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Top 24 Best Gay Anime: Hot Bodies Collection

This article is for anyone looking to discover some of the best gay anime out there. From shows featuring two protagonists falling in love, experiencing heartache, and exploring romance, these 24 animated series have something special that all types of viewers can relate to.

Whether you’re completely new to this genre or a fan looking for new titles, this selection will provide lots of exciting and engaging content.

With this list, you’re sure to find thoughtful anime with LGBTQ+ characters seeking true connection within various storylines that will surely tug on your heartstrings. So grab a snack and get ready – let’s explore the inspiring world of queer stories in anime:


24. Devilman: Crybaby

Devilman_ Crybaby

“Devilman: Crybaby” is a critically acclaimed, revolutionary anime series that follows the story of Akira Fudo as he decides to become a saviour for humanity.

The series takes an in-depth look at how humans coexist with demons, making it larger and more relevant than just animation.

Seeing as how this show pushes boundaries and openly addresses issues that were not traditionally explored in other anime programs–such as homosexuality–it understandably has been met with mixed feelings.

But one thing is indisputable: “Devilman: Crybaby” is taking anime in an exciting new direction by highlighting different societal concepts and debating them respectfully within its framework.

 It’s a great way to start a discussion about acceptance and kindness without feeling preachy or overbearing, something we could all use right now, regardless of our orientation.

23. Hitorijime My Hero

Hitorijime My Hero

Hitorijime My Hero is an anime series that’s become increasingly popular over the past few years, both within and outside of the LGBTQ+ community.

It follows the story of Kensuke, a young boy struggling with his sexual identity who finds himself saved by the intervention of Kousuke, a notorious local gangster.

The show was incredibly well received for its realism, as it accurately depicted Kensuke’s difficulties in exploring his same-sex relationships in a society where homosexuality is taboo.

With beautiful visuals and an empowering queer-friendly narrative, Hitorijime My Hero quickly became one of the most beloved shows in recent memory.

Channelling elements from classic shoujo manga tales combined with modern animation techniques and writing sensibilities, viewers were captivated by heartfelt storylines that explored real-life issues such as fear of prejudice and acceptance.

Although previously only available via streaming services before being picked up for home release, the series can now be purchased on Blu-Ray discs or digitally downloaded to own forever.

22. Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom

Hana-Kimi_ For You in Full Blossom

Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom is a classic anime series that centres around the life of Sprout High School student Mizuki Ashiya.

She disguises herself as a boy to attend an all-boys school and quickly falls for Izumi Sano, a popular high jumper on the school’s track team.

In their quest to be together, Mizuki and Sano must overcome numerous obstacles, such as disapproving parents and tough rivalries.

All the while, viewers are presented with compelling characters who stand up for each other and can laugh even through their biggest struggles.

Gay themes make the series unique from other anime titles considering its age, representing positive LGBTQ representation that few media selections offered at the time.

With its quirky take on high school drama, Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom is an inspirational story of standing your ground and embracing true love – no matter what society dictates or whoever may be in opposition.

21. Tiger and Bunny

Tiger an Bunny

The award-winning 2011 anime series and manga “Tiger and Bunny” has become a smashing success worldwide for its beautiful story about two superheroes who happen to be openly gay.

Kotetsu and Barnaby have an undeniable chemistry that drives the show’s plot as they balance everyday life with their particular brand of justice.

The fact that it’s relatable in its realistic portrayal of a same-sex partnership makes Tiger and Bunny even more attractive. As well as being a charmingly funny story about friendship, viewers are also treated to stunning animation and action scenes.

Whether you’re looking for LGBTQ themes or want to enjoy a fantastic story with incredible characters, Tiger and Bunny provide something for everyone. With its global outlook on diversity, it has become one of the most popular gay-themed anime series ever released.

20. Ling Qi

Ling Qi

Gay anime series, like ‘Ling Qi’, have been gaining immense popularity in recent years. Ling Qi is an animated television show that follows the story of a young queer woman and her romantic interest. The storyline is set in a science fiction world with superhuman powers, robots and aliens.

Its progressive storylines have helped to gain more young audiences worldwide and broke many social taboos related to homosexuality.

Ling Qi has won several awards for its unique take on LGBTQ+ themes, including an award for best screenplay at DragonCon 2020.

With its intricate visual details, exciting storyline twists and powerful characters, it has become one of the most popular gay-themed anime titles out there. It is an incredibly significant work of art as it tackles society’s problems through its narrative.

19. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Directed by Chiaki Kon, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is a groundbreaking LGBT anime that gained considerable traction upon its release in 2011.

It follows the love story between Ritsu Onodera and Takano Masamune, two former teenage lovers striving to avoid their complex history as they work together at their professional publishing job.

Ultimately, this classic yaoi series reveals that true love can overcome even the most strained circumstances and stands out thanks to its impressive display of strong character moments and humour. Its artful approach to storytelling continues to draw an audience of passionate fans worldwide.

In addition, the series has accumulated a vast presence on social media platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr over time, providing current viewers with an excellent opportunity for discussion and potential new viewers with an easily accessible point of entry for this outstanding anime.

18. No. 6

No. 6

No. 6 is a series full of suspense, mystery, and intrigue! It follows the story of Shion and Nezumi, two boys from different walks of life brought together by fate in the mysterious city known as ‘No. 6.’ The series follows the pair as they expose corruption, uncover conspiracies, and confront the truth about their pasts.

This anime also appeals to fans of LGBT relationships – Shion and Nezumi are two boys unashamedly in love with one another in a world where such feelings are deemed unacceptable.

Through its creative world-building, diverse characters, beautiful animation, and realistic portrayal of homosexual relationships, Gay Anime “No. 6” has become an unforgettable classic.

Whether you’re looking to explore the depths of the futuristic setting or just experience the emotional connection between these two boys, this anime series is perfect for an evening of entertainment.

17. Kono Danshi, Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu

Kono Danshi, Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu

Kono Danshi, Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu is a unique and amazing gay anime series that has a timeless appeal to viewers of all ages.

The series follows the story of Chiharu, an ordinary university student who is mistaken as a wizard and put in charge of an unusual magical shop.

As he works to master his craft at the store, he meets other gay characters, each with their own struggles and personalities.

His journey will lead him to discover himself and build strong friendships as he explores his sexuality within the context of this entertaining show.

This delightful series is one of the few examples of mainstream gay anime titles aimed directly at queer audiences worldwide.

It offers an honest look into the struggles LGBTQ people often face while also celebrating love, hope, courage, and friendship for everyone involved.

The combination of light-hearted comedy with thought-provoking social and moral issues makes Kono Danshi a must-watch for all anime fans.

16. Hetalia Axis Powers

Hetalia Axis Powers

Hetalia Axis Powers is a popular gay anime that first aired in 2009. The main characters are personified countries that battle it out for political supremacy.

Hetalia offers satirical comedy that touches on real-world history and events with LGBT themes. The series explores issues of homophobia, racism, and youth culture with an enlightened and sensitive approach.

Along with its immersive story and witty dialogue, the drawing style of Hetalia uses a unique combination of bold primary colours that captures your attention visually.

This eye-catching art form is further emphasized by the fluid animation to bring each scene alive onscreen. Hetalia is an anime series that takes you beyond its vivid visuals–it encompasses memorable characters and stories as well as LGBT themes to both educate and entertain viewers.

15. Papa Datte, Shitai

Papa Datte, Shitai

The anime series “Papa Datte, Shitai” has been incredibly successful and talked the show since its debut in 2019. It follows the story of Takashi Tono, a gay high school student who comes out to his family and is not accepted by them.

This struggle is discussed through a series of struggles between Takashi’s family and friends and the eventual acceptance from his loved ones. The story follows his journey of self-acceptance and encourages viewers to accept themselves for who they are.

Research reveals that “Papa Datte, Shitai” has become popular among gay anime fans worldwide. From powerful fight scenes to heartfelt endings, this show stays true to its themes of acceptance and love as it goes against social standards that often marginalize LGBTQ+ people.

With topics ranging from coming out to exploring gender roles, “Papa Datte, Shitai” covers ground that other animes have overlooked — making it one of the most impactful gay-themed anime shows out there today.

14. Super Lovers

Super Lovers

With its mix of complicated narratives and “heart-throbbing” characters, Super Lovers stands out as a gay anime masterpiece.

Based on the manga series by author and illustrator Miyuki Abe, the 2016 anime series quickly became a fan favourite for viewers all around the world.

The story follows the tumultuous relationship between two male childhood friends – Haru Kaido and Ren Kaidou – as they grapple with their newfound feelings for one another.

Even when their relationship is tested by time and distance, they find themselves pulled towards each other and soon realize a powerful connection has been forged between them that transcends romance and traditional love.

With an excellent blend of over-the-top melodrama contrasted against small moments of genuine human emotion, Super Lovers offers a unique story focused on unconventional LGBT love not often seen in mainstream media today.

Recently renewed for a second season, there’s no shortage of excitement from existing and new fans alike as we anxiously await to see how this powerful, uplifting story unfolds once more.

13. Hybrid Child

Hybrid Child

Hybrid Child is a Japanese manga and animation series that follows the story of Katsuhiko, an android that can learn human emotions.

This series steps away from traditional anime as it focuses heavily on themes such as friendship, relationships, love and feelings that come with all of this.

Katsuhiko’s unique relationship gives more insight into the route makers of Hybrid Child was aiming for. The concept they are trying to showcase here is the idea of loving something so pure that you can not help but examine its complexity.

That those pure moments are rewarding enough to form a connection, even if it only lasts for a short while. This concept of ‘love despite knowing beforehand it was unsustainable’ is something explored within Hybrid Child, making it stand out among modern anime series.

Runtime across both manga and animation is short by comparison, however, it makes Hybrid Child an enjoyable experience with characters you grow fond of.

It will quickly draw you in and make you ponder why those precious moments cannot endure longer than initially planned.

12. Uragiri wa Boku no Namae Wo Shitteiru

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

Gay anime  “Uragiri wa Boku no Namae Wo Shitteiru” is an exciting and popular anime series that follows the story of Yuki Sakurai, a young man with supernatural abilities who discovers his true identity.

Along the way, he faces numerous challenges while also learning to accept himself and discover his proper place in the world. 

The themes explored range from questions about love finding oneself, and being true to your inner self. Yuki grows and develops throughout each episode as his life experiences cause him to reflect on how society has treated him unfairly.

Uragiri Wa Boku no Namae Wo Shitteiru is an entertaining show with great animation that dives deep into its characters’ emotions while exploring essential topics such as friendship, family, homosexuality and social acceptance.

Fans of shoujo ai (girl x girl) relationships will enjoy this anime as it breaks away from stereotypes and provides insight into LGBT+ individuals’ struggles for acceptance in society today.

11. Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan

Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan

This beautiful show follows two best friends, Lu and Lan, who find solace in their relationship amidst turbulent teenage angst and daily struggles of growing pains.

Through poignant dialogue and beautiful animation, this series demonstrates that people can overcome anything when they have someone by their side.

Despite many obstacles like family judgment and social unfairness, the show emphasizes that to love is to be resilient. This show has been viewed worldwide with positive reviews due to its approach toward the LGBTQ community and the threads of hope it weaves throughout each episode.

10. Antique Bakery

Antique Bakery

Antique Bakery is an acclaimed Anime series internationally renowned for its complex and multi-dimensional exploration of LGBT themes.

It follows the story of four men coming together to open a bakery in Tokyo as they learn to accept themselves and live out their hidden identities.

This unique anime reaches its audience with powerful, thought-provoking storylines in a marvellous display of visuals that bring to life the characters’ struggles with acceptance and love.

Not only is Antique Bakery one of the rare Gay Anime stories featuring strong male protagonists, but it also shows the nuances of various aspects related to LGBT culture and relationships.

When delved into, it reveals raw emotions and touching moments that draw us into the daily lives of its characters as if we were there.

9. Dramatical Murder

Dramatical Murder

“Dramatical Murder” is an animated series that follows the journey of Aoba Seragaki, a so-called “scrap” who lives on the island of Midorijima in near-future Japan.

The anime highlights various personal issues faced by the LGBT+ community and serves as an essential medium for homophobia combat.

Following a hacker’s game called Rhyme, Aoba has to battle powerful viruses to save his friends and island from destruction.

Throughout his journey, he gets familiarized with a mysterious organization known as Morphine and discovers his alter ego, which helps him combat evil forces.

The story deeply resonates with its viewers while its vibrant art style, engaging storytelling and intense soundtracks have become popular among fans worldwide.

Interesting characters, stunning visuals, and creative plot lines make “Dramatical Murder” an exciting show which will surely leave you in awe.

8. Love Stage!

Love Stage!!

Love Stage! is a popular Japanese anime series that follows the journey of Izumi and Ryouma, two star-crossed lovers whose love transcends both gender and familial bounds. Izumi was born into entertainment royalty as the son of a famous singer and actor.

Though he is initially unaware of his own homosexual identity, Izumi soon realizes that his true love lies in Ryouma, who also happens to be a talented music producer.

The two struggle against the odds bravely to overcome societal pressures around same-sex relationships, making “Love Stage!” an inspiring story about self-acceptance and finding true love regardless of one’s sexual orientation.

With its witty dialogue and beautiful animation, “Love Stage!” creates opportunities for people to open up conversations related to gender and sexuality without offending any readers while offering deeper insights on the topic.

7. Gravitation


The popular anime series, Gravitation, follows the story of two music-savvy lovebirds – Shuichi Shindo and Eiri Yuki.

As a slice-of-life comedy/romance piece, viewers join these two individuals on their journey of romance and songwriting as they navigate their way through their passionate yet often tumultuous relationship.

Their story takes place in the entertainment city of Tokyo, where an underground music scene, complete with its own conventions, stars, and controversies, all awaits.

Though this series falls within the same genre and style that other popular anime touch on, it is perhaps Gravitation’s focus on LGBTQ+ characters that stands as its most distinct quality.

Made almost 20 years ago now, it was one of the first mainstream pieces to not only feature prominent LGBT+ characters but also do so without sensationalizing or treating them differently from other characters within the show (which unfortunately remains rare today).

Even now, though dated in some aspects due to age, Gravitation still entertains many with its thoughtfully written plot that’s flavoured with humour and thrilling music moments, making sure that it’s not just another gay anime among many; this show is truly immense.

6. Junjou Romantica

Junjou Romantica

Junjou Romantica is a must-watch for anime fans looking for LGBTQ+ content. This award-winning show follows the lives of three couples: Misaki and his tutor, Usagi; Hiroki and Nowaki; and Ryuji Takatsuki and Akihiko.

The story contains heartfelt moments, comedic scenes, epiphanies, and slice-of-life themes. From their struggles to fit in with other couples to deal with their individual problems, these complex characters draw viewers into their world.

Additionally, Junjou Romantica has an enjoyable art style that will take you straight into the magical realm of Japan! It’s no wonder that this anime has won awards; its captivating storyline leaves viewers highly satisfied after each episode.

5. Togainu no Chi

Togainu no Chi

Togainu no Chi often referred to as “TnC”, is one of the most popular gay anime series. The show centres around the character Akira, who enters a post-apocalyptic dystopian world where he must fight for his survival.

Fans of TnC can enjoy the show’s thrilling battle scenes, exciting plot twists and heavy doses of romance. As one of the leading titles in the LGBT genre, TnC offers a vivid art style and well-developed characters, which bring a powerful narrative to the story.

With its tenderly crafted details and edgy feel, this anime quickly gained a vast fanbase across gender and age groups.

Despite being set in a dark future in Tokyo, its story remains timeless in capturing moments of love and hope between characters whose background stories draw viewers in.

4. Doukyuusei


Doukyuusei is an animated film based on a Japanese Maki Enjouji manga that tells the romantic story of two high school boys.

With its focus on diversity, the movie retains all the humorous elements of High School life while giving insight into different sexual orientations and struggles.

The film follows two boys who meet in class and start a brief but meaningful relationship. It follows their journey full of joys and sorrows as they embark on uncharted waters.

The bright colours and uplifting soundtrack in Doukyuusei help to paint a clear image of the characters’ feelings throughout the movie, conveying both happiness and sadness as they navigate their newfound relationship.

This powerful romantic gay anime movie will leave viewers with an appreciation of love in any form because it shows that no one is excluded from it — no matter what race, ethnicity or gender identity someone holds.

Despite its LGBTQ+ angle, most importantly, Doukyuusei has everything necessary for an amazing romantic anime; heartfelt emotions that can connect anyone regardless of sexual orientation.

3. Close the Last Door!

Close the last Door!

Close the Last Door!, which first aired in Japan in 2009, has captured the hearts of many gay anime lovers. This beautiful anime follows the lives of two troubled men—Yoshida and Saitoh—as they strive to build a loving relationship, despite the misfortune and challenges that life throws their way.

Close The Last Door! is a testament to LGBT resilience and challenges traditional Japanese norms about sexual and romantic relationships.

Its beautifully drawn animation brings these characters’ journey of self-discovery to life. While some may find themes of romance between two men uncomfortable, this show aims to open dialogue between viewers from all walks of life by providing insight into LGBT perspectives of love and rejection.

2. Yuri on Ice

Yuri on Ice

Yuri On Ice, a gay anime series recently released, is the show of the moment. Following two male leads, Viktor and Victor, it explores the possibility of two men being intimate.

Despite being an anime, this show presents a world in which homosexuality isn’t as taboo as we’re accustomed to in modern-day society and showcases the love between two people as normal.

It has been tailored to capture the hearts of every type of person–animation fans and non-animation fans alike–who are looking for a storyline that speaks to their nature, no matter their sexuality.

Through its exceptional animation quality and relatable characters, what could be just another Japanese anime has become a sensation. Its breathtaking depiction of human emotions makes it one of the most powerful anime of all time.

1. Yarichin Bitch-bu

Yarichin Bitch-bu

Yarichin Bitch-bu is an anime that follows a high school boys’ club devoted to living out their wildest fantasies. The series focuses on the trials and tribulations each of the boys goes through as they work towards realizing their dreams.

Initially released in 2017, Yarichin Bitch-bu has quickly become a fan favourite due to its unique take on the popular shōnen genre.

Featuring outlandish artwork and stylized characters, this gay anime follows a group of friends pushing themselves to be their best selves while navigating the complexities of modern teenage life.

The open-minded characters confront different queer identity issues throughout the series, allowing readers to explore the various sides and themes associated with homosexuality.

With incredibly vivid visuals paired with positively articulated conversations about living outside heteronormativity, it’s easy to see why Yarichin Bitch-bu has found so much success among viewers.


This article has provided a comprehensive list of the 24 best gay anime of all time. With the vast array of genres and content types to choose from, everyone is sure to find something that satisfies their individual preferences.

Whether you’re looking for some romance or adventure, there is something here for everyone to enjoy within this list. Take a look through this comprehensive collection and pull up your favourite gay anime titles – you’ll be sure to find the perfect watch for any occasion.


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