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15 Best Fire Force Characters & Their Abilities Explained

Fire Force is an action-packed shounen anime series by pioneering animation studio David Production. The story follows Shinra Kusakabe, a member of the 8th Special Fire Force Company and his quest to uncover the truth behind the Infernal pattern plaguing Tokyo’s citizens.

Fans of this series love it for its amazing cast of characters, each with a unique and passionate flair. From captains specializing in CQC to non-combatants with Burning superhuman powers, Fire Force boasts a cast that fans simply can’t resist.

Here, we bring you a list of the 15 best characters from Fire Force that you must check out. Let’s dive right into these character rankings – get ready to flame up:


15. Takehisa Hinawa

Takehisa Hinawa

Takehisa Hinawa is a heroic and beloved character from the anime series Fire Force. He is often noted for his strong paternal traits, despite losing his own children in the fierce inferno of Shinra’s family home. Driven by a hatred of Infernals, Takehisa was unwilling to mercy those afflicted by what he viewed as an unforgivable curse.

Despite his brutality on the battlefield, he was genuinely respected by all members of the Fire Force fight against Adolla Bursts, protecting civilians and taking charge of Hajima’s assault with strategic tactics and unwavering integrity. He sacrificed himself and stayed behind to delay the White Clad while the rest made their escape and achieved victory.

14. Maki Oze

Maki Oze

Maki Oze is one of the most popular characters from Fire Force, and with good reason. As a Second Generation pyrokinetic, she can control and manipulate fire with the ability to scorch and incinerate whatever stands in her way. She is intelligent and calculating but also ruthless in battle.

Her techniques are complex and creative, often surprising even seasoned fighters. All of this power comes at a price, though, as Maki rarely shows emotion, making it difficult for people to empathize or connect with her.

Despite her distant attitude, Maki works hard to perfect her craft in order to protect those close to her, making her an incredibly reliable ally and friend. She is often praised for being one of the strongest characters within the show, using solid tactics paired with aggression to take out adversaries swiftly and effectively.

13. Princess Hibana

Princess Hibana

Princess Hibana is one of the most beloved characters in the popular anime series Fire Force. She has an eye-catching style and fierce tenacity that makes her a strong and inspiring role model. Her character is highlighted by her fiery red hair, mesmerizing eyes, and unique ability to manipulate heat using her Ignition Ability.

Princess Hibana’s superhuman abilities give her a respectable reputation among fans of the series as well as those impressed with her strength and resolve.

Despite being only 16 years old, she can fight off enemies with remarkable speed, agility and bursts of flame. With an impressive reach of nearly 400 degrees Celsius on her ignition ability, along with her fantastic intelligence, she can be counted on to protect others when needed.

12. Tamaki Kotatsu

Tamaki Kotatsu

Tamaki Kotatsu is one of the standout characters from Fire Force, a popular anime series. She is a Flames user who belongs to the Tokyo 8th Special Fire Battalion, and fans everywhere have been drawn in by her fearless nature, sharp wit, and strength of will.

Though often labelled as naive and clueless by her peers due to her kindhearted personality, Tamaki more than proves herself in battle through the use of her unique abilities.

Her pyrokinetic powers allow her to manipulate flames akin to a kamaitachi offering fast-paced fight scenes filled with colourful animation. Tamaki also commands impressive level-headedness when under pressure, allowing her to form effective strategies when met with unforeseen circumstances.

11. Joker


Joker is one of the main characters in the popular anime Fire Force. He’s a standout both because of his unique appearance and an infectious enthusiasm for everything he does—from pranks to chasing villains. Known for his devil-may-care attitude and love of mischief, Joker is sure to charm viewers and make them smile or laugh.

His unique set of skills is also impressive and has allowed him to take on any challenge that comes his way with ease. His determination, nimble skill set, and overall sense of fun make Joker undoubtedly one of the best characters in Fire Force.

Not only has he found success fighting off the infernals, but he has also demonstrated strong loyalty and camaraderie towards other members of Company 8 – making him even more lovable by fans all around the world. If you’re looking for a hilarious character who can handle any situation with aplomb, then Joker from Fire Force is your guy.

10. Dragon


The fiery presence of Yuichiro “Dragon” Hiraga in Fire Force has captivated anime fans from around the world. As one of the supporting characters, Yuichiro has made his opinion known within the show’s fanbase as an impressive and powerful fighter.

Dragon is a passionate man with a desire to protect those he holds dear, going out of his way to ensure their safety, even at great personal risk. His honourable nature is second to none when it comes to Fire Force, and those who stand against him quickly find out they have underestimated this passionate individual.

With an array of skills, including pyrokinetic manipulation and martial art prowess, Yuichiro is indeed an impressive presence among the Fire Force character roster. He can use fire at will and is more than capable of releasing his inner flames no matter the situation.

His determination allows him to fight through any obstacle he may encounter regardless of danger, working in tandem with other members on missions and holding his own no matter what odds come his way.

9. Charon


Charon is one of the most popular characters in the hit anime series Fire Force. Charon is a powerful pyrokinetic whose superhuman strength and skills make him an invaluable asset to Company 8’s operations.

Along with his fire-based abilities, Charon has incredible intelligence and problem-solving abilities, which allow him to easily deduce situations and come up with creative discoveries.

He’s also an unbelievably skilled fighter, often displaying superior dexterity and accuracy when fighting enemies in combat. His proficient use of his pyrokinesis ability allows him to create optimal strategies for any situation, as well as provide immense support for fellow Company 8 members.

Charon’s power knows no boundaries, making him an essential part of the entire organization. Unlike some other characters in Fire Force, he displays a devoted sense of loyalty towards his fellow comrades throughout the show, always taking into consideration their feelings before making decisions in dangerous missions.

8. The Evangelist

The Evangelist

The Evangelist is a mysterious entity in the Fire Force anime, seeking to turn the inhabitants of Tokyo into Infernals and thus take over the world. From her mysterious entrance to her horrific efforts to defeat powerful individuals, she reigns as one of the best characters in Fire Force.

She cleverly uses her abilities to gain knowledge from other beings and find weaknesses everywhere she goes. Her ability to manipulate humans through fear and charisma is unparalleled by any other character.

In addition, her strategy for attacking foes never fails, as it relies on sheer power instead of trying to outsmart an opponent. With all these factors in mind, it’s easy to see why The Evangelist is a fan-favourite character in Fire Force and an immensely important part of its plot.

7. Haumea


Haumea is one of the top characters in Fire Force, a popular manga and anime series about firefighters battling supernatural infernals. She is an Intelligent Fire Soldier, also known as ‘The White Whale’, part of Special Fire Force Company 5.

Haumea was born with natural powers possessed by only 1% of humanity – the ability to manipulate her own soul and control herself during instances of extreme emotion or pressure. Haumea not only amazes us with her incredible powers but also impresses us with her preferred style: a lightweight suit she designed and built herself, complete with hidden weapons built right into it.

As she and her comrades battle their way through fiery infernos all over the world, she remains ever-determined and resilient — inspiring those around her to stay strong in even the most difficult moments.

6. Sho Kusakabe

Sho Kusakabe

Sho Kusakabe is considered by many to be one of the best characters in the fire force anime series. His strong, confident personality and physical courage set him apart from other heroes. He stands out not only because of his strength and courage but also has his kind heart, always helping others no matter what their situation.

Sho’s faith in his own abilities and determination give him an edge to succeed against even the most powerful foes. With Sho around, it’s hard for evil forces to gain the upper hand since he can easily see through all of their tricks.

Sho’s creativity also makes him an invaluable team player, as he often comes up with ingenious strategies for taking down enemies with minimal collateral damage. As a Fire Force Captain, Sho leads by example, protecting the citizens of Tokyo from the Infernals while still keeping his composure.

5. Benimaru Shinmon

Benimaru Shinmon

Benimaru Shinmon is one of the most beloved characters from Fire Force, an anime-style manga series. He is a Third Generation pyrokinetic user with incredible power and intelligence. 

His signature skills involve shooting multiple fireballs that follow his targets and skilled swordsmanship. In addition, he possesses extreme heat resistance due to his body being composed mainly of flames.

All these amazing features contribute to making Benimaru Shinmon one of the greatest characters within the Fire Force world – a character just as cool as his flames themselves. The sheer power Benimaru unleashes when pushed to his limits can be incredibly alarming, making him an almost unstoppable force in combat situations.

His loyalty towards his allies has also been showcased throughout the series, putting himself at risk for their protection whenever necessary, no matter the stakes involved. A True Hero among heroes and a powerful pyromancer among pyromancers – Seeing Benimaru at his best can be absolutely electrifying.

4. Akitaru Obi

Akitaru Obi

Akitaru Obi, the leader of Special Fire Force Company 8, is a favourite among Fire Force fans. His loyalty, devotion to duty and courage in the face of danger are highly admired. Akitaru is often a voice of reason within his team, exhibiting a strong sense of leadership and calmness in stressful situations.

He also has immense respect for life, and he pushes those around him to be better people, which plays a large role in helping prevent the spread of Infernals. He fights with honour and integrity, never taking advantage of his abilities or mocking weaker opponents.

On top of all this, Akitaru can also be quite humorous at times, making him endearing to fans everywhere as one of the best characters from Fire Force. All these traits have earned Akitaru recognition as an excellent leader and fantastic firefighter.

3. Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra Kusakabe from Fire Force is one of the best characters ever seen in an anime series. His easygoing nature and humorous attitude bring a smile to viewers’ faces. Yet beneath all that lies an incredible power – Shinra’s ability to generate flames from his feet and manipulate them at his will.

He controls these flames in ways that have proven invaluable when facing the infernal forces, flaming clowns, and pyrokinetic attacking humanity. Whether it’s fighting for justice or surviving in difficult situations, Shinra proves again and again why he’s one of the Fan Favorite characters in Fire Force.

When tension is high, or plans fail to lead to success, Shinra delivers with his bravery, loyalty, witty comebacks, and unmatched strength. With his profound knowledge as a Third Generation fire soldier combined with his amazing speed and incendiary power, there is no stopping this hero when it comes to protecting Tokyo from imminent danger.

2. Leonard Burns

Leonard Burns

Leonard Burns is a central character in the Fire Force anime, and he is definitely one of the best characters. He’s an experienced fire soldier with a passion for combat and an optimistic attitude, always looking out for his comrades. He hails from the Flame Human hybrid race, and his special ability allows him to change into the form of a magical dragon.

His trusty weapon of choice is his enchanted sword Karnstein, allowing him to perform aerial combat techniques with ease.

Moreover, Leonard wields command over all flames, allowing him to marshal them towards any enemy as he sees fit. His training under Arthur Boyle gives him an edge on any battlefield, as does his determination to protect everyone around him as a member of Company 8.

1. Arthur Boyle

Arthur Boyle

Arthur Boyle is one of the most well-known characters from the series Fire Force. He is the protagonist of the show and easily stands out due to his cheerful and determined persona. His unrivalled enthusiasm for firefighting has won him many hearts among viewers.

His abilities as an adept Fire Soldier make him capable of containing a Flame Human on his own, earning him great respect from his colleagues and making him a star in the 8th Special Fire Force Company.

Despite his chaotic nature, Arthur possesses a special secret ability that allows him to connect with flames in a unique way; this makes him an incredibly useful asset to the team.


As evidenced by this list, Fire Force has an expansive universe of characters that provide humour, excitement, and suspense to the storyline. 

The show also attempts to normalize mental health issues through Benimaru Shinmon, who struggles with bipolar disorder but nevertheless is loyal to his comrades. Overall, Fire Force offers viewers a heartbreaking but successful journey for our heroes.


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