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Top 20 Best Brown Hair Anime Girls That Will Make You Fall

Brown hair is often seen as timeless and classic in anime, and it is no surprise that some of the most iconic characters in the medium have rocked this beautiful shade.

From classic looks to bold and daring styles, brown hair can be matched with any variety of personality types or complexions.

Whether it’s a slightly golden hue, warm chocolate tones, or auburn highlights, this guide will explore 20 of the best anime girls rocking lovely shades of brown hair.

All fans will be sure to find their favourite girl on the list. So read ahead for an exploration and appreciation of the best brown-haired anime girls throughout history.


20. Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto From Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto is one of the most iconic and beloved brown-haired anime girls of all time. As the lead character of Cardcaptor Sakura, she certainly stands out in the crowd with her cascading auburn locks, amber eyes, and sweet demeanour.

Sakura has the kind heart of a typical shoujo heroine, capable of immense courage and determination to save the world from Clow Cards.

As a student at Tomoeda Middle School, Sakura has retained her innocence even while combating forces that threaten to tear her world apart.

Her brown hair also reflects her warmth and connection to nature; both are seen when she works to return these magical creatures to their rightful places and restore balance.

Furthermore, Sakura’s brown hair subtly hangs as a gentle reminder of stability and strength in an ever-changing landscape – something we all need from time to time.

19. Kosaki Onodera from Nisekoi

Kosaki Onodera From Nisekoi

Kosaki Onodera is often considered one of the best brown hair anime girls of all time. Her warm, captivating eyes and her luscious chocolate tresses have wooed fans from around the world since she first appeared as a protagonist in Nisekoi.

As a gentle, kindhearted individual, Kosaki makes for an ideal shoujo heroine, and her unique brown hair has become a staple in other anime characters’ designs.

Kosaki is actually shy but expresses it outwardly as hostility; this combination of positive qualities – both physical and emotional – inspires viewers to find their own sources of confidence and bravery within.

She stands out amongst anime characters with brown-coloured hair due to her memorable personality traits and overall evolution throughout the story.

Though Nisekoi is primarily a romantic comedy, it is also filled with themes such as trust and courage – something that each viewer can relate to on some level.

18. Megumi Noda from Nodame Cantabile

Megumi Noda from Nodame Cantabile

Megumi Noda, or simply “Nodame”, is an iconic character featured in the popular anime Nodame Cantabile. She is a bubbly and impulsive young musician whose unique style leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

Megumi is an intriguing character due to her brown hair which is often described as unkempt; it almost perfectly reflects her outgoing personality.

Her hair isn’t the only thing that makes her stand out; she also wears glasses, making her characters look neater than she actually is.

Aside from that, she often wears bright clothes to match her cheerful personality, allowing for a deeper exploration of what makes Megumi special and why she is considered one of the best brown-haired anime girls of all time.

Despite being clumsy and disorganized at times, Megumi remains endearing and incredibly talented in terms of music performance, creating a captivating storyline around a multifaceted individual that fans have come to not only love but also respect.

17. Mirai Kuriyama From Kyoukai no Kanata

Mirai Kuriyama From Kyoukai no Kanata

Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata stands out as one of the best brown hair anime girls of all time. Her natural beauty is augmented by a stunning, stylish wardrobe and a spunky personality.

Mirai’s character explores self-confidence and coming of age with subtlety and grace. From her unique, protective hairstyle to her broadsword – her style is uniquely hers and inspiring to behold.

With an array of powerful relationships, she keeps us on our toes while also having tumultuous personal battles to overcome victoriously.

An enigmatic girl at heart, Mirai’s resilient journey through life is deservedly noteworthy. Her story and her physical representation add undeniable flavour to the world of anime, making it hard for fans to forget her contribution and dazzling presence at once.

16. Lain Iwakura from Serial Experiments Lain

Lain Iwakura from Serial Experiments Lain

Lain Iwakura from Serial Experiments Lain is one of the best brown-haired anime girls of all time, and for a good reason. Her unique personality, mysterious story and development throughout the series make her stand out from other anime protagonists. Moreover, the way in which she faces challenges is inspiring.

She doesn’t shy away from anything and so often appears mischievous and fearless in the eyes of her peers; however, at times, she also exhibits vulnerability as an authentic expression of humanity despite having both physical and psychological challenges. It’s no surprise that she’s one of the most loved female characters in anime history.

Her accomplishments range from uncovering a government-level conspiracy to using technology to bridge worlds, ultimately showing that even people like Lain, who seem outcasts, can be heroes if they have courage.

15. Fuuko Ibuki from Clannad

Fuuko Ibuki From Clannad

Fuuko Ibuki from Clannad” She’s an energetic, carefree girl with a sunny personality who loves to take part in wild activities and has a passion for kites. With her unique way of looking at life, she brings freshness and positivity to every situation.

Despite being sometimes mistaken for a delinquent due to her often erratic behaviour, her kind heart remains unchanged. She deeply cares for her friends and family and creates special bonds with those closest to her.

Fuuko’s loveable character resonates with audiences all around the world, making her one of the most beloved brown hair anime girls of all time.

14. Haruhi Fujioka, Ouran Koukou Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka From Ouran Koukou Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka of OuranKoukou Host Club is one such character, and she is among the best brown-haired anime girls of all time.

As the main protagonist, Haruhi finds herself surrounded by crazy rich kids at a prestigious academy where her playful and kind personality shines through.

Her brown hair brought the perfect amount of contrast to her school uniform, and paired with those classic glasses, she has a fun and energetic style that attracts people to her.

The best part is Haruhi’s gentle nature ensures she doesn’t mess around with her classmates’ feelings but still manages to make everyone laugh every now and then.

Although she is often confused as a boy due to her tomboyish mannerisms, we can all clearly see how unique and beautiful Haruhi truly is. Brown hair may not be something special for real-life people, but in anime, it certainly stands out from the crowd.

13. Ayumu Kasuga From Azumanga Daioh

Ayumu Kasuga From Azumanga Daioh

Ayumu Kasuga is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most beloved brown-haired anime girls of all time. She serves as a key member of the main cast in Azumanga Daioh and is without a doubt, one of the more unique characters in the series.

Her eccentric behaviour and fondness for the nonsensical are endearing aspects that her peers admire greatly. Coupled with her simple yet heartwarming look, she leaves an everlasting impression on viewers around the world.

Even outside of Azumanga Daioh, Ayumu Kasuga’s image remains important as one of the most iconic figures in female anime history.

Despite prevalent sexist tropes often seen in older works, Ayumu’s impassioned nature affirms why women should be passionate figures just like men, and her characterization not only supports this idea but openly champions it.

12. Nagisa Furukawa From Clannad

Nagisa Furukawa From Clannad

Nagisa Furukawa from the popular visual novel and anime series Clannad is arguably one of the most iconic brown-haired anime girls of all time. With her long, wavy locks and gentle personality, Nagisa stands out for her breezy style and charm.

Standing out among many other familiar characters in the show, she has become a fan favourite for her innocent yet strong presence.

Her brown hair creates an interesting contrast with her bright green eyes as well as adding to the unique appeal of her character design.

Additionally, throughout Nagisa’s arc in Clannad, she grows steadily into a powerful heroine who is able to face any challenge head-on with courage and optimism.

11. Rin Toosaka from Fate/Stay Night

Rin Toosaka From Fate_Stay Night

A captivating brown-haired main character is always a treat to watch in an anime series, and one that stands out to fans across the world is Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night.

With her signature headband and beautiful auburn locks, Rin is a force to be reckoned with – even as she navigates the darkest aspects of the Holy Grail War. She’s confident, witty and fiercely loyal, making her one of the best brown hair anime girls of all time.

By day, Rin wields the power of her family’s mystic eye, allowing her to perform awe-inspiring magic spells… and battle against formidable opponents by night.

There are few anime characters who can confront their fears and succeed, as Rin does. Her courage touches our hearts as she strives for greatness both onscreen and off.

10. Misaki Ayuzawa From Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Misaki Ayuzawa From Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Misaki Ayuzawa from Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! is one of the best brown-haired anime girls of all time. Her character embodies traits like strength and independence, making her one of the most popular female characters in the entire anime world.

An honour student by day, she works as a maid at night at the maid café to help support her family. Despite being studious and hardworking, her mischievous side comes out when she’s around different people—especially Takumi Usui, her main love interest in the story.

Misaki’s trademark brown hair adds a distinct charm to her personality, which viewers can’t help but gravitate towards—letting us witness why she’s considered one of the best (if not THE best) brown-haired anime girls ever.

Although her journey was heartbreaking for some fans due to certain plot twists, we still appreciate everything she accomplished both as an individual and within the narrative.

9. Shiki Ryougi From Kara no Kyoukai

Shiki Ryougi From Kara no Kyoukai

There’s no denying that Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai is one of the best brown hair anime girls of all time. Her sophisticated and mysterious demeanour has captivated fans around the world, while her unyielding loyalty to those closest to her has won her many admirers.

With a unique blend of physical strength and fighting prowess, she is able to use both vulnerability and strength to battle her foes. Shiki’s fashion choices are always impeccable, balancing a touch of femininity with a hint of strength.

Meanwhile, her enigmatic character traits keep viewers guessing about what surprises may be coming next.

8. Reveal from the Black Lagoon

Revy From Black Lagoon

Reveal from the Black Lagoon is a classic anime about a mysterious girl with brown hair. Reveal is an exciting show with plenty of suspense and suspenseful action. The main character, ReVeal, has long dark brown locks, which are often used as a highlight or focal point in the story.

Though she initially appears to be quite timid and shy, she overcomes her fears in order to protect those that she loves.  Additionally, she possesses unique physical abilities, such as being able to swim at immense speeds and jump incredibly high into the air.

All in all, this anime is sure to capture viewers’ attention with its sophisticated storytelling as it follows ReVeal on her journey through constant danger and peril while protecting those that she loves most dearly.

With its beautiful animation and a fantastic soundtrack, ReVeal from the Black Lagoon creates an unforgettable experience that fans of any age will surely enjoy.

7. Yui Hirasawa – K-On!

Yui Hirasawa From K-On!

Yui Hirasawa from K-On! is not just a fan favourite but thrilling to watch as well. Cheerful and energetic, Yui is perennially cheerful yet easily insecure. She’s cute, sweet, and has a bubbly energy that every fan falls in love with.

Despite her slow intelligence when it comes to Academics and lack of musical knowledge, she used her passion and dedication to impress everyone—especially the viewers. Her iconic pink dress with bear designs makes her instantly recognizable in any given situation.

She’s Idolized by fierce guitar performances with an endearing quirkiness unheard of before. While her bandmates are often left flabbergasted by her innocent curiosity and mischief, Yui personifies rawness coupled with cuteness unparalleled amongst other brown hair Anime ladies.

6. Haruhi Suzumiya From Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

Haruhi Suzumiya From Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

Haruhi Suzumiya from the anime series Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu is one of the most well-known brown hair anime girls of all time.

Her character is known for being fiercely independent and knowledgeable, while she serves as a constant source of entertainment thanks to her unpredictable nature.

She comes off as a bit brash at first glance, but those who take the time to get to know her will find out that beneath that tough shell is a deeply feeling individual with a lot of passion and energy.

As one of the few characters to keep up with her eccentricities and zany ideas, Kyon finds himself in the centre of many wild adventures thanks to Haruhi’s influence.

5. Mikoto Misaka, Toaru Majutsu No Index

Mikoto Misaka From Toaru Majutsu no Index

Mikoto Misaka of Toaru Majutsu No Index is one of the most recognizable brown-haired characters in the genre. As an esper, she wields incredible electrical powers and often comes to the rescue when trouble arises.

Her beloved twin pigtails add a unique touch to her style and remind viewers that her physical appearance can be deceiving.

Mikoto’s soft brown locks are a stark reminder of her kind heart and loyalty; she always puts her friends first and never gives up on those she holds dear.

Even when facing an imposing enemy, she manages to remain calm, collected and determined. Whether you prefer shoujo or seinen genres, Mikoto is undoubtedly one of the best brown-haired anime girls of all time.

4. Taiga “Palmtop Tiger” Aisaka From Toradora!

Taiga Palmtop Tiger Aisaka From Toradora!

Anime is known for providing us with a plethora of interesting characters, some of which have become iconic amongst fans and one of those includes the beloved Taiga Aisaka from Toradora. With her petite stature and her big brown eyes, she’s just as adorable as they come and possesses an attitude to match.

Taiga quickly became a fan favourite thanks to her fierce determination, clever wit as well as stubborn nature paired with a kind heart underneath it all.

From her iconic school uniform to her mischievous grin – it’s no wonder why viewers couldn’t get enough of the Palmtop Tiger.

The character design shows us just how detail-oriented some creators are, seeing as how even Taiga’s hair was given its due attention – showcasing the perfect balance between warm chestnut and golden blonde hues, which is sure to make any anime fan swoon over this memorable character.

Overall, Taiga is truly one unforgettable brown-haired anime girl who deserves all the love she gets!

3. Asuna Yuuki From Sword Art Online

Asuna Yuuki From Sword Art Online

When it comes to anime and hair colour, brown is one of the most popular shades among protagonists. One of the best brown-haired anime characters ever created is Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online. Asuna is a strong-willed girl with a kind heart and a true fighter’s spirit.

She has extreme courage and determination, which helps her when she needs to face tough foes and make tough decisions.

Her gorgeous long brown hair not only complements her vivacious style but also demonstrates her natural inner strength and toughness.

In addition to being a top-notch virtual warrior, Asuna puts great effort into anything she does. From studying at school to helping out her friends in need, Asuna is truly an example of a fierce yet gentle anime girl.

2. Holo from Ookami to Koushinryou

Holo from Ookami to Koushinryou

Holo, from Ookami to Koushinryou, is often cited as one of the best brown hair anime girls of all time. She is a wolf god from a small village in the north, and though she can be quite crude and manipulative at times, she is incredibly intelligent and caring.

Her brown hair accents her beautiful golden eyes perfectly, and the contrast between her uncouth personality and sophisticated appearance adds to her character’s appeal. With her gentle demeanour and fiercely loyal attitude, Holo has endeared herself to fans of anime worldwide.

Holo’s romance with Lawrence Kraft motivates viewers who are longing for true love in their own lives. Whether she’s trading barbs with Lawrence or consulting with other harvest gods, Holo captures the audience’s attention without fail each time she appears on the screen.

1. Kurisu Makise From Steins;Gate

Kurisu Makise From Steins;Gate

Kurisu’s character design is realistic and sets a standard for other anime characters to live up to. She represents a refreshing change when Japanese mediums often depict female characters with an exaggerated aesthetic. On top of that, she has impressive intelligence, and her passionate attitude towards science is inspirational.

Although labelled as an introverted person, Kurisu will take action without any hesitation if it is for the interests of others, which makes her even more admirable.

Kurisu could be described as a person who matches courage with smarts and willpower – making her favourable among viewers like you!

Even though she plays one of the protagonist roles, there are still certain depths of her personality left undiscovered until volumes later in the story.


It’s clear that the brown-haired beauties of the anime world make a lasting impression. With their unique personalities and striking aesthetics, these characters have left a permanent stamp in our hearts.

From Sakura Kinomoto to KurisuMakise, these 20 best brown hair anime girls have proven that they have legions of dedicated fans around the globe.

Whether you’re looking for entertainment, adventure or just something unique – these anime will never fail to offer any one of them. To anyone interested in exploring the beauty of the anime realm, looking up these characters is certainly worth your time.

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