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Top 27 Best Chibi Anime Series That Will Make You Say Chibi Chan~

Are you into heart-warming stories and loveable characters? Chibi anime series is a great way to fill up your viewing schedule with good doses of fun, colour and emotion.

From action-packed adventure shows to slice-of-life cute comedies, there’s something for everyone in our list of the 27 Best Chibi Anime Series You Should Watch.

All of these titles have a unique charm and character aesthetic that will put a smile on your face every time. We’ve also taken into consideration that there are lengthy series that some may not be interested in watching all the way through versus shorter ones they’d like to race through.

These chibi anime titles can be watched in any order and provide fun content suitable for all ages. So whether you’re looking for a classic or something more modern, get ready for some cute entertainment with these chibi animes:


27. Kimi ni Todoke 2nd season specials

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season Specials

Kimi ni Todoke, 2nd Season Specials, is an anime series that is sure to please all the fans of Chibi anime. This series focuses on cute characters and heartwarming stories that will make viewers smile.

With its fantastic art expression, it brings out the best in every character’s emotions and creates a world where viewers can submerge themselves.

Whether fans are just starting their adventure with this show or are catching up after watching the previous season, they won’t want to miss out on watching the special episodes within this series.

Realistic backgrounds, delightful music and detailed animation, bring each character’s story to life—with an emphasis on understanding, acceptance and friendship—offering a beautiful experience for anyone who enjoys chibi anime.

26. Shakugan no Shana Movie Special

Shakugan no Shana Movie Special

Shakugan no Shana Movie Special is an enthralling chibi anime series that tells the story of a young girl who must save the world from destruction.

Set primarily in Misaki City, the series follows Yuuji and Shana as they fight to protect the fate of both the human and supernatural worlds from a dark force.

Chibi’s art style and lovable characters make this show fun for all ages, while brilliant animation and intense battles keep viewers on their toes.

The soundtrack adds a special charm to the series with its upbeat tunes and whimsical melodies.

25. Di Gi Charat

Di Gi Charat

Chibi anime series Di Gi Charat has been a favourite among fans for nearly 20 years. Follow the chaotic misadventures of the ever-energetic Dejiko, her rival and best friend Puchiko, and the often absent Fenepadou in Di Gi Charat.

Each episode offers a unique adventure with offbeat humour, ranging from slapstick to tongue-in-cheek visual gags. Whether it’s Dejiko pretending to be a fortune teller or helping customers at her Gamers store, never a dull moment can be found amidst these characters.

With its simple yet delightful art style and an abundance of lovable characters, this series is sure to make viewers laugh hard enough to forget all their troubles.

Every anime fan should definitely check out Di Gi Charat if they are looking for a chibi-style comedy with cute girl power. Fans will love watching the misadventures of Dejiko, Puchsiko, and Fenepadou.

24. hack//GIFT


“hack//GIFT” is an enjoyable chibi anime series that follows the journey of Balmung, a powerful player character. This captivating and engaging storyline features many unforgettable characters and visually stunning scenes.

The “hack” series is an extremely popular one with loyal viewers who love to immerse themselves in this anime world.

Professionally animated and designed, this series boasts jaw-dropping scenery and thrilling action sequences. With 4 episodes full of exciting events, twists, surprises and suspense, “hack//GIFT” provides a fun watch for both novice fans as well as experienced veterans of chibi anime series alike.

23. Haruhichan Suzumiya: Melancholy

Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya

Haruhi-chan Suzumiya: Melancholy is one of the most beloved chibi anime series of all time. Featuring a cast of quirky characters, the series follows the story of Haruhi Suzumiya and her club’s misadventures.

With its endearingly silly moments, giant two-dimensional robots, and even a few supernatural occurrences, this show is sure to invoke nostalgic memories for fans who watched it growing up.

Despite being an older series, modern viewers can enjoy the nostalgia of this production just as much as those who grew up with it, as there are plenty of Heartwarming moments and lovable characters to discover.

22. Half of a Dragon

Dragon Half

Half of a Dragon is an exciting and colourful chibi anime series aimed at children. It follows the adventures of a young dragon named Karsa as he learns, grows, and eventually becomes the best dragon in all of the lands. With vivid visuals and captivating stories, this series is sure to entertain and educate audiences of all ages.

The characters are dynamic, with unique personalities and visions for the future, making each episode mesmerizing from beginning to end. Every episode features important life lessons such as problem-solving, friendship, determination, and kindness.

Half Of A Dragon is sure to engage viewers with its eye-catching artwork, thrilling plotlines and unforgettable characters.

As we follow Karsa’s journey through life-long friendships both with dragons of his own kind as well as human adventurers, audiences will gain insight into how different races can cooperate and share positive experiences despite their differences.

21.Baka to Test Shoukanjuu Ni

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!

Baka to Test Shoukanjuu Ni is a highly acclaimed Japanese anime series that has received critical acclaim and numerous awards for its unique blend of comedy, romance, and high school drama.

The plot follows the main protagonist Akihisa Yoshii, who is placed in the lowest grades at his underperforming school. With the help of his friends Yuuji and Mizuki, they battle their way through challenging tests and exams to raise their grades and improve the rankings of their classes.

Baka to Test Shoukanjuu Ni attacks each challenge with hilarity and wit, accompanied by a view of more mature themes in order to exemplify how meaningful our relationships can be.

Fans of this series cite it as one that gets more exciting with each episode, so give it a watch if you want some humour while reflecting on life’s struggles.

20.Shakugan no Shana II Specials

Shakugan no Shana II Specials

If you’re a fan of fantasy anime, you must check out the Shakugan no Shana II Specials series. This epic journey follows a young girl named Shana and her adventures to protect the planet from supernatural creatures.

The show is a thrilling combination of action, supernatural features, comedy, romance, and suspenseful plot lines.

It pairs beautifully illustrated characters with breathtaking scenery and vivid colours that bring the whole world of Shakugan no Shana II Specials to life.

On top of it all, several music pieces from famous musicians like Sui Kayama add more depth to this astonishing series. Furthermore, this Chibi anime series offers valuable lessons for viewers about the struggles between human desires and responsibility.

19. Sora no Otoshimono Forte

Sora no Otoshimono Forte

Sora no Otoshimono Forte (Heaven’s Lost Property) is an anime chibi series that aired in 2010. Set in a sci-fi world with plenty of outrageous characters and adventures, it follows the story of Tomoki Sakurai, a mild-mannered teenager who discovers he can control an angeloid, Ikaros.

Together, they explore the mysterious happenings across their town – ones which often tease supernatural forces. The comedy stems from Tomoki’s constant flirty interactions with his female friends and Ikaros’ robotlike obedience.

This show was loved by otaku everywhere and launched a multi-media franchise with manga, OVA sequels and theatrical films being produced over the years.

18.Shakugan no Shana S Specials

Shakugan no Shana S Specials

Shakugan no Shana S Specials is an animated series that blends together the best elements of fantasy, friendship and action.

The story focuses on the magical adventures of a group of young friends as they battle against powerful forces to save their world from annihilation.

This popular and beloved chibi anime follows a unique format which includes JUMP-style titles and scenes. Filled with stunning animation, an incredibly varied soundtrack and excellent fan service, this unique and exciting series will have you on the edge of your seat throughout each thrilling episode.

Additionally, detailed character designs, thrilling fight sequences and original designs bring an extra level of quality to this fantastic series.

17. Hetalia: World Series

Hetalia_ World Series

Hetalia: World Series is an adorably entertaining anime series that follows the adventures of cute, anthropomorphic nations as they mingle with one another.

The series has gained fans from all over the world, who can relate to the personified countries in hilarious ways. It demonstrates each country’s unique culture and how silly and fun it can be to speak in different dialects and accents.

Most importantly, it celebrates international unity among all cultures by showing peace, harmony, and even war between nations in an entertaining way.

It’s the perfect combination of wholesome humour, cultural focus, and relatable characters that make Hetalia: World Series an instant hit among international anime fan circles.

Its lighthearted visuals combined with cheerful music create an unforgettable experience for viewers from any background or culture.

16. Maria Holic Alive

Maria Holic Alive

If you love classic chibi anime, then Maria Holic Alive is a must-watch. This charming series follows the zany adventures of Kanako Miyamae, a compelling protagonist whose bold personality keeps viewers engaged throughout her exciting journey.

Filled to the brim with hilarious hijinks and memorable characters, Maria Holic Alive makes for an enjoyable watch that everyone can enjoy.

Additionally, its vibrant animation styling adds to its appeal and keeps viewers glued to their screens, waiting to see what will happen next.

Offering wacky plot twists in each episode while delivering classic anime comedy themes that viewers know and love, this whimsical show truly stands out among other anime series.

15. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge is a classic anime series that is sure to captivate viewers with its unique and humorous story.

It follows the story of four handsome young men who must each take on the challenge of turning an okama boy-crazy, clumsy, tending girlishly spoiled girl into a lady before she can inherit her grandmother’s house.

This requires them to tackle her daily habits – everything from fashion and hygiene to school and romance, as well as experiences outside their bubble comfort zone.

With a little guidance and lots of humour, Kyohei, Ranmaru, Takenaga, and Yukinojo are able to fulfil their assigned mission and learn invaluable lessons alongside Sunako.

At its core, this Japanese comedy does a great job of showcasing how even incorrect methods can lead the right way when you have the patience for proper guidance.

14. Sora no Otoshimono

Sora no Otoshimono

Sora no Otoshimono is a highly-rated chibi anime series that follows the story of Tomoki Sakurai as he explores his supernatural experiences with Ikaros, an angeloid from another world.

Taking place in the fictitious Land of Jupiter, this short but sweet series showcases an interesting look into a world filled with colourful characters and exciting plot lines.

Fans of action, drama, and comedy will greatly appreciate this anime. Despite its 40-minute length per episode, Sora no Otoshimono packs quite a punch with every scene.

Even with its unique art direction, endearing characters and unpredictable story developments, fans will find themselves glued to their screens for the duration of each episode.

Although it only has two seasons, Sora no Otoshimono remains one of the most popular Chibi Anime Series available to watch today.

13. The Adventures of Mini-Goddess

Adventures of Mini-Goddess, The

The Adventures of Mini-Goddess‘ is a classic and charming chibi anime series that follows the adventures of three small goddesses who live on Earth.

The protagonists are Urd, Skuld, and Belldandy, who move into an old temple alongside their pet mouse Gan-chan.

Urd is a mischievous yet memorable older sister figure with dark magical power, while her younger sister Skuld is a passionate science genius with tools and gadgets that help her friends in various scenarios. Belldandy also stands out as a kind and mature older sister who puts others before herself.

With its charming art style, colourful characters, enjoyable plots, and well-rounded themes, ‘The Adventures of Mini-Goddess’ has become an anime franchise loved by many fans around the world.

12. Baka and Test

Baka and Test

If you’re a fan of anime, then you don’t want to miss out on the classic Chibi series “Baka and Test”. This award-winning show follows Akihisa Yoshii, an average student at Fumizuki High School, as he navigates his weird home town full of fascinating people.

With an ever-growing cast of characters, each with their own quirks and powers, you can watch as Akihisa, and his friends take on increasingly difficult tests to get the highest possible grades in their various classes.

Not only does this charming comedy offer plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and laughs, but it also gives a sneak peek into the world behind Japan’s most famous grading system.

11. One Piece: Straw Hat Theater

One Piece_ Straw Hat Theater

If you’re a fan of both anime and comedy, then a delightful dose of entertainment awaits you with the Chibi anime series “One Piece: Straw Hat Theater”.

This fun-filled series brings viewers all the laughs of the One Piece universe by presenting scenes from the beloved main series in chibi form.

Each shorter episode is full of over-the-top comedy as Luffy, and his pirate crew act out comical interpretations of classic moments found in the main series.

The colourful visuals and never-ending jokes are sure to have viewers rolling in laughter. It’s not just an enjoyable change of pace to watch silly stories unfold but an interesting way to become familiar with parts or characters that one may not have had a chance to encounter otherwise.

With over 30 episodes available, fans can follow along on many hilarious adventures as Luffy and her friends search for One Piece.

10. Lucky Star

Lucky Star

Lucky Star is a classic chibi anime series that has captured the hearts of many with its memorable characters and quirky yet endearing plots.

It follows the exploits of four high school girls, providing viewers with a relatable glance into the everyday life of teenagers in Tokyo, Japan.

The original characters revel in the mundanity and quirkiness of growing up, representing the normalcy of teenage life.

However, the anime is incredibly unique because it also often parodies popular cultural figures and references at a breakneck speed, so fans love searching for all these Easter eggs throughout Lucky Star’s episodes.

9.Shakugan no Shana Specials

Shakugan no Shana Specials

Shakugan no Shana Specials is a popular chibi anime series that follows the adventures of Shana and her friends. This supernatural battle story takes place in an alternate world where creatures known as Crimson Denizens threaten to consume human life.

Having made its debut in 2005, Shakugan no Shana Specials has been entertaining viewers ever since with its dramatic plot twists and endearing characters.

As Shana progressively gains strength throughout the series, it quickly becomes apparent that she is an unstoppable force with the ability to protect those around her.

While the main focus of the show is on fiery battles waged against these foreign adversaries, there are also sporadic moments of comedy and heartfelt emotion thrown into the mix.

8. Hetalia: Axis Powers

Hetalia_ Axis Powers

Originally developed as a webcomic, Hetalia: Axis Powers later became an anime series based on the fictionalized personification of countries.

This chibi-style comedy brings world history to life by featuring different countries and their unique personalities. Throughout its six seasons, Hetalia has gathered an incredible fanbase due to its broad international appeal.

Although the characters in Hetalia often represent historical events of World War II, the show does not take itself too seriously, making it a great lighthearted experience for fans of all ages.

With heartwarming stories about military strategies and geopolitical drama, this anime creates a fun and comedic atmosphere in that everyone can find something to love within.

There is also an impressive collection of memorabilia from the show available for die-hard Hetalia fans to build up their own collections.

7.Baka to Test Shoukanjuu

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Baka to Test Shoukanjuu is a comedic and adorable chibi-style anime series that follows the everyday misadventures of Fumizuki Academy’s Classes A, B, C and D.

The series follows two classes of students as they compete with each other to achieve superior grades in hopes of obtaining a higher status in their school’s caste system.

An eccentric cast of characters – from unbelievably silly supernaturals to cleverly crafted homunculi (artificial humans) – create a unique setting for viewers to follow a fantastical story in an otherwise ordinary high school.

With plenty of wacky gags and well-timed jokes, the show keeps its viewers laughing while they build relationships with its endearing characters.

6. Sword Art Online: Sword Art Offline

Sword Art Online_ Sword Art Offline

Sword Art Online: Sword Art Offline is a charming chibi anime spinoff of the popular Sword Art Online series. It features exciting new adventures from the original with a manga-inspired art style, giving it its own unique feel.

The series follows Kazuto Kirigaya and their friends as they take on various quests from their guild master Kirito in Aincrad. Some quests range from playing games to fighting monsters, making for some memorable moments throughout the show.

Fans are drawn in by its humorous and lighthearted tone, combined with brilliant animation quality and a captivating story that never fails to impress viewers.

For anyone looking for a fun and entertaining way to experience all the wonderfulness of Sword Art Online without being confined to just one medium, then give Sword Art Online: Sword Art Offline a try.

5. Specials at Accel World

Accel World Specials

Specials at Accel World is one of the classic and iconic chibi anime series that have stayed popular over the years.

This remarkable show follows the adventures of Haruyuki Arita as he competes in an online virtual world game played by a whole school.

The show teaches viewers about courage, determination and friendship in unique ways, making it an entertaining and educational experience for fans, young and old.

Its stunning animation style, writing, and musical score make this the perfect anime to watch with everyone.

Not only is everybody sure to be fascinated by its captivating story, but it also carries positive messages throughout that can spread real-life values to its viewers.

4. Isekai Quartet

Isekai Quartet

“Isekai Quartet” is a unique anime series that combines the cast from four isekai (otherworldly) series into one zany school setting.

The show follows this diverse group of characters as they go through their everyday lives at the mysterious and magical Academy, running into all sorts of exciting hijinks along the way.

From the suave demon lord Maou Sadao to Overlord’s demi-human healer Pandora and insanely strong swordswoman Tanya Degurechaff – this delightful chibi anime has it all.

With fantasy and comedy elements combined, every episode brings something new as our intrepid heroes explore the strange world they’ve been thrown into.

For fans of isekai or simply anyone looking for a laugh, “Isekai Quartet” is an enjoyable and unforgettable experience not to be missed.

3. Toradora SOS!

Toradora SOS!

This series follows the lighthearted story of a young girl named Ohana who stumbles upon a secret world populated by tiny fairies.

Through her friendship with the fairies, she is able to unlock magical powers that have been dormant within her for many years.

With help from her newfound friends, Ohana embarks on a series of adventures to find out more about the mysterious world and transform into an incredible magical warrior.

The visuals and music contribute to the overall atmosphere of fantasy and fun and make it one of the most enjoyable chibi anime experiences available today.

Fans won’t be disappointed — every episode delivers exciting and emotional battles that never fail to keep viewers entertained.

As well as this, Toradora SOS!’s unique characters provide plenty of entertaining surprises along the way. Its penchant for combining comedy, action, and heartfelt emotion makes it a must-watch when looking for high-quality Chibi anime content.

2. Himouto! Umaru-chan

Himouto! Umaru-chan

“Himouto! Umaru-chan” is an undoubtedly popular chibi anime series that has won over the hearts of many viewers. Following the life of Umaru, an average high school student by day and a true-to-life mischievous chino-baba at home, this series captures the lighter side of life and is consistently a fan favourite.

Each character in the show brings qualities that bring out the best in others, and all the plots are incredibly engaging and fun to follow.

The interesting and varied personalities of each individual make for a truly enjoyable watch, drawing you further along each week as you learn more about them.

Despite its relatively short run from 2015 to 2016, “Himouto! Umaru-chan” remains one of the most beloved chibi anime series around today.

1.Rock Lee no Seishun Full Power Ninden

Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden

Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden is an immensely popular Japanese anime series directed by Tsuneo Kobayashi, based on the manga series of the same name written by Kenji Taira.

The anime chronicles the life and difficulties of Rock Lee as he strives to become a successful ninja despite his lack of ninjutsu skills.

This family-friendly comedy follows Rock Lee’s journey as he discovers his true inner strength with surprising results.

He befriends fellow ninjas Sakura Haruno and learns vital lessons about teamwork and friendship that serve him well in the long run.

With exciting fight scenes and funny moments, Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden has created a huge fanbase worldwide since its release in 2012.


Watching Chibi anime is a great way to bring some light-hearted humour into your life, and based on the list above, there’s a wealth of great shows for fans to choose from.

Each offers its own unique charm and fun characters, so whichever you decide to watch, you’re sure to leave with a smile on your face. So cuddle up, get some snacks together, and get ready for an experience full of laughter and cuteness.

With this selection of the 27 best chibi series out there, no one ever has to find themselves stuck in front of the TV with nothing good to watch ever again.

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