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35 Ultimate Cat Pokemon: The Cute Meow List

Attention all cat lovers. Looking for an energetic and charming way to show your passion for cats. Look no further – this article lists the ultimate collection of 35 Pokemon that are sure to give any cat-lover joy.

Join us as we explore a handful of favorites that capture a wide spectrum of adorable kitty features, from fur patterns to meows. Each Pokemon described contains wonderful traits valued by cat owners and lovers, ranging from loyalty to independence.

With this guide in hand, you can also enjoy browsing through the complete lineup of cute, unique, and fiercely loyal Pokemon made just for those who appreciate feline qualities; they’re sure to land you your very own team leader shortly.

So what are you waiting for? Read on now and discover the perfect companion in pixels and purrs:




Pyroar is an ultimate cat Pokemon with an incredibly fierce and powerful disposition. Its regal looks make it look like the king of all cats. It has a fearsome mane of fire on its head, along with yellow-orange fur, a lion’s tail, and long whiskers twitching at every sound.

This fire-breathing Pokemon is also extremely agile and swift. It can quickly move around in battle, dodging any incoming attacks as well as launching its own powerful Fire-type moves, which have been known to have great effects on both opponents and allies alike.

Pyroar also has the ability to channel its flames through either one or both of its horns, making it even more intimidating. Its incredible physical strength may just be enough to overpower any considering challengers.

34. Flareon


Flareon is a cat-like Pokemon with a fluffy orange coat of fur that gives off intense heat when it’s excited. Its adorable features and high power have gained much love from Pokemon fans everywhere. When Flareon responds to its Trainer’s commands, its temperature heats up and creates devastating fire attacks that can overload and destroy its opponents.

Flareon also has keen senses, physical speed, and agility, making it an excellent choice for competitive battles. With some training, it can be a great friend for both experienced trainers and newer ones who want to learn the ropes of the game. It could even take part in challenges involving hard-to-find items or complex strategies.



The incredibly powerful and majestic Litleo is an incredibly unique cat Pokémon species found in the Kalos region of the Pokémon Universe. This fire and normal-type feline have a gorgeous mane of fur that is as vibrant as a flame, making it appear as if it’s always surrounded by a blaze.

Its body is predominantly black with bright orange stripes, and its eyes are bright yellow, giving it a fiery, intense look.

Litleo is known for its incredible loyalty and affection, preferring to remain near its Trainer at all times – even sleeping close by so they can feel safe. It’s also notorious for having good physical strength and agility, allowing it to stand up against even the most formidable adversaries.



“Dusk Mane Necrozma is an ultimate cat pokemon that has been making waves in the spotlight recently. It is a combined form of two legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo and Necrozma. This powerful Pokemon wears its light-based armor proudly, radiating energy from its majestic grotesque figure.

Its awe-inspiring power will put any opponent on their toes, as it is equipped with a range of attacks that vary in type and intensity.

From sunlight roaring to exclusive Z-moves like photon geysers and svelte strikes, Dusk Mane Necrozma is sure to impress even the harshest of critics. As an ultimate cat pokemon, it possesses some unique attributes that can be used to take down its potential opponents efficiently.

31. Umbreon


One of the most beloved cats in the world of Pokémon is undoubtedly Umbreon. This majestic pocket monster has a mysterious beauty, with its jet-black fur and glowing yellow eyes. Despite its menacing appearance, though, it’s gentle and kind-hearted by nature. It can be found mainly in thick forests and makes a habit of staying awake until dawn.

Umbreon is also part Steel-type, making it more powerful than other Dark-type Pokemon – even some Legendary ones. Its defensive capabilities are absolutely extraordinary, which makes it incredibly hard to take down from an opponent’s point of view.

Additionally, it has access to several useful attacks such as Tackle, Quick Attack, Psychic, and Bite, which allow them to utterly annihilate their opponents on the battlefield with ease.

Umbreon may be one of the lightest weights compared to other Pokemon, but this doesn’t mean that it’s any less powerful; if you want a thoroughly formidable companion, then look no further than this endearing feline.

30. Delcatty


Delcatty is one of the most unique and mesmerizing cats Pokemon ever created. With its silky blue fur and striking green eyes, this feline captivates the hearts of many.

Moreover, it has the ability to boost its own capabilities with a tail-spinning technique that increases Speed and Evasiveness. It also knows how to use Attract and Assist moves, making it more than just a beautiful kitty.

Also, Delcatty has an exclusive category of Cat Pokemon, which only it and three other related species belong to – producing some mind-bogglingly powerful attack combos in Pokemon battles.

29. Purugly


Purugly is a normal-type Pokemon that has a ferocious appetite and can be found skulking around the Hoenn region in search of food.

It has a fluffy cream-colored coat with dark brownish-black stripes running down its back, giving it an eerily realistic wildcat look. At level 18, this crafty character learns some useful moves such as Hypnosis, Payback, and Fake Out – all capable of putting pesky opponents to sleep or dealing heavy blows.

Despite this powerful combination, Purugly must still watch out against type disadvantages when facing off against Poison or Steel Pokemon, which make superb foes. However, its real strength lies in having an expansive move list that evolves into something even more powerful as it becomes more experienced.

28. Glameow


Despite its relatively small size, the Pokémon Glow is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to battles. Its slender frame and supple moves oftentimes make it appear almost liquid-like in motion, helping it land blows with ease.

Glameow is an Ultimate Cat Pokémon capable of surprising agility that gives it an edge over foes no matter the size. Their claws can shred through even the toughest foes thanks to their quick actions and sharp reflexes.

In addition, they are extremely intelligent and highly alert – scanning their opponents’ every move and responding with lightning speed. While there’s a saying that “bigger is better,” Glameow proves that there are some advantages to smaller sizes.



Luxray is an incredibly unique and powerful feline Pokemon. Its intimidating electric-type moves are sure to shock any opponent that crosses its path. With peak speeds of up to 155mph, even the toughest and strongest Pokemon can’t keep up with Luxray.

The strength of this lightning cat isn’t just limited to its lightning-like movements; it’s also known for having an intensely strong sense of vision and hearing, allowing it to detect even minute changes in its environment that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Overall, owning a Luxray is like having a loyal companion and formidable guardian by your side. It requires a skilled trainer and plenty of practice in order for its hidden potential to be unlocked, but any time taken is worth the effort when you finally have such a formidable beast on your team.

26. Purrloin


Purrloin, a Pokemon known as the “Devious Pokemon”. This adorable dark-type creature is sometimes sinister due to its thieving, sneaky behavior. It is quite common to find Purrloin roaming in groups on grassy plains or in dark tunnels where they plan their ambushes.

Like cats, Purrloin also loves to play and wind around peoples’ legs until they give it affection. It also copies other visitors’ movements and learns quickly, displaying remarkable agility and grace while doing so. Its distinctive black and blue fur has shiny diamond-like patterns that can mesmerize both humans and trainers alike.

Additionally, Purrloin is one of the few Cat Pokemon with wings that enable them to fly around for short distances. Those who train their purloins well could easily see them leaping high in the sky over tall buildings chasing after airborne prey or playing tag with other flying Pokemon.

25. Skitty


Who doesn’t love cats. While there are many another fantastic feline Pokemon to choose from, Skitty is likely the most charming of them all. This adorable Normal-type Pocket Monster made its first appearance in Generation III and has been delighting fans ever since.

With a bubbly personality and a slightly timid nature, Skitty is the ultimate cat Pokemon that’s bursting with cuteness. As far as battle capabilities go, this gentle creature may not have the most powerful moves, but it certainly knows how to protect itself when necessary.

Overall, Skitty makes an excellent battle companion and loyal friend; it stands out as one of the best companions throughout all generations of Pokemon.

24. Jolteon


Jolteon is one of the most powerful cat Pokemon in the world. It belongs to the Electric-type species and has strong attacks, incredible speed, and agility alongside powerful defense capabilities.

Jolteon’s ferocious electricity-charged fur can shoot lightning from all over its body, allowing it to outrun its foes and strike them down with excitement and curiosity. Its thunderbolt attack is especially dangerous because it keeps tempting opponents to go for one last hit before running away again into the night.

With great care and discipline, trainers can make a fierce companion out of this feline creature, learning how to get the best out of their Pokemon while still staying within safe limits. Jolteon’s affection toward its master will only grow with proper training, making sure that ultimate loyalty remains a top priority on both sides of the battlefield.

23. Espeon


The Ultimate Cat Pokemon ‘Espeon’ is certainly amongst the most beloved creatures in the Pokemon universe. Belonging to the Psychic species of Pokemons, it has an elegant narrow body with pink fur and a pair of stubby ears. Long purple tufts of fur flow from its head, forming a distinctive crest.

With big cyan eyes and white eyebrows, Espeon is a delightful visual beauty that can mesmerize anyone with its graceful form and design. It is also considered to be one of the most graceful and agile among all Pokemon owing to its great speed and accuracy in battle.

Its only move – Morning Sun – helps regenerate HP while restoring lost energy during scorching sunlight. All these abilities, coupled with its strong Psychic-type moves, makes Espeon an extremely potent threat in battles.

22. Liepard


Fans of Pokemon and furry friends alike can enjoy Ultimate Cat Pokemon Liepard with its stealthy, cute demeanor. This fan-favorite evolved form of Purrloin showcases a graceful leopard pattern in shades of deep purple, proving that it is one of the most unique and majestic styles featured in the games.

Leopard’s ability to learn powerful moves such as Dark Pulse makes it a formidable opponent, while its crisp white fur shines beautifully against the sea of deep purple on its body.

The perfect balance between power and poise makes Liepard an attractive choice for trainers who need an effective yet stylish fighter. Whether you’re battling your way through Unova Region or simply looking to add some flash to your team, you won’t regret catching this Ultimate Cat Pokemon.

21. Alolan Meowth

Alolan Meowth

Alolan Meowth is one of the Ultimate Cat Pokemon and has been gaining immense popularity among Pokemon trainers. This unique creature looks quite different from its regular Meowth cousin – it is now a steel-type Pokémon instead of its original normal type.

It also features a more domineering and fierce look, with white fur on its belly and various features around the eyes that differ from its more common counterpart.

Alolan Meowth has some cool moves, too, that make it a strong contender when battling others in battles. It can use Payday to throw coins around its opponent, Fake Out to surprise them, or Foul Play to manipulate their moves. It also has access to Z-moves like Supersonic Skystrike or Malicious Moonsault.

20. Leafeon


Leafeon is a surprisingly powerful Pokemon that lives in lush forests and uses the energy of the sun to evolve its powers. This Ultimate Cat Pokemon has a unique grass-type body, which gives it a distinct set of advantages over other Pokemon.

Leafeon’s leafy exterior allows it to blend perfectly with practically any environment, making it virtually invisible to most predators. It is incredibly swift on its feet and known to evade attackers in a single bound.

Furthermore, this cat pokemon can absorb sunlight and use it as nourishment while also exuding great amounts of chlorophyll from its body to remain healthy and active throughout the day. Leafeon’s intimidating size and quick reflexes make it an ideal choice for defending against any number of foes, both human and wild monsters alike.

19. Persian


Persian, a cat Pokemon is one of the most popular species in the gaming and anime world. It had its debut in Generation I of Pokemon and has since then been part of many major battles along with its trainers. Its long fur and charming looks have always amazed fans, and they’re often one of the top favorites to collect or buy.

Persian’s advanced intelligence gives it a unique edge over other Pokemon in battles due to its strategy-making skills, which can lead it closer to victory.

The most amazing thing about Persian is that when disliked by others, it can unleash its claws which are more powerful than swords crafted by smiths.

18. Meowstic


The ultimate Cat Pokemon, Meowstic, is an adorable Psychic-type creature that first made its debut in the Kalos Region of the ever-popular Pokémon franchise.

With a characteristic mustache and two extremely different forms, one male and one female, Meowstic has continued to charm players from all around the world. What’s special about Meowstic is not only that they are both exceptionally powerful but also that they each have their own distinct abilities.

The male Meowstic has the ability Prankster which increases the priority of status moves, while the female Meowstic is equipped with other fascinating abilities such as Infiltrator and the move Dark Pulse—allowing it to perform tricky plays against unsuspecting opponents.

Moreover, its secondary typing boosts its defensive prowess to levels even further. All these attributes make this majestic cat one of the most dynamic and interesting Pokemon out there.

17. Glaceon


Glaceon, an ice-type Cat Pokemon, is one of the most beloved creatures in the world. Brought to life by the Ultimate Cal Pokemon game, Glaceon has won over generations of fans with its endearing appearance and powerful ice-based abilities.

In addition to mesmerizing people around the world with its beautiful blue pastel fur and shining eyes, Glaceon also possesses some of the best attack skills in all of Ultimate Cal Pokemon: Blizzard and Ice Shard. Both attacks are extremely powerful and can quickly take down opponents.

Utilizing these special powers lets Glaceon be an especially formidable adversary for any foe. Furthermore, due to its immense popularity, merchandise related to this Cat Pokemon has become increasingly common across many storefronts.

From clothes to adorable plush toys to exclusive figurines, there are plenty of items fans can pick up that feature their favorite icy feline.

16. Zeraora


Our beloved cat Pokemon Zeraora is loved by trainers around the world. Its appearance is often described as “a white tiger of lightning,” which perfectly symbolizes its power to generate electricity from its fur. This electricity lets it deliver powerful thunderbolts with a single strike, sending any challenger soon after.

Infamously stealthy, the feline has been known to get around silently and swiftly in an array of terrains – be those rocky paths, forests, or even sandstorms.

Its quick escaping skills make catching it nearly impossible. Fight this Pokemon uses a combination of lightning attacks and physical moves depending on the situation, allowing your opponent to never quite know what’s coming next.

15. Torracat


The Ultimate Cat Pokémon, Torracat, is a real force of nature. This Fire-type Pokémon has plenty of power ready to be unleashed with its signature move of “Flame Charge.” A fan favorite amongst the other critters, rival trainers will tremble in Realistic Battle Mode when they come upon this fierce feline.

It evolves from Litten at level 17 and provides more oomph to your team’s attack prowess. Its types mean it has a weakness to Ground and Rock while having five resistances in Fire Steel Dark Fighting Bug.

Even if you can’t take down your opponent in the first round, Torracat has some serious staying power thanks to its high Special Defense stat. If you’re looking for an interesting addition to your Trainer’s Gym, look no further than this majestic cat that any trainer would be proud to own.

14. Alolan Persian

Alolan Persian

Have you heard of the most majestic cat-themed Pokemon, Alolan Persian. As part of the Alola region, this fourth-generation Pokemon has beautiful cream fur with an elegant head ornament.

With mystical powers, it can shoot purple disks to attack its opponents. Its signature move is Foul Play, a powerful strike boosted by stern Alolan energy. What’s more, this variety of Persian also has a unique typing of Dark/Normal.

This combination confers several useful resistances while still allowing it to access potent offensive options like Knock Off and Dark Pulse.

13. Solgaleo


Solgaleo is the ultimate cat Pokemon of the Sun and Moon versions. It is a huge, leonine creature covered in white fur with gleaming eyes. Solgaleo’s main ability is Full Metal Body which prevents its stats from being lowered by outside forces.

Additionally, it is capable of manipulating ultra sun rays to achieve the Full Charge attack, which can even shatter barriers like Prism Coatings. Furthermore, Solgaleo displays amazing friendship and loyalty to its master as it will never back down if they are ever in danger or facing an adversary, making them a perfect ally both on and off the battlefield.

An honorable and powerful fighter who tries their best to protect their beloved master, Solgaleo holds special levels of respect among trainers who have had the honor of owning an Ultimate Cat Pokemon such as this one.

12. Luxio


Luxio, the ultimate Cat Pokemon, is unlike any other. It’s a unique Electric-type pokemon that comes with incredible power and a sharp electrified mane of fur. This Electric Pokemon can shoot electrical bolts from its eyes to attack enemies – a move that is both intimidating and effective in battle.

As Luxio evolves, it grows more powerful and dangerous. This feline Pokemon’s electricity can be modified for use in everyday settings, such as powering machines or even stimulating vegetation growth.

Furthermore, its versatility makes it an ideal choice in battles against Water-type Pokemon. With enough training and experience, Luxio can even become powerful enough to defeat stronger foes.

11. Espurr


Espurr, also known as Nyasper, is an adorable and powerful psychic type Pokémon introduced in the sixth generation of the beloved series. It has a unique appearance with its large blue fur, tufted ears, and yellow eyes. Baring fangs that can be seen from a distance, the Espurr radiates untapped potential.

Regarded as one of the strongest cat-type Pokèmon in existence, Espurr uses its mysterious power to propel its foes backward. Notably, it is able to manifest unpredictable psychic powers depending on its surroundings and current emotion.

Its loyal personality gives it an edge when battling alongside its Trainer, making Espurr a formidable partner for anyone willing to invest time in raising one. It’s no wonder why dedicated trainers consider Espurr one of the ultimate cat Pokemon in existence.

10. Litten


Litten, the ultimate cat Pokemon, is an incredibly strong and powerful creature that can be easily recognized by its fiery fur and flames. It evolves from a small kitten to a muscular tiger-like form, granting it impressive strength in battle.

It proves its adversaries wrong with swift and agile movements while both attack and defense skills alike reach astonishing levels. Despite its intimidating structure and strength, Litten is known for having a mischievous personality – begging to be played with and tested despite strength limitations.

This makes it an entertaining companion for trainers to have. On the other hand, it’s still very much capable of being serious when required, letting out fire bursts at will whenever enemies challenge it.

9. Sylveon


Sylveon, the Ultimate Cat Pokemon, is a wild and wonderful addition to the long list of adorable creatures in the world of Pokemon. This powerful fairy-type Pokemon is packed with potential, offering trainers both formidable attacks and delicate aesthetic features.

Its light pink fur is highlighted with white tipped tufts on its head, tail, and paws, as well as eight feeler-like ribbons running down its back – all of which contribute to Sylveon’s unmistakable charm.

Although a bit too timid for serious battles, Sylveon compensates for its shy nature with an affinity for support moves like Draining Kiss, which recovers HP from opponents, or Wish, which can restore your ally’s health.

When optimized by experienced trainers with expertise in fairy-type moves, Sylveon becomes an unstoppable force on the battlefield, capable of curing allies while simultaneously adding agonizing damage to foes.

8. Eevee


Eevee is one of the most beloved Pokemon species of all time. This cute little creature has eight different evolutions that can be used to battle other Pokemon or just be your pet and companion. They are known for their adaptability, being able to learn many moves and changes as they grow and evolve.

As Eevee has many forms, each one is incredibly powerful in its own way, and these forms come with a big variation in stats, too, including attack, defense, special attack, special defense, and speed. With its amazing movesets, Eevee can take on pretty much any opponent it faces making them an ideal choice for trainers.

Although Eevee may be small in size, they make up for it by being strong-willed – they never give up, even in the toughest situations. Whatever form they take, one thing is certain; Eevee sure makes a great addition to any trainer’s party.

7. Incineroar


“Incineroar”, the Fire/Dark type ultimate cat Pokemon, is a total showstopper. An incredibly powerful addition to any team, his combative theatrics, and stoic demeanor often leave opponents surprised by the strength he commands.

As a fully evolved form of Litten, this strong and intimidating feline has an intense competitive spirit that packs palpable power. With moves like Darkest Lariat and Cross Chop combined with flashy signature Z-moves like Malicious Moonsault and Malicious Moonsault Strike, Incineroar can prove unstoppable on the battlefield.

His abilities, such as Intimidate and Blaze, make him a formidable opponent capable of taking down even Steel types without effort. Suited especially well to Attack-focused teams, Incineroar has become a force to be reckoned with in competitive Play.

6. Perrserker


Perrserker, an Ultimate Cat Pokemon known for its pointed ears, white fur, and beautifully shiny claws, has quickly become one of the most popular Pokemon available today. This cat-like creature boasts a whopping 90 Total Base Stats, which is impressive, to say the least.

Perrserker also has unique Steel/Fairy Type dual-typing and moves like Play Rough, Iron Tail, and Moon Blast that make it incredibly formidable in battle.

Not only that, but it also has access to some powerful Z-moves, such as Clangorous Soulblaze. One thing’s for sure – this Ultimate Cat Pokemon will keep enemies on their toes while swiftly climbing the ranks of competitive Play with ease.

5. Shinx


Shinx is a small, big-eared electric-type Pokemon introduced in the Diamond and Pearl generation. It has a very unique and iconic appearance, with bright yellow fur and lightning bolt stripes running down its back. Its head is shaped like an oval, with two large dark eyes.

Shinx’s thunderbolt-like tail will sparkle when struck by electricity, indicating its immense power. This curious little creature lives in herds, making their homes in dense forests and grassy areas near ponds or rivers.

Shinx’s most powerful attack is called Shock Wave, which releases a pulse of electricity from those fierce black eyes. Shinx also has expertise when it comes to long-distance strikes with Charge Beam and Discharge, both Electric-type moves that often leave enemies paralyzed.

4. Raikou


With its striking yellow fur and resplendent thunderbolt mane, Raikou is undoubtedly one of the most iconic cat Pokemon. The legendary in the Johto region, Raikou, has been a prominent character in the Pokemon series since its creation. Not only due to its unique appearance but also due to its unmatched prowess in battle.

This Electric-Type Pokemon can execute powerful Volt Tackle attacks and generate spectacular Thunderbolts capable of entire stunning groups of enemies.

Furthermore, its speed allows it to dodge almost all physical attack types with relative ease. Off the battlefield as well, Raikou is a useful companion; it has sensors that allow trainers to tell when a storm approaches, giving them plenty of warning ahead of time.

3. Vaporeon


Vaporeon, the Ultimate Cat Pokemon, is no less than a classic among dedicated fans, and for a good reason. This water-type Pokemon has a body that is both powerful and graceful, and its glistening blue fins along its back shimmer like waves on an ocean shore.

Not only does this mythical creature have a mesmerizing form, but it also possesses great intelligence.

As Vaporeon learns from its environment, it can also adapt to take in more energy from the sun, which makes it both stronger and faster. The impressive abilities of Vaporeon do not stop there; they are capable of using powerful moves like Hydro Pump and Aurora Beam while underwater.

2. Galarian Meowth

Galarian Meowth

Galarian Meowth is the Ultimate Cat Pokemon, ready to jump in and save the day with its beloved headgear. Meowth has a sleek grey coat and gentle green eyes that beckon its trainers to adventure alongside it. It can move with the agility of a real-life cat, including an impressive ability to turn quickly in a tight spot or corner its unsuspecting opposition with ease.

No surprise here, as Galarian Meowth has sharp claws, razor-like reflexes, and a strong tail that helps it stay balanced at all times. Its special move G-Max Gold Rush allows not only all allied Pokémon to become galvanized but also grants them stat boosts on all stats – attack, defense, special attack, special defense, and speed.

Moreover, Galarian Meowth utilizes Hidden Power Ghost moves to great effect, making it one of the best players typically seen in competitive battles. As if that’s not enough motivation for potential trainers out there – Galarian Meowth can be evolved into Perrserker if fed 50 candies after catching it in the wild.

1. Meowth


Meowth is one of the most widely beloved Pokemon from the original Japanese anime series, and its role as the ultimate cat Pokemon has gained legions of fans around the world. Its cheerful, mischievous personality and distinctive voice have made Meowth one of the most recognizable characters in the franchise.

Meowth stands out for its unique move, Pay Day, which allows it to fling coins at opponents – making it an effective tool when used strategically during battle. In addition to being adored by fans and trainers alike, Meowth has also been featured in movies, books, toys, and other merchandise related to Pokemon.

This amazing creature is sure to delight all generations of Pokemon trainers. With its kawaii looks, playful antics, and spunkiness, Meowth surely deserves the title of Ultimate Cat Pokemon.


For cat lovers, the selection of Pokemon available is exciting and plentiful. With Eevee as one of the most beloved Starter Pokemon alongside Pikachu to get your journey started, there are also over 35 cat-like Pokemon that can become loyal lifelong companions on your adventure.

Not only are these Pokemon all adorable, but they come with an assortment of abilities that make them some of the most capable fighters in the game.

Whether you’re a veteran trainer or new to the world of Pokemon, you won’t be disappointed with the selection of cute cat-inspired creatures available for you to catch.


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