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11 Best Yuri Manga: The Roller-Coaster of Feelings

Have you heard about Yuri manga? Referred to as “Girls Love”, it’s a genre in Japanese comics and animation that focuses on the romantic relationships of female characters.

Whether it be magical potential pairings or intense high school relationships, fans of Yuri manga find them to be dynamic, eye-catching, and relatable.

In this article, we will explore 11 of the best Yuri manga series that is both captivating and diverse. These stories will have readers eager for more from its leading ladies.

If you are exploring the genre or just looking for new titles, there is sure to be something for everyone on this list. Join us as we delve into one of Japan’s beloved genres:


11. YuruYuri


Yuru Yuri is a popular Japanese yuri manga series written and illustrated by Namori. It was adapted into an anime series in 2011, with 3 additional seasons transitioning the story of its four lead characters, Ayano Sugiura, Kyoko Toshinō, Yui Funami, and Chinatsu Yoshikawa.

The “yuru yuri” genre typically features stories focusing on the friendship between teenage girls, and this series does that perfectly, creating an enjoyable atmosphere for readers to escape into.

Themes within YuruYuri range from light-hearted to humorous moments that allude to the series’ deep themes of the struggles faced when entering adulthood.

If you enjoy vividly illustrated stories featuring fun interactions between friends that come with underlying teen angst, this series is undoubtedly worth your time. With adorable artwork and compelling storylines (with multiple arcs), you’ll easily find yourself captivated by this anime.

10. Cirque Arachne

Cirque Arachne

Fans of Yuri manga got quite a treat recently when the exciting new story “Cirque Arachne” debuted. Written by hugely acclaimed author Naoko Ogawa and illustrated with intricate, vivid artwork from Sumi Hoshino, “Cirque Arachne” delights with its heartwarming and often comedic maturity.

Our heroine is Komachi Sakura, an enthusiastic acrobat who has been granted an unusual wish to travel back in time to become a circus performer.

Accompanied by an enigmatic figure named Cronoia, Komachi embarks on a strange but captivating adventure throughout history’s greatest circuses.

Along her way, she meets various fascinating characters and discovers secrets from the past that shape her future. Every turn of the page brings something new to this Yuri manga masterpiece, making it a must-read for any fan of the genre!

9. NTR: Netsuzou Trap

NTR_ Netsuzou Trap

NTR: Netsuzou Trap is an incredibly popular Yuri manga with fans all around the world being captivated by its emotionally raw story.

It is a coming-of-age drama that tells the story of two high school girls, Yuma and Hotaru, who decide to explore their fledgling relationship without the knowledge of other people.

The manga intricately narrates how their relationship develops further as more twists and complications arise along their journey. Every character has their own struggles and issues they are trying to overcome while still figuring out their identity.

With incredible art, creative panels, and emotional depth, NTR: Netsuzou Trap quickly became one of the most acclaimed Yuri mangas of all time, gaining an immense amount of attention and praise from critics as well as manga fans.

8. Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick is a popular Japanese Yuri manga that revolves around a light-hearted romantic comedy involving two high school girls, Haruka and Yuu.

The story follows their journey into adulthood as they face everyday teenage annoyances and their blossoming sexual relationship.

Written by Tachi Tori and illustrated by Peko Watanabe, Sakura Trick has won numerous awards for its characterization and value as an emotionally inspiring story for young adults of both genders.

For anyone looking for an entertaining Yuri manga that puts complex relationships at the forefront, then look no further than Sakura Trick.

Fresh characters with interesting personalities make it unique yet realistic compared to other Yuri stories, providing fans of the genre with something truly special to enjoy.

7. Aoi Hana

Aoi Hana

“Aoi Hana” is an inspiring Yuri manga series about the paths of two high school girls. Fumi Manjoume and Akira Okudaira traverse their teenage landscape as they stumble through difficult issues faced by young adults, including personal relationships and new experiences with love.

Fumi and Akira’s story is both heartbreakingly sweet and full of interesting characters. As the pair of friends stumble from one adventure to another, readers can’t help but be drawn into this captivating world they have built around themselves.

Though it has its share of dramatic moments, “Aoi Hana” also provides moments of lighthearted humour. The smart and witty dialogue often surprises readers who didn’t expect those kinds of punchlines in a romance manga series.

Yet the charming art, memorable characters, engaging plot, and humorous dialogue make “Aoi Hana” an irresistible read that can make everyone feel something—whether it’s hope or joy.

6. Murcielago


Murcielago, a popular Yuri Manga created by Yoshimurakana, is an action-packed story about a female assassin aiding the police in tracking down executions. She is half human – half vampire, and part of her duty is to hunt down criminals who have been released from prison.

In this thrilling Manga, our protagonist Kuroko uses her special abilities to protect those around her while simultaneously struggling with her inner demons. Her foes are ruthless and powerful, and she must overcome numerous obstacles in her quest to bring justice to the world.

As we follow Kuro ko’s struggles, we can experience the joys of victory and witness her sorrowful battles in the darkest of times.

Despite living in a world filled with danger and deception, she accepts it all with great courage, making Murcielago an essential read in any Yuri collection.

5. Girl Friends

Girl Friends

“Girl Friends” is one of the most popular and influential Yuri Manga series to date. It follows the relationships, friendships and rivalries of two high school girls, Mari Nishio and Akari Kamigishi.

These two girls come from different social backgrounds – Mari being something of a tomboy, while Akari is more girly – but despite their differences, they become close friends with a blossoming bond.

From there, the manga explores all sorts of relationship scenarios; they celebrate each other’s desire to explore romantic interests yet remain fiercely loyal through thick or thin.

Praised for its positive outlook on yuri relationships, it has been collected into multiple volumes, become an anime TV series and inspired many spin-offs.

4. Gunjou


Gunjou is a thrilling and captivating yuri manga series that immerses readers in its gripping story of two female pilots’ search for their missing fathers.

These two brave women take on the task of flying their own planes; they risk everything, even as they discover secrets that could change the world.

In this manga, readers dive into an exciting journey filled with suspense and mystery as the story unfolds in ways no one ever expected.

Gunjou features complex characters that bring fascinating plots to life in surprisingly fresh ways; each storyline will keep you guessing until the very end. With vibrant artwork, gorgeous landscapes, and action-packed scenes, this yuri manga is sure to be a hit for fans of the genre.

3. Citrus


The Yuri romance genre is one that has a long-standing fanbase, and “Citrus” offers its readers a story unlike any other. This manga series tells the story of high school student Yuzu Aihara, who is sent by her mother to attend the prestigious Elite Girls Academy after her father remarries.

Here, she finds herself in the company of a beautiful classmate—the class president Mei Aihara—with whom she falls in love. With its beautiful art style and compelling characters, this gorgeously crafted romance will keep you captivated from beginning to end.

What’s more—by providing meaningful insight into gender roles and identity, this Yuri Manga truly surpasses the conventions of its genre while maintaining vivid action sequences to engage readers page after page.

Uniquely entertaining and with plenty of surprises in store, “Citrus” stands firmly as one of the most stunningly written works around, proving that it truly deserves all the admiration and attention it has earned over the years.

2. Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You is a groundbreaking Yuri manga series that captures the romantic struggles of two high school students who are figuring out their sexuality.

Written by Nio Nakatani, Bloom Into You follows the story of Yuu Koito and Touko Nanami, two 15-year-old girls who have a lot of firsts.

Not only is it their first year in high school but also their first time in love – though neither knows how to handle it. In this anime-inspired romance-focused fantasy, they learn to navigate through heartfelt situations involving bubbly friends, meaningful conversations and struggles with coming out.

In addition to strong characters with diverse personalities, the art style of Bloom Into You stands out, making it an exceptional experience that all readers can enjoy.

Moreover, readers become absorbed in its beautiful portrayal of platonic and romantic love and relationships, captivated by the adorable disposition of adolescence paired with an aesthetically pleasing artwork to complement the captivating storyline.

1. Octave


Octave” is a popular Yuri manga that showcases the compelling story of two childhood friends from different countries. The story brings two female characters from two countries, Japan and Korea, to explore their very own cultures and confront their innermost emotions about one another.

The connectivity between the duo throughout this manga is heartwarming and real, only intensifying its impact on readers.  Exploring the complexities of love, life, and friendship, Octave’s art captures perfectly intimate scenes with vivid emotions.

The series has gained immense popularity due to its ability to captivate readers with its beautiful storytelling, making it a must-read title for those interested in Yuri manga.


We have explored some of the best Yuri manga available in the market. Interesting characters, deep exploration of relationships and captivating story arcs throughout are just a few of the reasons why these titles have won fans over.

If you are looking for stories that push boundaries, delve further into themes like coming to terms with sexuality and self-acceptance or even simply interesting tales exploring love and relationships, then these 11 Yuri mangas are worth exploring.

Satiate your appetite for quality Yaoi content today. From classic favourites to thrilling newcomers, don’t forget to include some of your own recommendations in the comments section below.

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