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33 Best Gender Bender Manga: Comedy & Interesting Anime Compilation

Are you looking for something unique to read? Gender-bender manga could be the perfect choice for you. This genre of comics or graphic novels tells tales of characters whose gender changes entirely or swaps genders temporarily in some cases.

It’s an interesting concept that can uncover insights about our own lives and societies—all within the context of an imaginative and captivating story.

Thus, if you’re interested in this intriguing topic, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the 33 Best Gender Bender Manga of all Time.

Spanning across various sub-genres such as romance, historical drama, and comedy among others—each title will offer a different perspective on gender fluidity and identity explored through distinct characters and engaging plotlines.

So take your pick from this incredible selection and enjoy the world’s best gender-bender manga:


33. The Choice Between Boyfriend and Girlfriend

The Choice Between Boyfriend and Girlfriend

The Choice Between Boyfriend and Girlfriend is a thrilling, unpredictable genre of manga that has captivated readers worldwide.

This series follows entirely unique storylines that focus on the differences between genders, while demonstrating how those differences should never limit one’s choice in relationships or friendships.

Through this manga’s interesting characters and incredible plotlines, the writer encourages readers to follow their own desires when it comes to choosing friends and partners rather than adhering to traditional gender roles.

The manga has a particularly strong appeal for young adults due to its boldness and relatability. As such, the “The Choice Between Boyfriend and Girlfriend” manga series continues to be hugely popular among fans of all ages.

32. Be a disgusting Otaku!

Be a disgusting Otaku!

The story follows a penniless student who dies in an accident and is reborn as a cute middle school student from an anime world.

It’s up to him to complete his missions as male or female, master any supernatural ability, or even live as the opposite gender to try and make the most of his new situation.

The story offers plenty of cringeworthy moments sure to please fans of otaku culture while still managing to remain hilarious throughout.

The art style of this manga is unique and distinctly outlines each character’s personality in just a few strokes – no wonder it’s becoming so popular online.

31. One morning, a lazy guy woke up as a girl.

One morning, a lazy guy woke up as a girl

The story follows delinquent Yūma, who becomes the student council president one day after he wakes up as the female version of himself.

In order to hide his true identity, he must implement different strategies and be intelligent in how he negotiates around complex issues such as homophobia and sexism. Hilarity ensues as Yuma attempts to juggle his new life while also dealing with bullies and other obstacles.

With its entertaining themes, great artwork and distinct style, this gender-bender manga is sure to keep readers hooked until the final chapter.

30. To-LOVE-Ru


To-LOVE-Ru is a popular Japanese manga and anime series created by Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki. The series follows sixteen-year-old Rito Yuuki, who finds himself involuntarily engaged to an alien princess named Lala.

Rito’s seemingly average life becomes even more complicated when his recently transferred classmate, Mea Kurosaki, turns out to be a mysterious android created by Lala’s estranged father. To make matters worse, it seems every female character in the show is infatuated with Rito.

As absurd as that may sound, it all works together in perfect harmony. The refreshing blend of comedy and sci-fi romance has earned this Gender Bender variant of manga its rightful title of being “The King Of Harem Comedy Manga”.

Since its early debut in 2006, To-LOVE-Ru has spawned into four different sequels, two OVAs, multiple light novels and various forms of merchandise fitted for its immensely dedicated fanbase.

29. The Boy Who Loves Genderswap Got Genderswapped

The Boy Who Loves Genderswap Got Genderswapped

The Boy Who Loves Genderswap Got Genderswapped is a gender-bender manga that has taken the world by storm. In this exciting and thought-provoking story, protagonist Leo dreams of switching genders while living in a society that is firmly and traditionally divided between masculine and feminine roles.

Through his journey, Leo discovers himself, defies his misfortunes, and finds the courage to take on obstacles presented by both society and himself.

The comic follows Leo’s experience as he gets genderswapped when his dream comes true and gives readers an insight into the fluidity of gender and its role in identity formation.

Though packed with entertaining elements such as time travel, romance, and magic, The Boy Who Loves Genderswap Got Genderswapped provides an honest exploration of gender expression, acceptance of self-expression through art, love for one’s family regardless of sexuality or gender identification, and ultimately becoming their own person.

28. I’m Worried My Childhood Friend is Too Cute!

I'm Worried My Childhood Friend is Too Cute!

The Gender Bender manga “I’m Worried My Childhood Friend is Too Cute!” follows the love triangle between Iku, his friend Makoto, and Makoto’s female alter ego, Tohru.

When Iku discovers that Makoto has a secret identity as Tohru, he’s in shock. How can his childhood best friend also be a girl? The transformation between Makoto to Tohhu is something to behold. From tacky clothing and makeup to an elegant figure, she looks like two completely different people.

But regardless of whether his friend is a boy or a girl, Iku still can’t get rid of the butterflies in his stomach when Tohru is around — could this be love? Join Iku on his humorous journey of self-discovery about friendship and love.

27. Ichinensei ni Nacchattara

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara

Ichinensei Ni Nacchattara tells the story of Sen and Nagisa–two 15-year-olds who are growing up in a small town at the foot of a beautiful mountain.

These two were born on the same day and quickly became friends, but they soon realized that they both have something special about them–they can switch gender when their emotions are running high. With every new situation they face, these two must learn to adjust to living as the opposite gender.

Meanwhile, Sen is beginning to gain feelings for Nagisa. Mixed within this rollercoaster ride of identity confusion is a tender coming-of-age story about friendship and self-discovery.

Ichinensei Ni Nacchattara has become one of the most talked about titles in recent memory due to its creative take on gender-bending themes and engaging plot that resonates with audiences around the world.

26. Usotsuki Lily

Usotsuki Lily

Usotsuki Lily is no exception, as it follows a high school student who has to juggle two male personas and how she handles relationships with boys.

With its interesting concepts and carefully crafted storyline, Usotsuki Lily has become one of the most popular gender-bender manga around, making it an essential read for anyone interested in exploring new perspectives on gender roles.

This fascinating fiction engages readers while managing to stay true to certain “gender bending” tropes such as cross-dressing or characters choosing to identify with another gender.

25. Osananajimi wa Onnanoko ni Naare

Osananajimi wa Onnanoko ni Naare

“Osananajimi wa Onnanoko ni Naare” is a wildly popular manga series for young adults of all gender identities. This manga follows the story of Kana and Makoto, two childhood friends that switch roles when they reach adulthood.

While Kana takes on traditionally male roles in society, Makoto takes on traditionally female roles, with both learnings to navigate their changed relationship and new surroundings.

With many layers of complex themes that range from gender identity to love and friendship, it is easy to see why this series has become so popular among young adults.

The stories are written in such a way that readers can easily relate to the characters’ experiences and find important commentary on their own lives as well.

Furthermore, fans of the series have praised its impressive artwork, which adds even more life to the already dynamic world created by the authors.

24. My Boyfriend is a Vampire

My Boyfriend is a Vampire

My Boyfriend is a Vampire is a Japanese manga series about a typical high school girl named Riko whose new boyfriend happens to be a vampire.

As Riko navigates the ins and outs of being in love with a vampire, she learns there are more supernatural elements at play than she bargained for.

My Boyfriend is a Vampire that brings together elements of horror, romance, and adventure in an entertaining way with its colourful characters and exciting plot twists.

With it’s popularity stemming from both countries, Japan and Korea, this Gender Bender Manga story has become a favourite among people of all ages, genders and cultures extensively.

This feel-good story follows the journeys of Riko as she discovers who her true friends are while learning all there is to know about vampires and their supernatural adversaries along the way.

23. Mei no Naisho

Mei no Naisho

Mei no Naisho, the gender-bender manga series by the award-winning author Riyoko Ikeda, is a captivating story full of sweeping romance and adventure.

It’s set in 19th-century Japan, following the small-town girl Koume as she embarks on an incredible journey to claim her true identity as a princess.

The story follows Koume’s dramatic transformation as she escapes traditional restrictions on women at the time and discovers love and acceptance in unexpected places.

With its compelling characters, vivid setting, and emotionally gripping plotline, Mei no Naisho is a must-read for fans of gender-bender stories like Fruits Basket or Boys Over Flowers.

Adding to its appeal is beautiful artistry that captures the essence of Japanese culture along with topics such as war, poverty and power dynamics that remain relevant today.

22. Shinobi yoru Koi wa Kusemono

Shinobi yoru Koi wa Kusemono

Shinobi Yoru Koi wa Kusemono is an immersive manga experience that has been sweeping fans off their feet in recent years.

The premise of this gender-bender manga revolves around a secret ninja clan and the laugh-out-loud transfiguration of an unsuspecting female transformed into a kabuki actor.

This unpredictable storyline captivates readers from start to finish and leaves them wanting more. The unique characters and creative storyline boast plenty of surprises for Shinobi yorU Koi wa Kusemono fans, including mind-blowing transformations, intricate plot twists, and tense romantic climaxes.

It’s no surprise that this popular series has gained an enormous fan base through its unexpected turns that make readers doubt their own predictions – meaning there’s something for everyone.

21. Kuragehime


Kuragehime, a gender-bender manga series created by Akiko Higashimura, has become a hit with readers everywhere. Following the story of Tsukimi Kurashita and her adventures staying in an all-women single-residency home, this manga demonstrates the complexity of gender roles in different settings while adding touches of comedy and romance.

The title follows Tsukimi as her journey culminates in her transformation into a glamorous princess named Kurako which reflects questions of identity, power and relationships.

Aside from powerhouse female leads, Kuragehime also includes incredible artwork and creative use of catchy music for its opening and ending theme songs that provide a unique atmosphere of comfort to readers.

20. Magical Transform!

Magical Transform!

Magical Transform! is a captivating manga series that keeps readers on their toes. It follows protagonist Taka as she discovers she can transform into a boy with the power of magical items. As she explores her new supernatural abilities, Taka learns to navigate the difficulties of social acceptance and gender identity.

Along with its thrilling storyline, Magical Transform! also engages readers with its meaningful message about the importance of understanding and respecting differences among people.

Readers around the world connect with the characters’ journeys as they explore their femininity, masculinity, and everything in between. Through lovable characters and exciting plot points, this beloved gender-bender manga is sure to become a classic.

19. Hana No Kishi

Hana No Kishi

“Hana No Kishi” is one of the most popular gender-bender mangas out there. Written by Keiko Takemiya, it follows the story of Maiko Okochi, a high schooler who loves to play shogi (Japanese Chess), but due to her shyness, her skill remains hidden even from her closest friends.

To gain confidence, Maiko decides to disguise herself as a boy and join an all-boys shogi club. What ensues is an inspiring tale of courage and growth as she navigates through her new identity while fighting against prejudice and outdated customs within society.

Taking place in 1980s Japan, “Hana No Kishi” touches upon timely topics like feminism yet still manages to shine with its lovable characters and hilarious moments.

18. Shounen Oujo

Shounen Oujo

Shounen Oujo is an exciting gender-bender manga with a unique premise. In it, a young prince named Kaito has to undo the curse placed upon himself by dressing, talking and acting like a girl amongst his peers.

While trying to retrace the steps of how he got himself in this predicament, Kaito navigates all types of relationships, from family and friends to enemies, as he slowly grows into his own identity.

Fans of shoujo and shounen manga will surely enjoy the creative plot twists and hilarious moments that follow Kaito on his journey to dispel the pesky curse.

Not only does this manga boast clever writing, but its art style is also vibrant and detailed — making sure that readers are fully immersed in each page’s content.

17. Kanojo Ni Naru Hi

Kanojo Ni Naru Hi

The gender-bender manga “Kanojo Ni Naru Hi” by Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou is sure to keep readers glued to the pages. When Hitomi Shiga wakes up one day to find that she has turned into a boy, she must navigate new social dynamics and confront her own identity issues.

This manga series offers an enjoyable exploration of characters as they grapple with changing roles in society and their newfound identities. The story takes twists and turns as friends become enemies and relationships evolve, making for a gripping page-turner.

With its engaging plot balanced with humour and genuine emotion, it’s no surprise why this gender-bender manga series has become so popular.

It addresses a wide range of topics, from friendship to love, with purposeful insight yet keeps fans engaged throughout the story arc.

16. Boy of the Female Wolf

Boy of the Female Wolf

Boy of the Female Wolf is an iconic Gender Bender manga series written and illustrated by Youko Shioya. This heartwarming comedy follows the life of young Yuri – a boy who turns into a woman at night.

After his parents kick him out of their home for his inherited curse, Yuri faces several hilarious and heartfelt trials as he finds his place in society with this new identity.

In a complete turn-around from the typical gender bender story, Yuri learns how to live and accept himself as both a man and woman.

Many fans love the comedic plot filled with surprises, mixed with an emotional story about self-acceptance that could only be drawn in manga style.

If you’re just getting into Gender Benders, Boy of the Female Wolf is a must-read; it’s an entertaining journey that will tackle heavy themes while having you laughing all along.

15. OniiChan is Done for

OniiChan is Done for

In the genre of gender-bender manga, OniiChan is Done For is a definite hit. The story follows protagonist Ume-chan whose transformation from an unremarkable high schooler to one of attraction and power begins after her older brother comes home from college with a mysterious stone.

The stone has the power to grant any wish it hears, but it comes at a cost – swapping genders. As Ume-chan’s adventures ensue as both male and female, readers will experience drama, comedy and suspense as secrets are uncovered about the stone and its origins.

With a captivating art direction that captures every moment perfectly and gripping storytelling throughout, OniiChan is Done will leave readers guessing until the gripping climax.

14. Boku wa Mari no Naka

Boku wa Mari no Naka

Bokuwa Mari no Naka is an anime that explores gender expression through its creative use of genre-bending storytelling. Bokuwa Mari no Naka centres around a high-school student, Marin, who has the mysterious power to switch between male and female bodies.

As Marin embarks on this individual journey of discovery, viewers witness an exploration of ideas ranging from gender fluidity to sexual orientation.

The series follows Marin’s struggles as he finds himself trapped in either gender and struggles to find out which path he should take – ultimately discovering his true self.

With thought-provoking themes surrounding gender and identity, the anime does not adhere to a single perspective but offers audiences diverse perspectives from which to explore these issues.

Furthermore, Bokuwa Mari, no Naka is perfect for those who are interested in manga content that provides rich character development and plenty of symbolic imagery.

13. Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou

Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou

Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou is a fantastically captivating gender-bender manga with an intriguing plotline. Written and illustrated by Tinkle, the manga follows the story of Sakura Suzumi, a high school student who is taken in by a distant relative – the eccentric half-human Kunisaki Izumo.

When Izumo helps Sakura awaken her magical abilities, she learns that she is actually the reincarnation of an ancient deity and is entrusted to perform an important task. This leads her on a thrilling journey as she accepts her destiny and discovers more about herself along the way.

With its unique characters, enthralling plot twists, and insightful themes, Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou is definitely worth checking out. It’s easy to get lost in this globe-hopping adventure with characters bursting with personality.

12. Reversible School Life

Reversible School Life

In “Reversible School Life”, the plot follows two high school boys as they switch genders and attend school, going through all the challenges that come with being a person of the opposite sex.

From makeup and fashion tips to gender-based individuality problems, it is a great way to learn about acceptance, self-esteem and identity. Not only that, readers can let their imaginations run wild with these stories of secret identities and hidden lives.

Aside from the exciting storylines, “Reversible School Life” also boasts top-notch artistry – from attention to detail on silhouettes to characters’ expressions and backgrounds.

11. AKB49 – Renai Kinshi Jourei

AKB49 GÇô Renai Kinshi Jourei

AKB49 – Renai Kinshi Jourei is a gender-bender manga that tells the story of an ordinary high school girl, Yoshiko Hanabatake. She dreams of one day becoming an idol and joining the AKB48 Academy, where she discovers that all of the students are male.

This twist takes her on a comedic journey as she navigates her newfound male identity while searching for success as an idol.

As she strives to become successful, Yoshiko must face both social and love challenges, which prove difficult to overcome due to her new circumstances.

Supporting characters such as Takamina and Sato provides comic relief while also serving as moral guides for Yoshiko in her quest to succeed. AKB49 – RenaiKinshiJourei is a unique gender-bender manga that brilliantly combines comedic moments with serious themes.

10. Love In The Mask Manhwa

Love In The Mask Manhwa

Love In The Mask Manhwa is an exciting and innovative gender-bender manga series that has gained tremendous popularity in recent years among manga and Manhwa fans alike. 

Following the story of Ha-ri, a beautiful young woman with a wild secret, Love In The Mask Manhwa takes readers on an emotional roller coaster ride as she takes part in numerous thrilling adventures.

From dangerous battles with ninjas to being framed and blackmailed by questionable characters, Love In The Mask Manhwa dives deep into the darkest and most exhilarating aspects of life.

But at its core, what really stands out about this incredible manga is how it uses its narrative to bravely tackle important social issues, such as gender roles and identity.

As Ha-ri’s courageous journey continues to wow readers around the world, those looking for an entertaining read with meaningful messages need look no further than Love in the Mask Manhwa.

9. Prunus Girl

Prunus Girl

Prunus Girl is one of the most engrossing gender-bender manga out there. Written by Mio Tennohji, it focuses on protagonist Izumi Tachibana’s struggles with identity as she unexpectedly transforms into a boy.

After discovering the secret of her unique state and learning to control her powerful new form, Izumi has to take on different challenges, protecting her older brother from his own misunderstandings regarding transformation, struggling against an ancient and mysterious force, and dealing with the reality that she must hide her true identity from those around her.

Prunus Girl is both humorous and heartbreaking, a funny and introspective story about love, loss, and identity that follows Izumi through her struggles in a world between genders.

The exciting journey Tennohji has crafted for Izumi’s powerful transformation keeps readers highly engaged with its characters’ motivations and actions.

8. 1/2 Prince

1_2 Prince

1/2 Prince is an acclaimed gender-bender manga series that resonates with many fans of the shoujo, fantasy and action genres. Written by Yu Wo, it follows the life of a gamer named Fu Jing.

But when Fu Jing transforms from a man to a woman on the virtual battlefield, she is renamed Fang Zheng and starts her new adventure as the first female player in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game – Second Life Online.

However, violence isn’t far away, and soon Fu finds herself in a great war against other factions in the alternate world. But Fu perseveres using her wits, strength, ingenuity and innovative strategies to achieve her goals – eventually rising to legendary fame as The 1/2 Prince among gamers around the world.

7. Hatsukoi Zombie

Hatsukoi Zombie

“Hatsukoi Zombie” is a popular gender-bender manga series with a captivating storyline. It features spin-off stories about zombie romance, love triangles among living and undead characters, as well as comedic elements.

The characters in the series switch between male and female roles throughout the story, leading to unpredictable plot twists and other surprises along the way. This makes the series especially entertaining to manga fans of all ages who relish in the idea of a gender-switched world.

The art style is engaging, too, with bright colours and plenty of detail that captures all of the action-filled scenes. Despite being filled with plenty of fantasy themes, “Hatsukoi Zombie” offers a realistic view of how relationships can have unforeseen consequences no matter what type of people or zombies are involved.

6. Kampfer


Kampfer is an iconic gender-bender manga and anime series that features an unexpected twist. The main character Natsuru Senou, a seemingly ordinary high school student, is chosen to be a “Kampfer” – a fighter who can wield the power of the opposite gender in battle.

After receiving a powerful potion from “Sealed White”, he finds himself in female form, ready to fight enemies of both genders and master both styles of combat.

As he fights for victory over opponents to prove his worthiness to hold the title of Kampfer, he also learns valuable lessons about humanity.

Kampfer’s unique storyline and original concept make it an instant classic among fans of the genre. It has garnered a passionate fan base across Japan and other parts of the world due to its fast-paced action, captivating plotlines and diverse cast of characters.

5. Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1_2

Ranma 1/2 is an influential manga series originally created by Rumiko Takahashi and published by Shogakukan in 1987. It follows the adventures of a boy named Ranma Saotome who, due to being trained under cursed springs, suddenly changes gender whenever he is splashed with cold water.

The series offers a fascinating insight into various gender roles and topics of identity, as well as plenty of comedy and adventure.

A major source of entertainment from which many spinoff titles have been born, this phenomenon has captured the hearts and minds of fans across the world for decades.

If you’re interested in learning more about gender dynamics or just looking for hours of laughter-filled reading material, Ranma 1/2 is sure to satisfy you. 

4. Boku Girl

Boku Girl

The gender-bender manga, Boku Girl, follows the story of Mizuhara Mizuki. She is a normal high school student until one day; she magically transforms into a boy.

As Mizuki discovers this new identity, she must navigate the wild waters of living as a guy while dealing with her feelings for her male classmate.

This hilarious and heart-warming series explores traditional gender roles in an endearing and modern way. It’s no surprise that Boku Girl has become so popular among readers.

The intricate storylines make each character stand out in their own unique ways and keep readers wanting to come back for more adventure.

Everyone from young adults to veteran manga fans can’t get enough of Boku Girl’s lightheartedness while still tackling meaningful issues.

3. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo follows Ryuu Yamada, an average high school student who discovers he can switch bodies with anyone who kisses him.

He goes on wild adventures together with fellow students, using their newfound abilities to solve the various mysteries around them.

The series has been praised for its comedic tone and unique characters that all have interesting backstories, which keep readers interested and engaged with the story as it unfolds.

Despite being a gender-bender manga, it isn’t focused on romance but instead focuses on friendship and redemption. There are many twists throughout the plot, which keeps readers hooked until the end.

2. Houou Gakuen Misoragumi

Houou Gakuen Misoragumi

Houou Gakuen Misoragumi, a one-of-a-kind gender-bender manga, is an intriguing tale set in the mysterious Houga Private Academy.

The school is home to both ordinary humans and mythical creatures like androids, ghosts, and special students with secret powers.

At first glance, it looks like a normal high school drama, but when the protagonist Shouta discovers there’s more than meets the eye at this academy, things take an unexpected turn. With interesting characters and a unique storyline, this manga has something for everyone.

Shouta’s transformation from a sweet-natured human to a powerful cosmic being will captivate readers of all ages while his journey of self-discovery brings up important questions about identity in our modern world.

1. Fukigen Cinderella

Fukigen Cinderella

Fukigen Cinderella, a popular manga series, offers an exciting and unique spin on the classic Cinderella story. In this gender-bender manga, the lead role is taken on by Chitose Fujishima, a young army draftee who wakes up one day to find that they have been transformed into a woman.

Chitose must learn to use their newfound powers and gain popularity in their new body in order to make it home safely. Along the way, they encounter quirky characters and amazing adventures that give the reader plenty of suspenseful moments.

This interesting story not only provides readers with a great gender-bending experience but also teaches valuable lessons about love and family obligations. Fukigen Cinderella is definitely worth reading for anyone looking for something different from your typical traditional manga.


Gender-bending has always been an interesting concept for manga fans. It creates a unique world of stories that often have entertaining and dramatic narratives. This list provides a great overview of the best gender-bender mangas out there.

These mangas provide stories that explore different aspects of gender while still providing laughs, drama and thoughtful moments.

No matter what type of story you like, this list has something to fit your taste – at times pushing boundaries and proving why manga is one of the greatest art forms around.

So take some time to explore these dynamic characters, thrilling adventures and thought-provoking questions – you’re sure to find something worth celebrating.

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