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33 Best Vampire Manga: You Will Get an Addiction to Vampires

If you’re looking for the best vampire manga of all time, you’ve come to the right place. With so many great titles available, it can be hard to know which to read first.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of our top 33 vampire manga. This comprehensive collection features classic series like Vampire Hunter D and modern favorites such as Seraph of the End.

Each manga has been carefully selected because of its unique story and characters. Whether your preference is horror, romance, or something in-between, this list contains something for everybody. So check it out now and find your new favorite vampire comic:


33. Higanjima


With vampire legends spurring readers into a flurry of enthusiasm and excitement, Higanjima is a Japanese Manga series that creates an even greater stir. Written by Kōji Matsumoto, this thrilling manga follows the adventurous story of Akira Miyamoto’s quest to find his missing brother on the mysterious island of ‘Higanjima’.

Filled with darkly enchanting vampires, forbidden secrets, and horror elements, Higanjima will keep readers captivated with its blend of mystery and adventure. Even more engrossing are the compelling characters and their unique personalities – from kind-hearted Akira to the malevolent vampires controlling ‘Higanjima’.

Likewise, Higanjima impresses through its dramatic illustrations that reveal evidence of supernatural creatures lurking around every corner. Plus, intense pacing ensures readers remain entertained until the very end.

32. Pure Blood

Pure Blood

Pure Blood is an exciting and captivating vampire manga that has become a huge hit with readers all around the world. It tells the tale of Yūki Homura, a 16-year-old vampire living in an alternate future world where humans and vampires are locked in a perpetual civil war.

By day, Yuki struggles to live a normal school life amongst his human peers, and by night he must perform tasks for Hideyoshi Nagachika, the crime boss of Shibuya, who employs Yuki to take care of rumors and supernatural threats.

This intense battle between good and evil continues into Pure Blood’s second volume as Yuki has to face off against vengeful spirit allies of Hideyoshi. With smooth artwork, compelling characters, thrilling action sequences, and gorgeous colorizations, Pure Blood is winning the hearts of manga fans everywhere.

31. Super Lovers

Super Lovers

Super Lovers” is an exciting and emotional manga series about love, friendship, family, and coming of age that follows the story of Haru Kaidou.

When Haru is taken in by his mother to care for her adopted son Ren in distant Canada, he discovers an unruly wild boy who refuses to speak. As the two forms a bond, Ren gradually changes from an animalistic delinquent into a mature young man.

Yet as their relationship blossoms, dark secrets from their past life threaten to tear their worlds apart. This thrilling manga keeps readers hooked with its complex characters, gripping plot lines, and captivating artwork.

As one of the most popular shojo manga that has been adapted into both anime and live-action drama series, Super Lovers continues to be beloved by fans around the world thanks to its compelling storyline and realistic portrayals of love and loss.

30. Vanitas no Carte

Vanitas no Carte

Vanitas no Carte, written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki, is a vampire manga series that will mesmerize readers with its artistry and engaging storyline. Taking place in Paris during the late 19th century, Vanitas follows the story of a young hybrid known as Vanitas, who possesses both vampire and doctor abilities.

Through his journey, he seeks to find answers about his mysterious past while also finding strength in himself and protecting mankind from the evil that lurks within.

Not only does Vanitas take us on a captivating journey filled with mystery and action, but it also ties well into scientific history due to its accuracy of medical depictions during this period of time. The beauty and detail seen throughout the manga make it hard for readers to put down when wanting to see what happens next.

29. Omae Ga Sekai Wo Kowashitai Nara

Omae Ga Sekai Wo Kowashitai Nara

Omae Ga Sekai Wo Kowashitai Nara is a unique vampire manga series that is sure to capture your attention. Set in a world dominated by vampires, it follows the story of 16-year-old Ayumi, who seeks revenge on the vampire that killed her parents.

Written and illustrated by Yui Komori, this ongoing series enthralls you with its intricately woven plot and thrilling storytelling. 

With its use of dark imagery, this vampire manga instills feelings of dread and terror in readers, making the narrative even more captivating. The artwork also plays an important role in helping to bring the characters and their emotions to life.

28. The Kiss of the Vampire

The Kiss of the Vampire

The Kiss of the Vampire is a classic vampire manga with an edge. Combining scientific elements with classic vampires, this series tells the story of Kaori and her journey as she battles vampires. With bloodthirsty monsters, a gothic art style, and intense fight scenes, this series is sure to keep its readers entertained.

What sets The Kiss of the Vampire apart from other manga in the same genre is its vast world-building. Each page introduces new creatures of the night. To make it even more exciting, there are also great twists that bring an action-packed feel to every chapter.

If you’re looking for a manga with interesting horror themes and engrossing darkness, then The Kiss of the Vampire fits the bill perfectly. From supernatural elements to thrilling battles, this series will satisfy both veteran fans of vampire literature and newcomers alike.

27. Blood Alone

Blood Alone

The provocative manga series “Blood Alone” follows a young vampire, Himari Takakura, who sometimes takes a human form, and the journalist she has an unusual relationship with. Created by Masayuki Takano, this supernatural love story centering around an unspoken attraction between a vampire and human features fascinating characters in gothic settings.

Through Himari’s transformation between forms, readers are confronted with questions on loneliness, fear, and existence outside human norms. Writers, illustrators, and fans alike continue to be engaged by the suspense and drama found in this unique series – whether it’s delving into Fanalis’s visions or Basara’s dangerous protective instincts.

With its mix of horror, tragedy, and romance, “Blood Alone” has become a fan-favorite amongst manga fans looking for something out of the ordinary.

26. Mondlicht


Mondlicht is a thrilling vampire manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Midorikawa. It tells the story of two vampires who were brought together by fate and are struggling to come to terms with the consequences of their decisions. Despite the somewhat dark and mysterious plot, Mondlicht is a beautiful and touching story about accepting one’s destiny.

This manga offers an intriguing look at Japanese culture while providing exciting action scenes and suspenseful plot twists. The characters are all very likable, yet each still maintains a deep internal struggle that gives readers plenty of depth to explore.

With its mesmerizing art style, this compelling adventure is sure to captivate everyone. Fans of supernatural stories or romance will find Mondlicht to be an entertaining read, as it adeptly mixes both genres into something special.

25. RustBlaster


Rust Blaster is a highly acclaimed vampire manga that has captured readers with suspenseful action and meaningful story arcs. Set in a mystical world where vampires exist, it follows the journey of a young vampire hunter named Francis as he battles against creatures of the night.

While taking on these supernatural foes, Francis also faces moral conflicts within himself and confronts his own shadows. With well-developed characters, believable conflict scenarios, intense fight scenes, and an immersive storyline, RustBlaster offers readers a thrilling adventure that leaves them eagerly awaiting more.

From its gripping plot to its stirring visuals and character development, RustBlaster is an absolute must-read for anyone who loves vampire manga or supernatural horror series. The sincerity of its atmosphere gives haunting insight into the possible realities of our secret dark future.

24. Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou

Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou

Arifureta: Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou is a thrilling, captivating vampire manga series created by Rui Tsukiyo. Follow the story of protagonist Hajime Nagumo, an unpopular student who gets transported to another world full of adventures and dangerous monsters.

Read as he uses his newfound abilities to surpass the ordeals he’s faced with in order to save humanity from destruction. An unlikely hero with exceptional skills is an extremely powerful narrative that drives readers addicted and attached to Arifureta’s epic story.

Expect plenty of twists, turns, thrills, and heart-stopping fights as you get to explore this magical realm overwhelmed with action-packed events through its well-crafted plot and remarkable artwork.

Be aware, though, that once you start reading this manga series, it will be difficult for you to get enough into it as Arifureta offers a truly remarkable immersive experience that will stir any reader’s heart.

23. Devils Line

Devils Line

Devils Line is a popular Vampire Manga series that has been captivating fans around the world since 2013. This dark and twisted supernatural thriller follows the story of the Vampire Anzai and his human partner Tsukasa.

As Anzai struggles to balance his two sides – being a part vampire and part human – he must fend off various vampires, including an all-powerful Vampire Council, and pursue justice for both humans and vampires alike.

The intense character-driven plot focuses on the search for answers about human Blood and whether love between a vampire and a human is truly possible, making Devils Line an emotional roller coaster ride filled with action, drama, romance, horror, and more.

22. Kekkai Sensen

Kekkai Sensen

Kekkai Sensen, or Blood Blockade Battlefront, is a thrilling vampire-based manga that captures the imagination of all types of readers. Although set in a fictional universe, this series follows everyday struggles and emotions, which makes it relatable to any audience.

With horror and action at its core, KekkaiSensen offers a range from fight scenes between characters with supernatural powers to comedic moments—allowing for an entertaining ride for readers.

The protagonist of the series is a photographer called Leonardo Watch, who has the ability to see supernatural beings. He joins an agency called Libra as he hopes to protect his new home in Hellsalem’s Lot from forces that threaten its peace and serenity.

With each chapter and volume, unexpected twists are added as the team continues to battle against ancient evils that have infiltrated their city. Rendered through beautiful and detailed artistry, KekkaiSensen proves that it’s one of the best pieces of vampire manga within its genre.

21. Vampire Crisis

Vampire Crisis

Vampire Crisis is a thrilling manga featuring action-packed fights between vampires and humans. Written by Itomu Hiiragi, Vampire Crisis tells the story of protagonist Erina Akabane who was born with the ability to repel vampires.

When a vampire threat threatens the world, Erina must band together with other anti-vampire warriors in order to protect humanity. With remarkable art and an intriguing storyline, readers will be captivated by this series’ unique take on the classic vampire trope.

From deadly battles between former friends to heartwarming huggles from long-lost loved ones, Vampire Crisis offers gripping thrills that will grab your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat.

20. Vassalord


Vassalord is a dark fantasy horror vampire manga series written and illustrated by Japanese artist Bear Cho. Taking place in 18th-century Europe, it is the story of Johnny Rayflo and his journey as a half-human, half-vampire hybrid.

He has been sent by the Vatican to hunt enemies of God while simultaneously struggling with his own desire for Blood – both from humans and from his lover, Charley.

When Rayflo’s past collides with his present, an unprecedented power awakens, combining the strength of a vampire with modern technology. From wild battles between creatures of the night to a deep exploration of an antihero’s soul, Vassalord is an unforgettable read that will appeal to fans of supernatural stories everywhere.

With its complex characters and exciting plot twists, this manga promises readers a unique take on horror that leaves them shocked and delighted at every page-turn.

19. Vampire Juujikai

Vampire Juujikai

Vampire Juujikai is an incredible manga that tells the story of the battle between vampires and humans. The protagonist Tokijirou, who was once a vampire hunter, clashes with a mysterious vampire girl called Jutta.

When they are forced to fight each other in order to save their respective clans, they quickly realize that there may be more to their histories than either of them realizes. With its thrilling action sequences and mysterious world, Vampire Juujikai is another must-read for any fans of vampire-based manga series.

Despite it being relatively new, it has already gained much acclaim due to its deep plot and exciting atmosphere. It’s easy to get lost in the captivating story as you watch characters battle between the biggest struggle yet – identity.

18. Midnight Secretary

Midnight Secretary

Midnight Secretary is an awesome and thrilling manga that deserves more attention. It offers readers a fascinating look into the world of vampires and the supernatural.

Showing how monsters can be both alluring and terrifying, Midnight Secretary follows the adventures of Kyouhei Kannazuki, a vampire secretary who struggles to keep his boss’ unusual lifestyle under wraps from human society.

The manga’s art style is beautiful and done by notable illustrator Tomu Ohmi, creating captivating visuals that capture its otherworldly themes perfectly. 

The story goes at a perfect pace that is both intense and action-packed, interweaving mysteries of past and present with the romantic developments between Kyouhei and his master. With just seven volumes, this series is a quick read but one that will leave you mesmerized until the very end.

17. My Boyfriend is a Vampire

My Boyfriend is a Vampire

My Boyfriend is a Vampire is a manga that keeps you on the edge of your seat with its thrilling storyline. When Shino Kishibe encounters a vampire late one night, little does she know it will change her life in unimaginable ways.

Her newfound mysterious companion introduces her to a world of darkness filled with unseen creatures like vampires, werewolves, and ghouls.

The manga follows Shino’s adventures as she discovers her place in this enigmatic new universe full of danger and despair. My Boyfriend is a Vampire entertains readers by weaving together an action-packed narrative full of heart-racing fight scenes, intriguing characters, and supernatural powers.

16. Yorugata Aijin Senmonten Blood Hound DX

Yorugata Aijin Senmonten Blood Hound DX

The horror manga series “Yorugata Aijin Senmonten Blood Hound DX” is a must-read for any fan of vampires and the supernatural. Set in the dystopian world of YoruRoot, it follows the story of Galdarudrugu, a recent victim of vampirism, who must face the unique challenges that come with his new lifestyle.

He soon finds himself unwillingly embroiled in a conflict between two ancient clans – vampire and werewolf – and must navigate his way through constant danger to make sense of it all.

As a story crafted by esteemed manga artist Satoshi Konura, this captivating series immerses its readers in its dark fantasy setting, offering plenty of suspenseful twists and turns to keep them on their toes. 

Featuring an action-packed narrative with fully fleshed-out characters still left mysterious at points, it is sure to surprise even the most devoted vampire-loving fan.

15. Vampire Princess Miyu

Vampire Princess Miyu

Vampire Princess Miyu is an iconic vampire manga series written and illustrated by Narumi Kakinouchi. It follows the adventures of the mysterious Miyu and her gargoyle companion, Larva. Together, they battle against rogue vampires who threaten humanity.

Throughout their journey, which spans multiple volumes and waves of fans, Miyu must discover the true nature of her destiny as a Vampire Princess.

As one of the most popular vampire-themed manga series amongst readers, Vampire Princess Miyu has gained considerable attention in both Japan and abroad. There are four television anime adaptations, video games, and other merchandise based on this incredible series.

14. Sennen no Yuki

Sennen no Yukiv

Sennen no Yuki, the popular vampire manga series by legendary artist Sui Ishida, has become a cultural phenomenon.

Set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo where vampires and humans coexist in an uneasy truce, the story follows Kaname Kuran, a powerful vampire noble who struggles to protect both species’ existence amidst rising hostilities.

From heated battles to moving relationships between characters, Sennen no Yuki keeps readers at the edge of their seats with thrilling action scenes, emotionally charged storylines, and stunning artwork. With its accessible story and memorable characters, it’s easy to see why this manga has gained such worldwide praise from fans around the globe.

13. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D_ Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is an iconic 2002 sci-fi horror anime movie that has become a cult classic. Based on the popular 1985 novel series of the same name by Hideyuki Kikuchi, it tells the story of a man named “D” who is a vampire hunter in the year 12,090 A.D. 

Setting off in search of Charlotte, a young heiress who was taken away by Meier Link, a powerful vampire noble, each scene plays out as if an opera with beautiful visuals and haunting music to match its thematic content.

Throughout the action-packed adventure, we witness some memorably intense showdowns between D and his enemies, which is made more grandiose thanks to superb directing from Yoshiaki Kawajiri.

12. Dance in the Vampire Bund

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Dance in the Vampire Bund (also known as Demon Sacred or Makai Tenshō) is an incredibly popular Vampire Manga series by Nozomu Tamaki. It follows the story of Mina Tepes, a vampire princess who has offered to build a special colony for vampires and humans alike, so they can live harmoniously alongside each other.

The story takes a turn when powerful forces try to prevent her from achieving her goal and put her life in jeopardy.

This gripping tale has been captivating readers around the world since its debut in 2006 when it went on to win three Seiun awards, two Media Works manga awards, and two Shogakukan manga awards.

11. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

Any anime fan worth their salt knows of the beloved vampire manga “Rosario + Vampire .”Following the story of a human student attending Yokai Academy, which is renowned for its lovable characters and humor.

While Tsukune Aono faces pressure from everyone there — including the myriad of beautiful monster girls that have taken a shine to him — he learns to overcome his struggles and draw strength from his newfound friends.

Whether reading about action-packed clashes between monsters or watching as Tsukune dives headfirst into everyday school life, readers are sure to experience fantastical fun with this legendary series.

10. Bloody Kiss

Bloody Kiss

“Bloody Kiss” is a captivating vampire manga series that has been gaining popularity since its release. Written by Kaori Yuki, it tells the story of a teenage girl’s encounter with vampires in modern-day Japan.

Set in the fictional city of Jujo, readers are invited to follow Kiyo to unravel the secrets of her lost family and the dark underbelly of her new home. As she falls deeper into Jujo’s shadowy corners, Kiyo discovers disturbing truths about herself and those around her.

With beautiful artwork and skillful aesthetics, “Bloody Kiss” offers readers an unforgettable gothic horror experience. Readers will love this dark fantasy as they explore its thrilling mystery and thrilling supernatural elements.

9. Karin Chibi Vampire

Karin Chibi Vampire

Karin Chibi Vampire is an exciting manga series that follows the adventures of a pint-sized vampire named Karin. The story revolves around the struggles of Karin as she attempts to balance her life as a junior high student and a vampire, all while trying to hide her identity from everyone except her closest friends.

As if dealing with all her secrets wasn’t enough, Karin must also handle things like unwanted clutches of magical origami paper cranes and being pursued by two confusing love interests, which both seem determined to uncover the truth about her.

Each volume offers readers an action-packed journey full of fun and fantastic elements that give us an entirely unique take on vampire lore. Such features have made this comic series extremely popular with fans across the globe and continue to allure new readers today.

8. Owari no Seraph

Owari no Seraph

Owari no Seraph is one of the most popular vampire manga-style animated series and continues to be a fan favorite for its exciting plot, engaging characters, and excellent animation. This action-packed supernatural story follows a group of young boys who hold out hope against their vampire overlords.

As the vampires become even more powerful and the young boys stand firm in their resilience, thrilling battles of swordsmanship, magical combat, and dangerous challenges ensue.

As they battle against all odds, they struggle to uncover secrets about the origin of vampires as well as question humans’ morality when the existence of both species becomes heavily intertwined. Overall, Owari no Seraph is an entrancing story full of suspense and mystery that will leave you wanting more.

7. Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight is a popular manga series that follows the story of Yuuki Cross, the student council president of Cross Academy. She is tasked with protecting both the Day and Night Class, groups of students split based on their bloodlines as vampires or humans, respectively.

This unique dichotomy serves as much more than just a visual description, however, as each group has distinct personalities and storylines that challenge Yuuki to overcome her own prejudices and mores.

Vampire Knight combines supernatural elements like vampires, werewolves, and other monsters with intricate plots that blur the line between good and evil until readers are unsure which characters to root for in finding a resolution. 

Themes like power imbalance, identity crisis, loyalty, and forbidden love make this vampire manga an engaging read for fans of fantasy and horror alike.

6. Black Rose (Kurobara) Alice

Black Rose (Kurobara) Alice

Black Rose (Kurobara) Alice is a captivating vampire manga by Ayami Kazama. It tells the story of the bond between vampires and humans in a unique and fresh way. This thrilling manga follows Alice, a human girl with special Blood, who meets Raito, a powerful vampire protective of his people.

As their journey together progresses, they discover secrets surrounding their bond, uncovering a hidden world where humans and vampires are closer than they have ever been before.

With its animated artwork, strong characters, and surprise plot twists that leave readers wanting more, Black Rose (Kurobara) Alice is definitely worth reading if you’re looking for something different in the vampire genre. 

Its intricate story has captivated readers all over the world due to its fantastic mix of light comedy and moments of intense drama between its characters.

5. Blood+


Blood+, a vampire manga released in 2000, quickly captivated readers around the world with its thrilling plot and fascinating characters. 

Following the life of a young girl named Saya Otonoshi as she discovers her destiny as the chosen one specifically designed to battle powerful monsters, Blood+ chronicles not only her journey of self-discovery but also the exploration of the idea of human evil.

Even though she is quite different from other young women her age, it is this same quality that gives her access to extraordinary strength and courage, which she uses to protect everyone around her.

Blood+ seamlessly combines themes of horror, mystery, romance, science fiction, and fantasy that appeal to all types of readers, making it one of the most popular supernatural manga stories ever published. 

Reaching millions of readers worldwide, Blood+ has become nothing short of legendary and remains a cornerstone in both the manga world and fantasy genre overall.

4. Servamp


Servamp is a popular vampire manga that was first released in 2011. Written by Strike Tanaka, Servamp tells the story of Mahiru Shirota, a high school student whose life changes completely when he rescues a stray black cat he names Kuro.

What he soon discovers is that Kuro is actually a powerful vampire who serves as one of the eight great overlords in their secret world. The story follows Mahiru as he finds himself pulled into the supernatural Servamp war and must learn how to gain control of his newfound powers and skill to survive.

With its captivating storyline full of plot twists and supernatural elements, Servamp has taken fans by storm with its gripping adventure and characters. 

Fans have also praised it for its exploration into themes such as family dynamics, class divisions, and morality while featuring different genres like comedy, romance, action, drama, magic, and much more.

3. Bloody Cross

Bloody Cross

Bloody Cross” is a captivating manga series about Tsukimiya, a vampire girl who has sworn to protect humanity from other vampires craving human Blood. Following her beloved grandmother’s dying wish, she joins an anti-vampire organization called the Order of Catechumens.

With this new unit of silent crusaders, Tsukimiya embarks on, filled with adventure, suspense, and unexpected discoveries. In search for the truth–and to keep the peace between vampires and humans–she must find a cursed cross necklace that has been reportedly stolen by a certain vampire while attempting to survive her enemy’s wicked attacks.

Will Tsukimiya be able to reclaim the bloodied relic in time. Fans of shoujo manga have praised “Bloody Cross” for its intricate story development and intricately drawn characters.

2. Blood Lad

Blood Lad

Blood Lad is an amazing vampire manga that is sure to captivate readers in search of fantasy and adventure. The story follows the powerful vampire, Staz Charlie Blood, who rules over a demon district in the demon world while aspiring to be the most powerful of vampires.

His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Fuyumi Yanagi, a Japanese girl who suddenly appears in his territory. As they try to uncover how she got there, they find themselves on a thrilling journey full of strange creatures and unexpected turns.

The story brings suspense and plenty of laughs, making it perfect for readers looking for something exciting and entertaining.

Blood Lad was written by mangaka Kodama Yuuki and was first released in 2009, but it still has many fans. It’s no wonder why: between its excellent narrative and detailed art style, this series easily stands out from other vampire manga stories.

1. Hellsing


Hellsing is an icon of vampire manga, known for its thrilling take on daring vampire battles. Created in 1997 by manga artist Kouta Hirano, Hellsing follows the adventures of Alucard, a powerful yet mysterious vampire dedicated to protecting the human race from evil forces.

From clashing with Nazi vampires to investigating bizarre cults, no antagonist is too tough or too weird for Alucard and his comrades.

With outstanding artwork and unforgettable characters, Hellsing has gained a huge following over the past two decades and continues to attract both curious new fans and long-time admirers


The vampire manga genre is a staple of the anime world, and its popularity continues to grow as new artists arrive on the scene. From tragic love stories to full-on action epics, this exciting selection of 33 titles offers something for every fan out there.

Whether you’re looking for a no-holds-barred showdown between monsters and hunters, an exploration of what it means to be human in the face of immortality, or anything else, there’s something here for everyone. The art styles vary from classic to avant-garde, each offering something different and interesting that readers can enjoy.

So if you’re looking for something dark, mysterious, and captivating that will help you forget about day-to-day life for a while, check out some of this incredible vampire manga today.


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