You are currently viewing Top 10 Boxing Animation & Manga List (Ranked by Popularity of Fans)

Top 10 Boxing Animation & Manga List (Ranked by Popularity of Fans)

If you’re a fan of boxing, then you’ll be happy to know that there are many manga and anime series that feature challenging fights, incredible boxers and intense rivalries.

Our list of the 10 best boxing manga and anime provides an overview of great titles that should appeal to anyone who loves the ‘sweet science’.

Featuring some great classics as well as newer favourites, our round-up will introduce you to some amusing characters and exciting match-ups.

Whether you’re looking for battles between young amateurs or experienced veterans, these selections showcase all kinds of fights that define what makes boxing such a thrilling sport.

So why wait? Read on and see which ones rank top in our list, and get ready to enjoy hours of boxing action:


10. B.B.


B.B. is an exciting boxing anime series that follows the journey of one amazing boxer, Billy Brando, and his quest to become the best fighter in the world.

From dynamic action scenes to a captivating soundtrack, it’s no wonder B.B. has become one of today’s most popular boxing anime titles.

The vibrant characters are brought to life through innovative visuals and a cast of talented voice actors; you cannot help but be drawn in by the unique stories and amazing fight scenes in every episode.

B.B. offers up some of the best animation and thrilling plotlines, making it a must-watch for anyone looking for a unique binge-watching experience.

With its creative use of art styles, clever writing, and classic boxing moments, B.B. is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish.

9. Rokudenashi Blues

Rokudenashi Blues

As one of the most popular shounen manga of the 90s, Rokudenashi Blues has since been adapted into an anime series, and there’s never been a better time to give it a watch.

The story follows Maeda Taison-a delinquent with a heart of gold– as he recommits himself to becoming Tokyo’s number one boxer by entering high school tournaments.

Along his journey, he’ll gain invaluable life lessons while strengthening his character and battling some truly memorable antagonists.

With its simple but engaging story and thought-provoking narration, Rokudenashi Blues stands as one of the greatest boxing anime ever created.

Thanks to its timeless qualities and widespread appeal, this show can now be enjoyed by multiple generations across the globe.

8. Nozomi Witches

Nozomi Witches

Nozomi Witches is an exciting and intense boxing anime which takes place in the fictional city of Nozomisaki. It follows the story of an aspiring female boxer, Ai Hinomoto, who dreams of becoming a world champion. Despite many setbacks and hardships, she never gives up on her ambition to achieve her goals.

The series features some unique characters, amazing animated fighting scenes, along with remarkable music that ensures every episode is engaging.

In addition to introducing various strategies and techniques used in boxing, Nozomi Witches gives viewers a glimpse into the training regimen and practice necessary for mastering the sport.

There are also interesting relationships between protagonists and other complex characters that make it more than just a mere fighting anime.

7. Katsu!


Katsu! is the perfect anime for anyone who loves hand-to-hand combat and boxing. The story follows the passionate protagonist, Katsu Katase, as he strives towards his dream of becoming a professional boxer.

Throughout the series, we witness Katsu’s personal journey of growth and development as he overcomes numerous obstacles in pursuit of his dream.

His skills improve, as does his confidence with every fight – it’s an inspiring tale from start to finish. While watching it, viewers can also enjoy mesmerizing animation that brings each fight scene to life in astounding detail.

What sets this boxing anime apart from others is its compassionate focus on characters’ inner struggles rather than raw athleticism, something you won’t often find in other sports anime.

6. Slow Step

Slow Step

Slow Step is an acclaimed boxing anime that follows the story of Rina Ogata, a high school student who’s been forced to give up her amateur boxing career.

Set in Tokyo, it recounts Rina’s journey as she picks up training from Kazuma, a champion boxer who once inspired her.

As the series unfolds, viewers are exposed to plenty of thrilling fights and touching moments that provide insight into Rina’s determination and drive for excellence as a boxer.

Not only does Slow Step have immersive fight scenes that make you feel like part of the action – its captivating soundtrack is sure to stick with you long after watching.

From passionate exchanges between characters during boxing matches to cheerful piano pieces that accompany peaceful autumn scenes, this music makes Slow Step stand out among other sports anime.

With its cinematic look and intense story arcs about ambition and personal development, Slow Step showcases how inspiring athletic-oriented anime can be.

5. Ring ni Kakero 1

Ring ni Kakero 1

Ring ni Kakero 1 is one of the most popular boxing anime of all time. It follows the story of Takamura Nanpo, a Japanese boxer who begins his career as an amateur boxer and works his way up to compete in the Kamogawa tournament.

Throughout the series, he meets incredible opponents, learns invaluable lessons about boxing and forms meaningful relationships with other fighters.

Ring niKakero 1 is gripping, inspiring and full of exciting fights – as evidenced by its staying power as an iconic anime in the world of shonen sports. There’s also a manga version that fans can read for more insight into their favourite characters’ motivations and techniques.

The anime has served as a blueprint for many great boxing-centric stories since its release, firmly cementing Ring niKakero 1’s place among the best boxing animes ever.

4. Ashita no Joe (Tomorrow’s Joe)

Ashita no Joe

Ashita no Joe, or Tomorrow’s Joe, is a classic boxing anime written by Ikki Kajiwara and illustrated by Tetsuya Chiba. This landmark story follows Joe Yabuki through his rise to the top of Japan’s professional boxing scene while tackling hard-hitting themes like poverty, racism, and sexism.

Ashton no Joe’s depictions of boxing are not only realistic but also gripping; viewers can’t help but be hypnotized by fierce fights as well as the unique atmosphere presented in the show.

Whether it be inner turmoil or external struggles such as societal problems, Tomorrow’s Joe does an almost perfect job of immersing viewers in its gritty reality. Moreover, there isn’t anything quite like this intense yet thought-provoking anime out there.

3. One Pound Gospel

One Pound Gospel

One Pound Gospel is a classic boxing anime that will leave any anime fan wanting to watch more. It follows the story of Kosaku Hatanaka, an ambitious young boxer whose career has been on a steady decline. Despite his hard-working attitude, his boxing skills are lacklustre, and he’s had many defeats in the ring.

After meeting Sister Angela, a novice nun who believes in miracle healing, she decides to be his coach and help him get back on track by applying her own unorthodox training methods.

With her guidance and encouragement, Kosaku learns the true meaning of perseverance and determination as he continues to work hard towards a hopeful victory.

One more thing that makes this anime stand out is its brilliant pacing; it quickly builds up to intense fight scenes without ever losing its focus or intensity.

The visuals are vibrant and full of colour while the epic fights between Kosaku and his opponents make for some electrifying moments that keep you steadily engaged throughout your viewing experience.

2. Hajime no Ippo (Fighting Spirit)

Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo (Fighting Spirit) is widely regarded as the best boxing anime of all time and it continues to draw in fans with its captivating characters, intense battles, and inspirational themes.

The series follows the story of high school student Ippo Makinouchi who starts off as a timid individual until he finds the courage to stand up for himself through boxing.

Throughout his lifelong journey, Ippo discovers what hard work and dedication can do in improving a person’s life and how sportsmanship can still apply even in the most extreme situations.

With stunning animation, gripping fight scenes, and unforgettable music, Hajime no Ippo will surely leave its mark as one of the best boxing anime of all time.

It also serves as an eye-opener to those who are lost or stuck in life to follow their own dreams and persevere through any obstacle that may come their way.

1. Ganbare Genki

Ganbare Genki

Bring the ring home with Ganbare Genki, the blockbuster boxing anime that has taken Japan by storm. Featuring masterful animation and a gripping story of ambition, heartbreak, and courage in the face of adversity, GanbareGenki is the perfect shounen adventure.

Follow Genki Takahashi as he struggles to come to terms with his past and find his power as a boxer. With stellar fight scenes and fascinating characters, every episode will keep you glued to your seat.

Watch Genki rise up from underdog status to becoming Japan’s top pugilist in this thrilling journey of self-discovery and friendship.


What better way to settle for the 10 best boxing anime and manga of all time? Throughout, we’ve elaborated on our rankings and verdicts, considering both the technicality and realism of these series. As a result, there are multiple titles that have left an indelible mark in their respective universes.

Now, with this list of Boxing Anime & Manga at your disposal, you can easily pick one that suits your preferences and enjoy what anime has to offer.

So if you’re into sports or martial arts, why not give one of these titles a chance? It may just open up a new world of entertainment for you.


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