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Top 15 Best Emo Anime (The Must-Watch List)

Are you looking for an enchanting escape from reality? Then why not try out some of the best emo anime available now? From tear-jerking stories with unique plot twists to vulnerable characters with unique personalities, there are so many options to choose from.

This article will feature 15 of the most emotional and bittersweet stories ever written – all in one place. So get your tissues ready and buckle up for a ride that’s sure to make you laugh, cry, and may even give you goosebumps.

Whether you’re into cute emo cat characters or edgy gothic fairies, there is something here for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore the exciting world of emo anime with us – it might just be the perfect thing to turn your day around.


15. Kimi ni Todoke (“From Me to You”)

Kimi ni Todoke (_From Me to You_)

Kimi ni Todoke is an emo anime that has been popular for many years. Through the story of high school student Kuronuma Sawako, viewers get a look into the world of teenage social pressures and emotions.

School life is never easy, and this anime shows us how hardships lead our protagonist to a happy ending when she makes strong connections through love and friendship. In addition to the emotional storyline, there are also elements of humour that add to the overall experience.

Its blend of light-hearted moments with deep-feeling ones touches our hearts in ways we never expected. If you want to watch something that’s sure to make you feel uplifted and empowered, Kimi ni Todoke is an ideal choice.

With excellent characters and captivating plot twists, this show will have you hooked from start to finish with its powerful message – that it’s never too late to Friendships start off as shallow connections but can be life-changing if given time and effort.

14. Hikaru No Go

Hikaru No Go

Hikaru No Go is an iconic emo anime series that was released in 2001, and it immediately became a sensation among fans.

The story follows Hikaru Shindo, a 12-year-old boy who discovers an ancient game of Go and sets out on a journey to become the best Go player in Japan.

Along with his mentor Yuki Mitani, Hikaru must learn to perfect his craft while overcoming challenging opponents and emotional turmoil.

The show gained immense popularity for its realistic representation of emotional struggle and its compelling characters. With stunning animation as well as beautiful music, Hikaru No Go offers an emotional and captivating experience for viewers of all ages.

13. Barakamon


Emo anime titles rarely stand out as much as Barakamon – a classic of modern animation. Set in the peaceful yet rustic countryside of the Goto Islands, this show follows the story of Handa Seishu, a young calligrapher who moves from Tokyo after being chastised for his attitude.

On this journey, he finds himself learning lessons about life and work from the people around him. With its deep story, strong characters and hilarious comedy moments, Barakamon is one of the best emo anime around – with its sharp visuals and gentle soundtrack creating an unforgettable atmosphere to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for an enjoyable distraction or something deep and meaningful, Barakamon has it all. By watching this title, viewers gain valuable insight into themselves while being entertained by a smoothly animated classic.

12. Shion no Ou

Shion no Ou

Shion no Ou” is an undeniably compelling emo anime. The story follows Shion Uzuki, a skilled shōgi player whose life changes after witnessing her parent’s murder as a child.

At the same time, she takes in a mysterious boy named Yasuaki—delving into the complexity of mental illness and its effects on both characters.

Unlike much other anime series that feature similar topics, “Shion no Ou” has a fully realized plot with richly developed characters and intense suspense. It explores themes of grief, death, violence, identity, and love in ways that are raw and powerful.

In addition to its narrative strengths, this dark anime also offers impressive visuals with stunning animation and hair-raising musical compositions that plunge the viewer into each character’s psyche.

Following their inner journeys to solve their trauma while pursuing justice is one of the many things that make “Shion no Ou” an easy yet satisfying watch.

11. Anohana: That Day’s Flower

Anohana_ The Flower We Saw That Day

The 2011 anime  “Anohana: That Day’s Flower” is shaping up to be one of the most beloved and popular examples of Emo Anime.

The heartfelt story follows the struggles of friends who are struggling with grief after their childhood friend Menma dies in an accident.

With its gorgeously vibrant art style and wonderful character designs, it’s easy to understand why so many people have fallen in love with Anohana over the years – even if it is an overwhelmingly emotional roller coaster ride.

10. Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (Erased)

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi is a classic emo anime from the late 2000s. The series follows Satoru, a man who has the ability to go back in time in order to stop a crime from occurring.

As he navigates between different timelines, he learns more about his own past and discovers secrets that have been kept for years.

This emotionally-charged story will keep viewers on the edge of their seats as they follow Satoru’s journey. With its unique animation style, eminently likeable protagonist, and remarkable music accompanying each scene, BokuDake ga Inai Machi is a must-watch anime for those looking for something really special in the genre of emo anime.

9. Natsume Yuujinchou, Natsume’s book about friends

Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsumes book of friends)

If you love the quiet feeling of nostalgia, Emo Anime “NatsumeYuujinchou” is a must-watch. In it, a young teenage boy Natsume discovers he has the ability to be able to see spirits or ghosts of things that have passed away.

He finds out that these spirits have been bound to him through a book called “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, which was left to him by his grandmother.

Throughout his journey, as he learns more about his grandmother and the various types of supernatural beings around him, he also makes some incredible friends along the way.

Not only does this show display an interesting storyline with quirky characters and moral lessons, but it is also very visually appealing too; filled with heart-warming music and incredibly detailed artwork which captures its viewers’ emotions through the beautiful concept of friendship.

8. Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories is a popular show in the emo anime genre. Airing since 2015, this series tells the story of Tsukasa and Isla, two human-like Terminators brought together to play their role at the SAI Corporation, who keep memories alive for those born without them.

This post-apocalyptic world brings out an interesting set of visuals that focuses more on love than sadness. An empowerment theme resonates with audiences from all backgrounds — a sense of healing from painful memories while finding the courage to go on.

It’s clever writing, unique art style, and vivid colours have won many hearts worldwide, making it one of the most cherished emo anime series ever.

7. Clannad


Clannad is a beautiful and emotional anime that follows the life of Tomoya Okazaki. Tomoya finds himself lost in his town, searching for something more in his monotonous life.

He befriends many people along the way and learns about their struggles as he also faces problems of his own.

Clannad highlights the importance of family and friendship as these characters endure emotional struggles and learn to open up to each other.

Watching the show, viewers find themselves immersed in its world and yearning for the hope and comfort of a home it provides.

From light-hearted comedy to heartbreaking tales, Clannad has something for everyone – an adventure into one’s soul where one can experience all kinds of emotions, from joy to sorrow, anger to love.

6. Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill is an emo anime focused on a group of nine swordsmen who join forces to battle the corrupt empire.

The show follows the quest of Tatsumi, who moves to the imperial city in search of riches and honour only to end up as part of Night Raid, a merciless elite force aiming to overthrow tyranny.

Along their journey, the team faces ruthless enemies and learns about each other’s dark pasts. Filled with thrilling action sequences and nail-biting suspense, this emotionally charged anime series proves that all hope can come from strife.

On top of being fast-paced and exciting, Akame Ga Kill uses its unique animation style and powerful characters to provide a captivating story sure to please any anime fan.

5. Hachimitsu Clover (Honey and Clover)

Hachimitsu Clover (Honey and Clover)

Hachimitsu Clover (Honey and Clover) is one of the most popular emo anime series. It’s set in an art college, where its main characters, Takemoto Yuuta, Morita Shinobu and Mayama Takumi, deal with the unpredictable situations life throws at them while they try to figure out who they are and what they want out of life.

The story follows the dramatic arcs of both the main characters and their various friends. All are played against a backdrop of emo music that helps to amplify the sense of dread permeating throughout the series.

Hachimitsu Clover exemplifies everything one might expect from an emo anime series – a combination of cutting-edge music, refreshingly unique character designs, nuanced interactions between characters, as well as thought-provoking plotlines.

4. Shigatsu ha Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

Shigatsu ha Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

Emo anime “Shigatsu ha Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)” is a unique and captivating show that portrays the heartache of teenage love and loss with grace.

The story follows Kousei Arima, a piano prodigy struggling to find the strength to play again after suffering the tragedy of his mother’s passing.

After meeting Kaori Miyazono, an ambitious violinist determined to bring music out of Kosei’s heart, his life begins to take on a new meaning as he embarks on a journey of discovery and self-acceptance with Kaori by his side.

3. 3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes In Like a Lion).

3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes In Like a Lion)

At a glance, the anime series “3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes In Like a Lion)” may seem like an ordinary tale about a young kid transitioning into adulthood. But what lies beneath its lighthearted animation is something far more complex and emotionally empowering.

This emotionally charged series follows Kiriyama Rei on his journey as a budding professional shogi player while he attempts to cope with the psychological turmoil of surviving an impoverished childhood.

With Rei at its centre, this gripping story examines matters such as depression and isolation in order to deliver a powerful message of hope, resilience and perseverance – applicable not only to society but also to its growing fanbase.

As followers immerse themselves in this emo anime, they are gifted with the unique opportunity to experience firsthand how profoundly a fictional character can impact their everyday life.

2. Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of Life

Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of Life

Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life is an emo anime series that tells the story of a club on the brink of extinction and its ambitious members’ quest to revitalize it.

Centred around traditional koto music, this emotionally charged series dives into issues of identity and the burden of carrying not only yourself but the expectations of those around you.

Kono Oto Tomare follows a group of students as they learn to both internalize and value their emotions and experiences by making music together.

Filled with stimulating characters, gorgeous visuals, and unique instrumentation, this campfire-like atmosphere oozes heartwarming emotions.

Veteran voice actors bring life to each character, making them easy to empathize with as everybody navigates everyday hardships.

1. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket” has entranced anime fans around the world ever since its debut in 2001. This popular shoujo series follows the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan who moves into the home of the mysterious Soma family.

With a cast of unusually lovable characters, “Fruits Basket” is sure to keep viewers entertained for hours on end. It goes beyond traditional anime tropes with its refreshingly unique storytelling and heartfelt themes such as family loyalty and loss.

Its impeccably framed artwork adds to its already mesmerizing narrative, creating a truly enjoyable experience for viewers. Best of all, “Fruits Basket” also provides lifelong lessons that we can take away from its inspiring journey.


After exploring the 15 amazing emo anime highlighted in this article, viewers can now become better informed about what to watch when seeking a powerful emotional response.

Whether you’re already an experienced fan of the genre or just starting out and discovering your favourite new shows, these titles should certainly not be missed. Don’t hesitate – start watching today.

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