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55 Amazing Bird Pokemon for Bird Pokemon Trainers

If you’re a fan of the world-famous Pokémon franchise, you know how vast and interesting its universe is. If one of your favourite Pokémon players is bird-like Vullaby, Mandibuzz or Wingull, then you’ll be glad to know that there is much fascinating bird Pokemon to discover.

From the speedy delivery of Flying types delivering packages in the Kanto region to cool legends, this guide filled with bird Pokemon provides an amazing experience for any Bird Lover.

Get ready to sort through 55 incredible bird-based pokemon, from one of the earliest Flying moves in fandom history in Pidgey to tournament favourites such as Ho-Oh; this guide explores them all.

With high energy levels, soaring abilities and a vibrant cast, each with its own unique characteristics, get ready for a fun ride involving some of the most powerful birds out there. So join us on an exploration of some 55 delightful bird pokémon today:


55. Vullaby


Vullaby is a small, round Pokémon resembling a baby vulture. It has a pattern of brown feathers on top and pink feathers on the bottom half, with an amber-coloured beak and tail feather tufts.

Its wings are small and underdeveloped, making them unable to carry them very far. Other notable features include the patterned skull covering its neck like armour and the blue eyes.

Vullaby primarily lives in deserts and arid regions, avoiding conflict as much as possible. Despite its timid nature, it is capable of fierce loyalty when raised right; this loyalty often causes issues as Lullabies tend to form strong ties quickly with trainers who raise them with love and kindness.

While they’re hesitant around humans at first, they can become great friends once they get to know someone properly.

54. Cramorant


Cormorant, the Flying Fish Pokemon, is one of the new bird Pokemon introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Featuring a water-type body topped with a chunky green-tipped beak, Cramorant is sure to stand out on any trainer’s team.

This versatile Pocket Monster has even more surprises up its wings: the ability to unleash special Flying moves such as Dive and Splash Maelstrom makes it a powerful opponent in Battle. On top of that, it also has the unique Gulp Missile move that allows it to swallow regular-sized Pokemon with one gulp before spitting them back out for extra damage.

Thanks to its wide array of flying attacks and surprise stomach-based moveset, Cramorant adds an intense dynamic to every fight. Make sure not to underestimate this colourful pocket monster—be smart when facing off against its air superiority.

53. Mandibuzz


Mandibuzz is an incredible pokemon that can be found in the Unova region. With its intimidating wingspan, piercing eyes, and razor-sharp claws, Mandibuzz is sure to make an impression when seen flying through the sky.

It’s a flying/dark type Pokémon with the unique ability of vulture eye, which maximizes its attacking power when it has lower HP.

Mandibuzz is considered one of the best walls in competitive play due to its high defence stat, making it hard to even damage physically or especially. Mandibuzz can learn a variety of moves, such as Brave Bird, which deals a heavy amount of damage and also makes use of Mandibuz’s natural defensive stat boost.

It can also learn other moves like Tailwind and Roost, as well as have access to TM36 Sludge Wave, making it a formidable opponent no matter what the Battle may require from it.

52. Eiscue


Eiscue is an Ice-type Pokemon of the generation 8 lineup, part of Sword and Shield’s Galar region Pokedex. It has a unique body shape, with a large ice cube on its head that it can cover itself with when threatened.

This also allows Eiscue to perform unique moves such as Ice Face, which forms a shield from the ice cube head to protect it from incoming attacks. As a defence-minded Pokemon, its defensive stats are incredibly strong, but its meagre attack stats make it difficult for it to be able to fight back.

Its adorable design and spectacular ice cube abilities have made it popular amongst fans and collectors alike. Its resistance to fire, Steel and rock-type attacks also gives Eiscue an edge in Battle over other Ice-type Pokemon and makes it well-rounded in battles against different types of Pokemon.

51. Spearow


Spearow is an iconic bird Pokémon found in the Kanto region of the original Pokémon games. Known for their aggressive nature, Spearow uses powerful pecks that can cause a lot of pain to any opponent. Despite their small size and stature, these avian creatures have huge hearts and are fiercely loyal to those who take proper care of them.

With time and proper nurture, these little birds not only become more powerful but also more intelligent, eventually able to fly from one area to another.

While some would call this one of Spearow’s greatest assets, as trainers often find themselves using them for transportation purposes, it has made them quite sought after as well. Wherever their wings lead them, you can be sure that there are potential trainers looking to add Spearow to their team.

50. Delibird


Delibird is a unique Pokemon coming from the Hoenn region. It is an Ice/Flying-type bird that has the ability to store its food in a special pouch and release it on commands as well as Cacnea and Slakoth also live in jungles but can quickly fly away if they sense danger.

Delibird evolves by using a blizzard stone. Its wings are white, while its body and tail are often red in colour, with black eyes and yellow beaks. Furthermore, it has some moves like Drill Peck and Present, which greatly help when it comes to battling with other Pokemon.

Its signature move is Gift, where it leaves its enemies surprised by giving them an item depending on the condition of the battlefield —a move only Delibird can make.

49. Wingull


Wingull is one of the most iconic bird Pokemon species, making an appearance in many regions throughout the Pokemon world. With its long bill and white wings, it has captured the hearts of many trainers and fans alike.

Descended from water-dwelling creatures, Wingull is often found near lakes, oceans and rivers – but are just as happy soaring through forests, hills and even mountains. Their signature “water shooting attack” often throws opponents off guard in Battle.

Training a Wingull requires dedication and patience – however, once fully evolved into its final form, “Pelipper”, it will take your team to another level with powerful aerial combat capabilities.

48. Chatot


Chatot is a type of bird-like Pokémon primarily found in the Sinnoh region games. It features a beak shaped like a musical note, and it can imitate any sound, even human speech. A Chatot’s singing is said to soothe people’s hearts and drive away their sorrows.

It loves to identify itself by its range of melodies, sometimes repeating the words that it just heard. Cha tot’s magical singing can even attract entire flocks of Murkrow. With amazing flying skills and an incredible voice, Chatot has proven to be one of the unique Pokemon discovered yet.

Its beautiful feathers are bright yellow and white with a jet black head, accompanied by red eyes and red feet. The design on its wings resembles an electric guitar with six strings to top off its unique look.

47. Ducklett


Ducks and Pokemon may seem like a strange combination, but luckily for the people of Unova, they have Ducklett. This water and flying-type Pokemon is an excellent choice for trainers looking to take advantage of dual typing. Not only that, but it is also incredibly versatile due to its access to a variety of moves such as Surf, Aqua Jet and Aerial Ace.

With its great defensive capabilities (courtesy of its stellar resistances) combined with its solid offensive power, Ducklett makes for an admirable team member sure to perform admirably in Battle.

It also has the ability to learn several evasive techniques, such as Roost and Bounce, making it very difficult for foes to land any decisive blows.

46. Fearow


Fearow is one of the most beloved birds of Pokémon in the franchise. With its signature claws, long wingspan and pointy beak, Fearow has won the hearts of fans since its first appearance in the original “Red and Blue” games. Its intimidating design proves why it is one of the most feared Pokémon in Battle.

Despite its fierce demeanour, Fearow can also be a loyal team member; it has appeared as a powerhouse character featured in many professional battles.

Beyond its physical attributes, mystery still swells around this mysterious bird; its origins are unknown, but theories suggest Fearow evolved from ancient prototype Pokemon, making them one of the earliest creatures to ever enter Pokemon’s world.

Beyond battles and Flying, Fearow also makes use of its powerful beak to scour open terrain for small geodes or hidden items – all with an eye on recovering something valuable or rare.

45. Hoothoot


Hoothoot is one of the cutest bird Pokemon out there. From its big eyes and two-tone feathers, this nocturnal creature is a fan favourite among families. It can fly at great speeds on its two wings, which are different colours in each game it appears in. And that’s not all – Hoothoot has some unique features to boot.

It has an Organ of balance located inside its body cavity, which allows it to sense the rotation of the planet. Such impressive navigational skills make Hoothoot an ideal companion when exploring the wonderful world of Pokemon.

It also has strong psychic powers, and its owl-like calls can be heard echoing through the night sky – perfect for haunting backyards and frightening away pesky intruders.

44. Pelipper


Pelipper is the quintessential bird Pokemon from generation 3, appearing in both Ruby and Sapphire. With its large wingspan, beak-like proboscis, and a large bill for catching food midflight, it’s no wonder why this Pokémon has been so beloved since its first appearance in 2001.

As a dual Water/Flying type pokemon, Pelipper is uniquely suited to move quickly over land and sea alike – giving it an edge as an extremely versatile fighter. Its attacking capabilities are also impressive: Its superscalar energy beam is notorious throughout the battling scene.

43. Murkrow


Murkrow, the Mischievous Pokémon, is a cunningly sinister bird native to Kanto and Johto. With a deep midnight-coloured body and a bright white crest atop their head, Murkrow stalks the shadows looking for mischief.

Its faithful counterparts, Honchkrow, evoke an air of elite dominance with their stark black feathers, indicating any insurgence against them would be met without mercy. A common predator of other Pokemon in the anime, Murkrow and its evolution have evolved abilities that subconsciously mask their presence while they hunt small Pokemon or large Shuckle.

Unlike most Pokemon who are born from egg monuments, Mrukrow hatch from stones dug up from dense forests, making them one of few that come into this world from natural elements instead of just biology.

Given their malicious nature in the game and anime, adamant trainers still search for their own wild Murkrows with hopes that better breeding will give them access to hidden powers.

42. Swanna


Swanna, a bird Pokémon from the Unova region, is truly a sight to behold. With its elegant white body and long wingspan curled up around its graceful neck, it appears as if a majestic swan were soaring across the sky. Its pure white colour gives way to light blue feathers at its tail and wings, harkening to the blue of the lake below which Swanna eagerly gathers food.

But despite this seemingly docile nature, Swanna is actually quite powerful – it has been known to best even powerful Gyarados in Battle. Consequently, anyone who wishes to make use of this beautiful creature must be aware of its formidable strength as well as its majestic charm.

The sleek design and graceful movement of Swanna have made it popular among fans over the years and have aided in making it one of the most recognizable birds of Pokemon out there.

41. Natu


Natu is an adorable bird-type Pokemon that looks like a cross between a sparrow and a parakeet. It is primarily green with a yellow beak, blue wings and whisker-like feathers on its head. Unlike most other birds, Natu can stand on two feet and often doesn’t even need to fly in order to get around.

Despite this unique trait, it remains incredibly loyal to its Flying-type brethren by attacking with moves such as Wing Attack and Sky Attack.

Interestingly enough, Natu can communicate with the predecessor generations via telepathy, so it’s important to show respect when dealing with one of these mystical creatures or they may utter their signature call – “NATU!” – in protest.

All in all, Natu is a fan favourite for its wide range of typing combinations and capabilities, as evidenced by the sheer number of variants available.

40. Noctowl


Noctowl is one of the top-ranked Bird Pokemon from the Johto region. This dual-type Normal/Flying creature stands as an awe-inspiring line of defence for trainers who want to be successful in Battle.

Noctowl’s physical appearances are quite intimidating, as it has a sharp and pointed beak along with two wide, orange eyes underneath its purple feathers. But beneath that daunting appearance lies a wise Pokemon who’s able to understand distant sounds and can see even in the darkest of nights.

Its signature move, “Sky Attack”, releases blinding light and creates an impact with immense power to fend off any possible opponents.

Noctowl also has access to moves like “Roost,” which enables it to heal any damage taken during battles. Thanks to its great attacking and defensive capabilities, this Bird Pokemon serves as both a protector and a detective.

39. The Sigilyph

The Sigilyph

The Sigilyph is one of the unique bird-type Pokemon found in the Unova region. It has two large, white wings and a spherical yellow body with black and red stripes near its head. This mysterious Pokémon claims to have been around for centuries, watching over an ancient city that used unknown technology.

Its behaviour reflects this long past: it glides through the air looking for attackers or strange people, ready to use its Psychic and Flying offence powers to protect itself.

The Sigilyph is hardy as well as intelligent; it can thrive in different climates and is known to go great distances in search of food. To find this rare Pokémon, trainers should explore holy places and abandoned towns or use moves like Sweet Scent or Defog for encounter opportunities.

38. Honchkrow


The Honchkrow Pokemon, also known as the Big Boss Pokémon, is a fan favourite of bird Pokemon fans. This type of Pokemon has an intimidating silhouette, intense eyes and wings with symmetrical shapes on them.

This Pokemon is able to fly around in the sky easily and uses its feathers to blend perfectly into the night sky, giving it great stealth capabilities.

They can even make their foes freeze in fear through their menacing screeches. Honchkrow’s main feature is its ability to manipulate other Pokemon to do its bidding – oftentimes, they’re seen commanding Murkrow or Sableye, who are influenced by Honchkrow’s powerful dark aura.

This dark type of Pokemon is also quite powerful and wields many unique moves that have varying effects on their opponents, such as Night Slash, Brave Bird and Scary Face, which inflicts fear on their opponents, rendering them unable to take action.

37. Pidove


Pidove is a small avian Pokemon that resides in various regions of the world. It has two feathery wings and a sharp beak, making it look like a dove. It tends to stay close to humans and even continues to flourish in urban settings.

This Pokemon is a Normal/Flying type, meaning Pidove can learn swift and useful Flying-type attacks like Air Cutter and Brave Bird, among several others. Its feathers have high electrical conductivity, which allows it to use Electric-type moves too.

Not only is Pidove itself formidable in Battle, but its evolved form, Tranquill, can also be quite powerful on the field due to its vast move pool. With careful training, a Pidove can reach levels of greatness not usually seen in other Normal-types.

36. Xatu


Xatu, a dual-type Psychic/Flying Bird Pokémon introduced in Generation II, is a mysterious creature with an ancient and heavily symbolic aura. Its twitching head is said to spin around in circles before stopping intently at a fixed point, meaning that Xatu can make deep connections between past, present and future thanks to its high level of intuition.

What’s more amazing about this Pokémon is that Xatu also has the ability to identify patterns invisible to humans. Xatu can use its supernatural sight to reassure one’s connection with the spiritual world and encourage them of their place or purpose here on earth.

When summoned in Battle, Xatu packs a powerful punch as it flies swiftly through its opponent’s thanks to its formidably strong wings. At times Xatu may appear to be pondering life’s infinite mysteries from its tall perch atop trees and foliage like some kind of arcane sage bird.

And yet others describe it as having an eternal soul filled with unending pain which heralds oncoming crises for the future by when its body aglow eerie red light.

35. Pikipek


Meet Pikipek, a Normal/Flying type bird Pokémon found in the Alola region. Known for its remarkable head-pecking skills, this woodpecker-like Pokémon can quickly and easily bore through even the hardest of trees.

With its wide range of attacks, such as Peck, Wing Attack and Drill Run, no opponent is safe from its might.

When threatened, Pikipek will flutter its wings to create a loud echo back and forth that might just startle an unlucky foe. Its sleek white feathers glisten in the sun and its red triangle-shaped crest gives it a striking appearance.

34. Dodrio


Dodrio is one of the most recognizable and beloved Bird Pokemon in the world, with its iconic troika-headed design. Its Pokedex number is 85, and it’s a dual-type Normal/Flying Pokemon. Evolved from the two-headed Doduo, Dodrio stands nearly three feet tall.

It has beady black eyes and three stout curved bills with two legs between them to support its body. Its feathers are an orangish brown, while its tail plumage is a deep maroon shade. In the wild, these exceptional creatures will gather and migrate in large groups called ‘clusters’.

Dodrio has a powerful attack – Tri Attack – which combines Ice, Fire and Electric elements. It also possesses the Agility to move, giving it incredible speed and manoeuvrability throughout Battle.

33. Rufflet


Rufflet is a fan favourite Pokémon that first debuted in generation five of the Pokémon franchise. This fierce Flying/Normal type species has a unique combination of features, making it one of the game’s most interesting creatures.

Rufflet’s design is based on a Baby Raptor, with heavy feathering along its wings and body helping it to fly and be light enough for good aerial combat. In addition to its intimidating looks, Rufflet also comes with access to some strong move types. It can flaunt Flying-type moves, such as Brave Bird and Hurricane, alongside Normal attacks like Wing Attack.

Rufflet’s physical attack stats make it an ideal candidate for physical attackers, and their expertise in hand-to-hand combat makes them a must-have in any serious player’s lineup.

32. Unfezant


Unfezant meets the eye with an impressive wingspan and beautiful white, grey, and yellow feathers that make it a sight to behold. Belonging to the Normal/Flying type Pokemon family, Unfezant is most commonly found near forests. They use their talons and beak to quickly snatch up unsuspecting prey from both land and air.

Its tail fans out impressively when it’s in Flight; its fierce demeanour can strike fear into the hearts of other Pokemon.

When provoked, Unfezant will unleash a loud screech and go on the attack with razor-sharp spears made of windy created with their wings. Unfezant train was hard to stay battle-ready since they’re more often attackers than defenders in battles. With its speed and Agility, Unfezant can easily find its way around wild forests.

31. Taillow


The adorable and energetic Taillow is a small green bird Pokémon and a part of the Swallow Pokémon species. Despite its small size, it has the heart of a champion and loves to demonstrate its courage by going on long journeys. Its registered trainer Ash Ketchum was constantly amazed at how determined this feisty little flier was.

Its unique cry is heard through the forests it passes when flying from place to place as if singing an adventure song.

With its wings shaped like swords, Taillow delivers strong punches and charges through powerful gusts created by flapping its wings quickly. If it gets interested in something, it won’t give up until it turns that slight interest into a die-hard passion.

30. Toucannon


Toucannon is a dual-type Normal/Flying Pokemon first introduced in Generation 7 of the Pokemon series. This large, colourful bird is characterized by its vibrant red feathers and enormous yellow-orange beak, which it uses to peck and pound foes during Battle.

It heavily relies on nuts as part of its diet and consequently stores them in the tufts of its feathers. Toucannon is an incredibly intelligent creature that can solve complex problems using tools such as sticks, stones and seeds.

Its combative nature makes it stand out from other Flying-type Pokemon, but the fact that it will come to the aid of weaker Pokemon if they are in danger further demonstrates its compassionate side.

29. Archen


Archen is a majestic bird pokemon that can often be found in lush grasslands. This Pokemon features brown and orange feathers all over its body, making it the perfect centrepiece of any poke-collection. While it mainly survives by eating berries off trees, it has an array of helpful skills that can make Battle wins almost certain.

For example, Rock Tomb can ravage opponents and frustrate moves; Tailwind instigates faster raids against yourself and stuns opponents; and U-turn grants a quick getaway from an intense battle with an enemy. There really isn’t much that this awesome creature can’t do. With Archen in your team, you are sure to claim many glorious victories.

28. Braviary


Braviary is one of the most well-known Bird Pokemon in the series. Described as a “patriotic warrior Pokemon” with talons like that of an eagle, it has been seen across various iterations of the game and anime.

Braviary may appear intimidating due to its imposing size and sometimes even aggressive nature, but it is actually quite loyal and protective of other flying types. It’s also one of the few Flying-types able to learn the powerful move Superpower, enabling it to overcome hordes of enemies.

Battling with this majestic creature is a thrilling experience, whether you’re raising your own in-game or taking them online against others. Master Braviary requires planning and strategy.

27. Yveltal


Yveltal is one of the most iconic bird Pokemon. It has a unique combination of intimidating appearance and Dark/Flying-type powers, making it a noteworthy pocket monster. It stands 8’10” tall and possesses a pair of large red wings; its body is mostly black with vibrant purple along its underbelly and mane.

Super cool features include the “Oblivion Wing” move, which Yveltal can use to absorb an opponent’s life energy, as well as the ability to morph into its “Power Half,” where it takes on the abilities of other Pokemon.

Yveltal is arguably one of the most fearsome bird-type Pokemon around – even Xerneas wouldn’t stand a chance against it. The visuals from this popular character make it perfect for fan art and other creative endeavours, something that we’ve seen since Yveltal was first introduced in Pokemon X & Y back in 2013.

26. Farfetch’d


Farfetch’d make a unique bird-type Pokemon from the Kanto region, well known for its trademark attack, “Leek Whip”. With its small body and big personality, Farfetch is most distinguishable by its white plumage, brown beak, and leek weapon.

Despite being rare in the wilds of Kanto, Farfetch can still be encountered today in some areas of the goldenrod city. Its ability to learn powerful flying-type moves makes it a particularly valuable companion when training other Pokemon.

Although not as popular as other bird types such as Pidgey or Spearow, Farfetch still holds a special place among trainers who value its charm and fighting strength. Plus, with newly unveiled method abilities like Defiant and Inner Focus, you can use Farfetch’d to teach your Flying Type even more powerful moves in Battle.

25. Swellow


Swellow is a bird-type Pokemon introduced in Generation III that has deep blue wings, a long, yellow beak, and recognizable red tail feathers that Poke Fans know and love. Its unique second ability makes it even more desirable by boosting immunity from wind-based attacks.

As a result of its fast aerial speed with quick reflexes that can avoid any attack, trainers often seek out this Fire-type to add to their collection. Most often found gliding through the sky during sunny days or hovering around grassy areas for food, this Pokemon can also lay two eggs when expecting offspring.

Both young and experienced trainers enjoy utilizing Swellow in Battle by making use of its powerful aerial attacks on opponents, such as Air Slash and Brave Bird which deliver serious damage.

24. Skarmory


Skarmory is renowned for its stout steel body and razor-sharp wings that allow it to cut its opponents from far above. This Flying Bird Pokémon easily fits into many teams builds due to its defensive typing, wide pool of resistances, decent speed stat and access to Spikes and Stealth Rock.

Combine this with the few strong moves it possesses, including Iron Head, Brave Bird or Drill Peck; Skarmory is a formidable foe to contend with in Battle. Its intimidating steel body gives it effective physical protection against slashes and falls – this makes it one of the best natural walls in the game.

Though powerful in its own right, Skarmory becomes even more threatening if given ability-enhancing items such as Assault Vest that optimizes its Defense and Special Defense while allowing it to dish out heavier damage than usual with HP Fire moves.

23. Archeops


The Bird Pokémon Archeops is an ancient, flying rock type with a tough attitude. With its steep bill and bright yellow eyes, it can be seen in the wild gliding through the skies or happily perched on a tree. Powerful and wise, it can shoot powerful beams of energy from its mouth that reduce matter to dust.

An impressive fact about this bird is that it has some of the highest stats among all non-Legendary Flying-type Pokemon in the game. In addition to having decent stats across the board, it also boasts two strong abilities— Defeatist and Airmadam.

Defeat lowers both your attack and special attack when your health gets too low, while Airmadam helps protect against electric moves similar to Levitate but with the added effect of being able to block Dragon Tail.

22. Corviknight


Corviknight is a powerful bird-like Pokemon that looks like a raven or crow. It has steel-plated wings and talons, as well as an iron beak and beard of metal feathers on its chest. Corviknight can soar through the skies with ease, scouting out its environment with its sharp eyes.

Corviknight can use its wings to Battle, slashing opponents with the wings’ razor-sharp edges. When angered, it displays ferocious behaviour, letting out a scream that can paralyze those who hear it.

Though this Pokemon may appear intimidating, it also has a strong sense of justice and will intervene when needed to help someone in need of assistance. With its great power and strength, trainers are sure to find plenty of use for Corviknight at their parties.

21. Pidgey


Pidgey, the small, light-brown bird Pokemon, is a fan favourite among many Pokemon trainers. It has a friendly nature, and its signature move, Gust, is strong against both Flying and Bug-type Pokemon. Pidgey’s evolution line consists of three stages, each one increasing in power and speed.

This makes them versatile additions to teams ranging from beginners to more advanced players. In addition to its family line being useful in Battle, they are also breedable – this means you can use them to pass down moves to other Pokemon on your team.

Pidgey’s Flying abilities make them especially valuable as they can cover vast distances quickly. They are also great for hunting wild Pokemon or for getting around the map quicker than walking.

20. Sirfetch’d


Sirfetch is an incredible bird Pokémon who made its debut in the Galar region of the popular video game series Pokemon. This type of bird has evolved to the point that its impressive ability to fight and defend is very high in comparison with the rest of its species.

Rarely will you encounter such a majestic-looking creature who has both strength and speed on its side? The only way to encounter such a powerful bird is to go through the wild grasses and wetlands in the Galar region and use your fishing rod and Bug Catcher as bait to hopefully find one.

Its signature move is Meteor Assault, which delivers a flurry of kicks that deal severe damage to its opponents. It also has access to other moves, including Leafage, Goblin Punch, Return and Brave Bird – all of which make Sirfetch an important member of any battle team.

19. Piplup


Piplup is a small, water-type Pokemon with an adorable penguin-like design, making it one of the most popular and recognizable starter options in recent years. It usually evolves into Prinplup and eventually Empoleon, both of which have powerful Fire- and Steel-type movements.

More than just being visually appealing, Piplup also packs quite a punch due to its high Attack and Special Attack stats. It may start off with only elemental moves but quickly learns additional ones like BubbleBeam and Surf as it levels up.

Besides physical power, Piplup has some great defensive characteristics. Its Defense and Special Defense stats are decently high for a water-type Pokemon, meaning it won’t go down easily in Battle against opponents with strong Fire or electric attacks.

Furthermore, many of Piplup’s attack moves will gain additional critical hit chances when used by the trainer due to the SparklingAura ability that the Pikachu type has.

18. Oricorio


Oricorio is an immensely popular bird-like Pokemon, first introduced in the Generation 7 trilogy. Its unique abilities and beautiful design have made it a favourite among both competitive Battlers and casual fans alike. Oricorio comes in four distinct varieties: Fire, Electric, Psychic, and Ghost, each capable of learning powerful moves to turn the tide of Battle.

Its signature move is Reverence Dance, a graceful attack that is both effective and visually dazzling. Unlike other Pokemon, its body changes based on where it was born, so depending on its location, it can look significantly different from another Oricorio.

On top of their unique look and astonishing powerset, Oricorio is also known for their majestic dances that captivate audiences wherever they go. People around the world line up just to get a glimpse of an Oricorio in Flight or hear one singing its beautiful melody.

17. Empoleon


Empoleon is a major player in the world of Pokemon. This majestic bird-like creature has proven to be an invaluable member of any team in the game. Not only does Empoleon possess impressive combat abilities and the potential to strengthen its own strengths, but it also boasts high defences and a unique typing that sets it apart from other bird-type Pokemon.

Empoleon can be found in various regions in the game, including Galar, Alola, Hoenn, Kanto, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos. This water and steel-type hybrid is classified as an Emperor Pokemon due to its regal appearance and strength.

As expected with this union between two types of creating amazing balance and access to diverse movesets – Eviolite further amplifies their defensive prowess when compounded with the right individual values giving any trained Empoleon an ice-cold edge over opponents unfamiliar with its capabilities.

16. Pidgeot


Pidgeot is an iconic Bird Pokemon that has impressed generations of trainers. Pidgeot’s form speaks to its strength and powerful wings, as it has been known to take down opponents much larger than itself. This impressive Pokemon can be found in the Kanto region after being trained to its full potential, harnessing up to a Wingspan of over 6 feet.

Pidgeot is a Flying and Normal type pokemon, and its dual type allows for an array of unique strategies to become viable for use in Battle. For the bright and brave trainer, this Pokemon has the promise of growing even larger and faster with compatible techniques and lots of love.

15. Swablu


Swablu, the popular flying Pokemon from the Hoenn region, is a Pure Flying-type Pokemon with a unique design. It has a white body and blue wings, allowing it to blend into the bright Hoenn sky.

Its soft downy feathers provide excellent insulation for Flight, making it able to stay in the sky for long periods of time.

Swablu has an impressive movepool which includes powerful attacks like Return and Double Edge as well as helpful supplemental moves such as Roost and Fire Blast. As an overall utility Pokemon, Swablu can fit on many different types of teams due to its great versatility and wide range of attack options.

14. Prinplup


“Prinplup” is the fourth evolutionary stage for Pokémon fanatics to grapple with when playing through their beloved games. Interested in unlocking secrets that Prinplup can unleash? Look no further, as this article will guide you through everything from its stats attack moves and more.

Being a Water and Steel type with immunity to Electric-type attacks, players must develop strategies of duality when training Prinplup–strength and defensive capability must be well balanced for it to reach its full potential.

Thankfully, once trained correctly, many of its moves, such as Peck, Metal Claw and Aerial Ace, make Prinplup a formidable opponent against any battle style. All that’s left to do is use skilful determination to unlock all of what Prinplup ultimately stands for.

13. Zapdos


Zapdos is one of the most iconic Pokémon from the original games, renowned for its power and electric typing. It has a unique yellow plumage and lightning-shaped crest that sets it apart from any other character in the world of Pokémon.

This ultra-rare creature is covered by trainers across Kanto and beyond for its devastating Electric-type attacks, which can easily take down opposing teams with ease. Zapdos’ lore is full of mystery and teaches us never to underestimate something just because it may look small or insignificant.

Its ability to ride thunderclouds clouds only underscores its power, as does its control over lightning storms. With access to a wide variety of moves, this Electric monster can break through almost any wall, making it one of the strongest members of any trainer’s team.

12. Moltres


Moltres is a majestic fire and flying type Legendary Pokémon from the Kanto region of the popular video game series. It’s an integral part of the Kanto Elite Four and rivals the other Legendary Birds Articuno and Zapdos, in power. 

While it has a poor defence, it is compensated with its formidable Fast and Special attacks making it an ideal pick for powerful offensive teams.

Moltres’ base stats lay a testament to its formidable attack capabilities – boasting 108 Attacks coupled with 90 Special Attacks. In addition, Moltres has access to a variety of status moves, such as Will-O-Wisp, that allows it to control the pace of Battle as needed.

Its hidden potential, however, lies in its two signature moves, Sky Attack and Fire Spin, which, when used properly, can wreak havoc on opponents. With sufficient planning and strategy, one can turn this intimidating beast into an unstoppable force in combat.

11. Staraptor


Staraptor is a magnificent Bird Pokémon that first appeared in the fourth generation of Pokemon video games. With its intimidatingly powerful wings, it is well-known as one of the best fliers in the world of Pokemon. Its trademark move, Brave Bird, allows it to fly into Battle with much gusto and ferocity that can sweep away even the very toughest foes.

Staraptor also has access to yet another unique ability known as Intimidate, which reduces an enemy’s attack power when it enters the battlefield.

This unprecedented combination of Flight, strength and intimidation has catapulted Staraptor to its current standing as something of an enigma among Pokémon trainers– an incredibly powerful bird Pokémon that is not easily subdued and one which must be carefully studied before engaging in Battle.

10. Altaria


Altaria, a musical band based in New Zealand, is an amazing delight for any music enthusiast. Combining traditional folk elements with contemporary acoustic sounds, Altaria creates a unique sound experience that is equally appealing to experienced music lovers and new fans alike.

With experience playing across the country, Altaria continues to capture hearts and minds with every performance. Their debut album has already been recognized as one of the best releases this decade, as it showcases their incomparable sound-moulding symphonic beauty with occasional spurts of energy.

Going through their tracks is like taking a journey through some ancient terrain where each twist and turn unveils another surprise of grandeur – no listener could ever get bored.

9. Rowlet


Rowlett is a Grass-type Pokémon introduced into the world of Pokémon in Generation VII. Boasting a round body, small wings and an orange face with a black design resembling that of an owl, Rowlet is one of the three starting Pokémon alongside Litten and Popplio.

These grass types are widely sought after for their ability to learn powerful attacks early in their development, making them perfect starter companions for new trainers.

Rowlet possesses two abilities in Overgrow and Long Reach, enabling it to deal increased damage when using Grass-type moves and attack from afar without risking physical contact. It has access to many effective moves such as Leafage, Razor Leaf and Synthesis, giving trainers plenty of options when strategizing against opponents.

8. Starly


Starly is an innovative mobile application that provides users with the unique ability to curate and save their favourite restaurants. With this app, users are able to search for new eateries, access menus and discounts from their favourite venues, as well as find updates on special events hosted by these establishments.

It also utilizes a highly intuitive interface which makes navigation simple and quick. Furthermore, its sleek design ensures that all of this data is presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner while displaying essential information in the most efficient way possible.

7. Decidueye


If you’re looking for an incredibly powerful and incredible Pokémon to add to your team, Decidueye just may be the perfect option. An evolution of Rowlet, this Grass/Ghost-type Pokémon is a formidable foe with its array of physical attacks combined with its signature move, ‘Spirit Shackle’.

The Ghost element imbues Decidueye with special powers, such as being able to sense hidden enemies and even steal their life force in combat. With its excellent stats in speed, attack and special attack, it’s sure to wow opponents in battles or PVP rounds – even against familiar faces like Charizard or Blastoise.

Not only that, but Decidueye’s unique aesthetic makes it stand out amongst the rest, sporting a design not seen before in the franchise and capturing admiration from fans of all ages.

6. Articuno


This iconic Ice/Flying type species is one of the most beloved members of the original 151. It features in many Pokémo- related media, including popular anime series and successful video games.

With its regal blue feathers, icy breath, and iconic long wingspan, Articuno has earned its place in fans’ hearts. But Articuno isn’t just amazing to look at – it has unique stats and movesets that make it an incredibly formidable force on the battlefield.

It has a great balance between Special Attack and Defense, and its signature move “Ice Beam” makes it a classic choice for gym battles.



Talonflame is a Fire/Flying-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VI and is known for its blazing speed and ferocity. Talonflame has a powerfully sharp beak, wings and talons that allow it to perform aerial manoeuvres with incredible Agility and speed.

The Fire emanating from Talon flame’s feathers makes the sight of it attacking or soaring through the sky an awe-inspiring one. Additionally, its fiery plumage creates a heat shield around it which can help protect it against incoming moves.

Commonly found in grassy areas or keeping watch over their nests in mountainous regions, Talonflame is rather adapted to life on the wing and can spend hours soaring high above grasslands looking for food or enemies to Battle. Its flames reach very high temperatures when it enters into an enraged state, allowing its attacks to pack quite a punch.

4. Dartrix


Are you looking to learn more about the fascinating creature known as Dartrix? Named after its Latin word, this mesmerizing creature has been captivating imaginations since its discovery. With their vibrant plumage and long, elegant wings, these birds have been grabbing attention in the animal kingdom.

Despite their majestic appearance, these feathered friends are surprisingly friendly and can adapt to most people’s environments quickly.

This article aims to explore all aspects of this enigma, from its physical characteristics to its behaviour in different settings. We’ll take a deep dive into the biology of this mysterious bird and even consider how this species might fit into improving our own lives.

3. Hawlucha


Hawlucha is an amazing Fighting and Flying-type Pokémon known for its Agility, speed and great combat skills. With a colourful design and cheerful characteristics, it packs quite a punch. Having debuted in the Kalos region of the popular Pokémon video game series, Hawlucha has since gained a huge following among Pokémon trainers across the world.

Its ability to move at incredible speeds and its ability to perform stunning aerial attacks make it a favourite amongst players who enjoy the battles featured in the game. Its combination of strength and Agility makes it one of the most formidable opponents in any matchup.

Thanks to its unique attributes, Hawlucha has become even more popular outside of the gaming world as fans flock to cosplay events inspired by this awesome character.

If you’re looking for some insight into this impressive creature or are just looking for tips on training Hawlucha to its maximum potential, then our article is sure to provide you with all of that information and more.

2. Fletchling


Fletchling is a Normal and Flying-type Pokémon which was introduced in Generation VI. It has a small body and round head, and its wings are curved, just like J’s symbol. It also has a bright red tail and black eyes that complement its small stature.

Fletchling is known to be quite active during the day and loves to fly around freely in grassy areas. Its diet consists of various kinds of berries and insects, which can be easily found all year round.

Fletchling evolves into Fletchinder at level 17, gaining an additional Fire-type attribute making it the first dual-type Pokémon to have the Normal/Flying combination.

As it progresses to level 35, Fletchinder successfully evolves into Talonflame with improved speed and attack attributes as well as being a Fire/Flying type. Second, only to Fennekin, this little bird is extremely easy to find in caves near Victory Road and Mt.

1. Ho-Oh

Ho Oh

Ho-Oh is a dual-type Fire/Flying legendary Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It is revered as a symbol of joy and good fortune. It’s also the guardian of the ways of truth and its scales act as a measure to weigh one’s heart.

Ho-Oh has red and golden feathers that sparkle when the sun hits them. It has two immense wings that enable it to fly incredibly high, leaving behind a giant rainbow due to its majestic Flight.

With their powerful visions, they can see anything in any corner of the Pokémon world; and using Sacred Fire, they create new worlds each time they flap their wings.

Ho-Oh’s Sacred Fire burns away what it perceives to be injustice, which makes it feared by evil-doers everywhere. The mystical bird even appears in some religious texts, with many believing it can help people ascend to new heights spiritually and emotionally.


Bird Pokemon has been a part of the ever-expanding knowledge of the world of Pokemon since its first appearance in 1996. With 55 different bird Pokemon, there is something for every fan of avian creatures.

Some are able to fly at incredible speed, others can be trained for Battle, and all of them capture the hearts and imagination of their trainers. While their appearances vary greatly, their ability to inspire devotion among those who love them remains consistent.

Whether you’re a casual observer or an avid collector, bird Pokemon have become an essential piece of the Pokemon world – and there’s no sign that they will go away anytime soon.


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