viewers instantly. She blesses her classmates with kindness, demonstrating loyalty and a strong sense of justice when she goes out of her way to protect them.

It comes as no surprise that she has one of the strongest relationships among her peers, though it’s clear there’s potential for more. Her level-headedness and wisdom have enabled her to handle situations in ways that are unique and creative. Depending on the situation, there’s always something special about how she deals with it. 

More than anything else, what makes Ichika so beloved by fans is that despite being in charge of both student council president and disciplinary committee chairperson duties, she prioritizes making everyone around her feel relaxed and comfortable above everything else – a trait that is sure to attract many more people in its proximity.

1. Kazuomi Hosen

Kazuomi Hosen

Kazuomi Housen, an important character in Classroom of the Elite, is one of its strongest members. He has a deep and unwavering commitment to aiding his peers, which allows him to follow through on his goals with incredible tenacity and success.

Kazuomi’s upbringing helped shape the resilient skillset he now encompasses. As a child, he gained a variety of knowledge from the elite institution he attended—from martial arts and cooking skills to interpersonal relations. In addition, Kazuomi excels in problem-solving and evaluating complex situations, allowing him to strategize effectively.

His devotion to the betterment of his peers makes them trust him implicitly; this enables him to take calculated risks and confront difficult challenges in pursuit of solutions.


Classroom of the Elite is a gripping anime full of intense actions, difficult decisions, and intricate relationships. Perhaps nothing else in the show stands out more than its characters.

All these remarkable personalities foster an unforgettable and strong atmosphere for anyone willing to join Classroom of the Elite on its fascinating journey.

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