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13 Best Mermaid Anime With Cute Moments to Please You

Mermaids are mysterious, majestic creatures, and they have found a way into the human world through anime.

Mermaid anime has been captivating the hearts of fans for decades, and there’s no better way to explore them than with the best mermaid anime titles out there. From heart-pounding adventure series to classic romance stories, this list has something for everyone.

We’ve compiled the 13 best mermaid anime of all time that you can enjoy on your own or with friends. Get ready to immerse in these fantastical worlds of mythological creatures.

Every title on this list will make your eyes pop with its deep storytelling, beautiful art style and memorable characters. Whether you prefer adventure, fantasy or drama genres – these shows will keep you hooked till the end. So don’t be shy – dive into these majestic seas and live a thousand adventures in one sitting:


13. Muromi-san


Combining exciting fantasy elements with a lighthearted comedy, the popular Mermaid Anime “Muromi-san” has earned a place in the hearts of many anime viewers.

Following the adventures of Muromi, a mermaid living in the human world, this comically surreal show explores what it means to be human and the various relationships between people outside of their species.

The humour pulls on both human and aquatic culture, allowing viewers to join in on the fun regardless if they’ve grown up on land or beneath the waves.

From snappy dialogue to breathtaking visuals, this show keeps viewers glued to their screens every episode. Whether they’re looking for fantasy escapism or some good old-fashioned slapstick comedy, “Muromi-san” will have them hooked.

12. Mermaid Forest

Mermaid Forest

Mermaid Forest is an anime series created in 1991 that follows the teenage mermaids Ruta Taira and Mana Isozaki on their thrilling underwater adventures.

Both girls become mortal by consuming mermaid flesh, and for them to return safely to the sea, they must embark on a journey to obtain a sacred shellfish that can restore their original immortal selves.

Along their quest, they come across various cultures and creatures both on land and underwater, as well as magical happenings.

Mermaid Forest is unique in its use of mermaid mythology combined with horror typical of many anime series. It focuses on topics such as friendship and coming of age while simultaneously showing the mystical side of what life can be like under the ocean.

This anime appeals to both avid followers of shōjo manga as well as casual viewers looking for a good adventure story.

11. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is a captivating anime series about the unique bond between artificially created weapons that transform into girls and their wielders. This magical, heartwarming story features strong characters with powerful abilities to battle dangerous foes.

The stakes are high as people from all around the world search for answers to the mysteries of Valkyrie Drive. With its unforgettable characters, touching storylines, and intense battles, this wildly popular anime series has become an instant classic.

From extravagant settings to awe-inspiring fights, Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid’s visuals dazzle while its thrilling stories keep viewers hooked time and time again.

Perfectly capturing the emotion of teenage drama combined with the wacky artistry of the supernatural, Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid offers an engaging anime experience that will keep you coming back for more.

10. The Prince and The Coral Sea

The Prince and The Coral Sea

“The Prince and The Coral Sea” is an enchanting mermaid anime fans of all ages can’t help but love. With a story of royalty, environmental responsibility, and adorable characters, this adventurous tale captures the hearts of any fan of ocean-based tales.

Set along the crystal clear shores of the Coral Sea, “The Prince and The Coral Sea” follows the story of an adorable merboy and his underwater kingdom.

As he deals with a volcanic eruption that threatens the undersea creatures’ homes, he must find a way to save them in time, learning valuable lessons about the ocean environment along the way. He also has to grapple with teenage romance as he falls for a beautiful mermaid princess.

9. Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

Mermaid Melody_ Pichi Pichi Pitch

Mermaid Melody: PichiPichi Pitch is an iconic Japanese anime series with a mix of magical powers, love and friendship. The story is based on seven mysterious mermaid-singing princesses, known as the Mermaid Princesses, who are duty-bound to protect their island kingdom.

The beautiful mermaid princesses have to sacrifice some of their powers and memories in order to stop a powerful enemy from destroying the world.

In order to reclaim their lost memory and powers, they need the help of a human named Kaito Nagai–who becomes their love interest as he helps them out—in addition to reuniting with the remaining six mermaid princesses.

Fans of romantic anime stories will instantly fall in love with Mermaid Melody: PichiPichi Pitch for its dreamy animation style, overarching romance plot threads and likeable characters.

Similarly, viewers who want strong female protagonists can look up to these brave mermaids as they display courage and determination while struggling against a powerful rival threat.

8. Umi Monogatari

Umi Monogatari

With its captivating underwater scenery and fun-loving mermaid protagonists, the anime series “Umi Monogatari” has become a hit among viewers of all ages.

It follows Marin as she embarks on various adventures with her two best friends — Urin, the feisty merman, and Kanon, the gentle priestess.

The heartwarming story is filled with moments of friendship, laughter, and magical encounters. Fans of the mermaid genre can expect fast-paced action scenes, comedic situations, and loads of dazzling visuals.

If you’re looking for an entertaining yet relaxing anime to watch this summer, then Umi Monogatari is a great pick. From its wonderful characters to its imaginative world-building, this series proves simply captivating.

7. Hekikai AiON

Hekikai AiON

The mermaid anime “Hekikai no Aion” is one of the most popular franchises today, inspiring millions of loyal fans with its unique twist on classic folk tales.

The story follows a young mermaid named Shiona and her adventures as she joins forces with a group of young heroes to protect their complex underwater kingdom from those who would do it harm.

Featuring an all-star cast of actual merfolk, intriguing side characters, and a variety of villains and obstacles, “Hekikai no Aion” is sure to captivate viewers.

Not only will fans get to learn more about this fascinating undersea world, but they’ll also enjoy intense action sequences and plenty of humour to go around.

6. Orenchi no Furo Jijou

Orenchi no Furo Jijou

Orenchi no FuroJijou is an anime that mermaid fans will not want to miss. This heartfelt drama follows the life of a teenage boy, Tatsumi, living alone in his small apartment when suddenly a mythical creature from the sea, Wakasa, shows up at his doorstep.

Tatsumi quickly realizes he must take care of Wakasa and provide her with shelter and comfort. As their bond deepens, so too makes their friendship as they learn more about each other’s pasts and help one another overcome any challenges they face.

Orenchi no FuroJijou places a great emphasis on contrasting relationships between humans and supernatural beings while providing an emotionally engaging story with lots of comedic moments.

Fans expecting something similar to The Little Mermaid will need to look elsewhere; Orenchi no FuroJijou is nothing if not unique and heartwarming.

5. Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid

Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid

Hans Christian Anderson’s classic The Little Mermaid has inspired numerous adaptations over the years – the latest being an anime series.

Released in 2018, this beautiful anime follows the original plot of a mermaid princess who makes a huge sacrifice to find her one true love.

The animation used is stunning; it breathes life into this underwater world and its inhabitants. With every episode comes new depths of emotion and a captivating narrative as we see our protagonist endure hardships as she embarks on a quest to find what she desires most – true love and acceptance.

4. My Bride is a Mermaid

My Bride is a Mermaid

My Bride is a Mermaid, also known as Seto no Hanayome, is a popular anime series that aired in 2007. The story follows the main character, Nagasumi Michishio, who goes on an incredible journey of self-discovery when he meets a mermaid named Sun. Fans have praised My Bride is a Mermaid for its memorable characters and captivating story.

Though the show initially follows Nagasumi’s struggles with accepting Sun as his bride, it quickly transitions to exploring friendship and finding one’s identity. Themes of courage and kindness are showcased throughout the series, which appeals to viewers of all ages.

Whether you’re looking for some laughs or valuable lessons about life and friendship, My Bride is a Mermaid won’t disappoint.

From the fan-favourite characters San Lin and Gōzaburō Jennosuke to an engaging soundtrack, viewers can be sure they will get to experience an adventure like no other.

3. Lu across the Wall

Lu across the Wall

With its clever blend of fantasy, music and dramatic comedy, “Lu across the Wall” is quickly becoming one of the most popular mermaid anime films worldwide.

In a unique twist to the traditional mermaid mythology, Lu, an adorable fairy mermaid, travels across the wall of her human-inhabited world to explore new surroundings in search of friendship.

Along with two young adults who gain great insight into their own lives through their encounters with her, the audience follows Lu on an unpredictable journey of self-discovery filled with surprising events and musical performances.

Despite a few mismatches between its stunning visuals and harsh narrative elements, “Lu across the Wall” is an inspiring film that carries a powerful message about connectivity and understanding in our rapidly changing world.

2. Ponyo


With a whimsical story, beautiful visuals and lovable characters, the mermaid anime “Ponyo” is an adored classic. Released in 2008, this Studio Ghibli movie follows the tale of Ponyo, a fish girl determined to become human and experience life on land.

Along the way, she meets Sosuke, a lonely but spirited five-year-old boy who forms a special bond with her. Together they go on an adventure filled with talking creatures and magical wonder.

Featuring several popular songs in both English and Japanese, this delightful story has earned worldwide fame amongst lovers of animation.

As a testament to its success throughout the years, “Ponyo” has been released in over 50 countries and dozens of languages, including French, Spanish, Mandarin and Russian.

1. Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure

The mesmerizing world of mermaids is brought to life by the hit Japanese anime series, Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure. It follows the charismatic protagonist Manatsu Natsuumi, along with her fellow Mermaid Warriors and their leader, Coral-Pine.

Manats’s story begins when a mysterious force captures the Mermaid Princess and brings danger to the ocean. To save her kingdom, Manatsu must team up with her newfound friends and uncover the secret behind this wicked power.

Along the way, they form strong bonds of friendship as they battle against sea monsters and make tough decisions in their journey of courage and adventure—all while striving to transform into powerful Cures.

Through its unique blend of action-packed fights and heartfelt moments, tropical-rouge! Pretty Cure has become an internationally popular anime series that serves not only as quirky entertainment but also insightful conversation topics regarding friendship and daring to be your own version of a superhero.


Mermaids have captured the imagination of kids and adults alike, with their enchanting beauty and mysterious charm – so it’s no surprise that they’ve been featured in a myriad of anime films and shows. This article explored 13 of the best mermaid anime available to view.

These anime delivered heartwarming stories and captivating visuals which showcased just how amazing underwater adventures can be.

Whether you enjoy them for the comedy, romance or fantasy elements, any of these shows would make for a perfect evening spent at home cuddling up in front of the television. So dive into one of these everlasting anime series today and immerse yourself in an exciting new world.

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